What Has Government Done To Our Money

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What Has Government Done To Our Money

Author : Murray N Rothbard
ISBN : 9861202358
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Traditional Chinese edition of What Has Government Done to Our Money? and The Case for a 100 Percent Gold Dollar. The original of this 1963 publication has been reprinted many times over for its clear and concise reading of the history of currency and what is inflation. Understanding the book's message opens up a whole different view of the economy. In Chinese. Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, Inc.

The Encyclopedia Of Libertarianism

Author : Ronald Hamowy
ISBN : 9781412965804
Genre : Philosophy
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Recent years have seen the reemergence of libertarian thought as a significant force, both in the academy and in political life. As libertarian ideas have gained in prominence, so has the need for a standard reference work. Accordingly, this project has been initiated to serve as a useful introduction to and compendium of libertarian scholarship via a series of brief articles on the historical, sociological, and economic aspects of libertarianism within the broader context. As a continuation of the older tradition of classical liberalism, libertarian thinking draws on a rich body of thought and scholarship. Contemporary libertarian scholars are continuing that tradition by making substantial contributions to such fields as philosophy, jurisprudence, economics, evolutionary psychology, political theory, and history. Notably, a number of economists who profess classical liberal or libertarian views have received the Nobel Prize in recent years, such as Vernon Smith. Robert Nozick's book Anarchy, State, & Utopia sparked a tremendous debate among philosophers and has influenced moral and political theory. Evolutionary psychology has emerged as a new forum for the study of human nature, and much of that work has been pioneered by libertarian-leaning thinkers. Ronald Coase, Richard Posner, Richard Epstein, and others have revitalized the study of jurisprudence by focusing attention on incentives and on such grown institutions as property and common-law rules. Libertarians also have been active in political life, especially since the collapse of the communist states, which focused attention on problems of the formation and evolution of rights and legal institutions. The works of libertarian thinkers such as F. A. Hayek, Ayn Rand, and Milton Friedman are now available in dozens of languages, much as the works of Marx and Lenin were decades ago. Within the entries contained in this encyclopedia, readers will find overviews of all this and more.
Category: Philosophy

Rothbard A To Z

Author : Murray N. Rothbard
ISBN : 9781610167024
Genre : Business & Economics
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One of the most remarkable aspects of Murray Rothbard's career wasn't simply the power of his ideas, or his razor-sharp wit, but the sheer breadth of his knowledge. A brilliant economist, revolutionary political philosopher, bold revisionist historian, and even joyful cultural commentator, Rothbard was one of the most prolific scholars — perhaps one of the most quotable. Finally, after years of customer demand, finally, we have the ultimate Rothbard reference book: Rothbard A to Z. Considering Rothbard's 62-page bibliography — consisting of 30 full-length books, 100 full chapters for edited works, and more than 1,000 scholarly and popular articles — consuming all of his work is almost impossible. Now, thanks to Rothbard A to Z, the ability to search for Rothbard's unique views on hundreds of topics is now at your fingertips. Compiled by Edward W. Fuller and edited by David Gordon, this massive book is a must-have for any true Rothbard aficionado.
Category: Business & Economics

The Church And The Market

Author : Thomas E. Woods
ISBN : 0739110365
Genre : History
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Filling a lapse in the debate on the role of religious thought in economic theory, The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy, informed by the history of Catholic economic thought, shows that the long-seen contradiction between Catholic faith and support for the market economy does not exist.
Category: History

Economic Logic Fourth Edition

Author : Mark Skousen
ISBN : 9781621572268
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26.20 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“Eureka! Skousen has done the impossible. Students love it! I will never use another textbook again.”—Harry Veryser, University of Detroit-Mercy They said it couldn’t be done. Austrian economics is so different, they said, that it couldn’t be integrated into standard “neo-classical” textbooks. Consequently, college students learn nothing about the great Austrian economists (Mises, Hayek, Schumpeter). Professor Mark Skousen’s Economic Logic aims to change that. Based on his popular course taught at Columbia University, Skousen starts his “micro” section with Carl Menger’s “theory of the good” and the profit-and-loss income statement to explain the dynamics of the market process, entrepreneurship, and the advantages of saving. Then he uses a powerful Hayekian four-stage model of the economy to introduce “macro,” including a new Austrian measure of spending at all stages of production (Gross Domestic Expenditures). Economic Logic also offers chapters on: The international gold standard, the defects of central banking, and the Mises/Hayek theory of the business cycle. A full critique of the Keynesian Aggregate Supply and Demand (AS-AD) model, and a revolutionary Austrian alternative. Entrepreneurship, the financial markets, environmental economics, monetary policy and inflation, federal spending and taxes, and government regulation. Leaders of all schools, including Austrian, Keynesians, Marxist, Chicago, and Public Choice.
Category: Business & Economics

The Tea Party Explained

Author : Yuri Maltsev
ISBN : 9780812698381
Genre : Political Science
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The Tea Party showed its strength in the 2010 mid-terms. Despite the opposition of leading Republicans like Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, and Lindsey Graham, 140 Tea Party candidates ran for Congress. Of the sixty House seats which moved from Democratic to Republican control, twenty-eight were won by Tea Party candidates. At the movement’s height, 29 percent of Americans had “some ties” to the Tea Party, while 2 percent identified themselves as active members. The Tea Party first attracted the media spotlight with Rick Santelli’s televised rant against the government’s bailout of mortgage borrowers on February 19, 2009, which instantly went viral as a video. As the authors document, however, “tea parties” associated with the Ron Paul movement had already been gathering momentum for more than a year. Beginning as a protest against government spending sprees and ballooning deficits, the Tea Party’s sudden fame forced it to define itself on many issues where the membership was seriously divided. The Tea Party is a coalition of different outlooks, united only by belief in small, debt-free government and low taxes. Fiscal conservatives, who were usually liberal on social issues and against American military interventions, battled social conservatives, in an uneasy series of maneuvers which continues unresolved and is described in the book. The Tea Party Explained, written by two Tea Party activists who know the movement inside and out, is aimed at the intrigued and curious reader who wants to find out more about this unique phenomenon. The book gives a well-documented account of the Tea Party, its origins, its evolution, the bitter squabbles over its direction, its amazing successes in 2010, and its electoral rebuff in 2012. Maltsev and Skaskiw analyze the demographics of the Tea Party, the many organizations which have tried to represent, appropriate, or infiltrate the movement, and the ideological divisions in its ranks. The authors evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the Tea Party and its likely future impact. A movement with strong local roots in many cities, firmly supported by a quarter of the US population, will not evaporate after one big defeat, and can be counted on to influence events for decades to come.
Category: Political Science

The Golden Rule

Author : Jim Gibbons
ISBN : 0470538759
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41.9 MB
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Everything the independent investor needs to know to effectivelyinvest in gold With today's increasing economic uncertainties, a stronginvestment strategy is to put a portion of your net worth in gold.However, given investors' overall lack of knowledge about gold asan investment, as wealth insurance, or as a store of value, manyare hesitant to enter this arena. That's why Jim Gibbons has created The Golden Rule. Thisbook answers many questions, including: How do you purchase goldand in what form? Why gold now? When should you buy? And, mostimportantly, from whom? Throughout the book, Gibbons puts gold inperspective and shows you why it belongs in every investor'sportfolio. Provides practical gold investment insights from New YorkTimes bestsellers Peter Schiff, William Bonner, Doug Casey,Addison Wiggin, and James Turk as well as from leading experts inthis field including: Congressman Ron Paul, Rick Rule, Adrian Day,and many others Demystifies gold by putting it in the context of twenty-firstcentury economic realities Highlights a variety of ways to invest in gold-from miningstocks to buying gold coins and bullion With the financial markets more erratic than ever, gold appealsto investors looking for a safe haven for their assets. With TheGolden Rule as your guide, you'll quickly learn how to make thebest decisions possible with regards to this preciouscommodity.
Category: Business & Economics

Costs Of War

Author : John V. Denson
ISBN : 1412820456
Genre : United States
File Size : 85.65 MB
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The greatest accomplishment of Western civilization is arguably the achievement of individual liberty through limits on the power of the state. In the war-torn twentieth century, we rarely hear that one of the main costs of armed conflict is long-term loss of liberty to winners and losers alike. Beyond the obvious and direct costs of dead and wounded soldiers, there is the lifetime struggle of veterans to live with their nightmares and their injuries; the hidden economic costs of inflation, debts, and taxes; and more generally the damages caused to our culture, our morality, and to civilization at large. The new edition is now available in paperback, with a number of new essays. It represents a large-scale collective effort to pierce the veils of myth and propaganda to reveal the true costs of war, above all, the cost to liberty. Central to this volume are the views of Ludwig von Mises on war and foreign policy. Mises argued that war, along with colonialism and imperialism, is the greatest enemy of freedom and prosperity, and that peace throughout the world cannot be achieved until the central governments of the major nations become limited in scope and power. In the spirit of these theorems by Mises, the contributors to this volume consider the costs of war generally and assess specific corrosive effects of major American wars since the Revolution. The first section includes chapters on the theoretical and institutional dimensions of the relationship between war and society, including conscription, infringements on freedom, the military as an engine of social change, war and literature, and the right of citizens to bear arms. The second group includes reconsiderations of Lincoln and Churchill, an analysis of the anti-interventionist idea in American politics, a discussion of the meaning of the "just war," an assessment of how World War I changed the course of Western civilization, and finally two eyewitness accounts of the true horrors of actual combat by veterans of World War II. The Costs of War is unique in its combination of historical scope and timeliness for current debates about foreign policy and military intervention. It will be of interest to historians, political scientists, economists, and sociologists.
Category: United States


Author : Thomas E. Woods, Jr.
ISBN : 9781596981416
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 44.44 MB
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The author of Meltdown analyzes the 2010 midterm elections and offers a game plan for rolling back what he sees as the liberal policies of President Obama and his Democrat-controlled Congress.
Category: Political Science

The Handbook Of Energy Trading

Author : Stefano Fiorenzani
ISBN : 9781119954552
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 55.47 MB
Format : PDF
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To thrive in today's booming energy trading market you need cutting-edge knowledge of the latest energy trading strategies, backed up by rigorous testing and practical application Unique in its practical approach, The Handbook of Energy Trading is your definitive guide. It provides a valuable insight into the latest strategies for trading energy—all tried and tested in maintaining a competitive advantage—illustrated with up-to-the-minute case studies from the energy sector. The handbook takes you through the key aspects of energy trading, from operational strategies and mathematical methods to practical techniques, with advice on structuring your energy trading business to optimise success in the energy market. A unique integrated market approach by authors who combine academic theory with vast professional and practical experience Guidance on the types of energy trading strategies and instruments and how they should be used Soaring prices and increasingly complex global markets have created an explosion in the need for robust technical knowledge in the field of energy trading, derivatives, and risk management. The Handbook of Energy Trading is essential reading for all energy trading professionals, energy traders, and risk managers, and in fact anyone who has ever asked: 'what is energy trading?'
Category: Business & Economics

In Defense Of Deflation

Author : Philipp Bagus
ISBN : 9783319134284
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 33.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book analyses the causes and consequences of deflation. In contrast to the widespread belief that deflation would be harmful to the economy as a whole, the author argues that free market deflation is liberating and beneficial. Several myths of deflation are exposed and the reasons for the widespread deflation phobia that serves to justify expansionary monetary policy, i.e., inflation are investigated. Two historical case studies, the growth deflation in the US after the Civil War and the bank credit deflation in Germany during the Great Depression are discussed to illustrate the points made in the theoretical analysis of deflation.
Category: Business & Economics

Inflation Targeting

Author : John E. Baiden
ISBN : 9781469169477
Genre : Reference
File Size : 38.79 MB
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This book happens to be the authors treatise on inflation and his thesis on Inflation Targeting. The book discusses the remedies for inflation in general and inflation targeting in particular.
Category: Reference

Modern Applications Of Austrian Thought

Author : Jürgen G. Backhaus
ISBN : 9781134215706
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 78.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Austrian economics is often criticized as being hostile to empirical research and seen purely as an ideology. In contrast, the purpose of this book is to show that Austrian economics provides an interesting approach to most conceivable subjects in economics. Edited by Jürgen G. Backhaus, this comprehensive volume includes Austrian analysis of: health economics labour economics taxation business cycle theory property rights. Contributors include Roger Koppl, Bart Nooteboom, Larry Moss, Dick Wagner and Gerrit Meijer, and this significant book will prove invaluable to students of economics and will make interesting reading for applied economists in any area of application.
Category: Business & Economics

Economic Council Letter

Author : National Economic Council
ISBN : NWU:35556002670362
Genre : Economics
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Category: Economics

The Truth Seeker

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556021898341
Genre : Free thought
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Category: Free thought

Guide To Reprints

Author :
ISBN : OSU:32435072887060
Genre : Editions
File Size : 37.99 MB
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Category: Editions

What Is Money

Author : Murray Rothbard
ISBN : STANFORD:36105041795696
Genre : Paper money
File Size : 57.23 MB
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Category: Paper money


Author : Thomas E. Woods
ISBN : UOM:39076002795479
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 65.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Discusses the economic crisis, claiming that government regulation and manipulation caused the financial downturn in real estate and that further regulation and government bailouts will make the situation worse.
Category: Business & Economics

Deeper Than You Think

Author : Leonard Edward Read
ISBN : UOM:39015016974654
Genre : Social sciences
File Size : 31.66 MB
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Category: Social sciences