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Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association

Author : Turner Publishing
ISBN : 1563113473
Genre : Helicopter pilots
File Size : 24.83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Hop through the Southeast Asian jungles as we explore the grit of the Vietnam helicopter pilot. This book contains over 800 biographies of helicopter pilots, vivid color prints, detailed "after action" reports, in-country photos, index, & a chapter dedicated to reunions of the VHPA, the fastest growing Vietnam Veterans association in the U.S.A. Creative artwork by renowned aviation artist Joe Kline & VHPA roster with over 10,000 names included.
Category: Helicopter pilots

Ups And Downs

Author : William Sharpe
ISBN : 1724796941
Genre :
File Size : 69.57 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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I flew through the Vietnam War in the cockpit of a helicopter, hauling troops in combat assaults and anything else that would fit on a Huey cargo deck. Helicopter crews were asked to do many things in Vietnam and I did most of them, albeit to a lesser extent than my peers. My involvement was further enriched by time spent in the nerve center of a combat aviation battalion. I returned home with a trove of personal recollections- some grim, some angry, some humorous and many unique to my experience. To these, I have added tales of events that occurred in college ROTC training, flight school and post-Vietnam army service. Taken together they offer a complete picture of a brief, but compelling military career, filled with ups and downs.

Us Helicopter Pilot In Vietnam

Author : Gordon L. Rottman
ISBN : 9781846038600
Genre : History
File Size : 58.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The helicopter changed war forever. This book examines the range of duties helicopter pilots carried out in Vietnam, from air-lift, med-evac and fire-support to landing in high volume crossfires in 'Hot LZs'. Protected by little more than an armoured seat, operating in terrible conditions and flying long hours these brave men led hard, dangerous lives, and casualties were high. Following these pilots from initial deployment through to the deadly thrill of combat in a war zone, Vietnam veteran Gordon L Rottman's book is a crucial examination of the pilots who fought so valiantly for their country. Often unmoved by the politics of the war, conflicts at home and other social issues, the Vietnam helicopter pilots just wanted to fly. As the saying went 'who needs drugs, I'm already high'.
Category: History

Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Stories

Author : H. D. Graham
ISBN : 9781984533913
Genre : History
File Size : 66.95 MB
Format : PDF
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This book is a collection of fascinating short stories, photos, and documents furnished by the heroic and courageous men that served as air or ground crew members in Vietnam. The chopper units were located throughout Vietnam. During the course of the war, we lost at least 5,139 helicopter aircrew members and at least 588 ground support crew members. In fact, the true number of helicopter air and ground crew members killed or missing in action will probably never be known. Those crew members accounted for a large percentage of all the enemies killed during the war. Those courageous men were American heroes then and will always be American heroes.
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Rattler One Seven

Author : Chuck Gross
ISBN : 9781574412215
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 36.56 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Rattler One-Seven puts you in the helicopter seat, to see the war in Vietnam through the eyes of an inexperienced pilot as he transforms himself into a seasoned combat veteran. At the age of twenty, Chuck Gross spent his 1970?71 tour with the 71st Assault Helicopter Company flying UH-1 Huey helicopters. He inserted special operations teams into Laos and participated in Lam Son 719, a misbegotten attempt to assault and cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail, during which his helicopter was shot down and he was stranded in the field.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Usmc Vietnam Helicopter Association

Author : Turner Publishing Company (NA)
ISBN : 9781563111907
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 84.55 MB
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Beretning om USMC's helikopterindsats under Vietnam-krigen
Category: Technology & Engineering

19 Minutes To Live Helicopter Combat In Vietnam

Author : Lew Jennings
ISBN : 1548484539
Genre : Helicopters
File Size : 63.30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"19 Minutes to Live" illustrates the incredible courage and determination of helicopter pilots and crews supporting those heroes that carried a rucksack and a rifle in Vietnam. Over 12,000 helicopters were used in the Vietnam War, which is why it became known as "The Helicopter War". Almost half of the helicopters, 5,086, were lost. Helicopter pilots and crews accounted for nearly 10 percent of all the US casualties suffered in Vietnam, with nearly 5,000 killed and an untold number of wounded. Lew Jennings flew over 700 Air Cavalry Cobra Gunship Helicopter missions and received Three Distinguished Flying Crosses for Valor. This memoir describes first-hand the harrowing experiences of helicopter pilots and crews in combat operations, from the far South to the DMZ, including the infamous Ashau Valley, Hamburger Hill, LZ Airborne and others.
Category: Helicopters

Vietnam War Helicopter Art

Author : John Brennan
ISBN : 9780811759250
Genre : History
File Size : 24.74 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Hundreds of unique color photos showing how soldiers decorated their helicopters during the Vietnam War.
Category: History

Helicopter Gunships

Author : Wayne Mutza
ISBN : 9781580071543
Genre : History
File Size : 84.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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U.S. Army aviators pioneered the first helicopter gun platforms in the early 1950s. Today, helicopter gunships are the most unique element of rotary-wing aviation, redefining the term "close air support." As the ultimate development of the military helicopter, these largely U. S.-designed-and-built aircraft reign supreme as the premier attack platforms of modern aerial warfare. Helicopter Gunships begins with the Vietnam War as the ultimate proving ground that first utilized helicopter gunships and saw the development of other rotary-wing weapons systems as well. This book also explores fascinating post-war programs like the experimental Comanche, Blackhawk, and Apache. Through in-depth research and exclusive high-quality photos, noted author and helicopter expert Wayne Mutza examines in vivid detail the numerous weapon systems mated with a surprisingly wide variety of helicopters. Attention is also given to helicopter gunships developed by other Free World countries and Communist nations.
Category: History

Spinning Tails

Author : Jan Hornung
ISBN : 9781475912395
Genre : Humor
File Size : 89.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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From the jungles of Vietnam to the heavens of Hawaii, across the world from New Zealand to America, and around-the-world flights, you'll fly with pilots, crew members, soldiers, nurses, and adventure seekers. Join Huey 091 in her journey from Vietnam to a backyard wedding decades later. Fly in the battles of wartime helicopter crews. Find out why some people dream of helicopter flight, while others have nightmares of the memories. Laugh at flight follies, admire heroes of the flight line, crash midair into another helicopter, and use in-flight emergency procedures when you hear, "You're on Fire!" More than thirty writers contributed stories, poems, and insights that represent myriad adventures, heartaches, ecstasies, horrors, and wonders that helicopters have to offer. Helicopter history, winged wisdom, and flight facts are scattered throughout the book. Strap in, hang on, and get ready for the flight of your life. "Tower, Spinning Tails ready for takeoff."
Category: Humor