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Yoga For You

Author : Claude Bragdon
ISBN : 9781596053892
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 57.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Silence and stillness have the effect of conserving all the bodily forces usually wasted in unnecessary speech and action. You become for the first time conscious of the rhythmic flow of life's forces, and are able to hear the faint music they make on the harp of the body. -from "Silence" One of the most extraordinary figures of the popular intellectualism of the early 20th century, Claude Bragdon was an architect and designer who turned his mathematically fueled artistic bent toward the metaphysical. Here, in wise, insightful prose, Bragdon offers an introduction-first published in 1943-to the philosophy of yoga as an aid to expanding the human consciousness. From mastering the art of concentration to finding new depth in sexuality, this is a frank, perceptive call to rethink how we live our lives in the modern world. Other works by Bragdon available from Cosimo Classics: The Eternal Poles, Four-Dimensional Vistas, Projective Ornament, The Beautiful Necessity, Architecture and Democracy, Episodes from An Unwritten History, and A Primer of Higher Space (The Fourth Dimension). American architect, stage designer, and writer CLAUDE FAYETTE BRAGDON (1866-1946) helped found the Rochester Architectural Club, in the city where he made his greatest mark as a building designer with structures including Rochester Central Station, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the First Universalist Church; he also designed Peterborough Bridge in Ontario. In later life, Bragdon worked on Broadway as scenic designer for 1930s productions of Cyrano de Bergerac and Hamlet, among others.
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Total Yoga For You

Author : Tara Fraser
ISBN : 9781786783073
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Format : PDF
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This is simply the perfect introduction to yoga! This complete illustrated practical guide reflects some of the most important developments in modern yoga teaching, including: the release of pent-up stress from busy lives, the emphasis on physical comfort and safety (working within your own abilities rather than forcing yourself into demanding postures), and a holistic approach, combining yoga with an appropriate lifestyle, especially with regard to diet and meditation. More than 200 step-by-step color photographs take you through the essential asanas (postures) and sequences, accompanied by clear and simple explanations. Special "boxes" suggest how beginners can adapt the classic postures to make them easier to perform - while more experienced students are shown how to progress to more challenging asanas as they build up their skills. Whatever your level of fitness and flexibility, Total Yoga is designed to meet your needs and lead you on the path to inner calm and a stronger, more flexible body.
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Yoga For You And Your Child

Author : Mark Singleton
ISBN : 9781786780270
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 39.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Improve your child's health, agility, concentration, confidence and awareness through simple and fun yoga practice. Whether you already practise yoga or are trying it for the first time, this easy-to-follow guide allows you to share yoga's many benefits with your child whatever your level of flexibility and fitness. Includes more than 40 yoga postures for children of all ages devised by children's yoga expert Mark Singleton Shows how to make yoga sessions exciting, interactive and child-friendly by playing yoga games, going on "yoga adventures" and imitating animal shapes, walks and noises Explores how regular yoga practice can help children learn more effectively, cope better with stress, reduce symptoms of illness such as asthma, and prevent posture problems in later life Adapts traditional yogic breathing techniques and meditation into fun exercises that calm and soothe the mind, and help children to sleep at night
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Yoga For A New You

Author : DK
ISBN : 9781409321088
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 71.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Now in PDF. A bumper volume of yoga postures, practices and programmes to improve both your body and mind Yoga for a New You offers you yoga for every mood with four themed sections; Relaxed, Energetic, Young and Confident. Each section includes 25 detailed yoga postures with full colour photographs and step-by-step pointers as well as seven yoga sequence programmes to bring health and balance to your life. Advice on breathing practices, relaxation, meditation and lifestyle guidance help you stay physically fit, mentally alert and to feel more positive about life. Yoga for a New You is the only yoga guide you'll need. Previously published as the Yoga for Living series.
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Yoga For Beginners All You Need To Know About Yoga

Author : Darren Williams
ISBN : 9781628842258
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 80.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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: If you are trying to find that inner peace within you and also want to do some form of low impact exercise then "Yoga For Beginners: All You Need To Know About Yoga" is the perfect text for you. The text not only explains what yoga is but goes into the many ways that it can help heal the mind and soul. The author also highlights the fact that yoga can be practiced by any age group, whether they be young or old or somewhere in between. The author also highlights some of the basic types of yoga and gives a brief description of each. This text is well timed as it has been published in a time when many are seeking less strenuous ways to get the body in shape and to get rid of stress. Yoga has started to take over the Western world ever since the many advantages started to be realized. About the Author: Darren Williams has his sister to credit for the current knowledge that he has about yoga. He used to sit and watch her going through the paces and he used to wonder what exactly she got from the process. To him it looked like body contortion with no apparent cause. It was he asked her about it that she opened his eyes to the world of meditation and yoga. He realized soon after he started the process that he was so much more at peace within himself and he also felt as if he had more energy. From that point onward he dedicated his evenings to practicing yoga and learning as much as he could from his sister. He also took it upon himself to learn even more by going to a yoga studio in his neighborhood and doing some of his own research at the library. He then sought to share what he had learned with others and that is how his book came into being.
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Yoga For Pain Relief

Author : Kelly McGonigal
ISBN : 9781572249653
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 78.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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It's no secret that yoga increases muscular flexibility and strength, but you may not know that yoga is a proven treatment for back pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other chronic pain conditions. Yoga also helps to ease the stress, anxiety, and depression that can create and reinforce pain, making you feel more comfortable in both your mind and your body. Written by a yoga instructor and former chronic pain sufferer, Yoga for Pain Relief is packed with gentle postures and practical strategies for ending pain. This complete mind-body tool kit for healing also includes deep relaxation practices drawn from the yogic tradition and psychological techniques for helping you make peace with your body and dissolve pain. As the ancient practice of yoga releases the hold that chronic pain has over your life, you will begin to feel more like yourself again.
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Yoga For Your Life

Author : Margaret D. Pierce
ISBN : 0915801604
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 64.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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More than four hundred full-color photographs highlight a complete guide to yoga that integrates of breath with movement for students of all levels of fitness, offering a progressive eight-week program designed to enhance health. Original. 50,000 first printing. $50,000 ad/promo. IP.
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Yoga Books For Weight Loss Hatha Yoga For Beginners

Author : Juliana Baldec
ISBN : 9781633833258
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 60.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Red Hot New "Yoga Compilation: Yoga Poses + The Daily Yoga Ritual Lifestyle + The Daily Meditation Ritual Lifestyle!" Release!!! Spend a little time with the rules of happiness and achieve the best, quick & easy ways to increase your motivation, to lose weight, to get in shape & to stay healthy with the body mind connection! Inside You'll find: Book 1: 11 Advanced Yoga Poses You Wish You Knew by Juliana Baldec Book 2: The Daily Yoga Ritual Lifestyle by Alecandra Baldec Bookk 3: The Daily Meditation Ritual Lifestyle by Alecandra Baldec Forget the old concept because there is no need to waist your time and every reason to do Yoga and Meditation the new and 5 minute quick way so that you will gain more time out of your day and your life! Learn the new way of Yoga and meditation today if your dream is escaping a boring lifestyle, empowering yourself, or just living more for yourself with less stress and 100% happiness. This box set compilation will give you some amazing insights into the wonderful world of Yoga and Meditation and how both connect. Inside this Yoga & Meditation lifestyle compilation you'll discover: * 5 Minute Per Day Yoga Routine * The Yoga-Meditation Connection * The Basic Yoga Sutras For Beginners * Yoga Poses For Busy People much more... So why aren't you already living the Yoga/Meditation Lifestyle? Imagine if there was a guide that showed you the secret insights and knowledge that the Yoga and Meditation gurus have been using to achieve anything in life. This knowledge and insight shows you how to achieve what you want, how to get from where you are now to your true purpose, joy and happiness? This compilation shows you to live the most enriching, empowering, fulfilling, and exciting life you could ever dream of. Be ready for an incredible revelation that will be life-transforming for everyone who experiences it.
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Yoga For 50

Author : Richard Rosen
ISBN : 9781569757529
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 81.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Power Yoga For Dummies

Author : Doug Swenson
ISBN : 1118069536
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 23.99 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Doug Swenson has created a book about Yoga that captures his delightful and unique teaching style." —Karen Allen, actress, Yoga Practitioner "Doug Swenson masterfully presents one of the most physically challenging styles of Hatha Yoga in a way students of any level will find safe, fun, easeful, and empowering." —John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga In just a few years, Yoga has gone from an obscure spiritual discipline practiced by a handful of the "enlightened" in the Far East, to a mainstream exercise routine taught at gyms all across America. Now, at the turn of the new millennium, Yoga has a younger sibling, Power Yoga. A high-energy physical discipline embraced by Sting, Madonna, and thousands of other celebrities, professional athletes, and health advocates, Power Yoga takes the basics of Yoga and gives it a good healthy dose of aerobics to tone all your muscles, sharpen your focus, ease your spirit, and strengthen your heart. Want to pump up your body and gain peace of mind? Power Yoga For Dummies shows you how. Featuring step-by-step instructions, illustrated with photographs that help you see each move clearly, it shows you how to: Improve flexibility, strength, and endurance Develop rock-hard abs, legs, and arms Find an instructor and the right workout gear Customize workouts for all ages and fitness levels Enhance your practice with a partner Beat stress, sharpen your focus, and lift your spirits Power Yoga celebrity Doug Swenson explains the philosophy and science behind Power Yoga. He gets you ready to take the leap into Power Yoga, and he arms you with: Three complete Power Yoga routines—beginning, intermediate and advanced Exercises to improve specific areas, including flexibility, strength, endurance, and specific muscle groups such as your arms, abs, and glutes Expert tips on diet and nutrition for enhancing your practice and improving your overall health Specific postures and exercises that benefit women and seniors A fun and easy guide for both beginners and experienced practitioners alike, this inspirational guide will help you unit a strong, sleek body with a sharp, clear mind.
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