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Soft X Ray Microscopy

Author : Chris J. Jacobsen
ISBN : UOM:39015029971663
Genre : Science
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Category: Science

X Ray Microscopy

Author : Chris Jacobsen
ISBN : 9781107076570
Genre : Medical
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A complete introduction to x-ray microscopy, covering optics, 3D and chemical imaging, lensless imaging, radiation damage, and applications.
Category: Medical

X Ray Microscopy

Author : V. E. Cosslett
ISBN : 9781107654655
Genre : Science
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Originally published in 1960, this book looks at the physical principles behind the use of X-rays for microscopic investigation. Cosslett and Nixon review a variety of techniques used in X-ray microscopy, as well as specimen preparation methods. Many plates of various X-rayed materials are also included.
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X Ray Microscopy Ii

Author : David Sayre
ISBN : 9783540392460
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This volume is based on papers presented at the International Symposium on X-Ray Microscopy held at Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton NY, August 31-September 4, 1987. Previous recent symposia on the sub ject were held in New York in 1979, Gottingen in 1983 and Taipei in 1986. Developments in x-ray microscopy continue at a rapid pace, with im portant advances in all major areas: x-ray sources, optics and components, and microscopes and imaging systems. Taken as a whole, the work pre sented here emphasizes three major directions: (a) improvements in the capability and image-quality of x-ray microscopy, expressed principally in systems attached to large, high-brightness x-ray sources; (b) greater access to x-ray microscopy, expressed chiefly in systems employing small, often pulsed, x-ray sources; and (c) increased rate of exploration of applications of x-ray microscopy. The number of papers presented at the symposium has roughly dou bled compared with that of its predecessors. While we are delighted at this growth as a manifestation of vitality and rapid growth of the field, we did have to ask the authors to limit the length of their papers and to submit them in camera-ready form. We thank the authors for their con tributions and for their efforts in adhering to the guidelines on manuscript preparation.
Category: Technology & Engineering

X Ray Microscopy

Author : G. Schmahl
ISBN : 9783540388333
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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X-ray microscopy fills a gap between optical and electron microscopy. Using soft x-rays, a resolution higher than with visible light can be obtained. In comparison to electron microscopy, thick, wet, unstained specimens can be examined. This is especially advantageous for biological applications. The intense synchrotron radiation of electron storage rings and the de velopment of optical elements for soft x-rays render x-ray microscopy feasi ble for basic research. Wider applications will be possible in the future with the development of laboratory x-ray sources and microscopes. In 1979 a conference on x-ray microscopy was organized by the New York Academy of Sciences and in 1981 a symposium on high resolution soft x-ray optics was held at Brookhaven. The present volume contains the contributions to the sympos i um "X-Ray Microscopy", organ i zed by the Akademie der Wi ssen schaften in Gottingen in September 1983. In their capacity as conference chairmen, the editors would like to thank the Akademie der Wissenschaften, especially Prof. H.G. Wagner, Secretary of the Academy, and Mr. J. Pfahlert for organizing the symposium. We are in debted to the Stiftung Volkswagenwerk for financial support. The symposium was held at the Max-Planck-Institut fUr Stromungsforschung. We are grateful for their hospitality and assistance during the symposium. Thanks are due to all authors and to the Springer Verlag for their combined efforts. We thank Dipl.-Phys. P. Guttmann, Dr. B. Niemann and Mrs. A. Marienhagen for their assistance during the final preparation of the manuscripts.
Category: Technology & Engineering

X Ray Microscopy

Author : Ping-chin Cheng
ISBN : 9783642728815
Genre : Science
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In 1979, a conference on x-ray microscopy was organized by the New York Academy of Sciences, and in 1983, the Second Interna tional Symposium on X-ray Imaging was organized by the Akademie der Wissenschaften in Gottingen, Federal Republic of Germany. This volume contains the contributions to the symposium "X-ray Microscopy '86", held in Taipei, Taiwan, the Republic of China in August 1986. This is the first volume which intends to provide up-to date information on x-ray imaging to biologists, therefore, emphasis was given to specimen preparation techniques and image interpreta tion. Specimen preparation represents a major part of every microscopy work, therefore, it should be strongly emphasized in this emerging field of x-ray microscopy. Theoretically, x-ray microscopy offers the potential for the study of unfixed, hydrated biological ma terials. Since very few biological system can be directly observed without specimen preparation, we would like to emphasize that new information on biological specimens can only be obtained if the speci men is properly prepared. In the past decade, many of the published x-ray images were obtained from poorly prepared biological speci mens, mainly air-dried materials. Therefore, one of the goals of this conference is to bring the importance of specimen preparation to the attention of x-ray microscopy community. X-ray microscopy can be subdivided into several major areas. They are the classic x-ray projection microscope, x-ray contact imag ing (microradiography) and the more recent x-ray scanning micro scope, x-ray photoelectron microscope and x-ray imaging microscope.
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X Ray Microscopy Iii

Author : Alan G. Michette
ISBN : 9783540468875
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The growth of interest and research activity in X -ray microscopy is reflected in the increasing size and scope of a related series of international conferences, the latest of which (XRM90) was held at King's College London (3-7 September 1990) with over 130 delegates. Previous conferences in Gottingen and Brookhaven resulted in books in the Springer Series in Optical Sciences, and this volume, the proceedings of XRM90, maintains this tradition. Because of the large number of papers their lengths were strictly limited and, while most papers can be directly identified with conference presentations, in a few cases those on similar topics by the same authors have been combined into a longer paper to allow better use of the space. The book is divided into six parts, with Parts IT-VI covering the major areas of interest at the conference. In Part 1 are two overviews; Ron Burge presented the opening paper of the conference, while the closing, summary, contrlbution by Janos Kirz is included here as a comprehensive introduction to the remainder of the book. Part IT covers developments in X -ray sources and optics. The high average brightnesses of synchrotron radiation sources have made many applications pos sible, while the more convenient, laboratory-based, plasma sources offer much promise for the future. Several contributions report significant advances in X-ray optics, which must clearly continue fully to exploit the latest sources.
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X Ray Microscopy Resource Center At The Advanced Light Source

Author :
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The high spectral brightness of undulator radiation from the Advanced Light Source (ALS) offers a great scientific opportunity for biological x-ray microscopy. X-ray microscopy extends visible light microscopy to higher resolution and makes use of unique contrast mechanisms. It does not compete with techniques such as electron microscopy in terms of resolution, but rather offers unique advantages, including the opportunity to take images of samples in an aqueous environment. For a considerable range of resolution and sample thickness the radiation dose in x-ray microscopy is lower than in electron microscopy under the same imaging conditions. To exploit this opportunity a Biological X-ray Microscopy Resource Center will be built at the ALS. An x-ray microscope (XM) and a scanning x-ray microscope (SXM) are to be built. These two microscopes serve complementary needs. The XM gives high quality images at comparably short exposure times, while the SXM is optimized for low radiation dose. High resolution is accomplished in both microscopes with Fresnel zone plate lenses. The SXM produces a diffraction-limited focus point, which is scanned across the sample; therefore the SXM can use only the spatially coherent portion of the radiation. The SXM is best operated on an undulator source with its small phase space. An XM can use the full brightness, including the incoherent fraction of the source. It can be operated with either a bending magnet or an undulator source. The XM can be installed initially at a bending magnet, which can be available at an earlier time, and thus permits the development of diverse biological community at an earlier time. Later this XM can be moved to the undulator, or left at the bending magnet for developmental and less demanding experiments.