Victorian London

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The Government Of Victorian London 1855 1889

Author : David Edward Owen
ISBN : 0674358856
Genre : History
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Of all the major cities of Britain, London, the world metropolis, was the last to acquire a modern municipal government. Its antiquated administrative system led to repeated crises as the population doubled within a few decades and reached more than two million in the 1840s. Essential services such as sanitation, water supply, street paving and lighting, relief of the poor, and maintenance of the peace were managed by the vestries of ninety-odd parishes or precincts plus divers ad hoc authorities or commissions. In 1855, with the establishment of the Metropolitan Board of Works, the groundwork began to be laid for a rational municipal government. Owen tells in absorbing detail the story of the operations of the Metropolitan Board of Works, its political and other problems, and its limited but significant accomplishments--including the laying down of 83 miles of sewers and the building of the Thames Embankments--before it was replaced in 1889 by the London County Council. His account, based on extensive archival research, is balanced, judicious, lucid, often witty and always urbane.
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Victorian London Street Life In Historic Photographs

Author : John Thomson
ISBN : 9780486319919
Genre : Photography
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Classic document of social realism contains 37 photographs by famed Victorian photographer Thomson, accompanied by texts offering sharply drawn vignettes of laborers, dustmen, street musicians, shoe blacks, and more.
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Crime And Criminals Of Victorian London

Author : Adrian Gray
ISBN : 1860773923
Genre : History
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In this fascinating exploration of the seedy underside of Victorian London, Adrian Gray provides a rich picture of the variety of criminal activity in the city.
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Memories Of Victorian London

Author : Lucy Bethia Walford
ISBN : UOM:39015030653557
Genre : London (England)
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Victorian London

Author : Liza Picard
ISBN : 9781466863477
Genre : History
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To Londoners, the years 1840 to 1870 were years of dramatic change and achievement. As suburbs expanded and roads multiplied, London was ripped apart to build railway lines and stations and life-saving sewers. The Thames was contained by embankments, and traffic congestion was eased by the first underground railway in the world. A start was made on providing housing for the "deserving poor." There were significant advances in medicine, and the Ragged Schools are perhaps the least known of Victorian achievements, in those last decades before universal state education. In 1851 the Great Exhibition managed to astonish almost everyone, attracting exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. But there was also appalling poverty and exploitation, exposed by Henry Mayhew and others. For the laboring classes, pay was pitifully low, the hours long, and job security nonexistent. Liza Picard shows us the physical reality of daily life in Victorian London. She takes us into schools and prisons, churches and cemeteries. Many practical innovations of the time—flushing lavatories, underground railways, umbrellas, letter boxes, driving on the left—point the way forward. But this was also, at least until the 1850s, a city of cholera outbreaks, transportation to Australia, public executions, and the workhouse, where children could be sold by their parents for as little as £12 and streetpeddlers sold sparrows for a penny, tied by the leg for children to play with. Cruelty and hypocrisy flourished alongside invention, industry, and philanthropy.
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Liberalism And Local Government In Early Victorian London

Author : Benjamin Weinstein
ISBN : 9780861933129
Genre : History
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A fresh interpretation of London's early Victorian political culture, devoting particular attention to the relationship which existed between Whigs and vestry-based radicals.
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A Dictionary Of Victorian London

Author : Lee Jackson
ISBN : 9781843312307
Genre : History
File Size : 59.22 MB
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A wonderful A–Z of the fascinating world of Victorian London, full of amazing facts and curious humour.
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Author : Seth Koven
ISBN : 9781400843589
Genre : History
File Size : 82.10 MB
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In the 1880s, fashionable Londoners left their elegant homes and clubs in Mayfair and Belgravia and crowded into omnibuses bound for midnight tours of the slums of East London. A new word burst into popular usage to describe these descents into the precincts of poverty to see how the poor lived: slumming. In this captivating book, Seth Koven paints a vivid portrait of the practitioners of slumming and their world: who they were, why they went, what they claimed to have found, how it changed them, and how slumming, in turn, powerfully shaped both Victorian and twentieth-century understandings of poverty and social welfare, gender relations, and sexuality. The slums of late-Victorian London became synonymous with all that was wrong with industrial capitalist society. But for philanthropic men and women eager to free themselves from the starched conventions of bourgeois respectability and domesticity, slums were also places of personal liberation and experimentation. Slumming allowed them to act on their irresistible "attraction of repulsion" for the poor and permitted them, with society's approval, to get dirty and express their own "dirty" desires for intimacy with slum dwellers and, sometimes, with one another. Slumming elucidates the histories of a wide range of preoccupations about poverty and urban life, altruism and sexuality that remain central in Anglo-American culture, including the ethics of undercover investigative reporting, the connections between cross-class sympathy and same-sex desire, and the intermingling of the wish to rescue the poor with the impulse to eroticize and sexually exploit them. By revealing the extent to which politics and erotics, social and sexual categories overflowed their boundaries and transformed one another, Koven recaptures the ethical dilemmas that men and women confronted--and continue to confront--in trying to "love thy neighbor as thyself."
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Modernity And Meaning In Victorian London

Author : Joseph De Sapio
ISBN : 9781137407214
Genre : History
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The vicissitudes of nineteenth-century travel are on full display in this work, as Joseph De Sapio examines the motivation, mechanics, and mobilities of tourism to Victorian London through an industrialising world. The city brought into focus the complex factors and technologies affecting questions of identity within modernising cultures, and explored the interrelation of activity between metropolitan Britons and overseas visitors. With its crowds, sounds, and sights on full display, London provided the backdrop for self-conscious reflection on the part of the tourist: how did they understand themselves to be socially and culturally distinct within a world made smaller by steamships, telegraphs and railways? Was there one specifically 'modern' world to which all nations should aspire, or was it possible to have many divergent paths? How would technology transform the way humans related to one another? In travelling to London, these individuals sought to define the modern world and their place within it.
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Streetlife In Late Victorian London

Author : P. Andersson
ISBN : 9781137320902
Genre : History
File Size : 79.46 MB
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Focusing on the everyday behaviour of people in the late-Victorian street, this extensive study provides an alternative history of the modern city, and sheds new light on the relationship between police constables and civilians. A wealth of source material is scrutinised to explore this public interaction in the capital.
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Crime And Punishment In Victorian London

Author : Ross Gilfillan
ISBN : 9781473834729
Genre : History
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Discover the seamy history of nineteenth-century England that has inspired countless crime novels and films. Victorian London: All over the city, watches, purses, and handkerchiefs disappear from pockets; goods migrate from warehouses, off docks, and out of shop windows. Burglaries are rife, shoplifting is carried on in West End stores, and people fall victim to all kinds of ingenious swindles. Pornographers proliferate and an estimated eighty thousand prostitutes operate on the city’s streets. Even worse, the vulnerable are robbed in dark alleys or garroted, a new kind of mugging in which the victim is half-strangled from behind while being stripped of his possessions. This history takes you to nineteenth-century London’s grimy rookeries, home to thousands of the city’s poorest and most desperate residents. Explore the crime-ridden slums, flash houses, and gin palaces from a unique street-level view—and meet the people who inhabited them.
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The Thames Torso Murders Of Victorian London

Author : R. Michael Gordon
ISBN : 9781476616650
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 35.7 MB
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The Thames Torso Murders have been overshadowed by Jack the Ripper and his crimes, but were just as brutal and gruesome. They began in 1887 in London’s East End, just north of the Thames River in Rainham, England. The killer took one victim that year, another in 1888, and two more in 1889. He resumed his crimes in 1902, taking his last victim south of the Thames and leaving her body in a pile of dismembered parts as he had done with most of his other victims. This work delves deep into the case of the Thames Torso Murders. It begins with a look at London in the late 1800s, a time of great confusion and tremendous population increase, and the killer’s path to London, which seems to include a murder in Paris in 1886. The book then examines in great detail each murder and the investigation that may have been hindered by the search for Jack the Ripper. It also raises the idea that Jack the Ripper and the Torso Murderer may have been the same man—Severin Klosowski, better known as George Chapman, the Borough Poisoner. It ends with an examination of Serial Killers; the Ripper, Torso, and Borough Poisoner murder cases; the search for clues to the serial killer responsible for the five Thames Torso murders; and Wolff Levisohn, a dark horse who seems to have known much about all three sets of murders, testified at Chapman’s murder trial, and then faded away as Chapman was sent to the gallows.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Architecture And Social Reform In Late Victorian London

Author : Deborah E. B. Weiner
ISBN : 0719039142
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 62.59 MB
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Amidst the sea of squalid brick tenements and working-class two-up, two-down houses of late nineteenth-century London, new building types arose, large in scale and bold in their message: the triple-storied Queen Anne board schools, the mock Elizabethan settlement houses, an Arts and Crafts free public art gallery replete with mystic symbolism, and as first conceived, a neo-Byzantine pleasure palace for the working-classes.
Category: Architecture

Printing And Painting The News In Victorian London

Author : Dr Andrea Korda
ISBN : 9781472432988
Genre : Art
File Size : 65.20 MB
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This first in-depth study of 1860s publication The Graphic and Social Realism uses the approach of media archaeology to unearth the modernity of paintings labeled as Social Realist. Korda shows that the paintings engaged with the changing notions of objectivity and immediacy that nineteenth-century new media cultivated. In doing so, this book proposes an alternative trajectory for the development of modernism that allows for a richer understanding of nineteenth-century visual culture.
Category: Art

Victorian London S Middle Class Housewife

Author : Yaffa Draznin
ISBN : 0313313997
Genre : History
File Size : 88.31 MB
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Through a detailed description of the life and activities of the middle-class married woman of London between 1875 and 1900, this study reveals how housewives unwittingly became engines for change as the new century neared. In marked contrast to the stereotypical depictions of Victorian women in literature and on television, Draznin reveals a woman seldom seen: the stay-at-home housewife whose activities were not much different than those of her counterparts today. By exploring her daily activities, how she cleaned her home, disciplined her children, managed her servants, stretched a limited budget, and began to indulge herself, one discovers the human dimension of women who lived more than a century ago. While most studies of this period consider values, aspirations, and attitudes, this book concentrates on actions, what these women did all day, to provide readers with a new perspective on Victorian life. Late-Victorian London was a surprisingly modern city with a public face of well-lit streets, an excellent underground railway system, and extended municipal services. In the home, gas stoves were replacing coal ranges and household appliances were becoming more common. Having both money to spend and a strong incentive to buy the new laborsaving devices, ready-to-wear clothing, and other manufactured products, the middle-class matron's resistance to change gave way to a rising consumer culture. Despite her nearly exclusive preoccupation with home and family, these urban women became agents for the modernization of Britain.
Category: History

Exiles Of Erin

Author : Lynn Hollen Lees
ISBN : 0719007380
Genre : Exode rural - Angleterre - Londres
File Size : 24.65 MB
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