Visual Analytics Of Movement

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Visual Analytics Of Movement

Author : Gennady Andrienko
ISBN : 9783642375835
Genre : Computers
File Size : 62.11 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Many important planning decisions in society and business depend on proper knowledge and a correct understanding of movement, be it in transportation, logistics, biology, or the life sciences. Today the widespread use of mobile phones and technologies like GPS and RFID provides an immense amount of data on location and movement. What is needed are new methods of visualization and algorithmic data analysis that are tightly integrated and complement each other to allow end-users and analysts to extract useful knowledge from these extremely large data volumes. This is exactly the topic of this book. As the authors show, modern visual analytics techniques are ready to tackle the enormous challenges brought about by movement data, and the technology and software needed to exploit them are available today. The authors start by illustrating the different kinds of data available to describe movement, from individual trajectories of single objects to multiple trajectories of many objects, and then proceed to detail a conceptual framework, which provides the basis for a fundamental understanding of movement data. With this basis, they move on to more practical and technical aspects, focusing on how to transform movement data to make it more useful, and on the infrastructure necessary for performing visual analytics in practice. In so doing they demonstrate that visual analytics of movement data can yield exciting insights into the behavior of moving persons and objects, but can also lead to an understanding of the events that transpire when things move. Throughout the book, they use sample applications from various domains and illustrate the examples with graphical depictions of both the interactive displays and the analysis results. In summary, readers will benefit from this detailed description of the state of the art in visual analytics in various ways. Researchers will appreciate the scientific precision involved, software technologists will find essential information on algorithms and systems, and practitioners will profit from readily accessible examples with detailed illustrations for practical purposes.
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Visual Analytics For Data Scientists

Author : Natalia Andrienko
ISBN : 3030561453
Genre : Computers
File Size : 58.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This textbook presents the main principles of visual analytics and describes techniques and approaches that have proven their utility and can be readily reproduced. Special emphasis is placed on various instructive examples of analyses, in which the need for and the use of visualisations are explained in detail. The book begins by introducing the main ideas and concepts of visual analytics and explaining why it should be considered an essential part of data science methodology and practices. It then describes the general principles underlying the visual analytics approaches, including those on appropriate visual representation, the use of interactive techniques, and classes of computational methods. It continues with discussing how to use visualisations for getting aware of data properties that need to be taken into account and for detecting possible data quality issues that may impair the analysis. The second part of the book describes visual analytics methods and workflows, organised by various data types including multidimensional data, data with spatial and temporal components, data describing binary relationships, texts, images and video. For each data type, the specific properties and issues are explained, the relevant analysis tasks are discussed, and appropriate methods and procedures are introduced. The focus here is not on the micro-level details of how the methods work, but on how the methods can be used and how they can be applied to data. The limitations of the methods are also discussed and possible pitfalls are identified. The textbook is intended for students in data science and, more generally, anyone doing or planning to do practical data analysis. It includes numerous examples demonstrating how visual analytics techniques are used and how they can help analysts to understand the properties of data, gain insights into the subject reflected in the data, and build good models that can be trusted. Based on several years of teaching related courses at the City, University of London, the University of Bonn and TU Munich, as well as industry training at the Fraunhofer Institute IAIS and numerous summer schools, the main content is complemented by sample datasets and detailed, illustrated descriptions of exercises to practice applying visual analytics methods and workflows.
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Big Data Analytics For Time Critical Mobility Forecasting

Author : George A. Vouros
ISBN : 9783030451646
Genre : Computers
File Size : 26.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book provides detailed descriptions of big data solutions for activity detection and forecasting of very large numbers of moving entities spread across large geographical areas. It presents state-of-the-art methods for processing, managing, detecting and predicting trajectories and important events related to moving entities, together with advanced visual analytics methods, over multiple heterogeneous, voluminous, fluctuating and noisy data streams from moving entities, correlating them with data from archived data sources expressing e.g. entities’ characteristics, geographical information, mobility patterns, mobility regulations and intentional data. The book is divided into six parts: Part I discusses the motivation and background of mobility forecasting supported by trajectory-oriented analytics, and includes specific problems and challenges in the aviation (air-traffic management) and the maritime domains. Part II focuses on big data quality assessment and processing, and presents novel technologies suitable for mobility analytics components. Next, Part III describes solutions toward processing and managing big spatio-temporal data, particularly enriching data streams and integrating streamed and archival data to provide coherent views of mobility, and storing of integrated mobility data in large distributed knowledge graphs for efficient query-answering. Part IV focuses on mobility analytics methods exploiting (online) processed, synopsized and enriched data streams as well as (offline) integrated, archived mobility data, and highlights future location and trajectory prediction methods, distinguishing between short-term and more challenging long-term predictions. Part V examines how methods addressing data management, data processing and mobility analytics are integrated in big data architectures with distinctive characteristics compared to other known big data paradigmatic architectures. Lastly, Part VI covers important ethical issues that research on mobility analytics should address. Providing novel approaches and methodologies related to mobility detection and forecasting needs based on big data exploration, processing, storage, and analysis, this book will appeal to computer scientists and stakeholders in various application domains.
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Computational Movement Analysis

Author : Patrick Laube
ISBN : 9783319102689
Genre : Computers
File Size : 55.62 MB
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This SpringerBrief discusses the characteristics of spatiotemporal movement data, including uncertainty and scale. It investigates three core aspects of Computational Movement Analysis: Conceptual modeling of movement and movement spaces, spatiotemporal analysis methods aiming at a better understanding of movement processes (with a focus on data mining for movement patterns), and using decentralized spatial computing methods in movement analysis. The author presents Computational Movement Analysis as an interdisciplinary umbrella for analyzing movement processes with methods from a range of fields including GIScience, spatiotemporal databases and data mining. Key challenges in Computational Movement Analysis include bridging the semantic gap, privacy issues when movement data involves people, incorporating big and open data, and opportunities for decentralized movement analysis arising from the internet of things. The interdisciplinary concepts of Computational Movement Analysis make this an important book for professionals and students in computer science, geographic information science and its application areas, especially movement ecology and transportation research.
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Mobility Data

Author : Chiara Renso
ISBN : 9781107021716
Genre : Computers
File Size : 80.93 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Mobility of people and goods is essential in the global economy. The ability to track the routes and patterns associated with this mobility offers unprecedented opportunities for developing new, smarter applications in different domains. Written by a renowned group of worldwide experts, this book surveys the myriad facets of monitoring people in motion, from spatio-temporal data modeling, to data aggregation and warehousing, to data analysis.
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Expanding The Frontiers Of Visual Analytics And Visualization

Author : John Dill
ISBN : 9781447128045
Genre : Computers
File Size : 41.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The field of computer graphics combines display hardware, software, and interactive techniques in order to display and interact with data generated by applications. Visualization is concerned with exploring data and information graphically in such a way as to gain information from the data and determine significance. Visual analytics is the science of analytical reasoning facilitated by interactive visual interfaces. Expanding the Frontiers of Visual Analytics and Visualization provides a review of the state of the art in computer graphics, visualization, and visual analytics by researchers and developers who are closely involved in pioneering the latest advances in the field. It is a unique presentation of multi-disciplinary aspects in visualization and visual analytics, architecture and displays, augmented reality, the use of color, user interfaces and cognitive aspects, and technology transfer. It provides readers with insights into the latest developments in areas such as new displays and new display processors, new collaboration technologies, the role of visual, multimedia, and multimodal user interfaces, visual analysis at extreme scale, and adaptive visualization.
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Information Fusion And Geographic Information Systems

Author : Vasily V. Popovich
ISBN : 9783642003042
Genre : Science
File Size : 81.98 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This volume contains the papers presented at the International Workshop “Information Fusion and Geographic Information Systems” (IF&GIS’09) held in St. Petersburg, Russia in May 2009. The workshop was organized by the St. Petersburg Institute for Informatics and Automation of the Russian Academy of Sciences (SPIIRAS). The workshop continues a series organised biannually, and attracts academics and industrials from a wide range of disciplines including computer science, geography, statistics, mathematics, hydrography, geomorphology, and environmental sciences. The objective of this workshop is to provide a forum for innovative research oriented towards Geographic Information Science and tech- logies and Corporate Information Systems whose close association highlight novel theoretical and practical challenges. The papers selected by the International Program Committee cover a wide range of innovative areas including ontological and semantic approaches for the representation of geographical data, geographical data monitoring, situation management and forecast, to emerging applications oriented to the maritime environment, disaster management and security threats. While traditional topics of GIS conferences are well represented and still being advanced, several new domains appear and stress the need for the development of versatile monitoring systems and decision making systems. While GIS already have a de facto standard for geographical monitoring and analysis, the papers accepted in this volume also illustrate several novel directions of application whose objective is more closely oriented to process modeling and decision making, and where the nature of the objects represented is revisited using ontological and semantic approaches.
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Mobility Data Mining And Privacy

Author : Fosca Giannotti
ISBN : 3540751777
Genre : Computers
File Size : 63.5 MB
Format : PDF
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Mobile communications and ubiquitous computing generate large volumes of data. Mining this data can produce useful knowledge, yet individual privacy is at risk. This book investigates the various scientific and technological issues of mobility data, open problems, and roadmap. The editors manage a research project called GeoPKDD, Geographic Privacy-Aware Knowledge Discovery and Delivery, and this book relates their findings in 13 chapters covering all related subjects.
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The New Abcs Of Research

Author : Ben Shneiderman
ISBN : 9780191076657
Genre : Reference
File Size : 26.25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The problems we face in the 21st century require innovative thinking from all of us. Be it students, academics, business researchers of government policy makers. Hopes for improving our healthcare, food supply, community safety and environmental sustainability depend on the pervasive application of research solutions. The research heroes who take on the immense problems of our time face bigger than ever challenges, but if they adopt potent guiding principles and effective research lifecycle strategies, they can produce the advances that will enhance the lives of many people. These inspirational research leaders will break free from traditional thinking, disciplinary boundaries, and narrow aspirations. They will be bold innovators and engaged collaborators, who are ready to lead, yet open to new ideas, self-confident, yet empathetic to others. In this book, Ben Shneiderman recognizes the unbounded nature of human creativity, the multiplicative power of teamwork, and the catalytic effects of innovation. He reports on the growing number of initiatives to promote more integrated approaches to research so as to promote the expansion of these efforts. It is meant as a guide to students and junior researchers, as well as a manifesto for senior researchers and policy makers, challenging widely-held beliefs about how applied innovations evolve and how basic breakthroughs are made, and helping to plot the course towards tomorrow's great advancements.
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Innovative Approaches Of Data Visualization And Visual Analytics

Author : Huang, Mao Lin
ISBN : 9781466643109
Genre : Computers
File Size : 64.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Due to rapid advances in hardware and software technologies, network infrastructure and data have become increasingly complex, requiring efforts to more effectively comprehend and analyze network topologies and information systems. Innovative Approaches of Data Visualization and Visual Analytics evaluates the latest trends and developments in force-based data visualization techniques, addressing issues in the design, development, evaluation, and application of algorithms and network topologies. This book will assist professionals and researchers working in the fields of data analysis and information science, as well as students in computer science and computer engineering, in developing increasingly effective methods of knowledge creation, management, and preservation.
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Analytics And Big Data The Davenport Collection 6 Items

Author : Thomas H. Davenport
ISBN : 9781625277749
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 52.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Analytics and Big Data collection offers a “greatest hits” digital compilation of ideas from world-renowned thought leader Thomas Davenport, who helped popularize the terms analytics and big data in the workplace. An agile and prolific thinker, Davenport has written or coauthored more than a dozen bestselling books. Several of these titles are offered together for the first time in this curated digital bundle, including: Big Data at Work, Competing on Analytics, Analytics at Work, and Keeping Up with the Quants. The collection also includes Davenport’s popular Harvard Business Review articles, “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century” (2012) and “Analytics 3.0” (2013). Combined, these works cover all the bases on analytics and big data: what each term means; the ramifications of each from a technical, consumer, and management perspective; and where each can have the biggest impact on your business. Whether you’re an executive, a manager, or a student wanting to learn more, Analytics and Big Data is the most comprehensive collection you’ll find on the ever-growing phenomenon of digital data and analysis—and how you can make this rising business trend work for you. Named one of the ten “Masters of the New Economy” by CIO magazine, Thomas Davenport has helped hundreds of companies revitalize their management practices. He combines his interests in research, teaching, and business management as the President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology & Management at Babson College. Davenport has also taught at Harvard Business School, the University of Chicago, Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, and the University of Texas at Austin and has directed research centers at Accenture, McKinsey & Company, Ernst & Young, and CSC. He is also an independent Senior Advisor to Deloitte Analytics.
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Encyclopedia Of Business Analytics And Optimization

Author : Wang, John
ISBN : 9781466652033
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 71.2 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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As the age of Big Data emerges, it becomes necessary to take the five dimensions of Big Data- volume, variety, velocity, volatility, and veracity- and focus these dimensions towards one critical emphasis - value. The Encyclopedia of Business Analytics and Optimization confronts the challenges of information retrieval in the age of Big Data by exploring recent advances in the areas of knowledge management, data visualization, interdisciplinary communication, and others. Through its critical approach and practical application, this book will be a must-have reference for any professional, leader, analyst, or manager interested in making the most of the knowledge resources at their disposal.
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Keeping Up With The Quants

Author : Thomas H. Davenport
ISBN : 9781422187265
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 32.60 MB
Format : PDF
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Why Everyone Needs Analytical Skills Welcome to the age of data. No matter your interests (sports, movies, politics), your industry (finance, marketing, technology, manufacturing), or the type of organization you work for (big company, nonprofit, small start-up)—your world is awash with data. As a successful manager today, you must be able to make sense of all this information. You need to be conversant with analytical terminology and methods and able to work with quantitative information. This book promises to become your “quantitative literacy" guide—helping you develop the analytical skills you need right now in order to summarize data, find the meaning in it, and extract its value. In Keeping Up with the Quants, authors, professors, and analytics experts Thomas Davenport and Jinho Kim offer practical tools to improve your understanding of data analytics and enhance your thinking and decision making. You’ll gain crucial skills, including: • How to formulate a hypothesis • How to gather and analyze relevant data • How to interpret and communicate analytical results • How to develop habits of quantitative thinking • How to deal effectively with the “quants” in your organization Big data and the analytics based on it promise to change virtually every industry and business function over the next decade. If you don’t have a business degree or if you aren’t comfortable with statistics and quantitative methods, this book is for you. Keeping Up with the Quants will give you the skills you need to master this new challenge—and gain a significant competitive edge.
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Visual Information Systems Web Based Visual Information Search And Management

Author : Monica Sebillo
ISBN : 9783540858904
Genre : Computers
File Size : 34.3 MB
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The international conference series on Visual Information Systems (VISUAL) originatesfromtheideathattheexchangeofviews, resultsandexperienceswould allowresearchersandpractitionersworkingin the areaofvisualinformations- tems to address commonproblems moree?ectively. Following the success of p- vious editions held in Melbourne (1996), San Diego (1997), Amsterdam (1999), Lyon (2000), Taiwan (2002), Miami (2003), San Francisco (2004), Amsterdam (2005), and Shanghai (2007), the aim of the 2008 edition of the International ConferenceonVisualInformationSystemswasto providea fruitful forumofd- cussioninresearch?eldsrelatedtocomputervision, databases, humancomputer interaction, image processing, information visualization, and knowledge and - formation management. The University of Salerno was honored to celebrate the 10th edition of VISUAL, choosing a prestigioushotel situated on the enchanting Gulf of Salerno, located between the beautiful Coast of Amal? and the Cilento National Park (both part of UNESCO patrimony). VISUAL 2008 received 58 submissions, which were reviewed by more than 38 international experts in the related research ?elds from 19 di?erent countries. The resulting technical p- gramcontinuedthetraditionofmixingcarefully-reviewedresearchcontributions, experience reports and other activities with plenary presentations. Papers c- lectedinthis volumeinclude, butarenotlimitedto, topics ondatavisualization, geovisualization, image and video databases, mobile visual information systems, visual data mining, machine learning and pattern recognition techniques for - sualinformationmanagement, andapplicationsofvisualinformationsystems. In particular, three keynote talks were delivered at VISUAL 2008 and six thematic sessions were organized. The ?rst invited talk, A Visual Analytics Approach to Exploration of Large Amounts of Movement Data, was given by Prof. Gennady AndrienkoincooperationwithNataliaAndrienko, fromthe FraunhoferInstitute Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems. Prof. Andrienko faced the issue of enhancing human interpretation of movement data and described the results of their research experience about adequate analysis methods.
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A Geovisual Analytics Approach For Analyzing Event Based Geospatial Anomalies Within Movement Data

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1051933463
Genre :
File Size : 50.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Comparing data collected on the movement of an entity to data on the location where the entity was reported to have been can be useful in monitoring and enforcement situations. Anomalies between these datasets may be indicative of illegal activity, systematic reporting errors, data entry errors, or equipment failure. While finding obvious anomalies may be a simple task, the discovery of more subtle inconsistencies can be challenging when there is a mismatch in the temporal granularity between the datasets, or when they cover large temporal and geographic ranges. We have developed a geovisual analytics approach called Visual Exploration of Movement-Event Anomalies (VEMEA) that automatically extracts potential anomalies from the data, visually encodes these on a map, and provides interactive filtering and exploration tools to allow expert analysts to investigate and evaluate the anomalies. Using two case studies from the fisheries enforcement domain, the value of VEMEA is illustrated for both confirmatory and exploratory data analysis tasks. Field trial evaluations conducted with expert fisheries data analysts further support the benefits of the approach.

Landing Page Optimization

Author : Tim Ash
ISBN : 9781118234532
Genre : Computers
File Size : 76.42 MB
Format : PDF
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A fully updated guide to making your landing pages profitable Effective Internet marketing requires that you test and optimize your landing pages to maximize exposure and conversion rate. This second edition of a bestselling guide to landing page optimization includes case studies with before-and-after results as well as new information on web site usability. It covers how to prepare all types of content for testing, how to interpret results, recognize the seven common design mistakes, and much more. Included is a gift card for Google AdWords. Features fully updated information and case studies on landing page optimization Shows how to use Google's Website Optimizer tool, what to test and how to prepare your site for testing, the pros and cons of different test strategies, how to interpret results, and common site design mistakes Provides a step-by-step implementation plan and advice on getting support and resources Landing Page Optimization, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide to increasing conversions and improving profits.
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Eye Tracking And Visualization

Author : Michael Burch
ISBN : 9783319470245
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 89.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book discusses research, methods, and recent developments in the interdisciplinary field that spans research in visualization, eye tracking, human-computer interaction, and psychology. It presents extended versions of papers from the First Workshop on Eye Tracking and Visualization (ETVIS), which was organized as a workshop of the IEEE VIS Conference 2015. Topics include visualization and visual analytics of eye-tracking data, metrics and cognitive models, eye-tracking experiments in the context of visualization interfaces, and eye tracking in 3D and immersive environments. The extended ETVIS papers are complemented by a chapter offering an overview of visualization approaches for analyzing eye-tracking data and a chapter that discusses electrooculography (EOG) as an alternative of acquiring information about eye movements. Covering scientific visualization, information visualization, and visual analytics, this book is a valuable resource for eye-tracking researchers within the visualization community.
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