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The Yeasts

Author : Cletus Kurtzman
ISBN : 0080931278
Genre : Science
File Size : 47.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Yeasts: A Taxonomic Study is a three-volume book that covers the taxonomic aspect of yeasts. The main goal of this book is to provide important information about the identification of yeasts. It also discusses the growth tests that can be used to identify different species of yeasts, and it examines how the more important species of yeasts provide information for the selection of species needed for biotechnology. • Volume 1 discusses the identification, classification and importance of yeasts in the field of biotechnology. • Volume 2 focuses on the identification and classification of ascomycetous yeasts. • Volume 3 deals with the identification and classification of basidiomycetous yeasts, along with the genus Prototheca. High-quality photomicrographs and line drawings Detailed phylogenetic trees Up-to-date, clearly presented yeast taxonomy and systematic, easy-to-use reference sequence accession numbers to allow for correct identification
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Author : Verachtert
ISBN : 0824781422
Genre : Science
File Size : 66.85 MB
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Author : Horst Feldmann
ISBN : 9783527644865
Genre : Science
File Size : 24.3 MB
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Yeast is one of the oldest domesticated organisms and has both industrial and domestic applications. In addition, it is very widely used as a eukaryotic model organism in biological research and has offered valuable knowledge of genetics and basic cellular processes. In fact, studies in yeast have offered insight in mechanisms underlying ageing and diseases such as Alzheimers, Parkinsons and cancer. Yeast is also widely used in the lab as a tool for many technologies such as two-hybrid analysis, high throughput protein purification and localization and gene expression profiling. The broad range of uses and applications of this organism undoubtedly shows that it is invalubale in research, technology and industry. Written by one of the world's experts in yeast, this book offers insight in yeast biology and its use in studying cellular mechanisms.
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Yeast Protocols

Author : Wei Xiao
ISBN : 9781592599585
Genre : Science
File Size : 57.58 MB
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Since the publication of Yeast Protocols in 1996, many new techniques have been invented and original protocols improved and refined. This throughly updated second edition will serve as a stand-alone protocols handbook of these new and refined techniques suitable for daily use in all research laboratories. It includes all of the recent advanced protocols as well as the major basic techniques and hence, will be essential for both yeast research laboratories and those researchers who wish to use yeast as a host to study their favorite genes from other organisms.
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Yeast Sugar Metabolism

Author : Friedrich K. Zimmermann
ISBN : 1566764661
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Category: Technology & Engineering

Guide To Yeast Genetics And Molecular Biology

Author : Christine Guthrie
ISBN : 012182778X
Genre : Science
File Size : 23.89 MB
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Guide to Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology presents, for the first time, a comprehensive compilation of the protocols and procedures that have made Saccharomyces cerevisiae such a facile system for all researchers in molecular and cell biology. Whether you are an established yeast biologist or a newcomer to the field, this volume contains all the up-to-date methods you will need to study "Your Favorite Gene" in yeast. Key Features * Basic Methods in Yeast Genetics * Physical and genetic mapping * Making and recovering mutants * Cloning and Recombinant DNA Methods * High-efficiency transformation * Preparation of yeast artificial chromosome vectors * Basic Methods of Cell Biology * Immunomicroscopy * Protein targeting assays * Biochemistry of Gene Expression * Vectors for regulated expression * Isolation of labeled and unlabeled DNA, RNA, and protein
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Use Of Yeast Biomass In Food Production

Author : Anna Halasz
ISBN : 0849358663
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 42.19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Yeast biomass is an excellent source of proteins, nucleic acids, and vitamins. It has been produced and consumed in baked goods and other foods for thousands of years and offers significant advantages when compared to other potential new microbial protein sources. Use of Yeast Biomass in Food Production provides up-to-date information regarding the chemical composition and biochemistry of yeasts, discusses the biotechnological basis of yeast production and possibilities for influencing yeast biomass composition using new techniques in molecular biology. The book examines techniques for producing yeast protein concentrates (and isolates) while still retaining their functional properties and nutritive values, as well as the various uses for these materials and their derivatives in different branches of the food industry. Finally, the book explores possibilities for the production and industrial use of other yeast components, such as nucleic acids, nucleotides, cell wall polysaccharides, autolysates, and extracts. Food microbiologists and technologists, as well as biotechnologists, will discover that this book is an invaluable reference resource.
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Yeast Strain Selection

Author : Panchal
ISBN : 0824782763
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 52.56 MB
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Contributors from universities and food, pharmaceutical, and brewing companies detail the current state of yeast strain development and handling, highlighting advances in yeast selection for academic research, industry, and recombinant DNA technology. Featuring the use of Saccharomyces and other yea
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Yeast Physiology And Biotechnology

Author : Graeme M. Walker
ISBN : 0471964468
Genre : Science
File Size : 27.88 MB
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Yeasts are the world's premier industrial micro-organisms. In addition to their wide exploitation in the production of foods, beverages and pharmaceuticals, yeasts also play significant roles as model eukaryotic cells in furthering our knowledge in the biological and biomedical sciences. In order for modern biotechnology to fully exploit the activities of yeasts, it is essential to appreciate aspects of yeast cell physiology. In recent years, however, our knowledge of yeast physiological phenomena has lagged behind that of yeast genetics and molecular biology. Yeast Physiology and Biotechnology redresses the balance by linking key aspects of yeast physiology with yeast biotechnology. Individual chapters provide broad and timely coverage of yeast cytology, nutrition, growth and metabolism - important aspects of yeast cell physiology which are pertinent to the practical uses of yeasts in industry. The final chapter reviews traditional, modern and emerging biotechnologies in which roles of yeasts in the production of industrial commodities and their value in biomedical research are fully discussed. Relevant aspects of classical and modern yeast genetics and molecular biology are fully integrated into the appropriate chapters. This up-to-date and fully referenced book is aimed at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate bioscience students,but will also prove to be a valuable source of information for yeast researchers and technologists.
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Yeast Cells

Author :
ISBN : 0080859097
Genre : Science
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Yeast Cells
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