Winston Churchill Reporting

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Winston Churchill Reporting

Author : Simon Read
ISBN : 9780306823824
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 77.46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Long before his finest hour as Britain's wartime leader, Winston Churchill emerged on the world stage as a brazen foreign correspondent, covering wars of empire in Cuba, India, the Sudan, and South Africa. In those far-flung corners of the world, reporting from the front lines between 1895 and 1900, Churchill mastered his celebrated command of language and formed strong opinions about war. He thought little of his own personal safety, so convinced was he of his destiny, jumping at any chance to be where bullets flew and canons roared. "I have faith in my star that I am intended to do something in the world," he wrote to his mother at the age of twenty-three before heading into battle. Based on his private letters and war reportage, Winston Churchill Reporting intertwines young Winston's daring exploits in combat, adventures in distant corners of the globe, and rise as a major literary talent experiences that shaped the world leader he was to become.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Winston Churchill S Imagination

Author : Paul Kent Alkon
ISBN : 0838756328
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 82.71 MB
Format : PDF
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Although Churchill is a 1953 Nobel laureate in literature, his famous speeches have overshadowed his other writing. Winston Churchill's Imagination concentrates on key works in modes other than political rhetoric to show how Churchill engages readers with those words and ideas that are hallmarks of his imagination. Chapters take up his literary relationship with Lawrence of Arabia; Churchill's intense but little-known involvement with cinema in an essay on Charlie Chaplin and as a script writer and consultant in the 1930s for Alexander Korda's film studio; Churchill's evocation of paintings as templates for narrative in his first history and in his only novel; his imaginative engagement with science and science fiction; the depiction of time, duration, and alternative history in his biography of Marlborough; and Churchill's last testament in the realm of imagination, "The Dream." This is a story that he reserved for posthumous publication, in which a seventy-two-year-old Winston discusses the twentieth century with the ghost of his father, Lord Randolph Churchill, who died in 1895. Winston Churchill's Imagination is aimed at scholars of literature and history, and general readers interested in Churchill. Paul K. Alkon is Leo S. Bing Professor of English and American Literature at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.
Category: Literary Criticism

Winston Churchill

Author : Richard Toye
ISBN : 9780198803980
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 80.74 MB
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Before Winston Churchill made history, he made news. To a great extent, the news made him too. If it was his own efforts that made him a hero, it was the media that made him a celebrity - and it has been considerably responsible for perpetuating his memory and shaping his reputation in the years since his death. Churchill first made his name via writing and journalism in the years before 1900, the money he earned helping to support his political career (at a time when MPs did not get salaries). Journalistic activities were also important to him later, as he struggled in the interwar years to find the wherewithal to run and maintain Chartwell, his country house in Kent. Moreover, not only was journalism an important aspect of Churchill's political persona, but he himself was a news-obsessive throughout his life. The story of Churchill and the news is, on one level, a tale of tight deadlines, off-the-record briefings and smoke-filled newsrooms, of wartime summits that were turned into stage-managed global media events, and of often tense interactions with journalists and powerful press proprietors, such as Lords Northcliffe, Rothermere, and Beaverbrook. Uncovering the symbiotic relationship between Churchill's political life and his media life, and the ways in which these were connected to his personal life, Richard Toye asks if there was a 'public Churchill' whose image was at odds with the behind-the-scenes reality, or whether, in fact, his private and public selves became seamlessly blended as he adjusted to living in the constant glare of the media spotlight. On a wider level, this is also the story of a rapidly evolving media and news culture in the first half of the twentieth century, and of what the contemporary reporting of Churchill's life (including by himself) can tell us about the development of this culture, over a period spanning from the Victorian era through to the space age.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Winston Churchill In The British Media

Author : Hanako Ishikawa
ISBN : 9783030482527
Genre : History
File Size : 71.27 MB
Format : PDF
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The book explores how Churchill was portrayed in the UK press during the Second World War, comparing his depictions in Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish, and provincial English newspapers. By using a variety of newspapers from these areas, it examines local opinions about Churchill at the time he was the wartime prime minister. It analyses how Churchill was received and depicted by newspapers in the UK and why differences in these depictions emerged in each area. It contributes to the study of public opinion in the war and of Churchill’s reputation, of the British media, as well as to the study of the notion of Britishness, focusing on local perspectives.
Category: History

Reporting From The Front

Author : Brian Best
ISBN : 9781473821170
Genre : History
File Size : 37.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When the war was declared in August 1914, one of the first acts to be implemented by the politicians and military was a strict censorship on the newspapers. As the poacher turned gamekeeper, Winston Churchill said: The war is going to be fought in a fog a
Category: History

The Boer War

Author : Winston S. Churchill
ISBN : 9780795329678
Genre : History
File Size : 72.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A fascinating piece of first-person reporting from the British statesman’s early years as a war correspondent in South Africa. As a young, ambitious soldier, Winston S. Churchill managed to get himself posted to the 21st Lancers in 1899 as a war correspondent for the Morning Post—and joined them in fighting the rebel Boer settlers in South Africa. In this conflict, rebel forces in the Transvaal and Orange Free State had proclaimed their own statehood, calling it the Boer Republic. This book consists of two separate works in one volume, “London to Ladysmith via Pretoria” and “Ian Hamilton’s March.” In the former, Churchill is captured in Pretoria not long after he arrives to join the British forces—and is frustrated not by the conditions in the prison, but by the fact that he was missing the action. Churchill tells the story of how he escaped and made a daring overland crossing, traveling only at night to avoid detection. Recounting Churchill’s own adventures and observations during the conflict, this book is fascinating for both its historical and personal perspective. “We never think of Churchill as a reporter. That is our loss . . . His dispatches from the 1899-1902 Boer War in South Africa to the London Morning Post . . . sizzle with energy and daring.” —The Washington Times
Category: History

London To Ladysmith Via Pretoria

Author : Winston L. S. Churchill
ISBN : 9781411672031
Genre :
File Size : 68.37 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A personal record of Winston Churchill's adventures and impressions during the first five months of the Boer War. It incldes an account of the Relief of Ladysmith, and also the story of Churchills capture, and dramatic escape from the Boers.

Step By Step 1939

Author : Winston S. Churchill
ISBN : 9780795329852
Genre : History
File Size : 51.89 MB
Format : PDF
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The second volume in this enthralling collection of the British prime minister’s journalistic work, tracing Hitler’s rise to power and the threat of Nazism. Legendary politician and military strategist Winston S. Churchill was a master not only of the battlefield, but of the page and the podium. Over the course of forty books and countless speeches, broadcasts, news items and more, he addressed a country at war and at peace, thrilling with victory but uneasy with its shifting role on the global stage. In 1953, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature for “his mastery of historical and biographical description as well as for brilliant oratory in defending exalted human values.” During his lifetime, he enthralled readers and brought crowds roaring to their feet; in the years since his death, his skilled writing has inspired generations of eager history buffs. This thrilling collection brings together Churchill’s reporting for the Daily Telegraph and the Evening Standard from 1936 to 1939—tracing Hitler’s rise to power, the Nazi invasion of the Rhineland, and the looming specter of war. In the first few years of Nazi ascendance, many European intellectuals and leaders advocated negotiating with Hitler, reluctant to take steps towards outright war. Churchill is one of the few who understood the scope of the Nazi threat and advocated armament against Germany early on, a position that contributed to Britain’s early entry into World War II. This collection is a must-read for anyone interested in this pivotal moment in world history, as told by one of its central figures.
Category: History

The Iron Sea

Author : Simon Read
ISBN : 9780306921704
Genre : History
File Size : 33.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From the acclaimed military history author, this action-packed World War II history describes the Allies' brutal naval engagements and daring harbor raids to destroy the backbone of Hitler's surface fleet. The sea had become a mass grave by 1941 as Hitler's four capital warships -- Scharnhorst, Gneisenau, Tirpitz, and Bismarck, the largest warship on the ocean -- roamed the wind-swept waves, threatening the Allied war effort and sending thousands of men to the icy depths of the North Atlantic. Bristling with guns and steeled in heavy armor, these reapers of the sea could outrun and outgun any battleship in the Allied arsenal. The deadly menace kept Winston Churchill awake at night; he deemed them "targets of supreme consequence." The campaign against Hitler's surface fleet would continue into the dying days of World War II and involve everything from massive warships engaged in bloody, fire-drenched battle to daring commando raids in German occupied harbors. This is the fast-paced story of the Allied bomber crews, brave sailors, and bold commandoes who "sunk the Bismarck" and won a hard-fought victory over Hitler's iron sea. Using official war diaries, combat reports, eyewitness accounts and personal letters, Simon Read brings the action and adventure to vivid life. The result is an enthralling and gripping story of the Allied heroes who fought on a watery battlefield.
Category: History

Accounting For Management

Author : Vijayakumar
ISBN : 0070090173
Genre :
File Size : 22.99 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book discusses the principles, practices, and uses of accounting in making business decisions. It aims at discussing all the three categories of accounting – financial accounting, cost accounting, and management accounting-that are closely interlinked and vital for managerial decision making. Written in a simple and lucid language with ample illustrations and solved examples, this book will be useful for even those students who do not have any previous knowledge of the subject. Real life cases and examples, and rich pedagogy will make the learning easy and interesting.

Online Newsgathering Research And Reporting For Journalism

Author : Stephen Quinn
ISBN : 9781136033056
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 64.99 MB
Format : PDF
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Journalists used to rely on their notepad and pen. Today, professional journalists rely on the computer-and not just for the writing. Much, if not all, of a journalist's research happens on a computer. If you are journalist of any kind, you need to know how to find the information you need online. This book will show you how to find declassified governmental files, statistics of all kinds, simple and complex search engines for small and large data gathering, and directories of subject experts. This book is for the many journalists around the world who didn't attend a formal journalism school before going to work, those journalists who were educated before online research became mainstream, and for any student studying journalism today. It will teach you how to use the Internet wisely, efficiently and comprehensively so that you will always have your facts straight and fast. Online Newsgathering: . reflects the most current thinking . is pertinent to both industry and education . focuses on what people need to know Please visit the authors' companion website at for additional resources.
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Churchill And Spain

Author : Richard Wigg
ISBN : 1845192834
Genre : History
File Size : 48.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Explores the political, economic and diplomatic relations between Spain and Britain during the Second World War and explains how Churchill's lenient policies towards Franco helped significantly in the survival of Franco's regime after the war.
Category: History

War Stories

Author : Harold Evans
ISBN : 1593730055
Genre : History
File Size : 75.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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From the time of the Crimean War in 1853 to the Second Gulf War, Evans tells the stories of war correspondents who served as the "eyes of history": Ernest Hemingway, Alexander Dumas, Arthur Conan Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, John Steinback, and others. Full color. 90 photos.
Category: History


Author : Jacob Bannister
ISBN : 9781612307503
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 73.81 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Winston Churchill possessed an iron will and a subtle conscience. His staunch patriotism, tenacity, appetite for a fight, and, above all, his towering rhetoric inspired the British people to mount a gallant defense of their island nation. Having set a new bar for national heroism, he earned a place in the pantheon of the world’s greatest leaders. Churchill, a fearless soldier, was a veteran of countless battles and a rider in one of Britain’s last cavalry charges. He was also a gifted writer, a winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, whose war reporting made his name and whose books outlived him. A bon vivant who loved his brandy and cigars, he was also a devoted husband whose marriage was a lifelong love affair. By any measure, Churchill was a giant. But the man was far from perfect. He was a hero, yes, but a human one. He could be petty, irascible, and self-centered; it was bred in his bone that white Englishmen were born to lead the world and all others to be led. His mistakes cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives, but he had courage and a born politician’s sense of the public stage. In the end, Churchill became a regal figure whose life came to symbolize defiance of tyranny in the face of impossible odds. Here is his story.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Reporting America

Author : Alistair Cooke
ISBN : 9780141909219
Genre : History
File Size : 58.86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Alistair Cooke was the greatest of all twentieth century reporters of life in America to the rest of the world. Published to celebrate the centenary of his birth, this book presents the cream of his writings on the events that shaped modern American history, from the end of the Second World War through to the assassination of John Kennedy and of Bobby Kennedy (Cooke was actually present), the moon landings and the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Almost all the material is previously unpublished in book form - transcripts of his legendary Letters from America, long-forgotten reports in the Guardian (whose correspondent in New York he was for 25 years) and other freshly discovered writings. The book will be illustrated throughout in full colour with iconic photographs of the events Cooke is describing.
Category: History

Winston Churchill

Author : Charlie Lewis Broad
ISBN : WISC:89056780745
Genre : Great Britain
File Size : 85.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Great Britain

Bibliography Of The Writings Of Sir Winston Churchill

Author : Ronald I. Cohen
ISBN : IND:30000109211726
Genre : Reference
File Size : 83.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sir Winston Churchill held many positions of rank and state during his long and prolific lifetime. Cohen presents the leader’s bibliographic writings with several thousand entries with full descriptions. >
Category: Reference

The Foundations Of Communication In Criminal Justice Systems

Author : Daniel Adrian Doss
ISBN : 9781482236606
Genre : Law
File Size : 43.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Myriad forms of communication occur within the criminal justice system as judges and attorneys speak to juries, law enforcement officers interact with the public, and the news media presents stories of events in courtrooms. Hindrances abound, however. Law enforcement officers and justice system personnel often encounter challenges that affect their
Category: Law

Eco Republic

Author : Melissa Lane
ISBN : 9781400838356
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 54.68 MB
Format : PDF
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An ecologically sustainable society cannot be achieved without citizens who possess the virtues and values that will foster it, and who believe that individual actions can indeed make a difference. Eco-Republic draws on ancient Greek thought--and Plato's Republic in particular--to put forward a new vision of citizenship that can make such a society a reality. Melissa Lane develops a model of a society whose health and sustainability depend on all its citizens recognizing a shared standard of value and shaping their personal goals and habits accordingly. Bringing together the moral and political ideas of the ancients with the latest social and psychological theory, Lane illuminates the individual's vital role in social change, and articulates new ways of understanding what is harmful and what is valuable, what is a benefit and what is a cost, and what the relationship between public and private well-being ought to be. Eco-Republic reveals why we must rethink our political imagination if we are to meet the challenges of climate change and other urgent environmental concerns. Offering a unique reflection on the ethics and politics of sustainability, the book goes beyond standard approaches to virtue ethics in philosophy and current debates about happiness in economics and psychology. Eco-Republic explains why health is a better standard than happiness for capturing the important links between individual action and social good, and diagnoses the reasons why the ancient concept of virtue has been sorely neglected yet is more relevant today than ever.
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U S News World Report

Author :
ISBN : UCSC:32106008042803
Genre : United States
File Size : 33.74 MB
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