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You Are A Message

Author : Guillaume Wolf
ISBN : 1515258823
Genre : Creative ability
File Size : 34.76 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"You Are a Message is for the creative entrepreneur. Now that you started your creative journey, it’s time to promote your work and learn how to build a meaningful brand. This book covers fundamentals of brand-creation. It’s the book that shows how you can create a creative business while remaining true to your own values."--Author's website.
Category: Creative ability

You Are The Message

Author : Roger Ailes
ISBN : 9780307816108
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 42.56 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"You are the message." What does that mean, exactly? It means that when you communicate with someone, it's not just the words you choose to send to the other person that make up the message. You're also sending signals about what kind of person you are--by your eyes, your facial expression, your body movement, your vocal pitch, tone, volume, and intensity, your commitment to your message, your sense of humor, and many other factors. The receiving person is bombarded with symbols and signals from you. Everything you do in relation to other people causes them to make judgments about what you stand for and what your message is. "You are the message" comes down to the fact that unless you identify yourself as a walking, talking message, you miss that critical point. The words themselves are meaningless unless the rest of you is in synchronization. The total you affects how others think of and respond to you.
Category: Business & Economics

The Angels Have A Message For You

Author : Sue Stinson
ISBN : 9781412067713
Genre : Religion
File Size : 46.59 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Angels take you on a journey of awakening and love. They wish you to know yourself as being the most worthy of love in the entire world.
Category: Religion

Your Angels Called And Left A Message

Author : Hemat Malak
ISBN : 9780987450807
Genre :
File Size : 28.33 MB
Format : PDF
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***Award Winning Finalist in the 'Poetry: Inspirational' category of the 2013 International Book Awards*** Are you feeling 'soul sick' and disconnected? Maybe you know there's something more to you than your physical self, yet you can't seem to reach it. "Your Angels Called and Left a Message" is a book that can assist you in connecting with that missing part of you, and help you feel whole again. You don't have to live as a 'half person', stuck in your very own Groundhog Day. Hemat Malak brings to you wisdom beyond the physical world through these poetic messages from the angelic realm. These beautiful messages will not only inspire and comfort you; they will also help strengthen your connection to your spiritual self. In "Your Angels Called and Left a Message" you will - find new meaning in your life and your experiences - transform the way you see the world and other people - feel completely loved and accepted, just the way you are - know with joy that you are never alone. As a SPECIAL BONUS, this edition includes a valuable chapter, The Practice of Meditation. Meditation can transform your life and this chapter, written by best-selling author and mystical teacher, Michele Blood, will give you the guidance you need to easily add meditation to your day, or to deepen your existing practice through contemplative meditation. What others are saying about "Your Angels Called and Left a Message": "This book by Hemat Malak is truly inspired from the Light. Be inspired by these angel Light messages, and transform to a higher vibration- this is a priceless gift for your soul." -Michele Blood, best-selling author and mystical teacher "Hemat, through her inspired words, helped me rediscover some forgotten pieces of me." -DR Rudina Thanasi (Europe) "The words in this book are of grace... I feel these words that are used come from pure Source." -William Scannell (Ireland) "These messages have awakened my inner self and connected to me true love and God. This book encourages you to listen to your higher self to increase your happiness, joy and peace in your life. I have not ever read a book like this with such profound and loving messages throughout. I read the messages over and over to get more meaning each time. They are such a blessing to read." -Gary Barwig (USA) "I enjoyed it from my heart VERY MUCH. Thank you." -Zuzana Fancovicova (Europe) "Thank you for what can only be called an experience of wisdom and truth." -Susan Kowalczyk (USA) "Hemat's messages from the angels energize me with delightful reminders of our beauty, connectedness, and how much we are loved. While reading the messages, I felt my spirit take flight with joy and delight. I highly recommend "Your Angels Called and Left a Message" to everyone wishing to soar and celebrate life " -Susanne Rothschild (USA) "Simply go into the silence and know your true inner self will guide you to the perfect right message for YOU right NOW...your life will profoundly change in such a beautiful way. For each message is a pearl of Divine Light; these are truly messages from the Divine." -Zobeeda Madsen (Spain) "When I read Angels I immediately felt a peace and calm in my body. My breathing became more purposeful and I could feel the depth of the words as I was drawing each breath. Thank you for your love, and blessings to you." -Sabah Fakhoury (USA)

The Message Of You

Author : Judy Carter
ISBN : 9781250020871
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 58.10 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A step-by-step handbook that teaches readers to find the extraordinary stories tucked deep within them to make a difference in the lives of others—and to get paid—as a motivational speaker THE MESSAGE OF YOU begins with a simple belief - that your greatest speech already exists and that it has already been delivered in front of a live audience masterfully and powerfully by you. Best-selling author and international comic, Judy Carter sets out to prove that THE MESSAGE OF YOU is in the advice you give to your friends; in the lessons you teach your children; in the stories you tell your family. It's expressed through the volunteer work you do, the way you run your business, the way you turned your messes into successes. THE MESSAGE OF YOU is a distillation of all of your experiences, both personal and professional, that form the narrative meaning of your life. A meaning that you can develop into a well-written, funny speech to inspire audiences, enhance your current profession, and launch a successful money making career as a professional speaker. In Part One of the book, Judy leads you through a series of in-depth exercises meant to mine your personal and professional experiences for stories that establish your qualifications, your problem/solutions, your action steps and your methodology. In Part Two, Judy has created a six-step structure for writing an entertaining and informative speech, guiding you through each step in detail. But the real bonus of THE MESSAGE OF YOU is that Judy is a comic. Her "Comedy Pass" chapter takes you through simple but effective comedy writing techniques that will transform even a flat PowerPoint snoozer into a knee-slapping showstopper of a keynote. Once your speech is well-written and funny, Judy takes you through Part Three, teaching you how to take your message to the masses with inexpensive but essential marketing tips. The Message of You offers an accessible approach, big picture guidance, and nitty-gritty nuts and bolts of sound advice. Judy has been a comedy and speaking coach for over twenty years. She's a firm believer that how you present your ideas is just as important as the ideas themselves. She knows that humor and strong content are the missing ingredients in most speeches and her book, THE MESSAGE OF YOU helps you discover both your message and your comedic voice by taking you through the same process she uses to coach her private clients.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

The Message

Author :
ISBN : 9781617479311
Genre : Bibles
File Size : 79.45 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The Message is a reading Bible translated from the original Greek and Hebrew Scriptures by scholar, pastor, author, and poet Eugene Peterson. Thoroughly reviewed and approved by twenty biblical scholars, The Message combines the authority of God’s Word with the cadence and energy of conversational English. What makes The Message the best reading Bible? Discover for yourself. Feel the impact of a Bible translated into conversational English. Find passages with The Message’s unique verse-numbered paragraphs. See the big picture with “The Story of the Bible in Five Acts,” alongside handcrafted timelines and charts. Come and delight in the unexpected passion and personality that fill God’s Word.
Category: Bibles

A Message From The Throne Room

Author : Anita Lahanmi
ISBN : 9781469172552
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 51.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sometimes, an appropriate message at just the right time may be the difference between whether a person lives or dies; whether a person is victorious or is swept away in ignominious defeat; whether a person is miraculously healed, or passes away under the ravages of a wasting disease; whether a person is freed from the chains and shackles of a debilitating addiction, or remains an unwilling but helpless captive to destructive substances. At times like these it becomes incumbent that this life-saving message is committed to the hands of a faithful messenger, one who will not distort, pervert or re-engineer the message. It is noteworthy also that the more important a message is, the more careful is the selection process for the vessel chosen to bear the tidings. Since God and His Word are one, He jealously guards its impartation. “A Message from the Throne Room” is a prophetic word in season from God to His children and is designed for times such as these. God has chosen a vessel with whom He shares deep intimacy to bear the glad tidings that this book represents. It is obvious that some of the deep revelations could only have come from intense, “unalloyed” fellowship. Essentially, the book is about faith without which of course God says you cannot please Him. You need faith to receive healing, to face your fears, to discover your life’s purpose, to deal with low self-esteem. You also need faith to find direction as well as in times of need, while waiting on God and battling insecurities. Finally “A Message from the Throne” teaches you how to stay anchored during life’s storms and when you are feeling discouraged. It concludes by calling you to examine the sovereignty of God. Cast in the style of a daily devotional, this is a book that can be digested by both young and mature believers alike. Sit back and digest for your good and that of the world around you, this undiluted, refreshing Message from the Throne Room. Omawumi Michael Efueye Resident Pastor House on the Rock (London Lighthouse)
Category: Self-Help

Did You Know A Message Of Choice Change

Author : Kate Ellis
ISBN : 9780985048372
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 51.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Did You Know... A Message of Choice & Change YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS! Seems like a fantastic statement, yet it is true. You are the one that thinks thoughts, accepts or rejects it's content, and then decide if the ideas are something useful. How and What we choose to think produces feelings. If you dwell on a thought and feeling long enough, it then becomes an emotion or what you believe about YOU. To be aware of the thoughts and feelings focused on empowers or robs you of potential. Our attitude allows or rejects experiences, either joyful or painful, and attitude is a direct result of thought. You are the Master of your Mind. Learn how to wield your personal power.
Category: Psychology

Turning Your Mess Into A Message

Author : Dr. Josef A. Howard
ISBN : 1452078882
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.98 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Dr. Howard has crafted a careful and balanced blend of Bible exposition, theology, real-life illustrations from his vast ministerial experience, and practical applications to those who yearn for their lives to be transformed from a messy situation to a message that honors and glorifies God. Each chapter expounds the miraculous way God used an unlikely individual with a messy life and turned his or her life into a positive message. The woman at the well, Zacchaeus, Jabez, Ruth, the thief on the cross, and Jephthah all faced challenging circumstances. Sin, genetics, the unexpected death of a spouse, rebellion, and poor family heritage placed these Bible characters in the most likely not to succeed category. All had three strikes against them. God, in His infinite mercy and grace, had a plan for each of these lives. He turned their mess into a positive message. Regardless of what mess you find your life to be in, this book gives practical ways of how to get out. Everyone faces trials and difficulties in life. Dr. Howard likens the trials and difficulties in life to potholes. Potholes appear out of nowhere unexpectedly and can be destructive and hurtful and take away our joy and sense of well being. Dr. Howard says, Being a Christian does not mean that we will not be faced with trials and tribulations, which are like potholes in our lives (some are big while others are small). Regardless of how messy your life is or how many potholes are causing you concern, Turning Your Mess into a Message will give you hope and lead you to the Savior, who alone can turn your life around. He did it for the six Bible characters expounded upon in the book and He continues to change and transform messy lives into a message today.
Category: Religion