Yet There Is Music

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Are We There Yet

Author : Lana Woollard
ISBN : 9781925908299
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 62.7 MB
Format : PDF
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Lana Woollard is a rural based writer, an artist, mum and author of the new book 'Are We There Yet?' A book that has been written with parents and children in mind and is a parents' survival guide for travelling with kids, camping and remaining sane on family holidays. With over 30 years of travelling and teaching her own children how to love the Australian outdoors, in her latest book, Lana shares her experience, wisdom, tips and thoughts on travelling and camping with children. Lana also has a small property in New South Wales where she and her husband grow Perigord Black Truffles for sale to fancy restaurants in Canberra and Sydney. Lana hopes that this book will encourage anyone who has not yet taken their children on a camping holiday to do so. The book should also provide ideas and tips for the more seasoned campers amongst us. Happy camping everyone!
Category: Fiction

Songs In Their Heads

Author : Patricia Shehan Campbell
ISBN : 9780195382518
Genre : Education
File Size : 59.12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book explores the meaning and value of music in children's lives, based upon their expressed thoughts and actual musicking behaviors in school and at play. Blending standard education field experiences with ethnomusicological techniques, Campbell demonstrates how music is personally and socially meaningful to children and what values they place on particular musical styles, songs, and functions. She explores musical behaviors in various contextual settings-in the outdoor garden of the Lakeshore Zebras' preschool, in Mr. Roberts' fifth grade classroom, on a school bus, at home with the Anderson family, in the Rundale School cafeteria, at the Toys and More Store. She documents in narrative forms some of the "songs in their heads", balancing music learned with music "made", and intentional, purposeful music with natural music behavior. From age three to tween-age, children are particularized by gender race, ethnicity, and class, and their soundscapes are described for the contexts, functions, and meanings they make of music in their lives. Treading through the individual cases and conversations is the image of the "universal child" children's culture that transcends localities, separates them from adults, and defines them as their own community of shared beliefs and practices. Songs in Their Heads is a vivid and engaging book that brides the disciplines of music education, ethnomusicology, and folklore. Designed as a text or supplemental text in a variety of music education methods courses, as well as a reference for music specialists and classroom teachers, this book will also appeal to parents interested in understand and enhancing music making in their own children.
Category: Education

And Yet It Is Heard

Author : Tito M. Tonietti
ISBN : 9783034806725
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 32.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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We bring into full light some excerpts on musical subjects which were until now scattered throughout the most famous scientific texts. The main scientific and musical cultures outside of Europe are also taken into consideration. The first and most important property to underline in the scientific texts examined here is the language they are written in. This means that our multicultural history of the sciences necessarily also becomes a review of the various dominant languages used in the different historical contexts. In this volume, the history of the development of the sciences is told as it happened in real contexts, not in an alienated ideal world.
Category: Mathematics

Media And Popular Music

Author : Peter Mills
ISBN : 9780748664443
Genre : Music
File Size : 86.81 MB
Format : PDF
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A study of the relationships between music and contemporary media.
Category: Music

Promising Practices In 21st Century Music Teacher Education

Author : Michele Kaschub
ISBN : 9780190206154
Genre : Music
File Size : 28.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book surveys emerging music and education landscapes to present a sampling of the promising practices of music teacher education that may serve as new models for the 21st century. Contributors explore the delicate balance between curriculum and pedagogy, the power structures that influence music education at all levels, the role of contemporary musical practices in teacher education, and the communication challenges that surround institutional change. Models of programs that feature in-school, out-of-school and beyond school contexts, lifespan learning perspectives, active juxtapositions of formal and informal approaches to teaching and learning, student-driven project-based fieldwork, and the purposeful employment of technology and digital media as platforms for authentic music engagement within a contemporary participatory culture are all offered as springboards for innovative practice.
Category: Music

Interrupted Music

Author : Verlyn Flieger
ISBN : 0873388240
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 23.30 MB
Format : PDF
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Tolkien made a continuous effort over several years to construct a comprehensive mythology, to include not only the stories themselves but also the storytellers, scribes, and bards who were the offspring of his thought. In Interrupted Music Flieger attempts to illuminate the structure of Tolkien's work, allowing the reader to appreciate its broad, overarching design and its careful, painstaking construction. --from publisher description.
Category: Literary Criticism

Anointed Music And Worship

Author : Rev. Norman Holmes
ISBN : 9781596651593
Genre : Religion
File Size : 27.19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Anointed Music and Worship is a manual to develop a flow of worship in your life and ministry according to the pattern given to us by Scripture. Rev. Holmes shows the important ingredients, such as purity, liberty, joy and peace that are needed in our spiritual worship. Readers will discover how God is seeking those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth, and that we can become a people that delight the heart of God by becoming true worshipers who enter into the greater experiences of His glorious presence.
Category: Religion

Stanley Kubrick

Author : Gary D. Rhodes
ISBN : 9780786432974
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 71.89 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Seventeen essays examine the career and films of director Stanley Kubrick from a variety of perspectives. Part I focuses on his early career, including his first newsreels, his photography for Look magazine, and his earliest films (Fear and Desire, Killer's Kiss). Part II examines his major or most popular films (Paths of Glory, The Shining, 2001: A Space Odyssey). Part III provides a thorough case study of Eyes Wide Shut, with four very different essays focusing on the film's use of sound, its representation of gender, its carnivalesque qualities, and its phenomenological nature. Finally, Part IV discusses Kubrick's ongoing legacy and his impact on contemporary filmmakers.
Category: Performing Arts

The Value Of Sacred Music

Author :
ISBN : 9780786452712
Genre : Music
File Size : 40.87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This collection of historically significant essays focuses on the purpose and function of sacred music. Issues of historicity, spirituality, standardization and other topics central to the study of Protestant, Catholic and Jewish sacred music from 1801 to 1918 are explored. Moving from musicology to psychology and to religious studies, this volume captures the breadth of scholarship available in the field, as well as serving as a useful introduction for those readers just beginning their study of sacred music.
Category: Music

How Nashville Became Music City U S A

Author : Michael Kosser
ISBN : 0634098063
Genre : History
File Size : 57.30 MB
Format : PDF
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Tracing the evolution of Nashville's Music Row, an insider's study of the American country music industry profiles some of the musicians and stars who transformed the face of twentieth-century American music and offers insights into today's business operations, accompanied by a CD containing demo recordings of the original versions of songs that became smash hits. Original.
Category: History

It 39 S About Music

Author : Jean-Michel Pilc
ISBN : 9780985903947
Genre : Music
File Size : 27.93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Jean-Michel Pilc, jazz pianist and faculty member of Steinhardt School, New York University, has written a remarkable book about the artistic and creative process in the arts. The conversational style well suits the wide ranging topic which draws examples from art and music both classical and jazz. A beautifully expressed work on a subject otherwise impossible to write about. Hailed by musicians around the world as enlightened and inspirational.
Category: Music

Write In Tune Contemporary Music In Fiction

Author : Erich Hertz
ISBN : 9781623561451
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 33.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Contemporary popular music provides the soundtrack for a host of recent novels, but little critical attention has been paid to the intersection of these important art forms. Write in Tune addresses this gap by offering the first full-length study of the relationship between recent music and fiction. With essays from an array of international scholars, the collection focuses on how writers weave rock, punk, and jazz into their narratives, both to develop characters and themes and to investigate various fan and celebrity cultures surrounding contemporary music. Write in Tune covers major writers from America and England, including Don DeLillo, Jonathan Franzen, Zadie Smith, and Jim Crace. But it also explores how popular music culture is reflected in postcolonial, Latino, and Australian fiction. Ultimately, the book brings critical awareness to the power of music in shaping contemporary culture, and offers new perspectives on central issues of gender, race, and national identity.
Category: Literary Criticism

Making A Living In Your Local Music Market

Author : Dick Weissman
ISBN : 0634099248
Genre : Music
File Size : 35.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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You can survive happily as a musician in your local music market. This book shows you how to expand and develop your skills as a musician and a composer right in your own backyard. Making a Living in Your Local Music Market explores topics relevant to musicians of every level: Why should a band have an agreement? How can you determine whether a personal manager is right for you? Are contests worth entering? What trade papers are the most useful? Why copyright your songs? Also covers: * Developing and packaging your artistic skills in the marketplace * Dealing with contractors, unions, club owners, agents, etc. * Producing your own recordings * Planning your future in music * Music and the Internet * Artist-operated record companies * The advantages and disadvantages of independent and major record labels * Grant opportunities for musicians and how to access them * College music business programs * Seminars and trade shows * Detailed coverage of regional music markets, including Austin, Atlanta, Denver, Miami, Seattle, and Portland, Oregon.
Category: Music

The Popular Music Studies Reader

Author : Mark Harris
ISBN : 0415307090
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 31.86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Maps the changing nature of popular music and considers how popular music studies has expanded and developed to deal with these changes. The book discusses the participation of women in the industry, the changing role of gender and sexuality in popular music, and the role of technologies in production and distribution.
Category: Performing Arts

Russian Music At Home And Abroad

Author : Richard Taruskin
ISBN : 9780520288089
Genre : Music
File Size : 60.43 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This new collection views Russian music through the Greek triad of “the Good, the True, and the Beautiful” to investigate how the idea of "nation" embeds itself in the public discourse about music and other arts with results at times invigorating, at times corrupting. In our divided, post–Cold War, and now post–9/11 world, Russian music, formerly a quiet corner on the margins of musicology, has become a site of noisy contention. Richard Taruskin assesses the political and cultural stakes that attach to it in the era of Pussy Riot and renewed international tensions, before turning to individual cases from the nineteenth century to the present. Much of the volume is devoted to the resolutely cosmopolitan but inveterately Russian Igor Stravinsky, one of the major forces in the music of the twentieth century and subject of particular interest to composers and music theorists all over the world. Taruskin here revisits him for the first time since the 1990s, when everything changed for Russia and its cultural products. Other essays are devoted to the cultural and social policies of the Soviet Union and their effect on the music produced there as those policies swung away from Communist internationalism to traditional Russian nationalism; to the musicians of the Russian postrevolutionary diaspora; and to the tension between the compelling artistic quality of works such as Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps or Prokofieff’s Zdravitsa and the antihumanistic or totalitarian messages they convey. Russian Music at Home and Abroad addresses these concerns in a personal and critical way, characteristically demonstrating Taruskin’s authority and ability to bring living history out of the shadows.
Category: Music

Music Race And Nation

Author : Peter Wade
ISBN : 0226868443
Genre : History
File Size : 43.6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Long a favorite on dance floors in Latin America, the porro, cumbia, and vallenato styles that make up Colombia's música tropical are now enjoying international success. How did this music—which has its roots in a black, marginal region of the country—manage, from the 1940s onward, to become so popular in a nation that had prided itself on its white heritage? Peter Wade explores the history of música tropical, analyzing its rise in the context of the development of the broadcast media, rapid urbanization, and regional struggles for power. Using archival sources and oral histories, Wade shows how big band renditions of cumbia and porro in the 1940s and 1950s suggested both old traditions and new liberties, especially for women, speaking to a deeply rooted image of black music as sensuous. Recently, nostalgic, "whitened" versions of música tropical have gained popularity as part of government-sponsored multiculturalism. Wade's fresh look at the way music transforms and is transformed by ideologies of race, nation, sexuality, tradition, and modernity is the first book-length study of Colombian popular music.
Category: History

Analysing Popular Music

Author : David Machin
ISBN : 9781446203378
Genre : Art
File Size : 65.33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Electronic Inspection Copy available for instructors here Popular music is far more than just songs we listen to; its meanings are also in album covers, lyrics, subcultures, voices and video soundscapes. Like language these elements can be used to communicate complex cultural ideas, values, concepts and identities. Analysing Popular Music is a lively look at the semiotic resources found in the sounds, visuals and words that comprise the 'code book' of popular music. It explains exactly how popular music comes to mean so much. Packed with examples, exercises and a glossary, this book provides the reader with the knowledge and skills they need to carry out their own analyses of songs, soundtracks, lyrics and album covers. Written for students with no prior musical knowledge, Analysing Popular Music is the perfect toolkit for students in sociology, media and communication studies to analyse, understand - and celebrate - popular music.
Category: Art