What Science Knows

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What Science Knows

Author : James Franklin
ISBN : 9781594034398
Genre : Science
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To scientists, the tsunami of relativism, scepticism, and postmodernism that washed through the humanities in the twentieth century was all water off a duck’s back. Science remained committed to objectivity and continued to deliver remarkable discoveries and improvements in technology. In What Science Knows, the Australian philosopher and mathematician James Franklin explains in captivating and straightforward prose how science works its magic. He begins with an account of the nature of evidence, where science imitates but extends commonsense and legal reasoning in basing conclusions solidly on inductive reasoning from facts. After a brief survey of the furniture of the world as science sees it—including causes, laws, dispositions and force fields as well as material things—Franklin describes colorful examples of discoveries in the natural, mathematical, and social sciences and the reasons for believing them. He examines the limits of science, giving special attention both to mysteries that may be solved by science, such as the origin of life, and those that may in principle be beyond the reach of science, such as the meaning of ethics. What Science Knows will appeal to anyone who wants a sound, readable, and well-paced introduction to the intellectual edifice that is science. On the other hand it will not please the enemies of science, whose willful misunderstandings of scientific method and the relation of evidence to conclusions Franklin mercilessly exposes.
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Assuming A Body

Author : Gayle Salamon
ISBN : 9780231521703
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 24.87 MB
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We believe we know our bodies intimately that their material reality is certain and that this certainty leads to an epistemological truth about sex, gender, and identity. By exploring and giving equal weight to transgendered subjectivities, however, Gayle Salamon upends these certainties. Considering questions of transgendered embodiment via phenomenology (Maurice Merleau-Ponty), psychoanalysis (Sigmund Freud and Paul Ferdinand Schilder), and queer theory, Salamon advances an alternative theory of normative and non-normative gender, proving the value and vitality of trans experience for thinking about embodiment. Salamon suggests that the difference between transgendered and normatively gendered bodies is not, in the end, material. Rather, she argues that the production of gender itself relies on a disjunction between the "felt sense" of the body and an understanding of the body's corporeal contours, and that this process need not be viewed as pathological in nature. Examining the relationship between material and phantasmatic accounts of bodily being, Salamon emphasizes the productive tensions that make the body both present and absent in our consciousness and work to confirm and unsettle gendered certainties. She questions traditional theories that explain how the body comes to be and comes to be made one's own and she offers a new framework for thinking about what "counts" as a body. The result is a groundbreaking investigation into the phenomenological life of gender.
Category: Literary Criticism

Global Warming Made Simple

Author : John Andreadakis
ISBN : 1463427425
Genre : Education
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Global Warming is a serious matter requiring an open and honest discussion. Unfortunately, I have not seen any such discussion. I hear that there is consensus among scientists. When they know what they are talking about, they also are able to explain what they have discovered. In this topic, though, whoever these scientists are, they do not seem willing to come forward to do the explanation, instead politicians are the ones who do the talking. In addition, there are also rumors going around that the information collected regarding the issue of Global Warming appears to be tainted.
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The Whistle Blower On Corrupt Science

Author : P.S.J. (Peet) Schutte
ISBN : 9781477227312
Genre : Reference
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The Whistle-Blower on Corrupt Science Science went corrupt the day Edmund Halley in 1705 told the world he used the physics formula of his friend Isaac Newton to calculate the route that Halley?s comet took and the time it would arrive. This was where science went crooked, a position that went on ever since because that same dishonesty is still present in Newtonian science. Halley calculated the time periods since 1066 at the battle of Hastings and found a comet was mentioned every seventy-six years. This was very ordinary for a man of his class so he had to get far cleverer than backdate history to get a time frame. So he really got clever and conspired with the biggest fraud in science ever since; the man that stole all the physics Doctor Hooks invented, the man who even got Kepler? figures wrong, the man called Isaac Newton. Halley said he used the formula of Newton to calculate the route the comet took. This says he used mass to calculate how the comet came to the sun. According to Newton?s science, the sun?s mass pulled the comet and the comet?s mass pulled right back and in this way the comet came to the sun. I don?t go into the comet as such in this book but I do in other books. In this book I show how Newtonian science started to go corrupt in 1705 with one conspiracy to cheat and became the corrupt myth it now developed into. How do I know Halley did not use the mass pull mass idea? It is because if he did so, then how did he calculate that the comet was cyclic or that it returns every seventy-six years? If mass pulled the comet to the sun what then pushed to comet back into outer space? His big ambition was to prove the comet comes and goes, but if mass makes the comet come what pushes the comet back? You know what is the biggest fraud that came to be called Newtonian science? The most brilliant minds on earth this past three hundred years failed to asks this simple question: if mass pulls the comet closer what pushes the comet away? If mass forms the force of pulling and pulled the comet closer then what pushed the comet back into the darkness of the beyond. How did he know the mass of Halley?s comet? Nobody then asked questions. No one asks uneasy question?except me. I show the fake science we have. Newton and Halley got away with corrupt science. If you wish to prove wrong I challenge you to prove that Newton is correct. Today just like it was and keeping the trend go on, modern Newtonians gets away with even more corrupt science than anyone can imagine.
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The Organon

Author : Aristotle
ISBN : UVA:X000674814
Genre :
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Does God Exist Second Edition

Author : Todd C. Moody
ISBN : 9781624660962
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 61.72 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this engaging introductory dialogue, Todd Moody maps the spectrum of philosophical arguments and counterarguments for the existence of God. Structuring colloquial conversations along classical lines, he presents a lively and accessible discussion of issues that are central to both theist and atheist thinking, including the burden of proof, the first cause, a necessary being, the natural order, suffering, miracles, experience as knowledge, and rationality without proof. The second edition is a significant and comprehensive revision. Moody broadens and deepens the conversation by addressing additional arguments, such as the problem of animal suffering, the moral argument, intelligent design, and human exceptionalism. The discussion of the cosmological argument is updated to reflect recent work on the Kalam Cosmological Argument. A short preface explains the scope of the work and the purpose of the dialogue form. Suggested further readings of contemporary and classical sources are also included.
Category: Philosophy

What S Wrong With Benevolence

Author : David Stove
ISBN : 9781594035517
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 21.35 MB
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Is benevolence a virtue? In many cases it appears to be so. But when it comes to the “enlarged benevolence” of the Enlightenment, David Stove argues that the answer is clearly no. In this insightful, provocative essay, Stove builds a case for the claim that when benevolence is universal, disinterested and external, it regularly leads to the forced redistribution of wealth, which in turn leads to decreased economic incentives, lower rates of productivity, and increased poverty. As Stove points out, there is an air of paradox in saying that benevolence may be a cause of poverty. But there shouldn’t be. Good intentions alone are never sufficient to guarantee the success of one’s endeavors. Utopian schemes to reorganize the world have regularly ended in failure. Easily the most important example of this phenomenon is twentieth-century communism. As Stove reminds us, the attractiveness of communism—the “emotional fuel” of communist revolutionaries for over a hundred years—has always been “exactly the same as the emotional fuel of every other utopianism: the passionate desire to alleviate or abolish misery.” Yet communism was such a monumental failure that millions of people today are still suffering its consequences. In this most prescient of essays, Stove warns contemporary readers just how seductive universal political benevolence can be. He also shows how the failure to understand the connection between benevolence and communism has led to many of the greatest social miseries of our age.
Category: Philosophy

Unpopular Essays

Author : Bertrand Russell
ISBN : 9781134685370
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 22.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In this volume of essays Bertrand Russell is concerned to combat, in one way or another, the growth of dogmatism, whether of the Right or of the Left, which has hitherto characterised our tragic century. This serious purpose inspires them even if, at times, they seem flippant; for those who are solemn and pontifical. In subject they range from Philosophy for the Layman, The Functions of a Teacher, and The Future of Mankind to an Outline of Intellectual Rubbish, Ideas that have helped Mankind and Ideas that have Harmed Mankind..
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What The Nose Knows

Author : Avery Gilbert
ISBN : 1505442877
Genre : Odors
File Size : 57.70 MB
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Everything about the sense of smell fascinates us, from its power to evoke memories to its ability to change our moods and influence our behavior. Yet because it is the least understood of the senses, myths abound. For example, contrary to popular belief, the human nose is almost as sensitive as the noses of many animals, including dogs; blind people do not have enhanced powers of smell; and perfumers excel at their jobs not because they have superior noses, but because they have perfected the art of thinking about scents. In this entertaining and enlightening journey through the world of aroma, olfaction expert Avery Gilbert illuminates the latest scientific discoveries and offers keen observations on modern culture: how a museum is preserving the smells of John Steinbeck's Cannery Row; why John Waters revived the "smellie" in Polyester; and what innovations are coming from artists like the Dutch "aroma jockey" known as Odo7. From brain-imaging laboratories to the high-stakes world of scent marketing, What the Nose Knows takes us on a tour of the strange and surprising realm of smell.
Category: Odors

Common Sense Theology

Author : D. Howland Hamilton
ISBN : STANFORD:36105047841924
Genre : Authors, American
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The Perfect Fit Diet

Author : Lisa Sanders
ISBN : 1579546986
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 64.84 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A physician specializing in the treatment of obesity explains how to create a customized weight-loss program that is tailored to each individual's lifestyle, medical profile, food preferences, satiety signals, and other personal factors that contribute to one's weight gain, along with sensible advice on how to control negative behavior patterns and keep weight off forever. 150,000 first printing. First serial, Prevention.
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Author :
ISBN : UIUC:30112047054611
Genre : Academic libraries
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Impure Science

Author : Steven Epstein
ISBN : 0520921259
Genre : Medical
File Size : 76.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In the short, turbulent history of AIDS research and treatment, the boundaries between scientist insiders and lay outsiders have been crisscrossed to a degree never before seen in medical history. Steven Epstein's astute and readable investigation focuses on the critical question of "how certainty is constructed or deconstructed," leading us through the views of medical researchers, activists, policy makers, and others to discover how knowledge about AIDS emerges out of what he calls "credibility struggles." Epstein shows the extent to which AIDS research has been a social and political phenomenon and how the AIDS movement has transformed biomedical research practices through its capacity to garner credibility by novel strategies. Epstein finds that nonscientist AIDS activists have gained enough of a voice in the scientific world to shape NIH–sponsored research to a remarkable extent. Because of the blurring of roles and responsibilities, the production of biomedical knowledge about AIDS does not, he says, follow the pathways common to science; indeed, AIDS research can only be understood as a field that is unusually broad, public, and contested. He concludes by analyzing recent moves to democratize biomedicine, arguing that although AIDS activists have set the stage for new challenges to scientific authority, all social movements that seek to democratize expertise face unusual difficulties. Avoiding polemics and accusations, Epstein provides a benchmark account of the AIDS epidemic to date, one that will be as useful to activists, policy makers, and general readers as to sociologists, physicians, and scientists.
Category: Medical

Live Young Think Young Be Young

Author : Donald Vickery
ISBN : 9781936693252
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 59.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Why do we believe that aging is the cause of most of our problems as we get older? Age and aging actually have much less to do with it than you think. Live Young, Think Young, Be Young challenges our assumptions and beliefs about aging, and provides a fresh, new understanding of how and why we grow old. It will make you think differently about little things in your daily life that accelerate the three “mega” causes of getting old. In the end, this book is about courage and resilience—the courage to change what can be changed and the resilience to accept what can’t be changed. Together, they provide a powerful plan for staying young in body, mind, and spirit.
Category: Self-Help