What You Should Know About The Golden Dawn

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What You Should Know About The Golden Dawn

Author : Israel Regardie
ISBN : 1935150928
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Regardie's personal account of his experience with those secret societies which have exerted such a great influence on the development of modern Occultism. Regardie lifts the cloak of mystery which has shrouded The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, The Rosicrucian Fraternity and The Masonic Lodge. From his close personal associations Regardie reveals the true nature and actions of such leading Occult authorities as Aleister Crowley, Dion Fortune, S L MacGregor Mathers, Dr W W Wescott, and others. This 6th edition includes new material by several modern adepts of the Golden Dawn, documents from the period of Regardie's association with Aleister Crowley which demonstrate Regardie's involvement in both the OTO and the A:.A:., and hitherto unpublished material from the Regardie archives.

W B Yeats S A Vision

Author : Neil Mann
ISBN : 9780983533924
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W. B. Yeats's "A Vision": Explications and Contexts' is the first volume of essays devoted to 'A Vision' and the associated system developed by W. B. Yeats and his wife, George. 'A Vision' is all-encompassing in its stated aims and scope, and it invites a wide range of approaches-asdemonstrated in the essays collected here, written by the foremost scholars in the field. The first six essays present explications of broader themes in 'A Vision' itself: the system's general principles; incarnate life and the Faculties; discarnate life and the Principles; how Yeats relates his own work to other philosophical approaches; and his consideration of the historical process.A further three essays include an examination of the elusive 'Thirteenth Cone', a consideration of astrological features in the automatic script, and a view of the poetry within 'A Vision'. The final five essays look at contextual themes, whether of collaboration and influence-between husband, wife,and spirits, or with another poet-or the gender perspective within these interrelations, the historical context of Golden-Dawn occultism or the broader political context of fascism in the 1920s and 1930s. Throughout, the different contributors take a variety of stances with regard to texts and theautomatic script. This is an important contribution to Yeats scholarship in general and a landmark in studies of 'A Vision'.

The Fight For Golden Dawn

Author : Jessie Terwilliger
ISBN : 9781435718395
Genre : Fiction
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The story of Danica Kade, a two year old who gets taken from her less than attentive parents by Child Protective Services and placed in her aunt Brooke's care. Brooke tries hard to keep the peace by doing things the way that Danica's mother wants them done, until she uncovers a dark secret that changes Brooke's outlook on everything. Danica's father, who will stop at nothing to get her back, has violent and all around strange behavior that puts Brooke's own family in danger. Meanwhile, the corrupt social worker from Child Protective Services cooks up a plan to insure that Danica become a part of the system forever.For a more complete description and to preview the first five chapters, please visit http://Jessie-Terwilliger.com
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The Triumph Of The Moon

Author : Ronald Hutton
ISBN : 9780192562296
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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'a brilliant history' The Sunday Times 'makes for riveting reading' The Independent Modern pagan witchcraft is arguably the only fully-formed religion England has given the world, and has now spread across four continents. This second edition of The Triumph of the Moon extensively revises the first full-scale scholarly study of modern pagan witchcraft. Ronald Hutton examines the nature and development of this religion, and offers a history of attitudes to witchcraft, paganism and magic in British society since 1800. Its pages reveal village cunning folk, Victorian ritual magicians, classicists and archaeologists, leaders of woodcraft and scouting movements, Freemasons, and members of rural secret societies. We also find some of the leading figures of English literature, from the Romantic poets to W. B. Yeats, D. H. Lawrence and Robert Graves, as well as the main personalities who have represented pagan witchcraft to the public world since 1950. Thriller writers like Dennis Wheatley, and films and television programmes, get similar coverage, as does tabloid journalism. The material is by its nature often sensational, and care is taken throughout to distinguish fact from fantasy, in a manner not previously applied to most of the stories involved. Meticulously researched, The Triumph of the Moon presents an authoritative insight into an aspect of modern cultural history which has attracted sensational publicity but has hitherto been little understood. This edition incorporates new research carried out by the author as well as research by others who have been inspired by this book over the twenty years since its first publication.
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The Secret Inner Order Rituals Of The Golden Dawn

Author : Martin Thibeault
ISBN : 1561845353
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When the first edition of the Secret Inner order Rituals of the Golden Dawn book was released in 1988 it was about an unknown Golden Dawn temple, Whare ra, in New Zealand, that few people had heard of. It had closed its doors some ten years earlier after its founding in 1912 by Dr. Robert Felkin. Many of the elderly adepti were then still living at the time of the books publication. This book revealed not only the history of Whare ra temple in Havelock North, but that some of its adepti had taught others its teachings, rituals and methodologies. The real surprise in the book was the first publication of the 6=5 and 7=4 rituals of the Stella Matutina, which author Pat Zalewski, had been awarded. The second edition has made a number of corrections to the historical element of the book in lieu of more recent research and also additions to the 6=5 and 7=4 rituals, which had a number of copying errors and omissions in them. This edition presents a far more balanced perspective on the last of the Stella Matutina temples from the point of view of its members, as told to the author and of the struggles they had in continuing it into the 1970s.

Golden Dawn

Author : Jenny Oldfield
ISBN : 9781444905748
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 52.59 MB
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There's excitement at the ranch when Golden Dawn gives birth to a foal, Tatum. But when flash floods pour down and wreak havoc in the meadow, Tatum goes missing. Could the foal have survived the flood? Kirstie and Golden Dawn set off upriver to find out. Ahead lies danger - sub-zero night temperatures, wild animals, and the ever present threat of another disastrous flood...
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Aleister Crowley And Western Esotericism

Author : Henrik Bogdan
ISBN : 9780199996063
Genre : Religion
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This volume is the first comprehensive examination of one of the twentieth century's most distinctive iconoclasts. Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) was a study in contradictions. Born into a fundamentalist Christian family and educated at Cambridge, he was vilified as a traitor, drug addict, and debaucher, yet revered as perhaps the most influential thinker in contemporary esotericism. Moving beyond the influence of contemporary psychology and the modernist understanding of the occult, Crowley declared himself the revelator of a new age of individualism. Crowley's occult bricolage, Magick, was an eclectic combination of spiritual exercises drawn from Western European magical ceremonies and Indic sources for meditation and yoga. This journey of self-liberation culminated in harnessing sexual power as a magical discipline, a "sacrilization of the self" as practiced in Crowley's mixed masonic group, the Ordo Templi Orientis. The religion Crowley created, Thelema, legitimated his role as a charismatic revelator and herald of a new age of freedom. Aleister Crowley's lasting influence can be seen in the counter-culture movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s and in many forms of alternative spirituality and popular culture. The essays in this volume offer crucial insight into Crowley's foundational role in the study of Western esotericism, new religious movements, and sexuality.
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The Golden Dawn

Author : Israel Regardie
ISBN : 0875426638
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Provides an overview of the knowledge and practices of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn; describes rituals of the Outer and Inner Orders; and discusses techniques of magical practice, clairvoyance, talismans, and other topics.
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Crowley S Apprentice

Author : Gerald Suster
ISBN : PSU:000055974929
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Dr. Francis Israel Regardie was one of the most important figures in the 20th centure development of the Western Mystery Tradition. From the teachings of Madame Blavatsky, the Bhagavad-Gita, Buddhism, and yoga he came to study with Crowley and became his secretary.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Self Initiation Into The Golden Dawn Tradition

Author : Chic Cicero
ISBN : 1567181368
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 59.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn has been considered one of the most important Western magical systems for over a century. Although much of their knowledge has been published, to really enter the system required initiation within a Golden Dawn temple ? until now. Regardless of your magical knowledge or background, you can learn and live the Golden Dawn tradition with the first practical guide to Golden Dawn initiation. Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition by Chic and Sandra Tabatha Cicero offers self-paced instruction by two senior adepts of this magical order. For the first time, the esoteric rituals of the Golden Dawn are clearly laid out in step-by-step guidance that's clear and easy-to-follow. Studying the Knowledge Lectures, practicing daily rituals, doing meditations, and taking self-graded exams will enhance your learning. Initiation rituals have been correctly reinterpreted so you can perform them yourself. Upon completion of this workbook, you can truly say that you are practicing the Golden Dawn tradition with an in-depth knowledge of qabalah, astrology, Tarot, geomancy, spiritual alchemy, and more, all of which you will learn from Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition. ·No need for group membership ·Instructions are free of jargon and complex language ·Lessons don't require familiarity with magical traditions ·Grade rituals from Neophyte to Portal ·Link with your Higher Self If you have ever wondered what it would be like to learn the Golden Dawn system, Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition explains it all. The lessons follow a structured plan, adding more and more information with each section of the book. Did you really learn the material? Find out by using the written tests and checking them with the included answers. Here is a chance to find out if the Golden Dawn system is the right path for you or to add any part of their wisdom and techniques to the system you follow. Start with this book now.
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Golden Dawn

Author : Mark Garrett
ISBN : 9781906510404
Genre : Guardian angels
File Size : 26.69 MB
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Paul Sayers' life has been turned upside down since his life was saved by his guardian angel, Rebecca. The evil Storn still seeks the downfall of the Guardian realm and his followers are willing to do all that they can. As they provide victims to be sacrificed to feed Storn's need, they also plan to ensnare Paul and in turn take Rebecca too.
Category: Guardian angels

The Celtic Golden Dawn

Author : John Michael Greer
ISBN : 9780738731773
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 39.27 MB
Format : PDF
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A century ago, Celtic groups descending from the famed Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn pioneered a fascinating form of ceremonial magic invoking Pagan Celtic powers instead of relying on the more commonly used Judeo-Christian names and symbols. Those groups disappeared many decades ago, and their teachings were lost. But today, their legacy has been reborn. Respected occult author and Grand Archdruid John Michael Greer has re-created a complete magical system based on the Celtic Golden Dawn traditions. This new book provides students with a complete curriculum of Druidical magic and occult wisdom, including training in ceremonial magic, meditation, pathworking, divination, geomancy, and herbal alchemy, allowing self-initiation into the three degrees of Ovate, Bard, and Druid. Structured to resemble a long-lost correspondence course, The Celtic Golden Dawn presents a series of knowledge lectures, meditations, and rituals leading to mastery of the most important magical techniques.
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Sherlock Holmes The Golden Years

Author : Kim H. Krisco
ISBN : 9781780926735
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 32.70 MB
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Sherlock Holmes lamented, "I fear that retirement will elude me." It surely does in this five-story chronicle: The saga begins with The Bonnie Bag of Bones that lead the infamous duo on a not-so-merry chase into the mythical mountains of Scotland and ultimately to the "the woman" who is tangled within a mystery that has haunted Holmes for a quarter century. Curse of the Black Feather continues the adventure in which Holmes teams up with the Irregulars and a gypsy matriarch, to expose a diabolical "baby-farming" enterprise. Their quest arouses a vicious adversary, Ciarán Malastier, who has Holmes struggling for his very life. Maestro of Mysteries begins with a summons to Mycroft's office and ends with a deadly chase in Undertown, far beneath the streets of London. Malastier escapes, but only into the next adventure. The Cure that Kills sees Holmes and Watson in hot pursuit of Ciarán Malastier, racing across America and pitting them against the largest detective organization in the world. In the final story, The Kongo Nkis Spirit Train, Holmes and Watson travel to the Dark Continent to derail a "spirit train" that ensnares people's spirit, and enslaves their bodies. In the end, this historically accurate chronicle sheds new light on greatest mystery of all, Sherlock Holmes himself.
Category: Fiction

The Essential Golden Dawn

Author : Chic Cicero
ISBN : 0738703109
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 89.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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For those who want to find out about what the Golden Dawn is and what it has to offer, this book answers questions about its philosophy, principles, and history.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit