Windows Of The Soul

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Windows Of The Soul

Author : Ken Gire
ISBN : 9780310864790
Genre : Religion
File Size : 85.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Praise for Windows of the SoulEvery once in a while a book comes along that makes you stop and think—and then think some more—like Ken Gire’s wonderful book Windows of the Soul.—John Trent in Christian Parenting TodayKen Gire has created a book that gently pours forth, like water out of a garden bucket, cleansing our thoughts and opening the petals of our spirits, providing us with a new sense of clarity in our search for God. —Manhattan (KS) MercuryEach word, each phrase, is painstakingly wrought, loaded with thoughts and prayer, and filled with new glimpses of God’s love, grace, and strength. —The Christian AdvocateWindows of the Soul will surprise you with the many and varied windows God uses to speak to us. With the heart of an artist, Ken Gire paints word pictures in prose and poetry that will thrill your heart.—Mature LivingWindows of the Soul is a rare book, resounding with the cry for communion that is both ours and God’s. With passion, honesty, and beauty, Ken Gire calls us to a fresh sensitivity to God’s voice speaking through the unexpected parables that surround us.—Christian Courier
Category: Religion

Windows For The Soul

Author : Arawyn Alexander
ISBN : 1798710986
Genre :
File Size : 54.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This is a guide inspired by a bizarre set of circumstances that led to the development of a programme to help promote personal self awareness and give you the mental tools to tackle habits, addiction anxiety and confidence issues and at the same time aid you in exploring new concepts of reality and help release your creative side and release your positive nature and the ability to sense and empathise with other peoples feelings. This guide can also aid with creating a stable mental structure for people with autism and other mental issues.

Windows Of The Soul

Author : Paul Meier
ISBN : 0785278664
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 45.28 MB
Format : PDF
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Your dreams are probably trying to tell you something and it may not be what you think. Dr. Paul Meier, and Dr. Robert Wise help you find the clues needed to decipher and discern the hidden meanings of these nightly visitors. Dr. Meier's psychiatric expertise, combined with Dr. Wise's twenty-eight years of ministry experience, offered a unique overview of dream process and the unconscious. Windows of the Soul offers a concrete, proven method for discovering what lies beneath the surface of the nightly phenomenon we call dreams.
Category: Psychology

Windows To A Soul

Author : Carolee Merrigan
ISBN : 9781412056304
Genre :
File Size : 71.5 MB
Format : PDF
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This book invites you, the reader, to a deeper friendship with Jesus through a daily inspired, intimate and loving dialogue with the Lord.

Windows To The Soul

Author : Yvonne Banks-Martin
ISBN : 1946362301
Genre : Religion
File Size : 20.13 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Mystics of the World is proud to present an unusual and beautiful new publication-Windows to the Soul, a little book of wisdoms. This small book defies any characterization of genre within the realm of books on truth or spirituality. For that reason, it is as accessible as it is illuminating. The inspired wisdoms within are not so much meant to comfort as to refresh and revitalize and upend any and all perceptions about what the journey to awareness is. Windows to the Soul is a collection of revelations the author experienced over a period of many years. The author writes, "I simply wrote them down when they arose. Each one accompanied an often huge inner shift and awareness in my consciousness and my living. Each one has changed me beyond recognition. They are, in fact, who I am and who I continue to become." These wisdoms are meant to be pondered and experienced, slowly. One at a time. They create questions rather than answer them. They are openings into the reader's own spaciousness. "...Who I continue to become..." These words are not one person's words but describe a universal, pristine truth that there is no static "enlightenment" to reach. The wisdoms in this quiet gem mirror to readers their own revelations, those shifts that arise moment by moment, often unrecognized. We warmly invite you to enjoy Windows to the Soul. In it you will recognize your own adventure of living and being.
Category: Religion

Broken Windows Of The Soul

Author : Arnold R. Fleagle, DMin
ISBN : 9781600662942
Genre : Religion
File Size : 76.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Broken Windows of the Soul: The "Broken Windows Theory" suggests that a community can reduce crime and maintain social order when small problems are fixed promptly. Alternatively, minor vandalism (such as broken windows) left unrepaired, sends the message that no one cares-inviting more serious crimes. Fleagle and Lichi have applied this theory to the problem of sexual temptation and moral failure. Broken Windows of the Soul reveals the destructive nature of infidelity, sexual perversion and pornography and its effect on the culture and the church. Unless the cracks are quickly repaired, more "broken windows of the soul" are soon to follow. Fleagle and Lichi teach the regular practice of spiritual disciplines to transform the heart and experience deep character change. Each chapter includes questions for individual or group study.
Category: Religion

Open Passages

Author : Frybort Susan
ISBN : 0994784376
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 77.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In Open Passages, Susan Frybort reminds us to pay tribute to life and the human condition. Inspired by her own reflections and overcomings, these affirming and empowering meditations observe life's milestones and segues as vital passages to transformation and restoration. Each life experience becomes an awakening portal that leads to a deepening vulnerability and authenticity. Frybort's work through writing and poetry has been dedicated to exploring the truth of what lives inside each person and celebrating the most subtle of self-discoveries. Although her passages were written from a place of personal knowledge, each written entry is also an access point to an entire universe within every living soul. She writes from her own experience, and yet we feel as though she is speaking right from the heart of our own. Those who read this unique book will feel deeply seen, honored in their humanness, and comforted in their challenges.
Category: Self-Help

Windows To The Soul

Author : Ime Ibanga
ISBN : 1456859862
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 58.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A Poet is a poet and his value is realized by the aesthetics and free run of the lines that form the corpus of his poetry. Rhythm, rhyme and images beautify a poem, but the muse on which a poet builds poem is the keynote of poetic appreciation. Such muse is important because it has something to do with reality. Ime Ibanga, as a poet, has made acrobatical exploits into the realms of diverse topics of experience in his collection of poems entitled Windows to the Soul. Windows to the Soul, as it is, is a random imaginative passage into various categories that life represents. Sometimes these categories are pleasant, at other times; they are the wreckages of misfortunes. But misfortunes in themselves, no matter what degree, are not terminal points in life. As some poems in the title show, especially those whose muses are highly religious, there is total assurance from misery dependent on inward faith in the supremacy of a Supernatural Being. For instance, stanza two of “Divine Love” states: “So the great God for our good Shares our troubles Bares our pains Lest in our struggles We lose our ventures.” However, not that the entire muse of Ime’s poems is pastoral, for he wrote most of his poems, well long before he had his calling into the ministry. In fact, the cardinal signpost of Ime’s thought is the radical graduation from one subject landmark to another. Significantly, when he is not entirely prophetic, he is mystical, philosophical and romantic. A glimpse on these lines would bear me out: “To the clouds, my love Above the mountains Where angels in Biblical myths In conquest, rode upon chariots.” The above is a celebration of unfettered romantic feelings. There are other poems in the collection that are equally inspiring and evocative. For instance, poems like Wisdom of Sand, Time, Pictures of the Mind, Victory etc. are all poems that can stand comparative tests with the Soyinka’s and the Osundare’s, although Ime’s poetic execution is of the simplistic hue. But again, one of the most outstanding poems, and which is so intellectually attractive is “Itikirikiri Village”. Here, the poet uses homegrown experiences to convey a significant natural point of view. He writes: “Itikirikiri O! You’re an insignificant enclave In Nigeria’s hinterland Lost out in the woods Cut off from modernity...” Here is a village that produces all the food, yet so neglected in the provision of social amenities. Her people remain rusty, untouched by wave of modernity and urban sophistication. It is true that the edifice of the collection is totally prosaic, but the poet is sometimes griped with mystical and existentialist topics. Stanza one of “Infinite Provisions” read: “Wherefore the tears of sorrow Previously shed Is replaced By hilarious feelings.” However, the whole poetic rending indicates that the poet is engulfed in an experiential dilemma. Many confusing things are happening at the same time, and the poet is at a crossroad to envisage order in the seeming state of disorder. These battered feelings, however, say why the lamentation of the poet is poured in sweet music. That is why the hallmark of Ime’s Poetry is that of consistent rhyme and rhythm. This rhythmic flow paves way for over repetition, which leads to melody. Another hallmark of his is the free-verse style and the extravagant use of metaphor and personification. Take for instance the following lines extracted from “Stepping Out”:
Category: Poetry

Windows Of The Soul

Author : Marie Young
ISBN : 9780595290864
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 86.85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Windows of the Soul is poetry for those who don't like poetry. Experience the pain of death and heartache, and the tenderness of love as Windows of the Soul captures the essence of such powerful, universal emotions.
Category: Poetry

Windows Of The Soul

Author : Martin Porter
ISBN : 0199276579
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87.16 MB
Format : PDF
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In early modern Europe there was a small group of books on the art of physiognomy which claimed to provide self-knowledge through an interpretation of external features. The authors of these books explained how the eyes, the face, and all of nature's natural bodies became windows of the soul. Dr Porter uses remnants of the highly illustrated and graffitied texts on physiognomy to interpret the way that these books were read and viewed, and trace the changes that took place between. the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of Romanticism. - ;In late fifteenth century Florence, Renaissance h.
Category: Social Science

Windows Of The Soul

Author : Alexandra Avakian
ISBN : 9781426203206
Genre : Photography
File Size : 20.95 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A leading photojournalist recalls her twenty years of working in some of the world's most dangerous places, including the Gaza Strip, Somalia, the Sudan, and Central Asia, in a volume filled with 150 remarkable photographs documenting her travels with Yasser Arafat, portraits of Muslim culture in America, and other aspects of Muslim life. 12,500 first printing.
Category: Photography

Windows Of The Soul

Author : Phyllis G. McDaniel
ISBN : 9781300956914
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 72.79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Psychological insight and exploration of great emotional depth via love poems, poems of faith, narratives and poems of deep dejection and wistful longing, nature, thankfulness, hope and anticipation.
Category: Poetry

The Windows Of The Soul

Author : Ann Silver
ISBN : 9781493163755
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46.75 MB
Format : PDF
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They say the eyes are the windows of the soul. Meet Katarina Black, owner of the Black Light Club. Beautiful, sexy, and loves to play sex games. But here lately, she has been dissatisfied with the play. Everything changes when a murder of a customer brings in Inspector Matthew Watson from homicide to her club. The killing was just starting and Katarina and Matthew are thrown in together in her dark world. Will Matthew find the killer and save Katarina from herself?
Category: Fiction

Windows To The Soul

Author : Ronald Marcus Palmer
ISBN : 0985660880
Genre : Christian poetry
File Size : 56.6 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Windows To The Soul is a compilation of poems written and inspired by personal pain and struggles. With the poems the author hopes to encourage you to overcome limitations set by you and others, so that you may realize your dreams.
Category: Christian poetry


Author : Gerard Sison
ISBN : 6219522508
Genre :
File Size : 84.94 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Window To The Soul

Author : Kyle Kenner
ISBN : 9781312468283
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45.36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Arthur Fuller is an artist who has made quite a name for himself. In fact, there is a good chance he may soon become famous when the world's leading art critic rolls into his tiny town near the woods. The art critic tells Arthur that in order to become famous he must paint something more remarkable than he has ever seen before. Arthur decides to venture into the uncharted woods to chase his dream of becoming the world's most famous artist. In the woods, however, he comes face to face with a certain evil that may ruin his chances of happiness.
Category: Fiction

The Eyes Are The Windows Of The Soul

Author : Mvelonhle Brilliant Khuzwayo
ISBN : 0620646284
Genre : South African drama (English)
File Size : 58.23 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Category: South African drama (English)

Windows Into The Soul

Author : Michael Sullivan
ISBN : 0819221279
Genre : Art
File Size : 69.7 MB
Format : PDF
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The act of creating art can help people explore the deepest recesses of their hearts and change their lives. Sullivan discovered the power of art for himself and has been using simple art projects as a form of prayer and a way of helping others explore what God may be saying to them.
Category: Art