Waking Up In 5d

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Waking Up In 5d

Author : Maureen J. St. Germain
ISBN : 9781591432890
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 35.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Tools and teachings to guide you in the transition from the polarized mindset of the 3rd dimension to the joy and love of 5th dimensional vibrations • Explains how to recognize the 5D experiences you’ve already had, identify the differences between 3D linear thinking and 5D multidimensional thinking, and turn 3D viewpoints around to expand your perception of what is possible • Includes exercises to protect your energies, especially while sleeping, and Sacred Geometry meditations to open yourself to higher frequencies • Reveals how to develop a Higher Self connection, increase your sensitivity to dimensional signatures, and consciously choose 5D, where love is the governing force We are all transitioning from the narrowly-focused and polarized awareness of the Third Dimension and waking up to the higher vibrations and abilities of the Fifth Dimension. Each of us has already experienced 5D: Think about your most memorable and uplifting experiences of the recent past--where everything went well, interactions were harmonious and loving, and all felt blissful and happy--that’s 5D. For some, the shift is sudden and permanent, but for many of us, the change is gradual, coming in fleeting moments and waves. In this ascension manual, spiritual teacher Maureen J. St. Germain explains how to shift your energetic patterns and choose to permanently anchor yourself in the joy, love, and kindness of 5D. Guiding you through the opportunities the Fifth Dimension has to offer, the author reveals how to develop a Higher Self connection, increase your sensitivity to dimensional signatures, and consciously choose 5D, where love is the governing force. She shows how 5D relates to 3D as well as to 4D, the transitional dimension between the two, and explains how to read the energy patterns that distinguish one dimension from the next as well as how to experience multiple dimensions simultaneously. She explores how to identify the differences between “good vs. evil” polarized 3D linear thinking and dynamic 5D multidimensional thinking and how to turn 3D viewpoints around to expand your perception of what is possible. Offering eye-opening stories of 5D experiences from students and inspiring information from her spirit guides, the author also details exercises to protect your energies, especially while sleeping, and provides Sacred Geometry meditations to activate your 8th chakra and open yourself to higher frequencies. She also explores how awakening to 5D allows you to form a strong bond to global consciousness, so your personal transformations will have a more profound impact on the people in your circle, and beyond.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Waking Up In 5d

Author : Maureen St. Germain
ISBN : 0991189817
Genre :
File Size : 29.90 MB
Format : PDF
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The game has changed! Now you get to control the experience called life. Do you want full access? If so what will you do with it? With this 5D knowledge you can take advantage of skill sets allowing you to become more plugged in to the new game in town. Everyone is playing whether they know it or not, so why not play to succeed? What happens if you don't know there is a new game? You might do pretty well by chance, however if you know and understand how the game has changed the playing becomes a lot more fun! Why not opt in?

Activating Your 5d Frequency

Author : Judith Corvin-Blackburn
ISBN : 9781591433811
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 77.35 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A guide to navigating the transition from 3D to 5D and reclaiming the ancient powers of love, creativity, and unity consciousness lying dormant in our DNA • Details what is happening psychologically, emotionally, and socially with the dimensional shift and provides a vision of life on 5D Earth • Offers transformative activations and tools to meet the psycho-spiritual demands of this transition, including identifying and integrating the shadow self, healing emotional wounds, and discovering higher frequencies • Explains how to navigate the Ascension process, especially in terms of handling emotions, resistances, and fears, and how to welcome these new frequencies We are in a time of great transition. Higher frequency light is flooding our planet, awakening large numbers to reclaim our original nature as fifth-dimensional humans. As 5D humans, we live from our heart’s wisdom, from Unity Consciousness, unconditional love, and unbridled creativity. 5D humans have highly developed inner senses of empathy, telepathy, clairvoyance, and clairsentience--qualities that are opening for many as we go through this dimensional shift. While this journey is exciting, its demands can be overwhelming. In this hands-on guide to activating the 5D potential lying dormant in our DNA, Judith Corvin-Blackburn shows us how to navigate the Ascension process, including how to handle emotions, resistances, and fears and welcome our 5D frequencies. Using the 9-dimensional-axis theory first explored by Barbara Hand Clow, the author details what is happening psychologically, emotionally, and socially with the dimensional shift, including revealing the denser, pain-inducing frequency of being a 3D human and the challenges of the 4th dimension. She offers transformative activations and tools to explore and master the psycho-spiritual demands of this transition, including identifying and integrating the shadow self, healing emotional wounds that hold us back, and discovering higher frequencies and the cellular vibration of unconditional love and Oneness. Once we reclaim ourselves as loving, conscious, creator beings and realize we are part of a global 5D team, together we can consciously help co-create a New Earth by anchoring the 5D frequency in both our inner and outer worlds.
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Intelligence Unbound

Author : Russell Blackford
ISBN : 9781118736418
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 37.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Intelligence Unbound explores the prospects, promises, and potential dangers of machine intelligence and uploaded minds in a collection of state-of-the-art essays from internationally recognized philosophers, AI researchers, science fiction authors, and theorists. Compelling and intellectually sophisticated exploration of the latest thinking on Artificial Intelligence and machine minds Features contributions from an international cast of philosophers, Artificial Intelligence researchers, science fiction authors, and more Offers current, diverse perspectives on machine intelligence and uploaded minds, emerging topics of tremendous interest Illuminates the nature and ethics of tomorrow’s machine minds—and of the convergence of humans and machines—to consider the pros and cons of a variety of intriguing possibilities Considers classic philosophical puzzles as well as the latest topics debated by scholars Covers a wide range of viewpoints and arguments regarding the prospects of uploading and machine intelligence, including proponents and skeptics, pros and cons
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Opening The Akashic Records

Author : Maureen J. St. Germain
ISBN : 9781591433392
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 32.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A clear and simple manual of precise instructions for accessing the Akashic Records and confirming the accuracy of the information you receive • Details exercises, tools, and techniques to clear the energies blocking your access and tune to your Akashic Record Keepers • Explains the specific markers that allow you to recognize your Record Keepers and to validate the information you receive, rather than “trusting” it to be true • Provides guidance on accessing the Akashic Records on behalf of other people, how to ask questions, and how to handle the information as it comes in The Akashic Records are a vast domain of energetic imprints much like a movie library, a living vibrational field that stores all possible futures, the present, and the past. As soon as your soul begins its life experience, a field of energy is released that records every thought, word, action, desire, and emotion. In this guide to opening the Akashic Records, Maureen St. Germain provides precise instructions explaining how to connect with your personal Record Keepers, gain clear access to the Akashic Records, discover information about you and your loved ones, and learn your soul’s purpose. The author explains how outside energies can influence your connection to the Akashic Records. She details energetic clearing exercises to remove the energies blocking or shadowing your access and teaches the Higher Self Protocol to ensure an authentic channel of communication. She explores how to find the Record Keepers who will be the most helpful to you and provides techniques and tools, such as guided energy work, to prepare you for Akashic Record access, initiate you into the 5D mindset, and invite more accuracy and a stronger connection. She details the specific markers to look for to recognize genuine Akashic Librarians and to validate and confirm the information you receive, rather than simply “trusting” it to be true. She also provides guidance on accessing the Akashic Records on behalf of other people, how to ask questions, and how to handle the information as it comes in. Explaining why the Ascended Masters opened access to the Akashic Records to all of humanity and how their presence assists you, St. Germain shows how the intended purpose for working with the Akashic Records is for soul growth, not to “repair” your karma debts. By seeing your records and working with your Record Keepers, not only will you learn your soul’s purpose and help solve the problems that crop up in everyday life and relationships, but you will amplify your spirituality and begin operating at a higher level in consciousness. Your work in the Akashic Records aids and assists in Earth’s ascension.
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Beyond The Flower Of Life

Author : Maureen J. St. Germain
ISBN : 9781591434061
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 31.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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• Includes tools and techniques to permanently elevate and program your MerKaBa field, including how to create surrogate MerKaBas for specific purposes • Explains how to accurately connect with your Higher Self to live fearlessly and confidently and shares toning, chanting, and heart-opening practices to acquire unconditional love energy and heal emotional wounds • Looks at paranormal experiences resulting from an activated MerKaBa, the power of Mother Earth ley lines, and the Christ Consciousness Grid Through teaching MerKaBa and Advanced Flower of Life workshops to thousands of students around the world since 1995, Maureen J. St. Germain has developed and channeled specific methods to enhance your meditation practice. In this step-by-step guide, she shares tools, techniques, and knowledge to strengthen your heart connection, develop a relationship with your Higher Self, and elevate and program your MerKaBa field to manifest success, health, happiness, and higher consciousness. She begins by explaining what the MerKaBa is: a fifth-dimensional Light Body activated from the geometric energy field that exists around the body. She shows how activating it daily produces its permanent existence. Sharing toning, chanting, and heart-opening practices, Maureen explains a precise protocol for fully and reliably connecting with your Higher Self, which will allow you to go through life fearlessly and confidently. She explores how to write programs for your MerKaBa and how to create surrogate MerKaBas for specific purposes. She also looks at paranormal experiences resulting from an activated MerKaBa, the power of Earth ley lines, the Christ Consciousness Grid, and how to marry the ego to the Higher Self to create Heaven on Earth. An updated resource for meditation practitioners and anyone who wishes to improve their connection with their divinity, this new edition of Beyond the Flower of Life provides a path to open your heart, fearlessly embrace unconditional love, access the Higher Self, and activate a multi­dimensional understanding of reality.
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The Key To 5d A Guide To Spiritual Awakening

Author : Andrew Narouz
ISBN : 9798635515181
Genre :
File Size : 62.21 MB
Format : PDF
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Many people around the world are now starting to wake up. They are waking up to the truth about this world and who they truly are. They are realising that they have been asleep their whole life, and they are starting to see past the illusions that they have believed in their whole lives. This awakening journey is, ultimately, a spiritual path.During Narouz's awakening journey, he has found that there are universal truths that have been kept secret from humanity in order to keep humanity at a low level of consciousness. These truths are at the root of science, at the root of all religions, and within us all. These truths are what will set humanity free from its suffering and guide it towards a golden age. This spiritual awakening course will help guide you to discover and remember these universal truths. While most people are stuck in a third dimensional reality of suffering, there is a much more beautiful reality waiting to be discovered. The fifth dimension is the realm of heaven, or nirvana. Contrary to popular belief, one does not need to wait until death to live in heaven. This course helps guide you to live heaven on earth. Only one question now remains: Are you ready for a life filled with total peace, love, joy, bliss and abundance? Topics discussed include:1) Who Are You?2) What's Your Life Purpose?3) A World of Illusions4) The Spiritual Way to Never Get Sick5) Oneness6) Disassociating From the Ego7) What is True Love?8) Life After Death9) How to Achieve True Happiness10) How to Deal with Emotionsand many more. It can be daunting to know where to look for answers during your spiritual journey. However, The Key To 5D condenses the information about a variety of different topics from many different sources, all into one easy-to-follow guide. The book not only discusses life's important questions, but it also includes daily exercises to help the reader integrate the universal truths into their life. Join the community of people around the world who are transforming their lives and unlocking the door to the 5D realm.


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A local Singaporean magazine dedicated to photography and videography.

The Age Of Aquarius

Author : Jenay Zapparelli
ISBN : 9798557223485
Genre :
File Size : 37.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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It's been 100 years since the Industrial Revolution... We now live in a world today where everything is controlled, monitored, & otherwise owned, dominated & ruled by corporations. The "Great Awakening" began to creep slowly into the mainstream about 30ish years ago, even though we have been waking up in clusters for decades prior. But now... there are those of us who have come out of the "cosmic closet" completely & we are no longer hiding our rights to truth, freedom, liberty & the real pursuit of happiness, which is honoring our true God identity. The camp that is conscious & awakening, ascending & learning to sustain 5D consciousness is at a critical mass. This means that more than half... or at least 51% of humans on the planet at this time are at this stage. If there indeed is 7 & a half billion people on the planet at this time & counting... there indeed is 3-billion 750 million & one folks (& counting) packing their bags for New Earth. This critical mass thus is causing "The Shift" on the planet, as we begin to finally collectively undergo a planetary transformation on a grand scale that cannot be denied. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius... where everything we have ever known is changing. The collective is crashing, from the long drawn out temporary high of 3D linear living. No more secrets. No more lies. People are thirsty for authentic leadership & hungry for real solutions. ALL are welcome here. Honoring every level, stage, age, status, gender, class, culture, color, creed, race, religion. Where you are... the road will rise up to meet you. The Golden Age starts NOW! What I have written for you... is a handbook filled with practical guidance on bringing 5D alive in a dying 3D nation. I'm the girl in the corner polishing the vase while the house is up in flames. I present you with a polished vase... or actually a manual on New Earth Living: what that looks like, how it feels, how we go about it, what we do with that. Just think of it as a "New Earth Living" magazine, with a few gritty retro tales of my fun life story in the middle. This is what livin' the dream actually looks like. Jump in! Easy, fast, fun, cozy compact read that will effectively sweep you right off your feet. If you're in the market for the TRUTH, look no further. The closer you get to the last page, the more you won't want it to end. It's like a really good popsicle that melts too fast. There is a FREE GIFT at the close of the book, a 21-page personal jumpstart journal. There is a FREE ACTIVATION there as well, for your lovely acceleration. If you want to read a recent review... write one! I would love to read one too! :) Thanks! Catch a ride to your next level here. The back cover never lies... #JoinTheConsciousRevolution FOLLOW my Amazon Author Page for all NEW Releases!

From Beyond This World

Author : Sharon Stewart
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 88.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Are you a lightworker trying to figure out why you are here on earth and how you can help humanity? “From Beyond this World,” is a book by Ivo of the Vegan Star System, channeled by Sharon Stewart, that starts at lightworker basics and works up to describing the process of Ascension occurring now on earth. Sharon and Ivo have worked with many lightworkers to get them started on their life's missions over the past year and this book will give you the information you need to know to learn why you are here and what you are doing to help liberate the earth and how you can consciously contribute.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Spectator

Author :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924057525218
Genre : English literature
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Railway Times

Author :
ISBN : CORNELL:31924069233801
Genre : Railroads
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Category: Railroads

The Electrical Review

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X030741272
Genre : Electric engineering
File Size : 38.68 MB
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Category: Electric engineering

Gas Journal

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015065911540
Genre : Gas manufacture and works
File Size : 42.18 MB
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Category: Gas manufacture and works

The Wheelman

Author : Samuel Sidney McClure
ISBN : UOM:39015070320877
Genre : Cycling
File Size : 30.10 MB
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