Voices Of The Confederation

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Voices Of The Confederation

Author : Don Elkins
ISBN : 0945007086
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First compiled and edited in 1975, Voices of the Confederation is a collection of channeled material from the early years of Don Elkins' and Carla Rueckert's experiments with telepathic communication with extraterrestrials. Originally titled Voices of the Gods, it was never officially published and sat on the shelf until the project was resurrected decades later. The collection contains excerpts arranged categorically to help introduce people to Confederation philosophy. Some of these transcripts are being published for the first time in this book, having never appeared on L/L Research's archive website. Topics covered include channeling, meditation, love, service, UFOs, and other subjects relevant to the spiritual seeker. Explored in these pages are the basic themes of the Confederation philosophy that have become the hallmark of L/L Research's channeling ever since. "Seek, my friends. Seek. This is the word that opens the door to everything that exists throughout all of space and all of time. Seek. Seek. And what will you find? You will find love, for that is all that there is to find. For that is all that there is." - Hatonn, February 9, 1974

From The Voices Of Nurses

Author : Marilyn Beaton
ISBN : 1894377109
Genre : Health & Fitness
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Thirty-three nurses who graduated before 1950 were interviewed about nursing in communities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. Their nursing experiences cover a 60 year period and the stories reflect the nurses' perceptions and feelings about the nursing school experience, practicing nursing in various settings and communities, and the changes in the nursing profession throughout their career. The stories also give insight into the commitment and strength of a generation of nurses.
Category: Health & Fitness

Voices Of Europe

Author : Council of Europe. Parliamentary Assembly
ISBN : 9287130930
Genre : Political Science
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This book & its accompanying CD reflects the vision of a united Europe as expressed in the speeches of the world's greatest statesmen. From Victor Hugo's far-sighted idea of 1849, through the speeches of Churchill, Blum & Schuman, to the statements of Kohl, Havel & Gorbachev, the growing vision of Europe is presented in this text containing excerpts from over 50 speeches & statements to the Council of Europe. Also contains a detailed chronology & a CD with 35 extracts from the speeches in the original language. This text will be of interest to historians & all those interested in the formation & growth of a greater Europe.
Category: Political Science

Our Voices Must Be Heard

Author : Tarah Brookfield
ISBN : 9780774860222
Genre : History
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In 1844, seven widows dared to cast ballots in an election in Canada West, a display of feminist effrontery that was quickly punished: the government struck a law excluding women from the vote. It would be seven decades before women regained voting rights in Ontario. Our Voices Must Be Heard explores Ontario’s suffrage history, examining its ideals and failings, its daring supporters and thunderous enemies, and its blind spots on matters of race and class. It looks at how and why suffragists from around the province joined an international movement they called “the great cause.” This is the second volume in the seven-part Women’s Suffrage and the Struggle for Democracy series.
Category: History

Chilean Voices

Author : Colin Henfrey
ISBN : 9788599662847
Genre : History
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Each interview focuses on the field in which the speaker was most active. The number of interviews in each field reflects its relative importance: three for industry, two for the country side and one each for the shantytowns and the universities. In the case of industry, anything less could scarcely have conveyed the range of views on its key issues, such as workers’ participation: hence the three selected are from the Communist Party, the MAPU and the Socialist Party.
Category: History

American Voices Of Dissent

Author : Garbriele Zamparini
ISBN : 9781317263722
Genre : Social Science
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"Absolutely indispensable! An important resource in the struggle." Ken Loach, film director "Your book is just what we need at time when the American Left gets no coverage in the world's press and yet remains the hope for America and the world." Tony Benn, President, Stop the War Coalition "[This book] challenges the simplistic perception of Americans as SUV-driving, war-loving couch potatoes. There's a movement for peace and justice and this book gives it a voice." Mickey Z., writer With contributions by five Nobel Peace Prize winners, former government officials, scholars, religious leaders, journalists, activists, and prominent cultural figures, the documentary film XXI Century explores American reactions to recent global events captured through the lens of interviews and political rallies. This book presents selected excerpts from the filming of prominent U.S. citizens voicing their view on Bush administration policies in the century. These events include the much-contested 2000 election, the September 11, 2001, attacks, the impact of the USA Patriot Act, the accelerated growth of peace movements, the recruitment of U.S. soldiers, U.S. policy and attitudes toward the Middle East, sanctions and war in Iraq, and human rights violations. The speakers also consider how the rise of media spectacle and punditry at the expense of quality journalism inhibits the ability of Americans to react to these events as informed citizens. The voices of Americans, both ordinary and famous, resonate with passion and urgency in response to the injustice and far-reaching effects of the current U.S. foreign policy. American Voices of Dissent highlights the other side of the story and makes a case for global solidarity against U.S. imperialism.
Category: Social Science

Corporate Manslaughter And Regulatory Reform

Author : P. Almond
ISBN : 9781137296276
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 85.31 MB
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This book provides an account of the international emergence of corporate manslaughter offences to criminalise deaths in the workplace during the last twenty years, identifying the limitations of health and safety regulation that have prompted this development.
Category: Social Science


Author : Joseph Pope
ISBN : UOM:39015073441795
Genre : LAW
File Size : 20.93 MB
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Also containing the British North America Act, this volume details the history of the Canadian Confederation. The Canadian Confederation was the process by which the federal Dominion of Canada was formed on July 1, 1867. Three British colonies became four Canadian provinces after the meeting: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
Category: LAW

Stone Voices

Author : Neal Ascherson
ISBN : 9781783780068
Genre : History
File Size : 76.3 MB
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Neal Ascherson is one of Britain's finest writers in an undefinable genre that fuses history, memoir, politics and meditations on places. His books on Poland and his collected essays on the strange Britain to which he returned from Europe in the mid-1980s were deeply influential. In 1995, Black Sea won critical praise in many languages and several literary prizes. Stone Voices is Ascherson's return to his native Scotland. It is an exploration of Scottish identity, but this is no journalistic rumination on the future of that small nation. Ascherson instead weaves together a story of the deep past - the time of geology and archaeology, of myth and legend - with the story of modern Scotland and its rebirth. Few writers in these islands have his ability to write so well about the natural context of history.
Category: History

Anarchist Voices

Author : Paul Avrich
ISBN : 1904859275
Genre : Political Science
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In Anarchist Voices, Avrich lets anarchists speak for themselves.
Category: Political Science

Voices From The Zulu War

Author : Ian Kinght
ISBN : 9781473820333
Genre : History
File Size : 69.94 MB
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The forces of the independent Zulu kingdom inflicted a crushing defeat on British imperial forces at Isandlwana in January 1879. The Zulu army was not, however, a professional force, unlike its British counterpart, but was the mobilised manpower of the Zulu state. In this ground-breaking study, Ian Knight details just how the Zulu army functioned and ties its role firmly to the broader context of Zulu society and culture. After surveying the Zulu army from its creation during the wars of Shaka in the early nineteenth century, and the subsequent development of Zulu fighting methods, Ian Knight focuses in detail on the structure and condition of the Zulu army on the eve of the war in 1879. This indispensable book describes such key topics as enlistment, organisation, training and equipment. He also considers Zulu war aims and strategy, their view of artillery and cavalry, and how they were perceived by their colonial neighbours. Most of all, he reveals how the Zulu army functioned in wartime, from preparatory rituals to battlefield tactics, and the shock of battle itself.
Category: History

Colony And Confederation

Author : George Woodcock
ISBN : 9780774845175
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 46.60 MB
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The selections in this survey of the narrative and lyric poets of Confederation and the later nineteenth century have been chosen to remind readers of the distances and diversities involved as Canadians struggled toward nationhood. Along with essays on Sangster and Mair, the first poets consciously writing of the Canadian scene and the Canadian identity, there are individual studies of Crawford, Roberts, Lampman, Scott and Service. Some of the authors analyse a single work in a poet's canon; others consider several themes or evaluate a poet's philosophical or religious position. To these essays are added three by Norman Newton, George Woodcock and Roy Daniells on the era of "high colonialism". The book contains ten pieces published in the journal Canadian Literature over the last thirteen years and five new ones written specifically to enhance this collection.
Category: Literary Criticism

Confederation In Her Name Book 5

Author : Michael R. Hicks
ISBN : 9780984492756
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33.54 MB
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In the second book of the In Her Name trilogy after In Her Name: Empire, Reza Gard has been banished from the Kreelan Empire and is once again a stranger in a strange land as he returns to the human Confederation. Befriended by a marooned Confederation naval officer leading a desperate fight against the Kreelans on a distant colony world, she reunites Reza with Nicole Carre. With their help, he fulfills his childhood dream of becoming a Confederation Marine. Reza will need all the help he can get, for dark forces are at work at the heart of the Confederation, and Reza becomes a pawn in a lethal power struggle that leads him back to the planet Erlang. There, a heartbreaking reunion awaits him, along with the discovery of an ages-old power that the Kreelan Empire will stop at nothing to control.Publisher's note: This book is the second section of the original novel In Her Name (Omnibus Edition), which contains the entire trilogy under one cover.
Category: Fiction

American Voices

Author : Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers, Incorporated
ISBN : 0673352072
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Voices Of The American Past To 1877

Author : Raymond M. Hyser
ISBN : 0155019635
Genre : United States
File Size : 89.65 MB
Format : PDF
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This primary-source reader covers American history from colonization to the present. The authors emphasize the multicultural composition of the American people, hemispheric and global influence, and the development of the American political-economic system and its international dimensions. Class testing has proven that the authentic documents and diversity of perspectives presented make this two-volume collection popular with students. Features: * Introductions for chapters and individual documents provide students with historical background and context. * Review questions for each reading encourage critical thinking and provide an unbiased basis for discussion. * Inclusion of documents authored by women, African-Americans and Native Americans brings a balance of perspectives. * Coverage is inclusive of non-American perspectives on colonialism and includes historical documents from the Spanish, British, and Dutch.
Category: United States