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Why Don T Penguins Feet Freeze

Author : New Scientist
ISBN : 9781473651319
Genre : Science
File Size : 67.45 MB
Format : PDF
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Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? is the latest compilation of readers' answers to the questions in the 'Last Word' column of New Scientist, the world's best-selling science weekly. Following the phenomenal success of Does Anything Eat Wasps? - the Christmas 2005 surprise bestseller - this new collection includes recent answers never before published in book form, and also old favourites from the column's early days. Yet again, many seemingly simple questions turn out to have complex answers. And some that seem difficult have a very simple explanation. New Scientist's 'Last Word' is regularly voted the magazine's most popular section as it celebrates all questions - the trivial, idiosyncratic, baffling and strange. This new selection of the best is popular science at its most entertaining and enlightening.
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Why Don T Penguins Feet Freeze

Author : Scientist New
ISBN : 9780143182016
Genre : Science
File Size : 38.83 MB
Format : PDF
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- What time is it at the North Pole? - What’s the chemical formula for a human being? - Why is snot green? - Should you pickle your conkers? - Why do boomerangs come back? The New Scientist magazine’s ever-popular "Last Word" column produces an endlessly fascinating array of questions and answers from its readers. For all those who relish its mixture of wit, insight and scientific curiosity—not to mention those who have read and enjoyed Does Anything Eat Wasps?, the brilliantly successful previous collection—this new volume will be irresistible. Why Don’t Penguins’ Feet Freeze? includes recent answers never before published in book form, as well as old favourites from the column’s early days. This bumper collection brings together the highlights of the ‘Last Word’ in another wise, weird and wacky compendium that is guaranteed to amaze, inform and delight.
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Circles Of Thorns

Author : Justin Lewis-Anthony
ISBN : 9780826433503
Genre : Art
File Size : 62.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Unlike Bosch's better-known, fantastical, 'proto-surrealist' paintings, Christ Mocked is small, still and sombre, and yet, with a little effort of knowledge and interpretation, it reveals a depth of understanding of both the Passion, and of human nature, that speaks as much to the twenty-first century as it did to the sixteenth. By exploring the political, scientific, psychological and devotional world of early modern Europe, and applying those insights to our own time, the author shows how Bosch used his sophisticated artistic skills to convey a similarly sophisticated understanding of humanity. In Christ Mocked -- a painting "500 years old but passionately modern" -- Christ's Passion is so portrayed as to make us reassess the cosmic significance of Christ's death, and its profound implications for what we think it means to be human.
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Do Polar Bears Get Lonely

Author : New Scientist
ISBN : 1429933380
Genre : Science
File Size : 75.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Amazing and intriguing questions and answers from the team behind the international phenomenon Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? The popular-science magazine behind the runaway international bestsellers Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? and Does Anything Eat Wasps? takes on another irresistible batch of the strange, silly, and mind-boggling questions that plague curious minds the world over: - Can pigeons sweat, can fish get thirsty, and can insects get fat?- Could a person commit the perfect murder by killing someone the day after receiving a full blood transfusion?- Is there a way to beat the odds of the lottery by using math?- How much mucus does a nose produce during the average cold?- If forced to eat parts of yourself to survive, which non-vital organs would be the most nutritious? Culled from New Scientist's popular "The Last Word" column and edited by Mick O'Hare, the author of How to Fossilize Your Hamster, Do Polar Bears Get Lonely? is guaranteed to amuse and amaze as much as it informs. (And if a polar bear appears to be lonely, it probably means there wasn't enough walrus for dinner.)
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How To Fossilize Your Hamster

Author : Mick O'Hare
ISBN : 9781429941624
Genre : Science
File Size : 85.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Outrageously entertaining and educational experiments from the team behind the phenomenal international bestseller Does Anything Eat Wasps? How can you measure the speed of light with a bar of chocolate and a microwave oven? To keep a banana from decaying, are you better off rubbing it with lemon juice or refrigerating it? How can you figure out how much your head weighs? Mick O'Hare, who created the New Scientist's popular science sensations Does Anything Eat Wasps? and Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze?, has the answers. In this fascinating and irresistible new book, O'Hare and the New Scientist team guide you through one hundred intriguing experiments that show essential scientific principles (and human curiosity) in action. Explaining everything from the unusual chemical reaction between Mentos and cola that provokes a geyser to the geological conditions necessary to preserve a family pet for eternity, How to Fossilize Your Hamster is fun, hands-on science that everyone will want to try at home.
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Why Do Cats Eyes Glow In The Dark

Author : Joanne Settel
ISBN : 0804105545
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 23.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Answers fifty questions about a variety of vertebrates, such as "Do bats really suck blood?" and "Can toads give you warts?"
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Do Sparrows Like Bach The Strange And Wonderful Things That Are Discovered When Scientists Break Free

Author : New Scientist
ISBN : 9781605982069
Genre : Science
File Size : 21.9 MB
Format : PDF
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From the same editors that brought you Why Don’t Penguins’ Feet Freeze? and Does Anything Eat Wasps?, an exploration of the weird and wonderful margins of science—the latest volume in the brilliant New Scientist series. Science tells us grand things about the universe: how fast light travels, and why stones fall to earth. But scientific endeavor goes far beyond these obvious foundations. There are some fields we don`t often hear about because they are so specialized, or turn out to be dead ends. Yet researchers have given hallucinogenic drugs to blind people (seriously), tried to weigh the soul as it departs the body, and planned to blast a new Panama Canal with an atomic weapon. Real scientific breakthroughs sometimes come out of the most surprising and unpromising work. Do Sparrows Like Bach? is about the margins of science—investigating everything from what it`s like to die to exploding pants and recycled urine. Who on earth would burn off their beard with a laser? Produce a fireproof umbrella that doubles as a parachute? Replace sniffer dogs with gerbils? Could a chemical component of flatulence be the next Viagra? Do sparrows (and even fish for that matter) prefer Bach to Led Zeppelin? The editors at New Scientist magazine have the answers to all these questions and more in this celebration of outrageous, outlandish, and brilliant discoveries on the fringes of scientific research. This extraordinary collection is an astonishing reminder that even at its most misguided, science is intensely creative, often hilarious, and can spark the imagination like nothing else.
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Why Can T Elephants Jump And 113 Other Tantalizing Science Questions Answered

Author : New Scientist
ISBN : 9781681770185
Genre : Science
File Size : 22.11 MB
Format : PDF
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From the editors that brought you Why Don't Penguins' Feet Freeze? and Do Sparrows Like Bach?, an exploration of the weird and wonderful margin of science—the latest in the brilliant New Scientist series. What’s the storage capacity of the human brain in gigabytes? Why is frozen milk yellow? Why do flamingos stand on one leg? And why can’t elephants jump? Is it because elephants are too large or heavy (after all, they say hippos and rhinos can play hopscotch)? Or is it because their knees face the wrong way? Or do they just wait until no one’s looking? Read this brilliant new compilation to find out. This is popular science at its most absorbing and enjoyable. The previous titles in the New Scientist series have been international bestsellers and sold over two million copies between them. Here is another wonderful collection of wise, witty, and often surprising answers to a staggering range of science questions.
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