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Wages Of Rebellion

Author : Chris Hedges
ISBN : 9781568584904
Genre : Political Science
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In the face of modern conditions, revolution is inevitable. The rampant inequality that exists between the political and corporate elites and the struggling masses; the destruction wreaked upon our environment by faceless, careless corporations; the steady stripping away of our civil liberties and the creation of a monstrous surveillance system—all of these have combined to spark a profound revolutionary moment. Corporate capitalists, dismissive of the popular will, do not see the fires they are igniting. In Wages of Rebellion, Chris Hedges—a renowned chronicler of the malaise and sickness of a society in terminal moral decline—investigates what social and psychological factors cause revolution and resistance. Focusing on the stories of radicals and dissenters from around the world and throughout history, and drawing on an ambitious overview of prominent philosophers, historians, and novelists, Hedges explores what it takes to be a rebel in modern times. Hedges, using a term coined by the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr, cites “sublime madness” as the essential force that guides the actions of rebels—the state of passion that causes the rebel to engage in an unwavering fight against overwhelmingly powerful and oppressive forces. From South African activists who dedicated their lives to ending apartheid, to contemporary anti-fracking protestors in Canada, to whistleblowers in pursuit of transparency, Wages of Rebellion shows the cost of a life committed to speaking truth to power and demanding justice. This is a fight that requires us to find in acts of rebellion the sparks of life, an intrinsic meaning that lies beyond the possibility of success. For Hedges, resistance is not finally defined by what we achieve, but by what we become.
Category: Political Science

The English Rebel

Author : David Horspool
ISBN : 9780670918263
Genre : History
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The English have a rich and glorious history of making trouble for themselves. One hundred and forty years before the French Revolution, the English executed their king and instituted a radical revolutionary government. In 1215, more than 570 years before the United States ratified its Bill of Rights, England's barons forced King John to accept the Magna Carta. In 1926 over 1.5 million strikers brought the nation to its knees. From the Peasants' Revolt to the suffragettes, from Oliver Cromwell to Arthur Scargill, this ground-breaking and hugely enjoyable book describes a rich and continuous tradition of resistance, rebellion and radicalism, of violent and charismatic individuals with axes to grind, and of social eruptions and political earthquakes that have shaped England's whole culture and character.
Category: History

Representation And Rebellion

Author : Jonathan H. Rees
ISBN : 9781457109843
Genre : History
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In response to the tragedy of the Ludlow Massacre, John D. Rockefeller Jr. introduced one of the nation's first employee representation plans (ERPs) to the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company in 1915. With the advice of William Mackenzie King, who would go on to become prime minister of Canada, the plan - which came to be known as the Rockefeller Plan - was in use until 1942 and became the model for ERPs all over the world. In Representation and Rebellion Jonathan Rees uses a variety of primary sources - including records recently discovered at the company's former headquarters in Pueblo, Colorado - to tell the story of the Rockefeller Plan and those who lived under it, as well as to detail its various successes and failures. Taken as a whole, the history of the Rockefeller Plan is not the story of ceaseless oppression and stifled militancy that its critics might imagine, but it is also not the story of the creation of a paternalist panacea for labor unrest that Rockefeller hoped it would be. Addressing key issues of how this early twentieth-century experiment fared from 1915 to 1942, Rees argues that the Rockefeller Plan was a limited but temporarily effective alternative to independent unionism in the wake of the Ludlow Massacre. The book will appeal to business and labor historians, political scientists, and sociologists, as well as those studying labor and industrial relations.
Category: History

The Academic Middle Class Rebellion

Author : Avi Bareli
ISBN : 9789004357853
Genre : Religion
File Size : 30.93 MB
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1. Distributive justice and the white-collar workforce: the outbreak of conflict -- 2. The 'engine-coach car' dilemma: MAPAI's discourse on class, ethnicity, and modernization -- 3. "In torn soles on a marble floor": the Guri Committee and Sharett government debates on white-collar workers' wages, 1954-1955 -- 4. "On your mark!" public discourse after the 1955 elections -- 5. "If they strike-so be it!" the socialist pact to thwart the Guri Committee recommendations -- 6. A class-inclusive strike
Category: Religion

Rum Romanism And Rebellion

Author : Mark Wahlgren Summers
ISBN : 9780807875117
Genre : History
File Size : 31.91 MB
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The presidential election of 1884, in which Grover Cleveland ended the Democrats' twenty-four-year presidential drought by defeating Republican challenger James G. Blaine, was one of the gaudiest in American history, remembered today less for its political significance than for the mudslinging and slander that characterized the campaign. But a closer look at the infamous election reveals far more complexity than previous stereotypes allowed, argues Mark Summers. Behind all the mud and malarkey, he says, lay a world of issues and consequences. Summers suggests that both Democrats and Republicans sensed a political system breaking apart, or perhaps a new political order forming, as voters began to drift away from voting by party affiliation toward voting according to a candidate's stand on specific issues. Mudslinging, then, was done not for public entertainment but to tear away or confirm votes that seemed in doubt. Uncovering the issues that really powered the election and stripping away the myths that still surround it, Summers uses the election of 1884 to challenge many of our preconceptions about Gilded Age politics.
Category: History

Turning Money Into Rebellion

Author : Gabriel Kuhn
ISBN : 9781604863161
Genre : History
File Size : 82.57 MB
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Blekingegade is a quiet Copenhagen street. It is also where, in May 1989, the police discovered an apartment that had served Denmark’s most notorious twentieth-century bank robbers as a hideaway for years. The Blekingegade Group members belonged to a communist organization and lived modest lives in the Danish capital. Over a period of almost two decades, they sent millions of dollars acquired in spectacular heists to Third World liberation movements, in particular the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). In May 1991, seven of them were convicted and went to prison. The story of the Blekingegade Group is one of the most puzzling and captivating chapters from the European anti-imperialist milieu of the 1970s and ’80s. Turning Money into Rebellion: The Unlikely Story of Denmark’s Revolutionary Bank Robbers is the first-ever account of the story in English, covering a fascinating journey from anti-war demonstrations in the late 1960s via travels to Middle Eastern capitals and African refugee camps to the group’s fateful last robbery that earned them a record haul and left a police officer dead. The book includes historical documents, illustrations, and an exclusive interview with Torkil Lauesen and Jan Weimann, two of the group’s longest-standing members. It is a compelling tale of turning radical theory into action and concerns analysis and strategy as much as morality and political practice. Perhaps most importantly, it revolves around the cardinal question of revolutionary politics: What to do, and how to do it?
Category: History

Lawful Income Tax Avoidance For The Qualified Wages And Salaries Of Natural Persons

Author : American Association for Lockean Liberty Inc.
ISBN : 1453570209
Genre : Law
File Size : 72.34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book is a wake-up call to the American legal community, and an insistence that it answer to the silent distress of millions of financially overburdened working people. Because of the unique structure of our legal system, American lawyers have a moral and legal duty to enforce certain tax constraints on government that would favor workers, and lawyers are failing miserably. Support my nonprofit to help lawyers everywhere recognize our Constitutions two classes of taxation, so they and their clients can eventually know the difference between taxes: (1) on property under the Direct Tax Clauses, (2) on income derived from property sources under the Sixteenth Amendment, and (3) on income derived from non-property sources under the Uniformity (or Indirect Tax) Clause. By analyzing the history of Supreme Court tax cases, starting with Hylton (1796) and ending with Lopez (1995), and dividing the cases into three eras, this book will help you understand why the American tax system is the most unique and revolutionary in history.
Category: Law

My Revision Notes Ocr A2 History Rebellion And Disorder Under The Tudors 1485 1603

Author : Nicholas Fellows
ISBN : 9781444199697
Genre : History
File Size : 28.34 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Unlock your full potential with this revision guide which focuses on the key content and skills you need to know. My Revision Notes OCR A2 History: Rebellion and Disorder under the Tudors 1485-1603 closely combines the content of this OCR A2 unit with revision activities and advice on exam technique. In addition each section has a model answer with exam tips for you to analyse and better understand what is required in the exam. - Makes revision of the content manageable by condensing topics into easy-to-revise chunks. - Encourages active revision by closely combining content with a variety of different activities. - Helps improve exam technique through tailor-made activities and plenty of guidance on how to answer questions.
Category: History

Gabriel S Rebellion

Author : Douglas R. Egerton
ISBN : 9780807864180
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 69.55 MB
Format : PDF
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Gabriel's Rebellion tells the dramatic story of what was perhaps the most extensive slave conspiracy in the history of the American South. Douglas Egerton illuminates the complex motivations that underlay two related Virginia slave revolts: the first, in 1800, led by the slave known as Gabriel; and the second, called the 'Easter Plot,' instigated in 1802 by one of his followers. Although Gabriel has frequently been portrayed as a messianic, Samson-like figure, Egerton shows that he was a literate and highly skilled blacksmith whose primary goal was to destroy the economic hegemony of the 'merchants,' the only whites he ever identified as his enemies. According to Egerton, the social, political, and economic disorder of the Revolutionary era weakened some of the harsh controls that held slavery in place during colonial times. Emboldened by these conditions, a small number of literate slaves--most of them highly skilled artisans--planned an armed insurrection aimed at destroying slavery in Virginia. The intricate scheme failed, as did the Easter Plot that stemmed from it, and Gabriel and many of his followers were hanged. By placing the revolts within the broader context of the volatile political currents of the day, Egerton challenges the conventional understanding of race, class, and politics in the early days of the American republic.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Women In Rebellion 1900

Author : Wibaut
ISBN : PSU:000009972285
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 59.74 MB
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Category: Social Science