Why The Law Is So Perverse

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Why The Law Is So Perverse

Author : Leo Katz
ISBN : 9780226426037
Genre : Law
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Katz asserts that these perversions arise out of a cluster of logical difficulties related to multicriterial decision making. The discovery of these difficulties dates back to Condorcet's eighteenth-century exploration of voting rules, which marked the beginning of what we know today as social choice theory. Condorcet's voting cycles, Arrow's Theorem, Sen's Libertarian Paradox--every seeming perversity of the law turns out to be the counterpart of one of the many voting paradoxes that lie at the heart of social choice. Katz's lucid explanations and apt examples show why they resist any easy resolutions."--Pub. desc.
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Perversion And The Art Of Persecution

Author : Sean Noah Walsh
ISBN : 9780739171806
Genre : Philosophy
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This book critically examines Leo Strauss's claim that the philosophers of antiquity, especially Plato, wrote esoterically, hiding the highest truths “exclusively between the lines.” Reading Strauss's discourse through Lacanian psychoanalysis, his theory of esoteric writing can be understood as a pathologically perverse response to fear.
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Targeted Killings

Author : Claire Finkelstein
ISBN : 9780191625909
Genre : Law
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The war on terror is remaking conventional warfare. The protracted battle against a non-state organization, the demise of the confinement of hostilities to an identifiable battlefield, the extensive involvement of civilian combatants, and the development of new and more precise military technologies have all conspired to require a rethinking of the law and morality of war. Just war theory, as traditionally articulated, seems ill-suited to justify many of the practices of the war on terror. The raid against Osama Bin Laden's Pakistani compound was the highest profile example of this strategy, but the issues raised by this technique cast a far broader net: every week the U.S. military and CIA launch remotely piloted drones to track suspected terrorists in hopes of launching a missile strike against them. In addition to the public condemnation that these attacks have generated in some countries, the legal and moral basis for the use of this technique is problematic. Is the U.S. government correct that nations attacked by terrorists have the right to respond in self-defense by targeting specific terrorists for summary killing? Is there a limit to who can legitimately be placed on the list? There is also widespread disagreement about whether suspected terrorists should be considered combatants subject to the risk of lawful killing under the laws of war or civilians protected by international humanitarian law. Complicating the moral and legal calculus is the fact that innocent bystanders are often killed or injured in these attacks. This book addresses these issues. Featuring chapters by an unrivalled set of experts, it discusses all aspects of targeted killing, making it unmissable reading for anyone interested in the implications of this practice.
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University Of Chicago Law Review Volume 79 Number 4 Fall 2012

Author : University of Chicago Law Review
ISBN : 9781610278904
Genre : Law
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A leading law review offers a quality ebook edition. This fourth issue of 2012 features articles from internationally recognized legal scholars, and extensive research in Comments authored by University of Chicago Law School students. Contents for the issue are: ARTICLES: -- Elected Judges and Statutory Interpretation, by Aaron-Andrew P. Bruhl & Ethan J. Leib -- Delegation in Immigration Law, by Adam B. Cox & Eric A. Posner -- What If Religion Is Not Special?, by Micah Schwartzman COMMENTS: -- A Common Law Approach to D&O Insurance “In Fact” Exclusion Disputes -- Taming the Hydra: Prosecutorial Discretion under the Acceptance of Responsibility Provision of the US Sentencing Guidelines -- Are Railroads Liable When Lightning Strikes? -- Who’s Allowed to Kill the Radio Star? Forfeiture Jurisdiction under the Communications Act -- Federal Diversity Jurisdiction and American Indian Tribal Corporations -- The Right to Trial by Jury under the WARN Act The issue also includes a Review Essay by Saul Levmore, analyzing the Public Choice implications of "Why the Law Is So Perverse" by Leo Katz In the eBook edition, Tables of Contents are active, including those for individual articles; footnotes are fully linked and properly numbered; graphs and figures are reproduced legibly; URLs in footnotes are active; and proper eBook formatting is used.
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Youth Fantasies The Perverse Landscape Of The Media

Author : jan jagodzinski
ISBN : 9781403980823
Genre : Education
File Size : 23.90 MB
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Youth Fantasies is a collection of studies conducted in cross-cultural collaboration over the past ten years that theorizes 'youth fantasy'; as manifested through the media of TV, film, and computer games. Unlike other media studies and education books, the authors employ both Lacanian and Kleinian psychoanalytic concepts to attempt to make sense of teen culture and the influence of mass media. The collection includes case studies of X-Files fans, the influence of computer games and the 'Lara Croft' phenomenon, and the reception of Western television by Tanzanian youth. The authors see this book as a much needed reconciliation between cultural studies and Lacanian psychoanalysis, and attempt to highlight why Lacan is important to note when exploring youth fantasy and interest in the media, especially in shows like X-Files .
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The Law Times Reports

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105063502285
Genre : Law reports, digests, etc
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Joyce And The Perverse Ideal

Author : David Cotter
ISBN : 9781136711497
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 57.59 MB
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Representations of masochism - both overt and oblique - permeate the work of James Joyce. While a number of critics have noted this, to date there has been no sustained and focused analysis of this trope in his writings. David Cotter argues that such an examination is key to understanding the meanings and messages of Joyce's work. Adding further dimensions to moral, political and aesthetic considerations in the novels and stories - particularly Ulysses - this book provides a comprehensive account of masochistic elements in James Joyce's work. Cotter draws upon psychoanalytic theory and social history to illustrate the subversive power of perversity in the literature of the modern period. This edition first Published in 2003. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
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A Natural History Of The Common Law

Author : Stroud Francis Charles Milsom
ISBN : 9780231129947
Genre : Law
File Size : 31.87 MB
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How does law come to be stated as substantive rules, and then how does it change? One of Britain's most acclaimed legal historians focuses on the development of English common law--the intellectually coherent system of substantive rules that courts bring to bear on the particular facts of individual cases--from which American law was to grow.
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A Clinical Introduction To Lacanian Psychoanalysis

Author : Bruce Fink
ISBN : 0674036867
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 43.26 MB
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Arguably the most profound psychoanalytic thinker since Freud, and deeply influential in many fields, Jacques Lacan often seems opaque to those he most wanted to reach. These are the readers Bruce Fink addresses in this clear and practical account of Lacan's highly original approach to therapy. Written by a clinician for clinicians, Fink's introduction is an invaluable guide to Lacanian psychoanalysis, how it's done, and how it differs from other forms of therapy. While elucidating many of Lacan's theoretical notions, the book does so from the perspective of the practitioner faced with the pressing questions of diagnosis, which therapeutic stance to adopt, how to involve the patient, and how to bring about change.
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Standard Works

Author :
ISBN : NYPL:33433068231210
Genre :
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The Law

Author : Frédéric Bastiat
ISBN : 9781465536945
Genre : Law
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The Reform Of Child Care Law

Author : John Eekelaar
ISBN : 9781136098284
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 70.64 MB
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Children Act 1989 introduced the most radical changes to child care law for a generation. Eekelaar and Dingwall provide a concise, practical guide to the legislation for all professionals practising in this area.
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Crime Reason And History

Author : Alan Norrie
ISBN : 0521606012
Genre : Law
File Size : 74.62 MB
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Crime, Reason and History provides an alternative approach to the study of the general principles of criminal law. It emphasises, in contrast to orthodox texts, the tensions and contradictions at the law's heart. The author outlines the themes of responsibility, rationality and justice which govern the orthodox criminal law text. He traces these to the early nineteenth century reform of the criminal law and notes conflicts within reform ideologies relating to the idea of the 'responsible individual'. He then takes the reader through the bulk of the criminal law's 'general part' showing how conflicts from reform ideology emerge within criminal law. An historical and political logic underlies its illogicalities, giving it its 'shape'. The author presents a sceptical critique of the liberal positivist tradition in criminal law scholarship, and a social analysis of both its practical necessity and intellectual impossibility. He shows how the ideology of individual legal justice was imposed as a means of excluding alternative political voices, while recognising its importance for the survival of the liberal polity.
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