Women In The New Testament World

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Women In The New Testament World

Author : Susan E. Hylen
ISBN : 9780190237578
Genre : Religion
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Modern readers of the New Testament often notice its varying ideas about women. Some passages encouraged women to be submissive and remain silent. Yet in others, women characters owned property, headed households, or spoke with approval. Women in the New Testament World helps readers understand this conflicting evidence. It argues that social norms of the time encouraged traditional feminine virtues. However, as Susan Hylen argues, women in the culture enacted these virtues in a variety of ways, including active leadership in households, associations, and cities. In contrast to earlier approaches that divided the evidence into groups that either allowed or forbade women's leadership, this book points to a tension that was pervasive across different groups and regions of the Roman world. Society widely viewed women as inferior to men yet applauded their active pursuit of familial and civic interests. Thus, it was not the case that some women led while others were silent; instead, women were praised for modesty at the same time as they exerted influence in their communities. Elaborating on this rich historical background, Hylen illuminates new possibilities in New Testament texts.
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Women In The New Testament

Author : Bonnie Thurston
ISBN : 9781592445585
Genre : Religion
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Bonnie Thurston examines the personalities, place, and power of women in the New Testament. She provides a cultural and religious context for them by briefly outlining the position of women in the Greco-Roman world. The aim is to reveal the ways in which early Christianity attempted to liberate people from oppression (particularly patriarchy), as well as to point out the places and ways in which the early Christian community compromised with the dominant society.
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Ten Women Of The Bible

Author : Max Lucado
ISBN : 9780310080923
Genre : Religion
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We don’t even know all their names. Some are referred to only by their nationality. Some are known only by the place where they lived. Some would become queens, while others would live on the fringes of society. One would give birth to a nation, and one would give birth to the Messiah. Their culture often overlooked or discounted the contributions of women, yet the writers of Scripture found these women and the role they played remarkable to the telling of God's story. As we study the lives of the women in the Bible, we find important truths that God wants us to grasp. They lived in a different world than our own, but we find ourselves facing the same issues they faced. Yet even more, these women show us there is a God who sees us where we are and loves us for who we are. He is the one who hovers over all the pages of the Bible, shaping lives, rescuing hearts, healing sicknesses, raising what was dead to life, and assigning high callings to those who choose to follow him and have faith in him. In this 10-session workbook, Max Lucado tells some of his favorite accounts of these ten women—Sarah, Abigail, Esther, the Samaritan Woman, Mary Magdalene, and others—and describes what set them all apart. EACH SESSION INCLUDES 50 in-depth Bible studies to help you navigate the stories in Scripture Daily points to remember to help you summarize the key points Daily prayers to help you focus your thoughts and move into your quiet time Weekly memory verses to help you hide God's word in your heart Additional notes to help you lead a group through the study Ten Women of the Bible is ideal for both individual use and for study in a small-group setting.
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Women Of The New Testament

Author : Phyllis J. Le Peau
ISBN : 0830830774
Genre : Religion
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As Phyllis J. Le Peau introduces twelve significant women of the New Testament, she invites you to enter into their lives and learn from them what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.
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Women In The New Testament

Author : Mary Ann Getty-Sullivan
ISBN : 9780814638873
Genre : Religion
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Much of the history of women, in religion as in other fields, is lost because it was overlooked or considered unimportant. It is therefore surprising that so many fragments of women's stories survive in the New Testament texts composed by men. Why did they include so many references to women and why are women, as a group, treated so positively by the male New Testament writers? Women in the New Testament shows how the stories of women are an integral part of the Gospel and its meaning for us. It also relays how we can respond to the challenge these women represent, whether we are men trying to understand or women trying to find our voices within the tradition of faith found in the New Testament. Chapter one discusses three women of expectant faith. Chapters two and three deal with women who are changed by Jesus. Chapter four focuses on New Testament women of influence. Chapters five and six show how women disciples spread and gave shape to the gospel message. Chapters are Women of Expectant Faith," *Women Changed by Jesus, - *More Women Changed by Jesus, - *Women of Prominence, - *Women and Discipleship, - and *More Women and Discipleship. - Mary Ann Getty-Sullivan, PhD, teaches at St. Vincent College and St. Vincent Seminary, Latrobe, Pennsylvania. She is the author of First and Second Corinthians from the Collegeville Bible Commentary series, author of the God Speaks to Us series of children's books, and editor of the Zacchaeus Studies: New Testament series published by The Liturgical Press. "
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Women And The Genesis Of Christianity

Author : Ben Witherington
ISBN : 0521367352
Genre : Religion
File Size : 21.41 MB
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Women and their roles in the New Testament and early Christianity.
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Families In The New Testament World

Author : Carolyn Osiek
ISBN : 0664255469
Genre : Religion
File Size : 39.5 MB
Format : PDF
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What was the family like for the first Christians? Informed by archaeological work and illustrated by figures, this work is a remarkable window into the past, one that both informs and illuminates our current condition. The Family, Culture, and Religion series offers informed and responsible analyses of the state of the American family from a religious perspective and provides practical assistance for the family's revitalization.
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The New Testament World

Author : Bruce J. Malina
ISBN : 0664222951
Genre : Religion
File Size : 44.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A classroom standard for two decades, The New Testament World: Insights from Cultural Anthropology has introduced students to both the New Testament and the social-scientific study of the New Testament. This revised and expanded third edition offers new chapters on envy and the Jesus movement, updates chapters from earlier editions, augments the bibliography, and offers student study questions.
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Strong Was Her Faith

Author : J. Ellsworth Kalas
ISBN : 9781426755866
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37.29 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In this follow-up to his book The Thirteen Apostles, popular author J. Ellsworth Kalas focuses on several women of great faith who were crucial, in ways both obvious and understated, to the story of the New Testament. Kalas looks into the life and times of eleven different women. With his signature style, Kalas examines the Scriptures to see what we can learn about these women and what we can learn from them, and how each woman fit into as well as shaped the New Testament story. Chapters include: “Elizabeth: A Friend in Need” “Anna: She Knew How to Wait” “Martha, the Disciplined” “Mary, the Extravagant” “The Mighty Widow” “The Anonymous Evangelist” “Mary Magdalene: When Love Is Greater than Faith” “Mary, the Mother of Mark” “Dorcas: Worth a Miracle” “Lydia, the Businesswoman “Mary in Life and Legend” “Why Mary?” This book also includes a discussion guide.
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The Women Who Met Jesus

Author : Dorothy Valcárcel
ISBN : 9781493417896
Genre : Religion
File Size : 67.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Just like us, the women of New Testament times were ambitious, worried, broken, lonely, insecure, and unfulfilled. Discover the powerful stories of their encounters with the perfect, unconditional love of the Savior. Rather than trivializing their problems or ignoring women, Jesus responded to their deepest needs with compassion, reminding them of their value and transforming their past, present, and future. Let this engaging book introduce you to the man who loves women like no other.
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Men And Women Of The Old Testament

Author : Charles H. Spurgeon
ISBN : 0529104229
Genre : Bible
File Size : 76.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Spend some time with "the legends of the pulpit." For decades, pastors, teachers, and bible students have drawn from the wealth of wisdom found in the writings of preachers that have paved the way for our faith. Their graceful eloquence and gifted use of language remain unparalleled. A passion for God's Word and well tuned delivery of life-changing truths are clearly abundant throughout this series. AMG is pleased to present an inspiring collection that will become a timeless addition to your library.
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Woman In The World Of Jesus

Author : Evelyn Stagg
ISBN : STANFORD:36105037259996
Genre : Religion
File Size : 68.74 MB
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Examines the role of women in Biblical life and analyzes the attitudes toward women of Jesus Christ and the New Testament
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Women In The Ancient World

Author : John Peradotto
ISBN : 0873957725
Genre : Civilization, Classical
File Size : 81.5 MB
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One of the reasons for the study of the Greek and Roman classics is their perpetual relevance. In no area can this position be more clearly defended than in the investigation of the feminine condition, for it was here that basic attitudes derogatory to the sex were molded by legal and social systems, by philosophers and poets, and by the thinking of men long since gone. Women in the Ancient World brings together essays that examine philosophy, social history, literature, and art, and that extend from the early Greek period through the Roman Empire. Their wide range of critical perspectives throws new light on the personal, political, socio-economic, and cultural position of women.
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Exploring The New Testament World

Author : Albert Bell
ISBN : 9781418587062
Genre : Religion
File Size : 52.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The timeless message of the New Testament applies to people of every culture and generation. Yet there is great value in understanding the world in which that message was first revealed - its social manners, politics, religious customs, and culture. Exploring the New Testament World, written by classics and Bible scholar Dr. Albert A. Bell, Jr., illuminates the living context of the New Testament, immersing its readers in the intriguing world of Jesus and the early church. An authority on ancient Greek and Roman language, culture, and history, Dr. Bell writes in a readable style that is accessible and enjoyable to any reader - an uncommon accomplishment among New Testament scholars today. Surveying Jewish factions of the era, the social and political structure of the Roman Empire, and the philosophies and religions that surrounded the early church, Dr. Bell helps his readers learn to think like first-century Jews, Greeks, and Romans, illuminating puzzling New Testament passages for clear understanding. Comprehensive Scripture and Subject Indexes make this volume even more useful as a "manners and customs" Bible companion. This authoritative guide receives high praise from college professors and Sunday school teachers alike, proving its appeal to both popular and academic audiences. A "must-have" reference for every pastor and an indispensable resource to any Bible reader.
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Women In The Hebrew Bible

Author : Alice Bach
ISBN : 9781135238759
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69.45 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Women in the Hebrew Bible presents the first one-volume overview covering the interpretation of women's place in man's world within the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament. Written by the major scholars in the field of biblical studies and literary theory, these essays examine attitudes toward women and their status in ancient Near Eastern societies, focusing on the Israelite society portrayed by the Hebrew Bible.
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Women Of The Old Testament

Author : Gladys Hunt
ISBN : 0830830642
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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As you explore with Gladys Hunt the stories of twelve Old Testament women, you will come to understand the far-reaching consequences of your own everyday choices and actions. Now available in IVP's revised LifeGuide® Bible Study format, Women of the Old Testament features twelve sessions with questions for starting group discussions and for personal reflection.
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Women In Scripture

Author : Carol Meyers
ISBN : 9780547345581
Genre : Reference
File Size : 84.91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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“This splendid reference describes every woman in Jewish and Christian scripture . . . monumental” (Library Journal). In recent decades, many biblical scholars have studied the holy text with a new focus on gender. Women in Scripture is a groundbreaking work that provides Jews, Christians, or anyone fascinated by a body of literature that has exerted a singular influence on Western civilization a thorough look at every woman and group of women mentioned in the Bible, whether named or unnamed, well known or heretofore not known at all. They are remarkably varied—from prophets to prostitutes, military heroines to musicians, deacons to dancers, widows to wet nurses, rulers to slaves. There are familiar faces, such as Eve, Judith, and Mary, seen anew with the full benefit of the most up-to-date results of biblical scholarship. But the most innovative aspect of this book is the section devoted to the many females who in the scriptures do not even have names. Combining rigorous research with engaging prose, these articles on women in the Hebrew Bible, the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books, and the New Testament will inform, delight, and challenge readers interested in the Bible, scholars and laypeople alike. Together, these collected histories create a volume that takes the study of women in the Bible to a new level.
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Women In The World Of The Earliest Christians

Author : Lynn Cohick
ISBN : 1441207996
Genre : Religion
File Size : 51.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Lynn Cohick provides an accurate and fulsome picture of the earliest Christian women by examining a wide variety of first-century Jewish and Greco-Roman documents that illuminate their lives. She organizes the book around three major spheres of life: family, religious community, and society in general. Cohick shows that although women during this period were active at all levels within their religious communities, their influence was not always identified by leadership titles nor did their gender always determine their level of participation. The book corrects our understanding of early Christian women by offering an authentic and descriptive historical picture of their lives. Includes black-and-white illustrations from the ancient world.
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Women And The Word

Author : Sandra Marie Schneiders
ISBN : 0809128020
Genre : Religion
File Size : 90.81 MB
Format : PDF
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Suggestions for resolving the problem of an exclusively male God-image that are both faithful to the tradition and liberating for women.
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