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Walking Art Practice

Author : Ernesto Pujol
ISBN : 1911193368
Genre : Mindfulness (Psychology)
File Size : 21.83 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Artists are trying to move away from the influence of competitive corporate culture that has increasingly defined art as an abrasive urban career. Artists are trying to replace this with the humbler notion of art as a practice, as a mindful way of life, consisting of consciously creative gestures, visible and invisible, large and small. Art practice is a private and public, selfless and generous, creative life process resulting in a conscious cultural product." "Walking Art Practice" brings together the author's experiences as a monk, performance artist, social choreographer and educator. It serves as a provocation, walkers' manifesto, and teaching guide for walking as a mindful cultural activity and as mindful cultural activism. It is an inspirational text for artists, art students and anyone who loves to walk. Ernesto Pujol combines elements from an art book, field journal and walkers' manifesto. It is a text for performative artists, art students, and all who walk as cultural activism. This book is an invitation to: Rethink what it means to walk and explore different ways in which to walk as: a cultural practice; a meditative practice; a radical practice; art; healing; and social engagement; Reconsider how to attend to the inner and outer landscape whilst walking; Treat walking as a performance resource; Walk as an everyday pilgrimage; Walk slowly, walk in and with awareness, walk with and without skill, walk to regain and to lose. [Subject: Performance Art, Walking, Meditation]
Category: Mindfulness (Psychology)

Walking Methods

Author : Maggie O'Neill
ISBN : 9781317295020
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 48.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book introduces and critically explores walking as an innovative method for doing social research, showing how its sensate and kinaesthetic attributes facilitate connections with lived experiences, journeys and memories, communities and identities. The book situates walking methods historically, sociologically, and in relation to biographical and arts-based research, as well as new work on mobilities, the digital, spatial, and the sensory. The book is organised into three sections: theorising; experiencing; and imagining walking as a new method for doing biographical research. There is a key focus upon the Walking Interview as a Biographical Method (WIBM) on the move to usefully explore migration, memory, and urban landscapes, as part of participatory, visual, and ethnographic research with marginalised communities and artists and as re-formative and transgressive. The book concludes with autobiographical walks taken by the authors and a discussion about the future of the walking interview as biographical method. Walking Methods combines theory with a series of original ethnographic and participatory research examples. Practical exercises and a guide to using walking as a method help to make this a rich resource for social science researchers, students, walking artists, and biographical researchers.
Category: Social Science

Dreaming Healing And Imaginative Arts Practice

Author : Kathleen Anne Connellan
ISBN : 9781351775717
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 78.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In Dreaming, Healing and Imaginative Arts Practice, Kathleen Anne Connellan brings dream theory together with art practice and art psychotherapy to demonstrate how releasing the imagination can open-up processes of healing. In this interdisciplinary and richly innovative book, Connellan focuses on nocturnal dreams, day dreams, memory and reverie, and she explores how to access, depict and use these dream images to discover personal healing. Unlike other dream journals, Connellan encourages visual recording and personal experimentation with a variety of materials and modalities, regardless of artistic ability. Each chapter is divided into a theoretical and practical half, where the theoretical section addresses the foundations of dream theory and philosophy, and the practical section offers step-by-step exercises that lead you to the creation of something restorative. Connellan covers a theme in each chapter which helps merge the unconscious with the conscious: the nature of dreaming and the constitution of the psyche, the archetype and our shadow selves, belonging, moving, pain and pleasure, and all the senses in remembering. Dreaming, Healing and Imaginative Arts Practice is a unique blend of scholarly research, beautiful illustration and hands-on practicality that allows the reader to interpret their dreams for self-expression and self-knowledge. This work will be of great interest to those studying post-graduate psychology, social work, art and arts therapy, and an essential resource for art therapists, creative therapists, alternative psychotherapists and social workers in practice and in training.
Category: Psychology

The Fl Neur And Education Research

Author : Alexandra Lasczik Cutcher
ISBN : 9783319728384
Genre : Education
File Size : 24.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This book creatively and critically explores the figure of the flâneur and its place within educational scholarship. The flâneur is used as a generative metaphor and a prompt for engaging the unknown through embodied engagement, the politics of space, mindful walking and ritual. The chapters in this collection explore sensorial qualities of place and place-making, urban spaces and places, walking as relational practice, walking as ritual, thinking photographically, the creative and narrative qualities of flâneurial walking, and issues of power, gender, and class in research practices. In doing so, the editors and contributors examine how flâneurial walking can be viewed as a creative, relational, place-making practice. Engaging the flâneur as an influential and recurring historical figure allows and expands upon generative ways of thinking about educational inquiry. Furthermore, attending to the flâneur provides a way of provoking researchers to recognize and consider salient political issues that impact educational access and equity.
Category: Education

Arts Based Educational Research And Qualitative Inquiry

Author : Thalia M. Mulvihill
ISBN : 9781000725742
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 69.51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Arts-Based Educational Research and Qualitative Inquiry introduces novice qualitative researchers, within education and related fields, to arts-based educational research (ABER). Abundant prompts and exercises are provided to help readers apply the concepts and experiment with various applications of the ideas presented. The authors walk the path with novice researchers offering a variety of approaches to the practice of arts-based methods, while providing a guided overview of ABER, and include pedagogical features in each chapter. Exercises are designed to assist educational researchers who wish to expand their repertoire of methodologies. The authors also weave into the discussion the possibilities and limitations of many types of arts-based methods while introducing readers to the growing methodological literature. By offering a tapestry of ways to engage the novice researcher, the book illustrates that it is not always possible to separate cognitive findings from aesthetic knowing. This book will help qualitative researchers to expand their methodologies to include arts-based approaches to their projects and by doing so reshape their identities as qualitative researchers. It also offers some evaluative criteria and tool kits for experimenting with various arts and educational research.
Category: Social Science

Contemporary Art In Heritage Spaces

Author : Nick Cass
ISBN : 9780429624384
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 55.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Contemporary Art in Heritage Spaces considers the challenges that accompany an assessment of the role of contemporary art in heritage contexts, whilst also examining ways to measure and articulate the impact and value of these intersections in the future. Presenting a variety of perspectives from a broad range of creative and cultural industries, this book examines case studies from the past decade where contemporary art has been sited within heritage spaces. Exploring the impact of these instances of intersection, and the thinking behind such moments of confluence, it provides an insight into a breadth of experiences – from curator, producer, and practitioner to visitor – of exhibitions where this juncture between contemporary art and heritage plays a crucial and critical role. Themes covered in the book include interpretation, soliciting and measuring audience responses, tourism and the visitor economy, regeneration agendas, heritage research, marginalised histories, and the legacy of exhibitions. Contemporary Art in Heritage Spaces will be essential reading for academics and students engaged in the study of museum and heritage studies and contemporary art around the globe. Museum practitioners and artists should also find much to interest them within the pages of this volume. Chapter 9 of this book is available for free in PDF format as Open Access from the individual product page at www.routledge.com. It has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 license
Category: Social Science

Embodied And Walking Pedagogies

Author : Kim Snepvangers
ISBN : 1863351310
Genre : Art
File Size : 41.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Research and explorations in walking, visual and embodied ways of knowing for transformative learning.
Category: Art

Morning Altars A 7 Step Practice To Nourish Your Spirit Through Nature Art And Ritual

Author : Day Schildkret
ISBN : 9781682682524
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 57.59 MB
Format : PDF
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Return to the earth with beautiful photographs and inspirational text. “Morning altars” are colorful mandalas that combine nature, art, and meditation. Incorporating the natural world into the everyday encourages positive well- being, even with the simplest of the earth’s gifts, such as leaves, flowers, berries, feathers, and stones. These stunning pieces of art are a peaceful and creative avenue to express gratitude for nature, to practice mindfulness, and to add meaning to daily life. In this book, Day Schildkret guides readers through the creation of morning altars, a seven- step process that includes wondering and wandering, place meditation, clearing space, creating, gifting, walking away, and sharing his art with others. Since his first morning altar, Schildkret has built hundreds more. His work has been warmly received on social media and he teaches workshops on altar building, all with the intention of sharing the positivity and beauty they have brought to his life.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Art As Adventure

Author : James P. Werner
ISBN : 152750297X
Genre : Art and geography
File Size : 63.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume represents a collection of six essays written by artists and art historians about journeys to places and methods of practice that challenge perceived taxonomies. The artist as traveler has deep historical precedents as contemporary art production today, and has historically followed political, economic, and cultural expansion. The role of the artist as witness, reporter, geographer, collector, and educator exemplifies the significance of mobility, geographic and cultural mediation in the productions of art and visual culture, and the critical questions raised as a result. The book encompasses a variety of perspectives on how artist-travelers have embraced and contextualized the places, people, cultures and overall experiences encountered on their journeys. Each chapter unveils different and unique approaches which artists have taken in reacting and creating as part of a journey in which they are often the outsiders to the culture and place. Visual mappings conveying geo-locative walking data, recreations of indigenous ritual as installation, participatory video installations uncovering community perspectives, and a reflective diary about walking across lands affected by natural disaster are some of ways these artists and historians examine the experiences the artists have encountered abroad. Each piece is completely unique, yet united in the act of journey and pursuit of alternative narrative born of the experience.
Category: Art and geography

Embodying The Dead

Author : Claire Hind
ISBN : 1137602910
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 26.90 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Where do we find the dead? Do the dead appear in our dreams? What is it like to play dead? This book is an exciting exploration of the relationship between death and play in performance. Exploring a range of artists and creative disciplines that remember, personify and re-imagine the dead, it playfully unpacks the psychoanalytic concepts of the Death Drive, Desire and the Uncanny as a way of thinking about performance. Embodying the Dead draws on work of Gary Winters and Claire Hind and the various qualities of deadness found in their projects. The authors' work includes live art, theatre, installation, Super 8mm film, walking arts practice and durational performance. This book includes scripts and scores of their performances, original creative texts, interviews with internationally renowned artists and a series of practice-led research tasks to support readers creating their own imaginative performance work. Rich in creative and critical content, this book is ideal for students of Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies who have an interest in devised theatre, theatre making, writing for performance and intermedial practice.
Category: Performing Arts