When I Need You

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When I Need You

Author : Lorelei James
ISBN : 9780698410916
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Rules are tossed aside when a pro football player join forces with a spitfire cheerleading coach in New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James’s brand-new romance… Heir to Lund Industries and ladies’ man Jensen “The Rocket” Lund has three conditions when it comes to dating: 1) No single mothers 2) No cheerleaders 3) No medical personnel So it makes no sense that he’s wildly attracted to Rowan Michaels, who breaks all three. Rowan didn’t pass the rigorous requirements to become an athletic trainer and Vikings cheerleader in the hopes of landing a pro athlete. Been there, done that, and she has a young son as proof that football players and fidelity don’t go hand in hand. When Rowan learns her new neighbor is Jensen Lund, the smoking-hot tight end who takes being neighborly to a whole new level, she’s grateful for the team’s strict no fraternization policy because the sexy man defines temptation. But Jensen is intent on rushing straight to the goal line to prove to Rowan he’s much more than just a player…on and off the field.
Category: Fiction

Drum Score When I Need You Leo Sayer

Author : 노창국
Genre :
File Size : 85.52 MB
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Jesus I Need You

Author : Zondervan,
ISBN : 9780310352211
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.89 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This beautifully packaged devotional is unique, written in the form of a letter from the reader to Jesus. Each devotion focuses on topics such as needing to slow down, stress less, rely on His strength, make wise decisions, further His kingdom, as well as praise and thank Jesus. Arranged topically, each entry features a letter to Jesus that reminds the reader that we are not alone with our triumphs or tragedies, and that Jesus walks every step of every day with us. Every devotion has a Bible verse to reflect on as well as a takeaway message for the day, to provide comfort, encouragement, and strength for the reader. At the end of each devotion, there is space for the reader to record their thoughts, prayers, or even write their own letter to Jesus. This book puts life in perspective each day in a personal and intimate way.
Category: Religion

I Need You

Author : Bill Caldwell
ISBN : 9781465328045
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 41.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Open this small book and in the preface you will find why the author has titled it I NEED YOU - REALLY, I DO!. They are inner thoughts put on 3x5 cards over the past 30 years (and still going)inspired by the people whose paths have crossed his. You will find here that life has much to offer if we allow the thoughts that swirl between our ears to see what is there. Some thoughts in here have been very reaffirming to the author. He hopes there are some that will do the same for you.
Category: Poetry

I Need You To Know

Author : Erin Scullion
ISBN : 9781460272138
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 68.61 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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I Need You to Know is a book of family reading, however you might want to define ‘family’. First and foremost, it is a book about the history of Fionn’s family, as narrated by his mother, whose motto is “Tell (almost) every truth.” While it’s a story about two particular families coming together as one, it also explores the nature of family generally, the imperfections, jealousies, and secrets that lie side by side with its loyalties, unconditional love, and frankness. Family are the friends you can’t avoid. Erin’s advice to her son on living with family is somewhat longer and more positive than Lord Chesterfield’s 18th Century advice to a young man contemplating marriage: “Don’t.”
Category: Family & Relationships

The Queen Of Lovers We Need You

Author : Dr. Badal W. Kariye
ISBN : 9781463415556
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 36.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Preface I would like to tell you that the Queen of Lovers We need you, is a fictional romantic novel based on multichannel travels for love and espionage in our world where people practice various lifestyles in love & work. This magnificent espionage began in the United States of America where I was encountered to fall in love with the Queen of lovers who changed my lifestyle into the unknown of the dangerous world of counter espionage and betrayals among the leading intelligence communities. It wasn't easy job to fall in love with a spymaster who's been carrying out covert operations around the world, and it was very difficult challenge for me to master her underground strategic intelligence and reconnaissance while I was still interesting in love with the Queen of lovers. We'd arranged many ins and outs for our love affairs in emotional romance but we're very suspicious to divulge our normal jobs to each other until I suspected her that she was deliberately working for the government in counter espionage operations locally, regionally and globally. I didn't really like to meet with spymaster to be as my Queen of lovers in the world but everything has been predestined, and we couldn't decide who to fall in love? However; our Lord is The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful who made possible for us to interact and fall in love with each other. Romance & Lovers are extremely interconnected friendly in this world where people chose their different ways of love involvement or love discourage in envy anyhow; few people succeeded to keep their promises until one of them retires from sexual curiosity or dies. It's very rare to meet your spouse as the government spymaster, and if you didn't know before then you're highly at risk to be assassinated before you fizzle out her top level security clearance in some countries. My Queen of lovers and I went to visit different continents such as Asia, Australia, Africa, The Caribbean, South America & Parts of North America. Weve met a lot of multicultural and multiracial nationalities who committed to live and work for better democracy in love than their governments, which my Queen of lovers has been spying on. I couldn't handle the devilish stress of espionage in top secrets from the governments, which have been opposite to the national and security interests of our beloved country within the nations of many nationalities. Love in destiny or without destiny, well taste it carefully and legally but when you fall in love with spymaster then you'll always meet undetectable situations and anonymous hunters who can be anything with credentials from the government to cover up dirty jobs. Don't be a victim of spymaster! You better always ask before you make any relationship with somebody! I love my Queen of lovers finally, and you taught me a lot in governmental secrecy, and how a spymaster acts as a romantic lover to use my linguistic abilities during secretive missions in various continents. I love you my Queen!
Category: Literary Collections

Why Do I Think I Need You

Author : Cynthia Anderson
ISBN : 9781477170397
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 56.4 MB
Format : PDF
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The book was composed in respect toward many sources of women who believe that men are the main spectrum in their lives. The book will identify a womans need and perceived needs from a man. There are many women globally that have their own perspective and ideology on how to satisfy a man. Therefore, how do women overcome battles in finding the right man? Perhaps it is just a psychological process for women to believe that they can gain ownership through their flesh and desires. When one evaluate it content is their every ownership involved, even in midst of marriage or commitment. The book displays parts that women play in a relationship; it shows values in having a relationship. In addition, it will identify peoples views, realities, concepts, and experiences toward the nature of having a relationship. Many have forgotten the significant dynamics in having a healthy relationship. Therefore, it is not a male-bashing book; it is for one to address problems, get insight and knowledge on issues so a person can correct them. In order to do so, men and women had to be mentioned within the book because two people are needed to make a relationship. In addition, the book was diplomatic to give inspiration and examples to the young and the old in gaining healthy relationships. Many of the stories are funny, sad, exciting, exotic, damn sexy, and explicit from a womans point of view. The purpose in that is, we live in a real world and pretend not to see things for what they really are, leaving room for disappointment. The book was based on interviews, research, life experiences, and a bit of fiction. My hopes are for you to enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it again! I like to give thanks to many who believe in my creativeness in Why Do I Think I Need You? Sincerely, Love you all!
Category: Self-Help

When I Need You

Author : Mary Batchelor
ISBN : 0720804884
Genre : Devotional literature
File Size : 67.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Devotional literature

We Ll Call You If We Need You

Author : Susan Eisenberg
ISBN : 080148605X
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 30.95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"For my very first day in union construction I was sent to a bank in downtown Boston where a journeyman needed a hand pulling wire. Arriving early with my new tools and pouch, I knocked on the glass door in the high-rise lobby and explained to the guard that I was a new apprentice working for the electrical contractor. He refused to let me in. So I sat down on the tile floor, my backpack and toolpouch beside me, and waited for the man whose name I had written down alongside the address and directions on a piece of paper: Dan. The guard explained to Dan later that he'd figured I was a terrorist planning to bomb the bank. In 1978, that seemed more likely than that I might actually be an apprentice electrician." Susan Eisenberg began her apprenticeship with Local 103 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in 1978, the year President Jimmy Carter set goals and timetables for the hiring of women on federally assisted construction projects and for the inclusion of women in apprenticeship programs. Eisenberg expected not only a challenging job and the camaraderie of a labor union but also the chance to be part of a historic transformation, social and economic, that would make the construction trades accessible to women. That transformation did not happen. In this book, full of the raw drama and humor found on a construction site, Eisenberg gracefully weaves the voices of thirty women who worked as carpenters, electricians, ironworkers, painters, and plumbers to examine why their numbers remained small. Speaking as if to a friend, women recall their decisions to enter the trades, their first days on the job, and their strategies to gain training and acceptance. They assess, with thought, passion, and twenty years' perspective, the affirmative action efforts. Eisenberg ends with a discussion of the practices and policies that would be required to uproot gender barriers where they are deeply embedded in the organization and culture of the workplace.
Category: Social Science

Grandma I Need Your Prayers

Author : Quin M. Sherrer
ISBN : 0310862337
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87.28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Praying God’s Blessings on Your GrandchildrenWhether they live a continent away or just down the street, your grandchildren need your prayers. By praying for them regularly, you can have an enormous influence on their spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. Even children who are reared in a Christian home need someone to pray for them, and who can do it better than a grandma?Grandma, I Need Your Prayers is an easy-to-use guide for prayer that will encourage you with practical help and motivate you with wonderful stories of answered prayers. It will show you how to pray strategically and specifically for grandchildren of any age. Topics include praying for:Their homesTheir friendsTheir safetyTheir schoolsTheir character developmentTheir relationship with GodProdigal grandchildrenUnborn grandchildren. . . and moreEach chapter contains Bible passages and prayers related to the topic of the chapter so that you can begin praying for the needs of those you love. This book will help you give your grandchildren one of the most precious gifts they will ever receive--the legacy of a praying grandmother.
Category: Religion

Healing Psalms

Author : Raenell Jones
ISBN : 9780595499526
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 46.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Healing Psalms is to uplift the name of Jesus through poetry. These healing words are to encourage the heart of anyone that has or currently broken in their spirit and to know there is a Savior who cares. These poems are to bless and rejoice in knowing we have a God that steps in and fulfill all our needs. This book is for the Christian, the wayward soul and the heart that is seeking the truth about love, faith, forgiveness, mercy and grace.
Category: Poetry

We Need Your Peace Of The Puzzle

Author : Malcolm Morris
ISBN : 9781463433062
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 66.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Over the course of Malcolm’s life, he has felt an internal burden to try and do something about the many problems that he and the world have faced over the years. He believes that many of these problems are the result of us as human beings discriminating against each other based on our gender, ethnic background, religious preference, and many others. In this book, Malcolm highlights some of the insights that he uses to try and become a better person in hopes of making his contribution to improving our quality of life in this place we call Earth.
Category: Self-Help

Poetry From Within

Author : Betty McCray
ISBN : 9781612150406
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 35.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Poetry from within, is just that. A collection of poems that reflects my everyday life, bible study and spiritual growth. Experiences that has touched my heart. The excitement of knowing that God's love is sufficient and learning about His awesome grace and mercy. I hope that you can be uplifted and encouraged. Please keep a look out for my next book, "Marked at Birth."Thank you and God bless.
Category: Poetry


Author : Patricia Lewis
ISBN : 9780595360062
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 73.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 409
Read : 410

Have you ever wanted to say something but not had the words to say exactly what you wanted to say? Has God touched your life in a special way but nothing you say expresses the joy you feel? Do you sometimes want to tell that special someone how deep your feelings are for them but you trip over you tongue when speaking? or have you been deep in anger and just wanted to tell that somebody off? This collection of poems can do just that. Whether praising God, expressing love or just telling the World how you feel, Patricia An Anthology of Poems, Thoughts and Letters has something for every reader. Patricia Anthology of Poems, Thoughts and Letters speaks to the heart and soul of every man, woman and child.
Category: Poetry

I Want You To Shut The F Ck Up

Author : D.L. Hughley
ISBN : 9780307986269
Genre : Humor
File Size : 38.57 MB
Format : PDF
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“Let us begin by committing ourselves to the truth to see it like it is, and tell it like it is.” —Richard Nixon “I believe America is the solution to the world’s problems.” —Rush Limbaugh “SHUT THE F#CK UP.” —D. L. Hughley The American dream is in dire need of a wake-up call. A f*cked up society is like an addict: if you are in denial, then things are going to keep getting worse until you hit bottom. According to D. L. Hughley, that's the direction in which America is headed. In I Want You to Shut the F*ck Up, D.L. explains how we've become a nation of fat sissies playing Chicken Little, but in reverse: The sky is falling, but we're supposed to act like everything's fine. D.L. just points out the sobering facts: there is no standard of living by which we are the best. In terms of life expectancy, we're 36th--tied with Cuba; in terms of literacy, we're 20th--behind Kazakhstan. We sit here laughing at Borat, but the Kazakhs are sitting in their country reading. Things are bad now and they're only going to get worse. Unless, of course, you sit down, shut the f*ck up, and listen to what D. L. Hughley has to say. I Want You to Shut the F*ck Up is a slap to the political senses, a much needed ass-kicking of the American sense of entitlement. In these pages, D. L. Hughley calls it like he sees it, offering his hilarious yet insightful thoughts on: - Our supposedly post-racial society - The similarities between America the superpower and the drunk idiot at the bar - Why Bill Clinton is more a product of a black upbringing than Barack Obama - That apologizing is not the answer to controversy, especially when you meant what you said - Why civil rights leaders are largely to blame for black people not being represented on television - Why getting your ghetto pass revoked should be seen as a good thing, not something to be ashamed of - And how hard it is to be married to a black woman
Category: Humor

The Risk To Bloom

Author : Najah-Amatullah Hylton
ISBN : 9781304901996
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 76.86 MB
Format : PDF
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This is the first book by Najah-Amatullah Hylton. Included are twenty poems on the topics of love, growth, and identity with the underlying theme that life is hard, people are not meant to be made into coping mechanisms, but God is good. These pages also underscore the importance of art and of family. The author hopes you enjoy this book and look forward to future projects. Najah-Amatullah is a young, energetic, high school English teacher and writer. She performs locally and coaches a writing and performance club at her school. She hopes to continue this work in whatever other location she is able.
Category: Poetry