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War Trade With The Pharaohs

Author : Garry J Shaw
ISBN : 9781473885837
Genre : History
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The ancient Egyptians presented themselves as superior to all other people in the world; on temple walls, the pharaoh is shown smiting foreign enemies – people from Nubia, Libya and the Levant – or crushing them beneath his chariot. Officially, foreigners represented disorder and chaos – the opposite of Egypt’s perfect land of justice and order. But despite such imagery, from the beginning of their history, the Egyptians also enjoyed friendly relations with neighboring cultures; both Egyptians and foreigners crossed the deserts and seas exchanging goods gathered from across the known world. They shared knowledge and technology, and sometimes settled abroad, marrying and acculturating. Through such interactions, the Egyptians influenced other cultures, and at the same time were themselves shaped by foreign contacts and external events. War & Trade with the Pharaohs explores Egypt’s connections with the wider world over the course of 3,000 years, introducing readers to ancient diplomacy, travel, trade, warfare, domination, and immigration – both Egyptians living abroad and foreigners living in Egypt. It covers military campaigns and trade in periods of strength – including such important events as the Battle of Qadesh under Ramesses II and Hatshepsut’s trading mission to the mysterious land of Punt – and Egypt’s foreign relations during times of political weakness, when foreign dynasties ruled parts of the country. From early interactions with traders on desolate desert tracks, to sunken Mediterranean trading vessels, the Nubian Kingdom of Kerma, Nile fortresses, the Sea Peoples, and Persian satraps, there is always a rich story to tell behind Egypt’s foreign relations.
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Corporate Pharaohs A Vicious Circle Of Globalization

Author : Dr. Richard Brinkman
ISBN : 9781483621418
Genre : Business & Economics
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Richard received his education on the East Coast: A Master's degree at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and a Ph.D. in Economics at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, N.J. Both Richard and June were raised in the inner city of Newark, went to the same high school, and were married in 1954. June received a bachelor's degree from Portland State University and a Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, both in Sociology. This interconnection between the economic and sociological permeates their basic research focus which, overall, is directed toward an analysis of the dynamics of culture evolution. Richard's and June's current research interests relate to the interrelation between globalization and culture.
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How Did The Pharaohs Of The Saite Period Deploy And Use Greek Mercenaries What Evidence Is Available

Author : Michael Gärtner
ISBN : 9783638194983
Genre : History
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Essay from the year 2003 in the subject History - World History - Early and Ancient History, grade: 66 %, University of Wales, Aberystwyth (Department of Classics), 49 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: Early Saite Pharaohs possibly employed Greek mercenaries, but there is no validated confirmation1 of this. Moreover, in the 26th dynasty, Egypt entered a period of unquestionable artistic brilliance and prosperity and became a powerful state. The primary resource for this period is Herodotus, Book Two. There is no evidence that a link between Egypt and Greece existed, but it is a possibility which might go back to the “Mycenaean period”2or even the “third millennium BC”3. If there was a link it broke down and became non-existent or even became hostile4 in the “Dark Ages”5. Apart from those early contacts, the first time we hear of Greeks, especially as mercenaries in Egypt, is under Psammetichos I, when “Greeks had access to the country”6. Traders followed the mercenaries and commerce between the Greek and Egyptian worlds which prospered once again. Before the Peloponnesian War, the Greek cities had no significant skill in extended7 campaigns or distant expeditions. Their fighting consisted of mainly small struggles on a medium to small scale. In any battle citizens might be called in to fight according to their standing in their city as cavalry, infantry or skirmishers. So, nearly everybody was familiar with warfare but only some of those who chose to develop into experts became mercenaries. Generally, these mercenary activities were accepted as sources “of profits and were practised for that reason”8. These soldiers barely existed aside from in foreign armies. In the Greek tradition, the Carians were seen as the first9 mercenaries, “who originated wearing crests on their helmets and devices on their shields, and who first made grips for their shields”10. [...] 1 Sullivan, p. 177. 2 Chamoux, p. 87, Sullivan, p. 185 and MacGillivray, p. 81 ff. 3 Cartledge, p. 48. 4 Sullivan, p. 185. 5 Chamoux, p. 87. 6 Chamoux, p. 87. 7 Sage, p. 19 f. 8 Sage, p. xi. 9 Griffith, p. 236. 10 Hdt., I.171.
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World History

Author : Burton F. Beers
ISBN : 0139680179
Genre : Civilization, Western
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A textbook history of the world focusing on the development of various civilizations.
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General Economic History

Author : Max Weber
ISBN : 9780486147765
Genre : Business & Economics
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DIVStarting with descriptions and analyses of the agrarian systems, the famed economist explores manorial system, guilds, and early capitalism, organization of industry and mining, development of commerce, the transporting of goods, and more. /div
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Solomon Pharaoh Of Egypt

Author : Ralph Ellis
ISBN : 9781905815234
Genre : History
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===epub format=== . There are indisputable links between the Egyptian and Judaic royal lines demonstrating that King David and King Solomon were actually kings of a unified Egypto-Judaic nation. This is why there is no evidence for these monarchs in the archaeology of modern Israel; for the evidence, including the tombs, sarcophagi and death-masks of these famous monarchs, are actually located in the north eastern Nile Delta. The Queen of Sheba was also related to this royal line and, as befitting the great 'Queen of the South', her sarcophagus was discovered at Deir el Bahri in Luxor. The book also shows the location of King Solomon's Mines and the true historical identity of Hiram Abif, the hero of the Masonic 3rd degree. Followed by "Eden in Egypt". L
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