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What Expert Teachers Do

Author : John Loughran
ISBN : 9781136969676
Genre : Education
File Size : 75.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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How do expert teachers do it? How do they enhance student learning? How do they manage the dilemmas and tensions inherent in working with 25 different students in every lesson? Internationally respected teacher educator John Loughran argues that teachers’ knowledge of what they do is largely tacit and often misunderstood. In this book, he distils the essence of professional practice for classroom teachers. Drawing on the best research on pedagogy, he outlines the crucial principles of teaching and learning, and shows how they are translated into practice using real classroom examples. He emphasises that teaching procedures need to be part of an integrated approach, so that they are genuinely meaningful and result in learning. Throughout, he shows how teachers can engage their students in ways that create a real ‘need to know’, and a desire to become active learners. What Expert Teachers Do is for teachers who want to become really accomplished practitioners.
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The Expert Teacher

Author : Darren Mead
ISBN : 9781781353349
Genre : Education
File Size : 45.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In The Expert Teacher: Using pedagogical content knowledge to plan superb lessons, Darren Mead presents an engaging, research-informed view on which teaching strategies work best to induce long-term learning in students. ‘But what does this look like in the classroom?’ This question generally occurs to educators when they enquire into evidence-based approaches to teaching – and often they will get to the end of a teaching manual only to find that it remains unanswered. In The Expert Teacher, however, Darren Mead provides many of the answers. One of the most universally respected teachers in Britain, Darren has devoted his professional life to attaining pedagogical excellence. In this book he examines in depth what expert teachers do to help students progress their learning and strive for academic success. He lays bare the concept of pedagogical content knowledge and eloquently explains how to utilise it to overcome student misconceptions, create contexts and connections in learning and teach difficult and important content – empowering educators to transform their sub¬ject knowledge into multiple means of representing it in teachable ways. The intention of The Expert Teacher is to help teachers to reflect on what and how they plan, how they teach and how to improvise around these plans, and to pave the way for deep professional thinking about best practice. It is split into two parts – entitled How is Your Subject Learned? and Expert Teaching and Learning – and provides educators with a variety of practical tools, illuminating examples and flexible frameworks geared to help them underpin and reinforce the very ampersand in expert teaching & learning. A warning though: this book is not for teachers seeking quick fixes or superficial tricks. The Expert Teacher is for educators who are eager to experience the excitement of knowing and teaching their subject masterfully. Suitable for all teachers in all settings. Contents include: Part I: Pedagogical Content Knowledge: How is Your Subject Learned? Chapter 1. Using Pedagogical Content Knowledge to Plan to Overcome Misconceptions; Chapter 2. Using Pedagogical Content Knowledge to Create Contexts and Connections in Learning; Chapter 3. Using Pedagogical Content Knowledge to Plan to Teach Difficult and Important Knowledge; Part II: Pedagogical Content Knowledge: Expert Teaching and Learning Chapter 4. The Art of Teacher Communication: Planning What to Say and How to Say It; Chapter 5. The Act of Learning: Memory as a Process; Chapter 6. The Act of Learning: Memory as a Destination.
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Expert Teachers

Author : Andrew Goodwyn
ISBN : 9781135087456
Genre : Education
File Size : 88.15 MB
Format : PDF
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Expert Teachers is a compelling book that explores issues surrounding the concept of the expert teacher from a truly international perspective. Expert teaching, a global phenomenon that exerts significant influence on education policy and practice, has developed rapidly since the 1980s and significantly impacted many teachers’ careers. As a result, this book poses pertinent and important questions scrutinising the topic as well as considering possibilities for future models. The book reviews and expands upon issues such as: What does it mean to be an ‘expert’ teacher? What have been the most successful models of expert teaching? Is rewarding a minority of the ‘best’ teachers a sustainable method of raising standards? What is the role of expertise in furthering the aim to make teaching a ‘top tier’ career? What are the dominant and emerging models of expert teaching globally? What ways can we expect models of expert teaching to develop in the future? With case studies of specific systems, and analyses of the issues and context therein, this book offers an exceptional insight into the effects of expert teaching models – their effects on the teacher as an individual as well as standards and education policy internationally. The book argues that the current focus on pursuing misleading high-stakes test scores is underserving the teaching profession and that instead the focus for expert teaching should be grounded in issues of social justice and community wellbeing. This book will appeal greatly to current teachers, those currently undertaking teacher training and students or academics carrying out research in the field of teacher education, professional development and expertise.
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Reading Revealed

Author : Diane Stephens
ISBN : 1338538306
Genre :
File Size : 59.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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50 Expert teachers reveal the why, what and how of research-informed reading instruction, never losing sight of one indisputable fact: Reading is about constructing meaning. Award-winning literacy educators Diane Stephens, Jerome C. Harste, and Jean Anne Clyde have curated this collection of "engagements" - student-focused, easy-to-implement actions designed to energize and focus the reader in every student. Each engagement puts meaning first, ensuring that the children in your classroom approach learning strategically and with intention.

The Expert Teacher Of English

Author : Andrew Goodwyn
ISBN : 9781136920158
Genre : Education
File Size : 60.67 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Expert Teacher of English is for all passionate teachers – both novice and expert - who aspire to become outstanding professionals. It considers what we mean by ‘expert’ and ‘expertise’, explores concepts that are vital to understanding what expertise in teaching is ‘for’, and discusses the characteristics of excellent teaching. As increasing attention is being paid to the concept of the professional who can model excellent teaching and mentor and develop others, it provides a critical analysis of The Advanced Skills Teacher and the Excellent Teacher, as well as the Chartered Teacher in Scotland and the ‘highly accomplished teacher’ in the US. Ideas and issues considered include: The nature of English as a school subject What it means to be part of a profession Curriculum design, lesson planning and assessment Opportunities for technologies in the English classroom Working collaboratively with colleagues, mentoring and observation Continuing professional development and research Drawing on the views, ideas and experiences of a group of skilful teachers, The Expert Teacher of English aims to stimulate personal and professional development, help you reflect on the concept of expertise, and support you as you develop as a highly accomplished teacher.
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West Meets East Best Practices From Expert Teachers In The U S And China

Author : Leslie Grant
ISBN : 9781416618201
Genre : Education
File Size : 77.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The United States and China: two nations drastically different in demographics, history, political structures, and education systems. Despite these differences, educators in each country have discovered they have much to learn from one another. The United States looks east and is captivated by the high assessment scores that many Chinese students achieve. China looks west and is enamored with how the United States fosters innovation and creativity in students. Teachers are increasingly looking across borders to expand, adapt, and offer their students a more balanced education. West Meets East is based on the fundamental premise that strong teaching is at the heart of educational quality and that we all benefit from understanding the practices and professional thinking of exemplary teachers. With this in mind, Grant and her colleagues set out to discover which beliefs and strategies of effective teachers can cross the cultural divide and help students in each nation make breakthrough advances. As educators, it's important to understand that even though we're setting new goals and improving outcomes, excellence is a moving target. In the globally connected 21st century, educational innovations in one country can reset the bar for students around the world. Only by learning from one another can we be sure all our students remain competitive and successful.
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Teaching Struggling Readers

Author : Carol A. Lyons
ISBN : 0325004358
Genre : Education
File Size : 48.62 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Lyons does a masterful job of introducing teachers to the concepts, categories, language, and arguments pertaining to the brain's control of what readers do. She offers a new way of thinking about learning, about how the mind develops, and about what teachers can do to reach struggling readers.
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Learning Targets

Author : Connie M. Moss
ISBN : 9781416614814
Genre : Education
File Size : 37.48 MB
Format : PDF
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In Learning Targets, Connie M. Moss and Susan M. Brookhart contend that improving student learning and achievement happens in the immediacy of an individual lesson--what they call "today's lesson"—or it doesn't happen at all. The key to making today's lesson meaningful? Learning targets. Written from students' point of view, a learning target describes a lesson-sized chunk of information and skills that students will come to know deeply. Each lesson's learning target connects to the next lesson's target, enabling students to master a coherent series of challenges that ultimately lead to important curricular standards. Drawing from the authors' extensive research and professional learning partnerships with classrooms, schools, and school districts, this practical book - Situates learning targets in a theory of action that students, teachers, principals, and central-office administrators can use to unify their efforts to raise student achievement and create a culture of evidence-based, results-oriented practice. - Provides strategies for designing learning targets that promote higher-order thinking and foster student goal setting, self-assessment, and self-regulation. - Explains how to design a strong performance of understanding, an activity that produces evidence of students' progress toward the learning target. - Shows how to use learning targets to guide summative assessment and grading. Learning Targets also includes reproducible planning forms, a classroom walk-through guide, a lesson-planning process guide, and guides to teacher and student self-assessment. What students are actually doing during today's lesson is both the source of and the yardstick for school improvement efforts. By applying the insights in this book to your own work, you can improve your teaching expertise and dramatically empower all students as stakeholders in their own learning.
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Understanding Expertise In Teaching

Author : Amy Tsui
ISBN : 3125392187
Genre : Anglais (Langue) - Étude et enseignement - Allophones - Cas, Études de
File Size : 45.75 MB
Format : PDF
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The Teacher As Expert

Author : Robert Welker
ISBN : 0791407977
Genre : Education
File Size : 35.10 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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At a time of increasing pressure for teachers to become more professional and more technically competent, this book examines in a critical fashion whether teachers should be considered experts. Written in straightforward and accessible prose, Welker examines the concept of expertise through the ideas of notable educational thinkers in the twentieth century--beginning with E.P. Cubberley and George S. Counts and concluding with a chapter on critical theory and the ideas of Maxine Greene and Henry Giroux. Other chapters examine such thinkers as Willard Waller, Daniel Lortie, Alan Tom, Philip Jackson, and Ivan Illich. Each chapter establishes an historical and ideological context and evaluates how the social character of the expert matches the responsibilities. While the idea of the teacher assuming the role of educational expert is gaining increased credibility in the current reform movement, this book shows that the concept fails to describe the senses of moral and social competence required of the teacher. Also the notion of the expert teacher might stand in the way of teachers forming the type of public partnerships necessary for them to complete their tasks adequately.
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