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Will Not Attend

Author : Adam Resnick
ISBN : 0399160388
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 86.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"An unabashedly hilarious memoir-in-essays from Adam Resnick, former writer for Late Night with David Letterman"--
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Wounds That Will Not Heal

Author : Russell Nieli
ISBN : 9781594035838
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 23.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Racial preference policies first came on the national scene as a response to black poverty and alienation in America as dramatically revealed in the destructive urban riots of the late 1960s. From the start, however, preference policies were controversial and were greeted by many, including many who had fought the good fight against segregation and Jim Crow to further a color-blind justice, with a sense of outrage and deep betrayal. In the more than forty years that preference policies have been with us little has changed in terms of public opinion, as polls indicate that a majority of Americans continue to oppose such policies, often with great intensity. In Wounds That Will Not Heal political theorist Russell K. Nieli surveys some of the more important social science research on racial preference policies over the past two decades, much of which, he shows, undermines the central claims of preference policy supporters. The mere fact that preference policies have to be referred to through an elaborate system of euphemisms and code words— "affirmative action," "diversity," "goals and timetables," "race sensitive admissions"— tells us something, Nieli argues, about their widespread unpopularity, their tendency to reinforce negative stereotypes about their intended beneficiaries, and their incompatibility with core principles of American justice. Nieli concludes with an impassioned plea to refocus our public attention on the "truly disadvantaged" African American population in our nation's urban centers—the people for whom affirmative action policies were initially instituted but whose interests, Nieli charges, were soon forgotten as the fruits of the policies were hijacked by members of the black and Hispanic middle class. Few will be able to read this book without at least questioning the wisdom of our current race-based preference regime, which Nieli analyses with a penetrating gaze and an eye for cant that will leave few unmoved.
Category: Political Science

Military Training

Author : Sharon L. Pickup
ISBN : 9781437913316
Genre :
File Size : 20.18 MB
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Since 9/11, U.S. military forces have sought to adapt to an expanded battlefield -- one in which rear areas are no longer considered safe and secure. As a result, both the Navy and the Air Force determined that, in order to prepare to operate more effectively in combat, servicemembers in specific occupations required additional standardized combat skills training in such areas as land navigation, first aid, and weapons qualification. The Navy has developed and implemented the Expeditionary Combat Skills course for select Navy personnel. To provide similar training, the Air Force began planning its program. This report is an analysis of these programs. It also identifies lessons learned applicable to efforts to establish new training programs. Illus.

The Revolution Will Not Be Downloaded

Author : Tara Brabazon
ISBN : 9781780631691
Genre : Computers
File Size : 90.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book attacks the often implicit and damaging assumption that ‘everyone’ is online and that ‘everyone’ is using online resources within the specified parameters of employers, government and national laws. This book summons a critical Web Studies, asking not only who is using particular applications, but also how and why. This remedial work is required. The concept and label of ‘Web 2.0’ is part of a wide-ranging suite of assumptions that offer simple answers to difficult questions. The term captures a desire for online collaboration and the sharing of information, performed most visibly through blogs, podcasts and wikis. Other ‘products’ that capture the Web 2.0 ideology include Google Maps, Facebook, MySpace and Flickr. Within this framework, websites no long hold information but become a platform to connect applications with users. The business applications have gained the most attention - particularly content syndication - but there are also ‘political’ initiatives overlaying this project including open communication, the sharing of data and the deep linking of web architecture. Development of innovative concepts and models to manage the digital divide Evocative studies of the digitally excluded and downloading communities Attention to digital literacy and online education
Category: Computers

We Will Not Be Stopped

Author : Arthur Bonner
ISBN : 1581128649
Genre : History
File Size : 64.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The power of the Bible to transform lives and societies has seldom been demonstrated more vividly than in Chiapas in southern Mexico. Beginning in the early 1940s, young men and women of the Summer Institute of Linguistics devised written scripts and then translated the Bible into the languages of the most neglected and most oppressed of indigenous peoples: the Tzeltals, Tzotzils, Chols and Tojolabals. A major part of this book is the narrations of indigenous people who experienced the Bible's power to heal bodies and create loving families. They became apostles, seeding new congregations. They refused to accept what they saw as idols made by human hands and rejected the cults of village saints. For this, they were, like the first Christians, persecuted and driven from their lands and homes, yet they never lost faith. They staked their lives on the Bible's promises. One pastor vowed, "We shall not be stopped." As evidence of such faith and determination, evangelical churches are growing stronger and more numerous. Simultaneously, the Catholic Church in Chiapas taught the "option for the poor" of the Theology of Liberation. Marxist revolutionaries from northern Mexico took advantage of this structure, leading to the Zapatista revolt of subcommander Marcos. When the revolt failed, what had been hailed as a "Revolt of the Indians" deteriorated into a deadly political struggle of "Indians against Indians," with defenseless villagers caught in the middle.
Category: History