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Where Soldiers Fear To Tread

Author : John S. Burnett
ISBN : 9780553382600
Genre : History
File Size : 67.35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A former investigative journalist and political speechwriter describes his work as a UN relief worker in Somalia, describing the roles of civilian UN workers in hot spots around the world, their dedication to humanitarian efforts, and the perils they face while working to help others. Reprint. 17,500 first printing.
Category: History

Where Soldiers Fear To Tread

Author : John Burnett
ISBN : 9781409064299
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 56.42 MB
Format : PDF
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In 1998, on the lookout for adventure and willing to take a risk, John Burnett left the comforts of the mainstream and became a UN relief worker in Somalia. He was completely unprepared for the realities of working in a country without government or law, where the only authority comes from a loaded gun. Held at gunpoint by a child soldier, having to watching a baby die of malaria in his arms, the experience profoundly changed the way he saw the world.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Where Angels Fear To Tread

Author : E. M. Forster
ISBN : 9780486160115
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 90.14 MB
Format : PDF
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Forster's early novel offers an intriguing contrast of English and Italian sensibilities. It recounts an Englishman's journey to Tuscany, where he attempts to rescue his brother's widow from an unsuitable romance.
Category: Fiction

Cold War Counterfeit Spies

Author : Nigel West
ISBN : 9781473879577
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 29.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Cold War, with its air of mutual fear and distrust and the shadowy world of spies and secret agents, gave publishers the chance to produce countless stories of espionage, treachery and deception. What Nigel West has discovered is that the most egregious deceptions were in fact the stories themselves. In this remarkable investigation into the claims of many who portrayed themselves as key players in clandestine operations, the author has exposed a catalogue of misrepresentations and falsehoods. Did Greville Wynne really exfiltrate a GRU defector from Odessa? Was the frogman Buster Crabb abducted during a mission in Portsmouth Harbour? Did the KGB run a close-guarded training facility, as described by J. Bernard Hutton in School for Spies, which was modelled on a typical town in the American mid-west, so agents could be acclimatised to a non-Soviet environment? With the help of witnesses with first-hand experience, and recently declassified documents, Nigel West answers these and other fascinating questions from a time when secrecy and suspicion allowed the truth to be concealed.
Category: Political Science

One Secret Summer

Author : Lesley Lokko
ISBN : 9781409107767
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 86.92 MB
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In the perfect family, there's a thin line between love and hate, especially when there's so much to hide... The Keelers are one of those families that seem to have everything. Glamorous, wealthy and privileged, life has always been easy for them, on the outside at least. But even the happiest of families have their secrets. Maddie, the scatty American actress, is swept off her fee by Rafe Keeler. A brilliantly talented surgeon, Rafe is handsome, steady and dependable - everything Maddie has sought in a man. So why does she feel so dangerously adrift? Julia loathed Aaron Keeler on sight when they met at Oxford. She was a working-class girl, he was the privileged posh boy handed everything on a plate. But a lethal attraction has set them on a collision course. Niela has been running all her life. Betrayed and abandoned by her own family, her whirlwind marriage to Josh Keeler has given her a place to call 'home'. But Niela knows how easily the past can come back to ruin your life...
Category: Fiction

Where Angels Fear To Tread

Author : Edward Morgan Forster
ISBN : 0140180885
Genre : Culture conflict
File Size : 68.60 MB
Format : PDF
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Troublesome family scenarios are E.M. Forster's forte. In his debut novel "Where Angels Fear to Tread," a relatively young English widow named Lilia Herriton goes to Italy at the advice of her deceased husband Charles's family, accompanied by her friend Caroline Abbott, and, in a quaint little town called Monteriano, falls in love with an even younger hustler named Gino Carella and plans to marry him. The news mortifies her former in-laws: How could our Lilia marry a man beneath her class, the idle son of a dentist (a profession not highly regarded by the snobs in those days), a Catholic? Philip Herriton, Lilia's ex-brother-in-law, is immediately dispatched to Monteriano to put a stop to this fiasco, but it's too late; the wedding has already happened, and Philip returns to England with Caroline. Lilia, eager to adjust her life to this poor but picturesque provincial Italian town, finds the social environment completely alien to the one to which she is accustomed in England, and even worse is the fact that Gino, whose friends are impressed that he has been able to score a rich blond Englishwoman, is revealed to be lazy and adulterous. The worst is finally realized when Lilia dies in childbirth delivering a son to Gino. Back in England, the Herritons' connection to Lilia is not so easily broken; a daughter named Irma from her first husband has been left in their care, even though Lilia had been treated with condescension by her mother-in-law and her sister-in-law Harriet while she was married to Charles. Concerned with scandal, the Herritons recoil in fear when, a few months after Lilia's death, Irma receives postcards from Monteriano signed by her "little brother." Philip, his sister Harriet, and Caroline, all convinced of Gino's unsuitableness as a father, especially of a child of English blood, return to Italy to try to retrieve the baby boy. The obvious satire of cavalier Edwardian English attitudes toward Catholic Europe is only a backdrop to the more specific issue of whether the Herritons should assume custody of a baby with whom they have no legal familial relations. Caroline, who begins to sympathize with Gino Caroline means well, of course, but her presumption that Gino would necessarily bring the boy up "badly" is part of the satire.
Category: Culture conflict

One Hand Clapping

Author : Anthony Burgess
ISBN : 9781474253819
Genre : Drama
File Size : 27.73 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Sometimes when I'm at work and waiting for customers I think about the two of us living like kings and not bothering about the future. Because there may not be any future to bother about, you know. Not for anybody, one of these days. And it's a wicked world. Average couple Janet and Howard's lives begin to unravel when Howard's photographic memory helps win him a gameshow fortune. Janet doesn't want their lives to change that much. She's quite happy working at the supermarket, cooking for her husband three times a day and watching quiz shows in the evening. But once Howard unleashes his photographic brain on the world, the once modest used-car salesman can't seem to stop. And what he sees as the logical conclusion to his success isn't something Janet can agree to. Burgess's 1961 darkly comic satire of drab English consumerism is adapted for the stage by Lucia Cox. This edition was published to coincide with the US premiere at the Brits Off-Broadway Festival, at 59E59 Theatre, New York, in May 2015.
Category: Drama

My Self My Muse

Author : Patricia Boyle Haberstroh
ISBN : 0815629095
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 24.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A collection of essays written by well-known contemporary Irish women poets about their lives in relation to their own poetics. It is a conglomeration of voices around common themes, which have recently and forcefully emerged to permanently change Irish poetry.
Category: Literary Collections

Great Novels Of E M Forster

Author : E. M. Forster
ISBN : 9781629141572
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 90.57 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A renaissance of E. M. Forster is certainly under way. The success of the many films based upon his novels demonstrates Forster’s appeal to the modern audience and his aptitude for entertaining a mass quantity of readers over several decades. Four of his best novels are brought together here in one volume: Where Angels Fear to Tread The Longest Journey A Room with a View Howards End “E. M. Forster’s characters are the most lifelike we have had since Jane Austen laid down the pen.”—Virgina Woolf “[Forster] does not hesitate to kill off a character right after introducing him with a careful description which leads us to anticipate a larger role.”—Louis Auchincloss “The shapeliness of his prose and his plotting still satisfies. The width remains piercing and seamlessly painless.”—the New York Times “There is no questioning or resisting the charm of Mr. Forster. The Longest Journey steadily attains beauty.”—Saturday Review Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Arcade, Yucca, and Good Books imprints, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in fiction—novels, novellas, political and medical thrillers, comedy, satire, historical fiction, romance, erotic and love stories, mystery, classic literature, folklore and mythology, literary classics including Shakespeare, Dumas, Wilde, Cather, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.
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