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Why Religions Work

Author : Eleanor Stoneham
ISBN : 9781780994963
Genre : Religion
File Size : 23.61 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A free- thinking scientific Christian author rebukes militant atheists, defends all religions and offers refreshingly new ideas for building religious tolerance.
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African Immigrant Religions In America

Author : Jacob Olupona
ISBN : 9780814762400
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28.5 MB
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African immigration to North America has been rapidly increasing. Yet, little has been written about this significant group of immigrants and the particular religious traditions that they are transplanting on our shores, as scholars continue largely to focus instead on immigrants from Europe and Asia. African Immigrant Religions in America focuses on new understandings and insights concerning the presence and relevance of African immigrant religious communities in the United States. It explores the profound significance of religion in the lives of immigrants and the relevance of these growing communities for U.S. social life. It describes key social and historical aspects of African immigrant religion in the U.S. and builds a conceptual framework for theory and analysis. The volume broadens our understandings of the ways in which new immigration is changing the face of Christianity in the U.S. and adds needed breadth to the study of the black church, incorporating the experiences of African immigrant religious communities in America.
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Encyclopedia Of World Religions

Author : Bruno Becchio
ISBN : 1601360002
Genre : Reference
File Size : 39.74 MB
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Enhanced by more than one thousand full color illustrations, a concise guide features thousands of references to literature, art, history, famous figures, and philosophy with respect to religion, covering the beliefs, doctrines, practices, teachings, rites of passage, and specific rituals of the world's major religions.
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Religions In The Making

Author : John B. Cobb
ISBN : 9781621894841
Genre : Religion
File Size : 32.23 MB
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Whitehead had a place for God in his comprehensive cosmological vision, and his theism has long attracted interest from some Christian theologians. But Whitehead's ideas have much wider use. Some Buddhists have found help in articulating their nontheistic vision and relating it to the current world of thought and action. In this book religious writers in seven different traditions articulate how they can benefit from Whitehead's work. So this volume demonstrates that various features of his thought can contribute to many communities. According to his followers, Whitehead shows that the deepest convictions and commitments of the major religious communities can be complementary rather than in conflict. Readers of this book will see how that plays out in some detail. A Whiteheadian Hindu can recognize the truth in a Whiteheadian Judaism, and both can appreciate the insights of Chinese Whiteheadians committed to their classical thinking. Perhaps a new day in interreligious understanding has come.
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Religion In Today S World

Author : Melissa M. Wilcox
ISBN : 9781317796640
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 79.12 MB
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Religion is a major force in contemporary society. It is also one of the least understood social and political influences on individuals and communities. In this innovative collection of original essays and classic readings, experts explore the significance of contemporary religiosity: as a source of meaning and motivation, how it unites and divides us, and how it is used politically and culturally. Readers will be introduced to the broad debates in ways that will equip them to analyze, discuss, and make their own judgments about religion and society. This book should be read by anyone interested in understanding religion as a central source of meaning and politics, and is ideally suited for undergraduate teaching on religion and social issues and from a global perspective.
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Supreme God Body Will Wisdom And Work

Author : Prof. Jitendra Dhoj Khand
ISBN : 9781480967243
Genre : Religion
File Size : 55.53 MB
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Supreme God: Body, Will, Wisdom, and Work by Prof. Jitendra Dhoj Khand This book is a driving force to understand Supreme God. Will is bone marrow, semen is Wisdom, vital air is Work, and the living individual body is related to God's small Body. Supreme God consists of Supreme Nature and Supreme Law. The creation of universe is based on dot/Bindu and Sound/Nada or word. The nucleus of the universe is Nepal based on several sources. The 24 elementary particles are element of Supreme Nature/Female. The 4 forces related to Supreme God/Male. The unified function is related Supreme Law. Supreme God is everywhere even the living soul to reward and punishment to the people based on their past and present work/Karma.
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The Christian S Unity With Christ

Author : Jim McCoy
ISBN : 9781602668515
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53.19 MB
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This book digs deeply into the Christian's walk of grace. We look into the grace of God. You will get to understand the Christian's relationship to the law! You will understand that Christ's redemption unites the Christian with Christ! That Christ's unity with the Christian is entirely the grace of God! God will increase your faith in Christ and your dependency on Christ. Every Christian's relationship with Christ is through Christ's substitutional death on the cross along with his resurrection. Yet, some Christians will live in a spiritual desert the remainder of their life! There is hope! God has made the Christian's relationship with Christ to be the strongest and most glorious relationship known to humanity! Make the Scriptures in this book a continual part of your daily devotions and experience God working in you daily! He loves to study the Bible He preached live on radio, and then recorded the program on reel-to-reel tape, cassettes tapes and now records on CD'S. Jim entered the ministry in 1974. His radio program Reality In Jesus began airing on a local radio station since 1976. In 1999, the program began airing on international shortwave radio stations. Reality In Jesus continues on the air today. Jim likes woodworking, horseback riding, walking on mountain trails. He is married to the love of his live for thirty-two years. The desire of his heart is to grow in Jesus Christ and the Bible. We have one son Dwain. His wife, IRENE MCCOY
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God Speaks Your Love Language

Author : Gary Chapman
ISBN : 1575673177
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.66 MB
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Wherever you experience the love of God, it is always personal, intimate, and life changing. The key to learning and choosing love is tapping into divine love. The craving for love is our deepest emotional need, and we feel it and are drawn to others when they speak love in our language. This same principle applies to the most important relationship—our relationship with God. Do you realize that the God of the universe speaks your love language, and your expressions of love for Him are shaped by your love language? Learn how you can give and receive God’s love through the five love languages—words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. Gary writes, "As we respond to the love of God and begin to identify the variety of languages He uses to speak to us, we soon learn to speak those languages ourselves. Whatever love language you prefer, may you find ever deeper satisfaction in using that language in your relationship with God and with other people." Contains personal reflection questions and a study guide for groups.
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Missional Transformation God S Spirit At Work

Author : Mark Press; Eugene Bunkowske
ISBN : 9781477295823
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.77 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Missiologists and mission-oriented folks have been invited to reflect on topics that touch on the transforming power of God’s Spirit. This series of essays has been produced as one way of celebrating the fascinating, missional career of Dr. Eugene Bunkowske, long-time missionary to Africa, long-time linguist and Bible translator, long-time seminary professor, life-long sharer of the Good News of Jesus the Christ. This volume offers plenty of “meat” to engage the serious student of missions – but also a number of “gems” that will enlighten any Christian with a commitment to outreach or an interest in the church’s mission. Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod readers will be especially interested in some of the pieces, though any student of Sacred Scripture will benefit from many of the essays.
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