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Wolves And The Wilderness In The Middle Ages

Author : Aleksander Pluskowski
ISBN : IND:30000109876197
Genre : History
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The complex attitude to the wolf in the middle ages re-evaluated, bringing together historical and other evidence.
Category: History

Biological Diversity

Author : Paul E. Hatcher
ISBN : 9780470979860
Genre : Science
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Biological Diversity takes a fresh, innovative approach to the teaching of biodiversity. Rather than detailing and cataloguing the major taxa and their evolutionary relationships, the authors have selected 18 groups of organisms and used these as a framework in which to discuss the species and their interactions with man and each other. There is a strong narrative theme throughout – the exploited and the exploiters - and, in many cases, there is emphasis on the historical context. A wide range of organisms are covered, from the unicellular to birds and mammals and with an equal consideration of plants and animals. Species have been chosen for their ability to best illustrate particular biological principles, and for their strong interaction with other species. After an introduction the book is divided into two parts: ‘Exploited’ and ‘Exploiters’. Each of the chapters, although linked to each other, forms a stand-alone essay. They are scientifically rigorous, up-to-date and do not shy away from addressing some controversial issues. Chapters have’ text boxes’ highlighting important issues and concepts, lists of further reading and references. In addition to tables and figures the book has a selection of original illustrations drawn by leading artist Steven Appleby. This fresh approach will appeal to all those interested in the biological sciences, and aims to be accessible to people with a diversity of backgrounds. It will prove particularly useful to biology students, enabling them to get to grips with important biological principles and concepts that underpin the diversity of life, and the interrelationship of humans with other groups of organisms.
Category: Science

An Environmental History Of The Middle Ages

Author : John Aberth
ISBN : 9780415779456
Genre : History
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The Middle Ages was a critical and formative time for Western approaches to our natural surroundings.ãeeAn Environmental History of the Middle Ages is a unique and unprecedented cultural survey of attitudes towards the environment during this period. Humankindâe(tm)s relationship with the environment shifted gradually over time from a predominantly adversarial approach to something more overtly collaborative, until a series of ecological crises in the late Middle Ages. With the advent of shattering events such as the Great Famine and the Black Death, considered efflorescences of the climate downturn known as the Little Ice Age that is comparable to our present global warming predicament, medieval people began to think of and relate to their natural environment in new and more nuanced ways. They now were made to be acutely aware of the consequences of human impacts upon the environment, anticipating the cyclical, "new ecology" approach of the modern world. Exploring the entire medieval period from 500 to 1500, and ranging across the whole of Europe, from England and Spain to the Baltic and Eastern Europe, John Aberth focuses his study on three key areas: the natural elements of air, water, and earth; the forest; and wild and domestic animals. Through this multi-faceted lens, An Environmental History of the Middle Ages sheds fascinating new light on the medieval environmental mindset. It will be essential reading for students, scholars and all those interested in the Middle Ages
Category: History

The Human Reality

Author : Peter Prew
ISBN : 9781783017263
Genre : Philosophy
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‘[This book] is one of great importance and will have a profound effect upon the civilized world.’ Ian Player (Director of the International Wilderness Leadership Foundation) ‘I was impressed beautifully written.’ Arthur Koestler ‘The book is an immensely ambitious one. It should be read by every serious and thoughtful person.’ Robert Molteno (Editor, Zed Books) In stark contrast to the usual view of human evolution as a progressive Ascent of Man from a primitive state to one of sophisticated and comfortable civilization, the book ‘The Human Reality – A Reinterpretation of Our Origins and Evolution’ views the development of Homo sapiens after the Mesolithic period (some 10-12,000 years BP) as a dangerous degeneration and effectual re-evolution into what, in reality, constitutes almost a different species. The author calls it Homo degener, and believes the change occurred as a result of the adaptation of certain hunter-gatherer peoples to a primitive agriculture, which transformed them from nomadic free-ranging peoples, living harmoniously in nature, to sedentary farmers waging perpetual war against nature. Their construction of stratified societies, ‘pyramids of power’ comprising controlling head, fighting arms and cultivating hands and feet, resembled giant human beings which, unlike Homo sapiens, had no ecological niche. This book traces the historical development and progress of these re-evolutionary (or anti-evolutionary) composite animals, throughout the world, spreading tyranny and exploitation across a wild environment itself conducive to freedom and freedom from exploitation. The author concludes that humanity is now on the verge of a self-made catastrophe – a retribution of affronted Nature – which can be avoided only if we begin to return the land to those few remaining hunter-gatherer peoples who alone are the true friends of the Earth, and seek to learn from them instead of arrogantly ignoring or destroying them in favour of our exotic kind.
Category: Philosophy

The Ecology Of The English Outlaw In Medieval Literature

Author : Sarah Harlan-Haughey
ISBN : 9781317034698
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Arguing that outlaw narratives become particularly popular and poignant at moments of national ecological and political crisis, Sarah Harlan-Haughey examines the figure of the outlaw in Anglo-Saxon poetry and Old English exile lyrics such as Beowulf, works dealing with the life and actions of Hereward, the Anglo-Norman romance of Fulk Fitz Waryn, the Robin Hood ballads, and the Tale of Gamelyn. Although the outlaw's wilderness shelter changed dramatically from the menacing fens and forests of Anglo-Saxon England to the bright, known, and mapped greenwood of the late outlaw romances and ballads, Harlan-Haughey observes that the outlaw remained strongly animalistic, other, and liminal. His brutality points to a deep literary ambivalence towards wilderness and the animal, at the same time that figures such as the Anglo-Saxon resistance fighter Hereward, the brutal yet courtly Gamelyn, and Robin Hood often represent a lost England imagined as pristine and forested. In analyzing outlaw literature as a form of nature writing, Harlan-Haughey suggests that it often reveals more about medieval anxieties respecting humanity's place in nature than it does about the political realities of the period.
Category: Literary Criticism

Warriors And Wilderness In Medieval Britain

Author : Robin Melrose
ISBN : 9781476668260
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 68.19 MB
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[The story of King Arthur has fascinated generations of readers, and this book is a follow up to the author's recently published British Religion from the Megaliths to Arthur. The new book explores how the story of Arthur evolved in England in the later Middle Ages, and depicts Arthur as a wilderness figure, the descendant of the northern Romano-British hunter/warrior god. The earliest Arthur was a warrior, but in the 11th century Welsh tale Culhwch and Olwen, he is less a warrior and more the leader of a band of heroes who live outside society. The story of Arthur was popularized by Geoffrey of Monmouth, in his Latin History of the Kings of Britain, and this was translated into Middle English in Layamon's Brut and the later Alliterative Morte Arthure. Both of these owed much to the famous Anglo-Saxon Poem Beowulf, which draws on the Anglo-Saxon fascination with the wilderness. The most famous Arthurian tale is Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, in which the wilderness and themes from Beowulf play a leading role. Three Arthurian tales set in Inglewood Forest, Cumbria, place Arthur and Gawain in a wilderness setting, and link Arthur to medieval Robin Hood tales.]
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Wolf Run

Author : Elijah Kellogg
ISBN : OSU:32435007710619
Genre : Adventure and adventurers
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Category: Adventure and adventurers

Urban Legends

Author : Carrie E. Benes
ISBN : 9780271037653
Genre : History
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"Explores the role of the classical past in the construction of urban identity in late medieval Italy. Focuses on the appropriation of classical symbols, ancient materials, and Roman myths to legitimate the regimes of various Italian city-states"--Provided by publisher.
Category: History