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Your Holiness

Author : Debbie Ford
ISBN : 9781788171571
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 83.4 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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On the fifth anniversary of her death and written during Debbie Ford's long battle with cancer, Your Holiness is a thoughtful and poignant exploration of the godliness that resides in all of us. The extraordinary way in which the manuscript to this book was found sets the foundation for its incredible message: medium James Van Praagh received a message from Debbie Ford's spirit telling him that she had an unpublished manuscript saved on her computer. James passed on the news to Debbie's sister, Arielle Ford, who found the manuscript exactly where it was said to be. Infused with Debbie's trademark frank honesty and keen insight, Your Holiness is a blueprint for recognizing and accepting our latent spirituality. Debbie combines motivational prayers with deeply personal stories about her own spiritual journey - how she struggled and eventually found her internal faith - and translates her experience into a practical path for transformation. Engaging and accessible, clear and unwavering, philosophical yet practical, Your Holiness is a gift to the soul that both guides and nourishes. At a time when so much in our world feels uncertain and suffering is widespread and persistent, Debbie's voice is more essential than ever. Your Holiness grounds us in the here and now while delivering a timeless and empowering message of relentless love and strength.
Category: Self-Help

All You Ever Wanted To Know From His Holiness The Dalai Lama On Happiness Life Living And Much More

Author : Rajiv Mehrotra
ISBN : 1401924948
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35.62 MB
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His Holiness the Dalai Lama describes himself as "a simple Buddhist monk." However, to millions of people around the world, he embodies the highest human aspiration: to be happy. His messages of compassion, altruism, and peace are articulated in a unique secular ethic for our times and supported with techniques and practices that can help us achieve these ideals. He is the Dalai Lama—or simply, His Holiness—the epitome of the Buddhist model of loving-kindness and an incarnation of Avalokitesvara, the bodhisattva of infinite compassion and mercy. Evoking global respect and admiration, he is both a prophet and a statesman for our troubled times, yet he’s intensely human and accessible. He’s an inspiration to millions, yet many feel as if he touches and speaks to them personally. He is a Buddhist but belongs to all humanity. His Holiness is one of the most recognizable—and recognized—faces in the free world. This remarkable book is an edited compilation of mostly personal conversations spanning nearly 20 years between the Dalai Lama and Rajiv Mehrotra, one of his early disciples who’s now the trustee and secretary of the Foundation for Universal Responsibility, which was established with the funds from the Nobel Peace Prize. Here, the Dalai Lama is a teacher to a spiritual aspirant; a divine master and a temporal leader; an ambassador for Tibet and a lovable guru-philosopher to the whole world; a practitioner of the 2,500-year-old teachings of Buddhism; a Tibetan Buddhist and an interfaith ambassador; and an intense practitioner of mind-training and an inveterate optimist. His multiple hats may appear contradictory at times, but he balances them all, living his life with ease and happiness. Within these pages, the Dalai Lama’s disarming candor, his deep empathy for his student’s quest, and his wisdom—garnered not just from texts and scriptures, but also from an active engagement with life—offer invaluable insights to us all on how we may find true happiness in our lives.
Category: Religion

In The Splendor Of His Holiness

Author : Daniel F. Owsley
ISBN : 9781468900989
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88.70 MB
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As Christians pursuit the holiness of the Lord they need to listen to the following words with their heart: For they are just as holy and powerful as any that are wrotten in the word of God. After all, the following is the word of God that has never been included in the document that the church hugs so tightly. For it is written that if someone becomes a lover of pleasure they will be all these things: a bold, cunning, audacious, unsociable, uncourteous, inhuman, lawless, savage, illtempered, unrestrainable, worthless man; deaf to advice, foolish, full of evil acts, unteachable, unjust, unfair, one who has no participation with others, one who cannot be trusted in his agreements, one with whom there is no peace, covetous, most lawless, unfriendly, homeless, cityless, seditious, faithless, disorderly, impious, unholy, unsettled, unstable, uninitiated, profane, polluted, indecent, destructive, murderous, illiberal, abrupt, brutal, slavish, cowardly, intemperate, irregular, disgraceful, shameful, doing and suffering all infamy, colourless, immoderate, unsatiable, insolent, conceited, self-willed, mean, envious, quarrelsome, slanderous, greedy, deceitful, cheating, rash, ignorant, stupid, inharmonious, dishonest, disobedient, obstinate, tricky, swindling, insincere, suspicious, hated, absurd, difficult to detect, difficult to avoid, destructive, evil-minded, disproportionate, an unreasonable chatterer, a proser, a gossip, a vain babbler, a flatterer, a fool, full of heavy sorrow, weak in bearing grief, trembling at every sound, inclined to delay, inconsiderate, improvident, impudent, neglectful of good, unprepared, ignorant of virtue, always in the wrong, erring, stumbling, ill-managed, ill-governed, a glutton, a captive, a spendthrift, easily yielding, most crafty, double-minded, double-tongued, perfidious, treacherous, unscrupulous, always unsuccessful, always in want, infirm of purpose, fickle, a wanderer, a follower of others, yielding to impulses, open to the attacks of enemies, mad, easily satisfied, fond of life, fond of vain glory, passionate, ill-tempered, lazy, a procrastinator, suspected, incurable, full of evil jealousies, despairing, full of tears, rejoicing in evil, frantic, beside yourself, without any steady character, contriving evil, eager for disgraceful gain, selfish, a willing slave, an eager enemy, a demagogue, a bad steward, stiffnecked, effeminate, outcast, confused, discarded, mocking, injurious, vain, and full of unmitigated unalloyed misery."
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Lifted Up Into His Holiness

Author : Mary Panhorst
ISBN : 9781468530803
Genre : Religion
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Mary Louise Duke was born in 1944, in Caraway, Arkansas. She married Robert E. Smith; they lived in Louisiana, Michigan and Illinois, before moving to Paragould, Arkansas. He passed away in 1990. Mary and Robert E. Panhorst; married: May 5,1991 and resides in Paragould: He is an honorable step Father to five grown children: And grandpa to their Children. All, live in Paragould, except; Susan price and family resides in Alaska. Mary and Robert is faithful to God and their church; they witness everyplace they go, of the goodness of God; and they plan on taking as many as possible with them to Heaven: And Mary looks forward to; experiencing the peace of heaven; one day for all... eternity!
Category: Religion