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Vietnam Combat Operations 1972 1975

Author : William E Le Gro
ISBN : 9781939335302
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The years between the signature of the Paris "peace accords" in 1972 and the final collapse of South Vietnam in 1975 are usually neglected. Very often, they are little more than a footnote in histories of the Vietnam War. This does a great disservice to the fighting men of South Vietnam, especially the infantry, Rangers, airborne troops and Marines who fought long, bravely and under great handicaps and hardships in defense of their country. This history of the South Vietnamese armed forces operations between 1972 and 1975 reveals that during 1973 they had the upper hand in conflicts with the North Vietnamese. It was the abrupt end of American economic and material support in 1974 that doomed their efforts and brought about their eventual defeat. This period also saw Soviet and Chinese aid to North Vietnam transform the NVA from a largely light infantry army to a mechanized tank- and artillery-heavy combined arms force that so greatly outgunned the ARVN.

Achilles In Vietnam

Author : Jonathan Shay
ISBN : 9781439124925
Genre : Psychology
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An original and groundbreaking book that examines the psychological devastation of war by comparing the soldiers of Homer’s Iliad with Vietnam veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder In this strikingly original and groundbreaking book, Dr. Shay examines the psychological devastation of war by comparing the soldiers of Homer’s Iliad with Vietnam veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Although the Iliad was written twenty-seven centuries ago it has much to teach about combat trauma, as do the more recent, compelling voices and experiences of Vietnam vets.
Category: Psychology

Working Class War

Author : Christian G. Appy
ISBN : 9780807860113
Genre : History
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No one can understand the complete tragedy of the American experience in Vietnam without reading this book. Nothing so underscores the ambivalence and confusion of the American commitment as does the composition of our fighting forces. The rich and the powerful may have supported the war initially, but they contributed little of themselves. That responsibility fell to the poor and the working class of America.--Senator George McGovern "Reminds us of the disturbing truth that some 80 percent of the 2.5 million enlisted men who served in Vietnam--out of 27 million men who reached draft age during the war--came from working-class and impoverished backgrounds. . . . Deals especially well with the apparent paradox that the working-class soldiers' families back home mainly opposed the antiwar movement, and for that matter so with few exceptions did the soldiers themselves.--New York Times Book Review "[Appy's] treatment of the subject makes it clear to his readers--almost as clear as it became for the soldiers in Vietnam--that class remains the tragic dividing wall between Americans.--Boston Globe
Category: History

New Zealand S Vietnam War

Author : Ian McGibbon
ISBN : 9781877568534
Genre : History
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This landmark publication provides a comprehensive and authoritative account of New Zealand's involvement in the Vietnam War, and will remain the standard reference work on the subject for decades. Its publication completes the programme of official war histories that began in 1945. Ian McGibbon's primary focus is what New Zealand did in South Vietnam. He traces in detail the operations carried out by New Zealand forces and seeks to illuminate the experience of New Zealand soldiers fighting in a guerrilla war. The command structure, logistic support and operational context of fighting within a primarily Australian framework are all covered. He addresses controversial aspects such as friendly fire incidents, atrocity allegations and veterans' grievances, including over Agent Orange. Maori participation in V Force was substantial and its impact is assessed. Although the book is inevitably weighted towards the military, the efforts of civilians in South Vietnam are also covered in depth. The surgical team operated from 1963 until their evacuation from Qui Nhon just days before North Vietnamese columns entered the city. Not forgotten are the efforts of courageous civilians like Sister Mary Laurence and of Red Cross volunteers to alleviate misery among refugees. The book also describes the dramatic end of New Zealand's involvement in South Vietnam – with the surgical team and the New Zealand Embassy evacuated by RNZAF Bristol Freighters just before the communist victory. Finally, McGibbon surveys the war's troubled aftermath, culminating in the Prime Minister's apology to veterans in 2008.
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Battle Notes

Author : Lee Andresen
ISBN : 1886028605
Genre : Music
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This is the hard cover edition of the new release
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The Us Marine Corps In The Vietnam War

Author : Ed Gilbert
ISBN : 9781472800404
Genre : History
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III Marine Amphibious Force was conceived as a division command for a small Marine Corps commitment to Vietnam. Within four years it had grown to a reinforced corps of two divisions, an air wing, and the division-sized Force Logistics Command. This organization was unique in Marine Corps history in that it merged combat and major logistical functions under a single field command. This book examines the origins and constantly changing organizational structure of III MAF, and demonstrates how it conducted its savage struggle against Viet Cong guerrillas and North Vietnamese Army regular forces in the northern provinces of Vietnam.
Category: History

Vietnam War Us Allied Combat Equipments

Author : Gordon L. Rottman
ISBN : 9781472819062
Genre : History
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Over the eight years of the Vietnam War, US forces used three major types of equipment sets, with numerous modifications for particular circumstances. Different equipments were also used by Special Forces, the South Vietnamese, and other allied ground troops. Vietnam War US & Allied Combat Equipments offers a comprehensive examination of the gear that US and allied soldiers had strapped around their bodies, what they contained, and what those items were used for. Fully illustrated with photographs and artwork detailing how each piece of equipment was used and written by a Special Forces veteran of the conflict, this book will fascinate enthusiasts of military equipment and will be an ideal reference guide for re-enactors, modellers and collectors of Vietnam War memorabilia.
Category: History

The Encyclopedia Of The Vietnam War A Political Social And Military History 2nd Edition 4 Volumes

Author : Spencer C. Tucker
ISBN : 9781851099610
Genre : History
File Size : 77.38 MB
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Now in its second edition, this comprehensive study of the Vietnam War sheds more light on the longest and one of the most controversial conflicts in U.S. history. • Includes many photographs and illustrations that bring the Vietnam War to life • Contains more than 200 primary sources in a separate documents volume, with full introductions for each • Presents an extensive chronology of historic events and a glossary of terms • Provides cross-references and bibliographies that facilitate further research
Category: History

Doc Lucas Usn

Author : Blair Beebe
ISBN : 9781450232586
Genre : Fiction
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Blair Beebe, M.D. Medical lessons from Vietnam; what did we learn? Almost fifty years after the beginning of American involvement in the Vietnam War, we still remain embroiled in military actions that generate disease, disability, and death. Frontline physicians who were in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Vietnam faced the medical consequences of war every day. My new novel, Doc Lucas USN, based on real people and real events, brings the war down to a human scale, one person at a time. History gives us statistics and dates, but fiction helps us to better understand the meaning behind those facts. One of my old professors defined history as “lies we tell about dead people.” We understand more from reading Homer, Sophocles, Shakespeare, Margaret Mitchell, and Stephen Ambrose than we ever learned from dry history textbooks. Paradoxically, the truth comes out in fiction. During my time in Vietnam, and for many years after, I listened to stories from other physicians who served during the war and from naval aviators and marines who faced combat every day. I also heard different points of view from Vietnamese civilians who had come to America to escape the chaos after the war. Their eyewitness accounts are the true history, but unless someone writes them down, we lose them forever. Moreover, individual stories may have little meaning to us if they lack context. I’ve often heard both veterans and civilians say, “I don’t talk about my experiences, because anyone who wasn’t there could never understand how bad it was.” That’s why we need a novel to give us a complete account in an organized way. Each character and each scene moves the action to develop a central theme about the war. We want more than anecdotes. We want to understand the how and the why of the unfolding tragedy. Doc Lucas not only recounts the stories, he lives them. We feel his anxiety, his terror, and at times, his joy. When things go wrong, we know why, and we can feel his despair. In the good times, and there are many, we laugh along with him. In the end, Doc Lucas learns important lessons about himself and his values centered on human rights and the relief of suffering. He emerges from the war better equipped to take his place with stronger convictions about his role in his society.
Category: Fiction