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Visual Data Storytelling With Tableau

Author : Lindy Ryan
ISBN : 9780134702278
Genre : Computers
File Size : 85.5 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Tell Insightful, Actionable Business Stories with Tableau, the World’s Leading Data Visualization Tool! Visual Data Storytelling with Tableau brings together knowledge, context, and hands-on skills for telling powerful, actionable data stories with Tableau. This full-color guide shows how to organize data and structure analysis with storytelling in mind, embrace exploration and visual discovery, and articulate findings with rich data, carefully curated visualizations, and skillfully crafted narrative. You don’t need any visualization experience. Each chapter illuminates key aspects of design practice and data visualization, and guides you step-by-step through applying them in Tableau. Through realistic examples and classroom-tested exercises, Professor Lindy Ryan helps you use Tableau to analyze data, visualize it, and help people connect more intuitively and emotionally with it. Whether you’re an analyst, executive, student, instructor, or journalist, you won’t just master the tools: you’ll learn to craft data stories that make an immediate impact--and inspire action. Learn how to: • Craft more powerful stories by blending data science, genre, and visual design • Ask the right questions upfront to plan data collection and analysis • Build storyboards and choose charts based on your message and audience • Direct audience attention to the points that matter most • Showcase your data stories in high-impact presentations • Integrate Tableau storytelling throughout your business communication • Explore case studies that show what to do--and what not to do • Discover visualization best practices, tricks, and hacks you can use with any tool • Includes coverage up through Tableau 10
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Learning Tableau 2019

Author : Joshua N. Milligan
ISBN : 9781788838740
Genre : Computers
File Size : 73.23 MB
Format : PDF
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Create powerful data visualizations and unlock intelligent business insights with Tableau Key Features Explore all the latest Tableau 2019 features and redefine business analytics for your organization Create impressive data visualizations and interactive dashboards to get insights from your data Learn effective data storytelling to transform how your business leverages data and makes decisions Book Description Tableau is the gold standard of business intelligence and visual analytics tools in every industry. It enables rapid data visualization and interpretation with charts, graphs, dashboards, and much more. Updated with the latest features of Tableau, this book takes you from the foundations of the Tableau 2019 paradigm through to advanced topics. This third edition of the bestselling guide by Tableau Zen Master, Joshua Milligan, will help you come to grips with updated features, such as set actions and transparent views. Beginning with installation, you'll create your first visualizations with Tableau and then explore practical examples and advanced techniques. You'll create bar charts, tree maps, scatterplots, time series, and a variety of other visualizations. Next, you'll discover techniques to overcome challenges presented by data structure and quality and engage in effective data storytelling and decision making with business critical information. Finally, you'll be introduced to Tableau Prep, and learn how to use it to integrate and shape data for analysis. By the end of this book, you will be equipped to leverage the powerful features of Tableau 2019 for decision making. What you will learn Develop stunning visualizations that explain complexity with clarity Explore the exciting new features of Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Connect to various data sources to bring all your data together Uncover techniques to prep and structure your data for easy analysis Create and use calculations to solve problems and enrich analytics Master advanced topics such as sets, LOD calcs, and much more Enable smart decisions with clustering, distribution, and forecasting Share your data stories to build a culture of trust and action Who this book is for This Tableau book is for anyone who wants to understand data. If you’re new to Tableau, don’t worry. This book builds on the foundations to help you understand how Tableau really works and then builds on that knowledge with practical examples before moving on to advanced techniques. Working experience with databases will be useful but is not necessary to get the most out of this book.
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Tableau 10 Bootcamp

Author : Joshua N. Milligan
ISBN : 9781787282926
Genre : Computers
File Size : 75.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sharpen your data visualization skills with Tableau 10 Bootcamp. About This Book Make informed decisions using powerful visualizations in Tableau Learn effective data storytelling to transform how your business uses ideas Use this extensive bootcamp that makes you an efficient Tableau user in a short span of time Who This Book Is For This book caters to business, data, and analytics professionals who want to build rich interactive visualizations using Tableau Desktop. Familiarity with previous versions of Tableau will be helpful, but not necessary. What You Will Learn Complete practical Tableau tasks with each chapter Build different types of charts in Tableau with ease Extend data using calculated fields and parameters Prepare and refine data for analysis Create engaging and interactive dashboards Present data effectively using story points In Detail Tableau is a leading visual analytics software that can uncover insights for better and smarter decision-making. Tableau has an uncanny ability to beautify your data, compared to other BI tools, which makes it an ideal choice for performing fast and easy visual analysis. A military camp style fast-paced learning book that builds your understanding of Tableau 10 in no time. This day based learning guide contains the best elements from two of our published books, Learning Tableau 10 - Second Edition and Tableau 10 Business Intelligence Cookbook, and delivers practical, learning modules in manageable chunks. Each chunk is delivered in a "day", and each "day" is a productive day. Each day builds your competency in Tableau. You will increase your competence in integrating analytics and forecasting to enhance data analysis during the course of this Bootcamp. Each chapter presents core concepts and key takeaways about a topic in Tableau and provides a series of hands-on exercises. In addition to these exercises, at the end of the chapter, you will find self-check quizzes and extra drills to challenge you, to take what you learned to the next level. To summarize, this book will equip you with step-by-step instructions through rigorous tasks, practical callouts, and various real-world examples and assignments to reinforce your understanding of Tableau 10. Style and approach A fast paced book filled with highly-effective real-world examples to help you build new things and help you in solving problems in newer and unseen ways.
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Learning Tableau

Author : Joshua N. Milligan
ISBN : 9781784394349
Genre : Computers
File Size : 26.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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If you want to understand your data using data visualization and don't know where to start, then this is the book for you. Whether you are a beginner or have years of experience, this book will help you to quickly acquire the skills and techniques used to discover, analyze, and communicate data visually. Some familiarity with databases and data structures is helpful, but not required.
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Tableau 10 Complete Reference

Author : Joshua N. Milligan
ISBN : 9781789950380
Genre : Computers
File Size : 51.5 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Explore and understand data with the powerful data visualization techniques of Tableau, and then communicate insights in powerful ways Key Features Apply best practices in data visualization and chart types exploration Explore the latest version of Tableau Desktop with hands-on examples Understand the fundamentals of Tableau storytelling Book Description Graphical presentation of data enables us to easily understand complex data sets. Tableau 10 Complete Reference provides easy-to-follow recipes with several use cases and real-world business scenarios to get you up and running with Tableau 10. This Learning Path begins with the history of data visualization and its importance in today's businesses. You'll also be introduced to Tableau - how to connect, clean, and analyze data in this visual analytics software. Then, you'll learn how to apply what you've learned by creating some simple calculations in Tableau and using Table Calculations to help drive greater analysis from your data. Next, you'll explore different advanced chart types in Tableau. These chart types require you to have some understanding of the Tableau interface and understand basic calculations. You’ll study in detail all dashboard techniques and best practices. A number of recipes specifically for geospatial visualization, analytics, and data preparation are also covered. Last but not least, you'll learn about the power of storytelling through the creation of interactive dashboards in Tableau. Through this Learning Path, you will gain confidence and competence to analyze and communicate data and insights more efficiently and effectively by creating compelling interactive charts, dashboards, and stories in Tableau. This Learning Path includes content from the following Packt products: Learning Tableau 10 - Second Edition by Joshua N. Milligan Getting Started with Tableau 2018.x by Tristan Guillevin What you will learn Build effective visualizations, dashboards, and story points Build basic to more advanced charts with step-by-step recipes Become familiar row-level, aggregate, and table calculations Dig deep into data with clustering and distribution models Prepare and transform data for analysis Leverage Tableau’s mapping capabilities to visualize data Use data storytelling techniques to aid decision making strategy Who this book is for Tableau 10 Complete Reference is designed for anyone who wants to understand their data better and represent it in an effective manner. It is also used for BI professionals and data analysts who want to do better at their jobs.
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Data Driven Storytelling

Author : Nathalie Henry Riche
ISBN : 9781315281551
Genre : Computers
File Size : 33.7 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book presents an accessible introduction to data-driven storytelling. Resulting from unique discussions between data visualization researchers and data journalists, it offers an integrated definition of the topic, presents vivid examples and patterns for data storytelling, and calls out key challenges and new opportunities for researchers and practitioners.
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Author : Andy Kriebel
ISBN : 9781119510772
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 53.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Explore different perspectives and approaches to create more effective visualizations #MakeoverMonday offers inspiration and a giant dose of perspective for those who communicate data. Originally a small project in the data visualization community, #MakeoverMonday features a weekly chart or graph and a dataset that community members reimagine in order to make it more effective. The results have been astounding; hundreds of people have contributed thousands of makeovers, perfectly illustrating the highly variable nature of data visualization. Different takes on the same data showed a wide variation of theme, focus, content, and design, with side-by-side comparisons throwing more- and less-effective techniques into sharp relief. This book is an extension of that project, featuring a variety of makeovers that showcase various approaches to data communication and a focus on the analytical, design and storytelling skills that have been developed through #MakeoverMonday. Paging through the makeovers ignites immediate inspiration for your own work, provides insight into different perspectives, and highlights the techniques that truly make an impact. Explore the many approaches to visual data communication Think beyond the data and consider audience, stakeholders, and message Design your graphs to be intuitive and more communicative Assess the impact of layout, color, font, chart type, and other design choices Creating visual representation of complex datasets is tricky. There’s the mandate to include all relevant data in a clean, readable format that best illustrates what the data is saying—but there is also the designer’s impetus to showcase a command of the complexity and create multidimensional visualizations that “look cool.” #MakeoverMonday shows you the many ways to walk the line between simple reporting and design artistry to create exactly the visualization the situation requires.
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Mastering Tableau 2019 1

Author : Marleen Meier
ISBN : 9781789530704
Genre : Computers
File Size : 37.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Build, design and improve advanced business intelligence solutions using Tableau’s latest features, including Tableau Prep, Tableau Hyper, and Tableau Server Key Features Master new features in Tableau 2019.1 to solve real-world analytics challenges Perform Geo-Spatial Analytics, Time Series Analysis, and self-service analytics using real-life examples Build and publish dashboards and explore storytelling using Python and MATLAB integration support Book Description Tableau is one of the leading business intelligence (BI) tools used to solve BI and analytics challenges. With this book, you will master Tableau's features and offerings in various paradigms of the BI domain. This book is also the second edition of the popular Mastering Tableau series, with new features, examples, and updated code. The book covers essential Tableau concepts and its advanced functionalities. Using Tableau Hyper and Tableau Prep, you’ll be able to handle and prepare data easily. You’ll gear up to perform complex joins, spatial joins, union, and data blending tasks using practical examples. Following this, you’ll learn how to perform data densification to make displaying granular data easier. Next, you’ll explore expert-level examples to help you with advanced calculations, mapping, and visual design using various Tableau extensions. With the help of examples, you’ll also learn about improving dashboard performance, connecting Tableau Server, and understanding data visualizations. In the final chapters, you’ll cover advanced use cases such as Self-Service Analytics, Time Series Analytics, and Geo-Spatial Analytics, and learn to connect Tableau to R, Python, and MATLAB. By the end of this book, you’ll have mastered the advanced offerings of Tableau and be able to tackle common and not-so-common challenges faced in the BI domain. What you will learn Get up to speed with various Tableau components Master data preparation techniques using Tableau Prep Discover how to use Tableau to create a PowerPoint-like presentation Understand different Tableau visualization techniques and dashboard designs Interact with the Tableau server to understand its architecture and functionalities Study advanced visualizations and dashboard creation techniques Brush up on powerful Self-Service Analytics, Time Series Analytics, and Geo-Spatial Analytics Who this book is for This book is designed for business analysts, BI professionals and data analysts who want to master Tableau to solve a range of data science and business intelligence problems. The book is ideal if you have a good understanding of Tableau and want to take your skills to the next level.
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The Museums Journal

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015066179618
Genre : Museums
File Size : 64.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Indexes to papers read before the Museums Association, 1890-1909. Comp. by Charles Madeley": v. 9, p. 427-452.
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Jeff Wall Photographs

Author : Gary Dufour
ISBN : MINN:31951D035127339
Genre : Photography, Artistic
File Size : 23.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Jeff Wall is widely acknowledged as one of the most inventive artists of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. His approach to photography is diverse and ambitious, and embraces an expansive curiosity about photography, image-making and society. Jeff Wall Photographs presents an overview of three decades of outstanding artistic and photographic achievement with twenty-six unforgettable works produced between 1978 and 2010. This landmark Australian publication celebrates an artist whose large and luminous body of work has played a decisive role in establishing photography as the major contemporary art form it is today, and includes insightful contributions from Gary Dufour (Chief Curator and Deputy Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia), Isobel Crombie (Senior Curator, Photography, National Gallery of Victoria) and Mark Bolland (Senior Lecturer in Photography and Electronic Arts, Dunedin School of Art, New Zealand).
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