Youre Unique Just Like Everyone Else

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You Re Unique Just Like Everyone Else

Author : Janice H McKlansky Publishing
ISBN : 1082283592
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Funny Life Inspired Journal - Makes for a Perfect Gift or for Personal Use This notebook and journal is perfect for anyone that loves to different sporting, health activies and hobbies that take a big focus in their lives. Get your hands on this booklet to take notes, draw pictures, has a passion for animals, cute things, life and positivity, or purchase it as a gift for the person that seems to have everything. SIZE: 6X9 PAPER: White Lined Paper PAGES: 124 Pages COVER: Soft Cover (Matte) Limited Time Offer Perfect for note taking, sketching, memories or day planning Printed on high quality interior stock paper Premium matte finish cover with amazing art work Order your copy today!

Always Remember That You Re Unique Just Like Everyone Else

Author : Didi Badidi
ISBN : 1654024430
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your Titel: 6" x 9" 120-page Journal - Notebook This 120-page Journal features: 120 pages 6"x 9" white-color paper cover page a matte-finish cover an elegant, professional look and feel Journals - notebooks are the perfect gift for any occasion: Mother's Day Gift Birthday Gifts Teacher Gifts valentine's day Co-worker Gifts Christmas Gifts Graduation Gifts for Students Journal & Planner Lovers Mindful Gifts

Boost Up Your Self Esteem

Author : Birister Sharma
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 41.79 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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“If you’ve self-esteem, you can do anything in your life; you can achieve anything in your life. The whole world is yours. Nothing is impossible for you.” Are you wanted to improve your self-esteem and want to achieve grand success in your life? If your answer is big ‘YES’, then I urge you to read this book. START NOW, and build the super foundation of your self-esteem within you and achieve your cherish goal. What you can gain from this book: * Increase your self-confidence. * Improve your self-image. * Enrich your self-esteem. * Boast up your low morals. * Wear out your weak points. * Realize you your strengths and calibers. * Build your self-believe. * Transform your personality. * Help you to re-discover your hidden potential. * Guide you as a true mentor in your success path. The book contains 42 small inspiring chapters: Chapter-1 Prepare Yourself Chapter-2 Research Yourself Chapter-3 Know yourself better Chapter-4 Improve yourself everyday Chapter-5 Do your homework Chapter-6 Belief in yourself Chapter-7 Give your hundred percent Chapter-8 Stick to your aims and objectives Chapter-9 Learn from your mistakes Chapter-10 Be punctual in your work Chapter-11 Never leave anything half done Chapter-12 Be a good reader Chapter-13 Be a good observer Chapter-14 Be a good listener Chapter-15 Be practical Chapter-16 Ready to face every challenge Chapter-17 Accept your failures Chapter-18 Nothing is permanent in this world Chapter-19 Never expect too much Chapter-20 Do your best Chapter-21 Never fear for any result Chapter-22 Value your time Chapter-23 Keep yourself cool and calm Chapter-24 Be a good judge Chapter-25 Always be positive Chapter-26 Be optimistic Chapter-27 Never looking back Chapter-28 Begin your day with fresh mind Chapter-29 Stop comparison with others Chapter-30 Accept criticism as a disguise blessing Chapter-31 Never run behind success Chapter-32 Believe in your excellence Chapter-33 Nobody is perfect in this world Chapter-34 Be satisfied with yourself Chapter-35 Motivate yourself and motivate others Chapter-36 Always be responsible Chapter-37 Learn to take some risk with precautions Chapter-38 Don’t try to do too many things Chapter-39 Try to give Chapter-40 Stop worrying and start living Chapter 41 Never give up Chapter 42 You’re unique
Category: Self-Help

1001 Internet Jokes

Author : D. M. Schwab
ISBN : 9780595145201
Genre : Computers
File Size : 30.10 MB
Format : PDF
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1001 Internet Jokes compiles internet jokes into a hilariously funny volume for many different types of people. Sections devoted to parenthood, men vs. women, gay and lesbian, and Canada vs. United States makes this diverse book both entertaining and readable for anyone.
Category: Computers

A Year Of Living Prayerfully

Author : Jared Brock
ISBN : 9781496403636
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Although 90 percent of us pray, very few of us feel as if we have mastered prayer. A Year of Living Prayerfully is a fascinating, humorous, globe-trotting exploration of prayer that will help you grow your own prayer life. While working on a humanitarian project related to exposing human trafficking, Jay and Michelle Brock felt they needed better and stronger prayer support. In an effort to learn more about prayer, the couple traveled the globe, exploring the great prayer traditions: in mountains and monasteries, in communes and cathedrals, standing up and lying down, every hour and around the clock. Jared’s witty reflections on his fast-paced journey will both entertain and prompt you to think about your own prayer life. As you follow Jared on his eclectic journey, you’ll discover an expansive vision of what prayer can be and how much it is has changed the course of human history. Spark growth in your own prayer life with this exhilarating and charming journey through prayer.
Category: Religion


Author : Antti P. Balk
ISBN : 9789525700404
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 32.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This title features ethics from a moral nihilist perspective, spanning philosophy, psychology, psychology, sociology, science, and current events.
Category: Philosophy

Still More Hot Illustrations For Youth Talks

Author : Wayne Rice
ISBN : 9780310877622
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A captivating, skillfully chosen illustration communicates more, is remembered longer, and has greater impact than thousands of words that offer abstract truth but tell no story. Jesus knew the value of story. He consistently sprinkled his talks with parables, stories, and illustrations to drive home the point He was making. In the best-selling tradition of Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks and More Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks, comes a third volume of lively, effective illustrations, stories, parables, and anecdotes, compiled by veteran youth worker Wayne Rice. Some will make listeners laugh, some will make them cry, and all of them will make kids think. This all-new collection of illustrations comes from the personal files of many of today’s most popular youth speakers. Guaranteed teenager friendly, Still More Hot Illustrations for Youth Talks will give a youth minister fresh ways to help kids understand and apply important truths for their lives.
Category: Religion

Decide And Conquer

Author : Stephen P. Robbins
ISBN : 9780133966879
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 69.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Make better decisions – every day, everywhere! Decide and Conquer, Second Edition brings together all the practical skills you need to do just that. This quick, concise book identifies every key obstacle to quality decision-making and shows exactly how to overcome them. You'll discover how your personality impacts your decision-making, why instincts and experience can lead you astray, how to simplify complex decisions without oversimplifying them and much more. Renowned management author Dr. Stephen P. Robbins translates cutting-edge research findings about human behavior and decision-making into language anyone can understand – and act upon. In this Second Edition, he provides many new and updated examples, updated research, and new coverage, including these crucial new topics: Are you a Maximizer or a Satisficer – and what it means for your decision-making Overcoming the familiarity bias, adaptation bias, and fear-of-loss bias How to stop throwing good money after bad Knowing when doing nothing is your best option Accounting for gendered decision-making styles Decide and Conquer, Second Edition covers everything from goal-setting and risk-taking to overconfidence to procrastination, and offers indispensable insights for overcoming the multiple biases that are built into all human decision-makers. You'll use Robbins' powerful techniques to improve every decision you make – about your relationships, career, finances, everything!
Category: Self-Help

Spirituality For Dummies

Author : Sharon Janis
ISBN : 9781118052143
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70.9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Want to get in touch with your spiritual side? Spirituality For Dummies. 2nd Edition, shows you how to use spiritual principles to understand and improve your life, empower you mind, and nourish your soul. Complete with a CD filled with calming, spiritual music, it is your personal guide to serenity and spiritual healing. Spiritual philosopher Sharon Janis shows you how to discover the deeper calling of your soul, survive and thrive through adversity, and look at the world with optimism. You’ll learn how to use meditation, yoga, prayer, and journaling for inward reflection and to spark new vistas as you unfold your own spiritual wisdom and move forward on your spiritual journey in your own individual way. You’ll find similarities and differences among a variety basic spiritual concepts from different religious and philosophical traditions, and you’ll discover how to: Find your spiritual path Uplift your body, mind, and spirit Fulfill your greatest dreams Spiritualize your relationships Cultivate your spiritual virtues Increase your inner peace and happiness Turn troubles into triumphs Recognize yourself as a co-creator Be a VIP: a very inspired person The companion CD that accompanies this gentle guide brings you more than 60 minutes of inspirational music from around the world. It features the author and other artists performing songs and chants from Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu traditions in their native languages. Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.
Category: Religion

The Lousy Adult

Author : William J. Cobb
ISBN : 9781421411484
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 87.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In The Lousy Adult, William J. Cobb reveals a world where love and respect collide with achievement and desire, a world where people often get what they want, yet must pay the price of alienation, remorse, and retribution in order to obtain it. In "The Sea Horse," a teenage boy defends a battered woman against her abusive husband while he deals with the loss of his own parents. In "Warsaw, 1984," a young man travels through Europe and ends up in a relationship in a country he can’t understand. The Lousy Adult presents ten short stories about defrocked priests, guilty electricians, hardened mothers, and other colorful characters who portray the complexity of the human race. Praise for William J. Cobb's The Fire Eaters "Cobb's short stories, printed in the New Yorker and other magazines, hinted at the power he displays in this beautifully controlled and convincing debut, winner of the 1992 Associated Writing Programs award for the novel."—Publisher's Weekly
Category: Fiction

Demons Not Included

Author : Cheyenne McCray
ISBN : 1429917512
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Meet Nyx. This half-human, half–Drow private eye investigates paranormal crimes by day and is an elite Tracker of demons by night. She prefers working solo—and playing rough. So when a terrifying force starts murdering innocent humans and paranorms, and leaving strange demonic symbols burned into their buildings, it's a case Nyx takes very personally... Meanwhile, Nyx's fellow Trackers are being killed one by one—and a sexy new Tracker named Torin is shadowing her every move. Torin has powers Nyx can't read, and sometimes she wonders whose side he's on. Nyx's instincts tell her something's brewing in the city's meanest supernatural streets, and that it's ready to unleash hell on Earth. Who can she trust? Now it's five minutes to permanent midnight...and Nyx's last chance means risking everything—even her own life. Demons Not Included is the first Night Tracker Novel from bestselling author Cheyenne McCray.
Category: Fiction

Personal Development All In One For Dummies

Author : Rhena Branch
ISBN : 111999828X
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 83.22 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A complete guide to understanding how you think, and discovering how to think differently. Personal Development All-in-One For Dummies is a complete guide to the key techniques that help you master your thoughts: Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. Discover the basic principles of each approach and receive sensible, practical and effective expert advice on how each one can help you challenge negative beliefs and change your attitudes. Whether you wish to conquer an anxiety, beat an addiction or simply think more positively, here you will find proven and popular methods that you can use to make major changes - improving your personal power and creating the life you want. Personal Development All-in-One For Dummies will include: Book I: Essential Concepts Exploring the Key Themes of NLP Understanding Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Examining Hypnotherapy Introducing Life Coaching Book II: Neuro-Linguistic Programming Taking Charge of Your Life Creating Rapport Reaching Beyond the Words People Say Exploring the Amazing Power of Your Senses Opening The Toolkit Understanding the Psychology Behind Your Habits and Behaviours Book III: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Correcting Your Thinking Overcoming Obstacles to Progress Putting CBT into Action Taking a Fresh Look at Your Past Setting Your Sights on Goals Book IV: Hypnotherapy Taking A Separate View of Yourself Considering How Hypnotherapy Can Help Feeling Good Expanding the Reach of Hypnotherapy Practising Self-Hypnosis Book V: Life Coaching Introducing Your Coaching Journey Visualising Your Whole-Life Goals Becoming Your Best Self Focusing on the Elements of Your Life Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing Developing and Growing
Category: Self-Help


Author : Karl Haffner
ISBN : 9780828027007
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47.11 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 429
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uick, what did you have for dinner two months, three weeks, and six days ago? If you're a little fuzzy on the details, you're, well, normal. It's easy to forget something you're not continually thinking about. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Unfortunately, thinking primarily about what's in front of us, i.e., electronic gadgets, squabbling children, or the old woman in church who won't stop whispering to her friend during the service, blocks out some really important stuff. Take, for example, the weighty matters of personal identity, ultimate purpose, and eternal destination. Karl Haffner's wit and wisdom combine in this lightheartedly serious exploration of three questions to which our souls demand answers: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Living with the answers scribbled on 3 × 5 cards plastered before our eyeballs might reset our priorities for about 30 minutes. Maybe that's why God said something about inscribing His priorities on our hearts. Book jacket.
Category: Religion

The Art Of Choosing

Author : Sheena Iyengar
ISBN : 9780748117444
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 56.87 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Every day we make choices. Coke or Pepsi? Save or spend? Stay or go? Whether mundane or life-altering, these choices define us and shape our lives. Sheena Iyengar asks the difficult questions about how and why we choose: Is the desire for choice innate or bound by culture? Why do we sometimes choose against our best interests? How much control do we really have over what we choose? Her award-winning research reveals that the answers are surprising and profound. In our world of shifting political and cultural forces, technological revolution, and interconnected commerce, our decisions have far-reaching consequences. Use this book as your companion and guide for the many challenges ahead. 'No one asks better questions, or comes up with more intriguing answers' Malcolm Gladwell, author of THE TIPPING POINT
Category: Social Science

Another Weird Year 4

Author : Huw Davies
ISBN : 9781446460771
Genre : Humor
File Size : 38.40 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In time-honoured fashion, Another Weird Year 4 brings you the stories that no lover of bizarre, inexplicable and downright hilarious news items can afford to miss, all handily grouped by theme (Love and Marriage, Law and Order, Animals etc). Read about: the blind man banned from saying 'phlegm'; the woman who bored a burglar to sleep with her family snaps; the woman who seduces men in her sleep; the man who thought he was a cat and got stuck up a tree; another man who got out of his car and took a shower... in a car wash... with his car left outside; the shepherd that had to drive his drunk sheep home; and not forgetting the pigs given a sauna and massage before being taken for slaughter - proof again from Another Weird Year that there is humanity in even the weirdest human behaviour. All the stories are true - you couldn't make them up!
Category: Humor

Find A Better Life

Author : Brian Fitzpatrick
ISBN : 9781785896545
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 81.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What makes us truly happy? Who knows... Asking what makes us unhappy, unhealthy and unfulfilled might help. Despite all the wisdom and advice available, tension and worry are never far away. The reasons for this are many and varied though they could be largely attributed to our widespread lack of personal ‘growth’. We are almost totally unaware of our influences and set responses, which often makes life tougher and duller than it needs to be. So take a step back. Look at the broader view. Don’t just follow the crowd. Questioning our ideas on subjects like – success, ego, relationships and money can be more unsettling than illuminating at first. Nevertheless, Find a Better Life encourages readers to open these doors that lead to potentially rewarding self-exploration. By touching on topics such as Psychology, Spirituality and Nature, this book provides an expansive outlook that can contribute to less self-inflicted hardship. The bigger picture is a bridge to worthwhile ways for everyone. Find a Better Life is a unique, accessible and entertaining take on life, offering inspiring insight that will appeal to those looking to ‘grow’ and relax through greater understanding.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

This Book Is Not Required

Author : Inge Bell
ISBN : 9781483321158
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 75.73 MB
Format : PDF
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This Fifth Edition of the underground classic This Book Is Not Required: An Emotional and Intellectual Survival Manual for Students, by Inge Bell, Bernard McCrane, John Gunderson, and Teri Anderson, breaks new ground in participatory education, offering insight and inspiration to help undergraduates make the most of their college years. This edition continues to teach about the college experience as a whole—looking at the personal, social, intellectual, technological, and spiritual demands and opportunities—while incorporating new material highly relevant to today’s students. The material is presented in a personable and straightforward manner, maintaining Dr. Inge Bell’s illuminating writing style throughout, and inviting students to take responsibility for, and make the most of, their educational experiences.
Category: Social Science

Just Like Other Daughters

Author : Colleen Faulkner
ISBN : 9780758291493
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 40.42 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 390
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“Beautifully written with rare insight.” –Susan Wiggs, #1 New York Times bestselling author It’s how you love that matters. Alicia Richards loved her daughter from her very first breath. Days later, when tests confirmed what Alicia already knew—that Chloe had Down syndrome—she didn’t falter. Her ex-husband wanted a child who would grow to be a scholar. For Alicia, it’s enough that Chloe just is. Now twenty-five, Chloe is sweet, funny, and content. Alicia brings her to adult daycare while she teaches at a local college. One day Chloe arrives home thrumming with excitement, and says the words Alicia never anticipated. She has met someone—a young man named Thomas. Within days, Chloe and Thomas, also mentally challenged, declare themselves in love. Alicia strives to see past her misgivings to the new possibilities opening up for her daughter. Shouldn’t Chloe have the same right to love as anyone else? But there is no way to prepare for the relationship unfolding, or for the moments of heartbreak and joy ahead... “So real, so honest...I laughed, I hoped, I cried. It’s that good.” —Cathy Lamb, author of The Language of Sisters
Category: Fiction