Wars Of Plunder

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Wars Of Plunder

Author : Philippe Le Billon
ISBN : 0231800266
Genre : Business & Economics
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From Angola and Iraq to Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, resource-rich countries with high incidences of poverty are prone to devastating outbreaks of war. The character of these conflicts is highly idiosyncratic, and the response of the international community is fascinatingly complex. Philippe Le Billon traces the specific burden of owning the world's most precious resources and the effect of resource politics on the development of war. He also takes a frank look at the international context surrounding such conflicts and its possible underlying motives. Le Billon focuses on three key resources----oil, diamonds, and timber----and the circumstances that link their abundance to war. He discusses the role of resource revenue in financing belligerent forces, a trend that has grown more conspicuous with the withdrawal of Cold War foreign sponsorship. While the "War on Terror" has altered the terms of military assistance and the nature of war's internationalization, many belligerent actors continue to rely on the profits of "conflict resources" to survive. Le Billon also examines the exploitation of resources and its creation of unrest.
Category: Business & Economics

Civilians And War In Europe 1618 1815

Author : Erica Charters
ISBN : 9781781388938
Genre : History
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Civilians and War in Europe 1618-1815 examines the relationship between civilians and warfare from the start of the Thirty Years War to the end of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. The volume interrogates received narratives of warfare that identify the development of modern 'total' war with the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, and instead considers the continuities and transformations in warfare over the course of two hundred years. The contributors examine prisoners of war, the cultures of plunder, the tensions of billeting, and war-time atrocities throughout England, France, Spain, and the German territories. They also explore the legal practices surrounding the conduct and aftermath of war; representations of civilians, soldiers, and militias; and the philosophical underpinnings of warfare. They probe what it meant to be a civilian in territories beset by invasion and civil war or in times when 'peace' at home was accompanied by almost continuous military engagement abroad. Their accounts show us civilians not only as anguished sufferers, but also directly involved with war: fighting back with shocking violence, profiting from war-time needs, and negotiating for material and social redress. And they show us individuals and societies coming to terms with the moral and political challenges posed by the business of drawing lines between 'civilians' and 'soldiers'. With contributors drawn from the fields of political and legal theory, literature and the visual arts, and military, political, social, and cultural history, this volume will appeal to all those with an interest in the history of warfare and the evolution of the idea of the civilian.
Category: History

Prohibiting Plunder

Author : Wayne Sandholtz
ISBN : 0199725470
Genre : Art
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For much of history, the rules of war decreed that "to the victor go the spoils." The winners in warfare routinely seized for themselves the artistic and cultural treasures of the defeated; plunder constituted a marker of triumph. By the twentieth century, international norms declared the opposite, that cultural monuments should be shielded from destruction or seizure. Prohibiting Plunder traces and explains the emergence of international rules against wartime looting of cultural treasures, and explores how anti-plunder norms have developed over the past 200 years. The book covers highly topical events including the looting of thousands of antiquities from the Iraqi National Museum in Baghdad, and the return of "Holocaust Art" by prominent museums, including the highly publicized return of five Klimt paintings from the Austrian Gallery to a Holocaust survivor. The historical narrative includes first-hand reports, official documents, and archival records. Equally important, the book uncovers the debates and negotiations that produced increasingly clear and well-defined anti-plunder norms. The historical accounts in Prohibiting Plunder serve as confirming examples of an important dynamic of international norm change. Rules evolve in cycles; in each cycle, specific actions trigger arguments about the meaning and application of rules, and those arguments in turn modify the rules. International norms evolve through a succession of such cycles, each one drawing on previous developments and each one reshaping the normative context for subsequent actions and disputes. Prohibiting Plunder shows how historical episodes interlinked to produce modern, treaty-based rules against wartime plunder of cultural treasures.
Category: Art

The Costs Of War

Author : John V. Denson
ISBN : 9780765804877
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 40.85 MB
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The greatest accomplishment of Western civilization is arguably the achievement of individual liberty through limits on the power of the state. In the war-torn twentieth century, we rarely hear that one of the main costs of armed conflict is long-term loss of liberty to winners and losers alike. Beyond the obvious and direct costs of dead and wounded soldiers, there is the lifetime struggle of veterans to live with their nightmares and their injuries; the hidden economic costs of inflation, debts, and taxes; and more generally the damages caused to our culture, our morality, and to civilization at large. The new edition is now available in paperback, with a number of new essays. It represents a large-scale collective effort to pierce the veils of myth and propaganda to reveal the true costs of war, above all, the cost to liberty. Central to this volume are the views of Ludwig von Mises on war and foreign policy. Mises argued that war, along with colonialism and imperialism, is the greatest enemy of freedom and prosperity, and that peace throughout the world cannot be achieved until the central governments of the major nations become limited in scope and power. In the spirit of these theorems by Mises, the contributors to this volume consider the costs of war generally and assess specific corrosive effects of major American wars since the Revolution. The first section includes chapters on the theoretical and institutional dimensions of the relationship between war and society, including conscription, infringements on freedom, the military as an engine of social change, war and literature, and the right of citizens to bear arms. The second group includes reconsiderations of Lincoln and Churchill, an analysis of the anti-interventionist idea in American politics, a discussion of the meaning of the "just war," an assessment of how World War I changed the course of Western civilization, and finally two eyewitness accounts of the true horrors of actual combat by veterans of World War II. The Costs of War is unique in its combination of historical scope and timeliness for current debates about foreign policy and military intervention. It will be of interest to historians, political scientists, economists, and sociologists.
Category: Technology & Engineering

The Congo

Author : Georges Nzongola-Ntalaja
ISBN : 1842770535
Genre : History
File Size : 82.81 MB
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The people of the Congo have suffered from a particularly brutal colonial rule, American interference after independence, decades of robbery at the hands of the dictator Mobutu and periodic warfare which continues even now in the East of the country. But, as this insightful political history makes clear, the Congolese people have not taken these multiple oppressions lying down and have fought over many years to establish democratic institutions at home and free themselves from foreign exploitation; indeed these are two aspects of a single project.
Category: History

A History Of Water Rights At Common Law

Author : Joshua Getzler
ISBN : 0198265816
Genre : Law
File Size : 86.88 MB
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Water resources were central to England's precocious economic development in the thirteenth and sixteenth centuries, and then again in the industrial, transport, and urban revolutions of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Each of these periods saw a great deal of legal conflict over water rights, often between domestic, agricultural, and manufacturing interests competing for access to flowing water. From 1750 the common-law courts developed a large but unstable body of legal doctrine, specifying strong property rights in flowing water attached to riparian possession, and also limited rights to surface and underground waters. The new water doctrines were built from older concepts of common goods and the natural rights of ownership, deriving from Roman and Civilian law, together with the English sources of Bracton and Blackstone. Water law is one of the most Romanesque parts of English law, demonstrating the extent to which Common and Civilian law have commingled. Water law stands as a refutation of the still-common belief that English and European law parted ways irreversibly in the twelfth century. Getzler also describes the economic as well as the legal history of water use from early times, and examines the classical problem of the relationship between law and economic development. He suggests that water law was shaped both by the impact of technological innovations and by economic ideology, but above all by legalism.
Category: Law

Graphic Worlds Of Peter Bruegel The Elder

Author : H. Arthur Klein
ISBN : 9780486795416
Genre : Art
File Size : 36.31 MB
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Unique survey of best works by16th-century Flemish printmaker presents 64 engravings and one woodcut, each accompanied by an informative essay. Subjects include landscapes, ships and the sea, peasants, humor, and religion.
Category: Art

Genghis Khan And The Mongol War Machine

Author : Chris Peers
ISBN : 9781473853829
Genre : History
File Size : 68.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The military might, tactics, and philosophy of Khan is explored in this “fine read” and “useful source for Mongolian . . . and medieval studies in general” (De Re Militari). As a soldier, general, statesman, and empire-builder, Genghis Khan is a near-mythical figure. His remarkable achievements and his ruthless methods have given rise to a monstrous reputation. But who was the man behind the legend? As historian Chris Peers shows in this concise and authoritative study, Genghis Khan possessed exceptional gifts as a leader and manager of men—ranking among the greatest military commanders in history. But he can only be properly understood in terms of the Mongol society and traditions he was born into. Here, the leader’s world is explored—from the military and cultural background of the Mongols, to the nature of steppe societies and their armies, and their relation to other peoples and cultures. The book also looks in detail at the military skills, tactics, and ethos of the Mongol soldiers, and at the advantages and disadvantages they had in combat with the soldiers of other civilizations. For anyone who wants to go beyond the myth of the man who almost conquered the world and learn the real life story behind it, this comprehensive study offers a fascinating perspective on Genghis Khan as a man and a general, and on the armies he led.
Category: History

Writing And Reading War

Author : Brad E. Kelle
ISBN : STANFORD:36105131762390
Genre : Religion
File Size : 69.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Paperback edition is available from the Society of Biblical Literature (www.sbl-site.org)
Category: Religion

Voyage Of Plunder

Author : Michele Torrey
ISBN : 9780307548801
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 22.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Daniel Markham loved his father’s mysterious friends, visiting in the dead of night but always gone by morning. He never imagined they could be pirates. But when the Markhams’ merchant vessel is plundered by the pirate ship Tempest Galley and his father shot dead in an act of revenge, Daniel can’t deny the truth. And now, orphaned and alone, Daniel is trapped and faced with a choice: Join the crew or die. Unprepared for the temptations of pirate life and for the captain’s inexplicable kindness toward him, Daniel knows only one thing for certain: One false step on a pirate ship could be deadly, and he’ll do anything to stay alive. From the Hardcover edition.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Reports From Committees

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
ISBN : OXFORD:555100613
Genre :
File Size : 77.43 MB
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The Middle Ages In Texts And Texture

Author : Jason Glenn
ISBN : 9781442604926
Genre : History
File Size : 59.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Middle Ages in Texts and Texture is an introduction to medieval Europe unlike any other. These 26 essays, written by accomplished scholars all trained at the University of California, Berkeley, reflect on medieval texts and the opportunities they present for exploration of the Middle Ages. Introduced in a foreword by Thomas N. Bisson (Harvard University), these essays present a textured picture of the medieval world and offer models for how to reflect fruitfully on medieval sources. To help orient the reader, three maps, the editor's introduction, and an index are provided.
Category: History

Sea Plunder

Author : H. de Vere Stacpoole
ISBN : 9781434411181
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 51.92 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Henry De Vere Stacpoole's (1863-1951) best known work is the 1908 romance novel The Blue Lagoon, which has been adapted for film three times. His 1917 Sea Plunder tells the story of Captain Blood, a reckless Irishman, hired to skipper a cable-laying ship in a mysterious private venture.
Category: Fiction

The Civil War In The West

Author : Earl J. Hess
ISBN : 9780807869840
Genre : History
File Size : 47.40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Western theater of the Civil War, rich in agricultural resources and manpower and home to a large number of slaves, stretched 600 miles north to south and 450 miles east to west from the Appalachians to the Mississippi. If the South lost the West, there would be little hope of preserving the Confederacy. Earl J. Hess's comprehensive study of how Federal forces conquered and held the West examines the geographical difficulties of conducting campaigns in a vast land, as well as the toll irregular warfare took on soldiers and civilians alike. Hess balances a thorough knowledge of the battle lines with a deep understanding of what was happening within the occupied territories. In addition to a mastery of logistics, Union victory hinged on making use of black manpower and developing policies for controlling constant unrest while winning campaigns. Effective use of technology, superior resource management, and an aggressive confidence went hand in hand with Federal success on the battlefield. In the end, Confederates did not have the manpower, supplies, transportation potential, or leadership to counter Union initiatives in this critical arena.
Category: History

Protect Or Plunder

Author : Vandana Shiva
ISBN : 1842771094
Genre : Law
File Size : 63.84 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Vandana Shiva shows how the protection of intellectual property is being transformed into corporate plunder, looking at how Western-inspired laws do not stimulate human creativity or knowledge. This compelling book looks at what ideas, technologies, and inventions can be exploited for profit by giant corporations in “knowledge economy.” This book highlights why popular resistance around the world is rising to the WTO that polices this new intellectual world order, and the pharmaceutical, biotech, and other corporations which dominate it—and the new technologies they are foisting upon humans.
Category: Law

Plunder And Pillage

Author : Harold Horwood
ISBN : 9780887809491
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 62.57 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Plenty of fast-paced action by lawless pillagers and opportunists
Category: Biography & Autobiography