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Us Nuclear Submarines

Author : Jim Christley
ISBN : 9781780963419
Genre : History
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Format : PDF
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The adoption of nuclear power revolutionized submarine design and means that vessels can stay underwater for months, trailing the enemy or training weapons on land targets from secret positions, "always there, never seen.†? Jim Christley, a former submariner, explores here the influence of Admiral Hyman Rickover in cautiously introducing these stealthy machines of war, and frankly discusses the power and perils of using nuclear reactors at sea. Using unique and detailed artwork, he outlines the many evolving aspects of design within the submarine classes, from the very first nuclear submarine, USS Nautilus, to the classes under construction even now.
Category: History

Sustaining U S Nuclear Submarine Design Capabilities

Author : John F. Schank
ISBN : 9780833042767
Genre : Business & Economics
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Nuclear submarine design resources at the shipyards, their suppliers, and the Navy may erode for lack of demand. Analysis of alternative workforce and workload management options suggests that the U.S. Navy should stretch out the design of the next submarine class and start it early or sustain design resources above the current demand, so that the next class may be designed on time, on budget, and with low risk.
Category: Business & Economics

China S Future Nuclear Submarine Force

Author : Andew Erickson
ISBN : 9781612511504
Genre : History
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One of the key concerns of naval strategists and planners today is the nature of the Chinese geostrategic challenge. Conceding that no one can know for certain China s intentions in terms of future conflict, the editors of this hot-topic book argue that the trajectory of Chinese nuclear propulsion for submarines may be one of the best single indicators of China s ambitions of global military power. Nuclear submarines, with their unparalleled survivability, remain ideal platforms for persistent operations in far-flung sea areas and offer an efficient means for China to project power. This collection of essays presents the latest thinking of leading experts on the emergence of a modern nuclear submarine fleet in China. Each contribution is packed with authoritative data and cogent analysis. The book has been compiled by four professors and analysts at the U.S. Naval War College who are co-founders of the college s recently established China Maritime Studies Institute. Given the opaque nature of China s undersea warfare development, readers will benefit from this penetrating investigation that considers the potential impact of even the most revolutionary changes in Chinese nuclear submarine capabilities. The editors believe that to ignore such possibilities would be the height of strategic folly and represent inexcusable negligence in terms of U.S. national defense. Anyone who is interested in the future of the U.S. Navy and the defense of the United States will find this book to be essential reading.
Category: History

Nuclear Submarines Of Advanced Design

Author : United States. Congress. Joint Committee on Atomic Energy
ISBN : LOC:0017017429A
Genre : Nuclear submarines
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Category: Nuclear submarines

Sunken Nuclear Submarines

Author : Viking Olver Eriksen
ISBN : UVA:35007000379333
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 61.70 MB
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About 80 nuclear-powered submarines continuously patrol the North Atlantic Ocean--a vigilant contribution to the balance of the superpowers. But at what price is the balance maintained? The question is all the more important in the face of suggestions to reduce further or eliminate land-based strategic missiles and rely even more on missiles ferried by nuclear-powered submarines. What is known about these seldom-seen guardians of the nuclear balance? What kind of accidents have they had? What kinds of accidents may yet occur? What happens if they release their troublesome nuclear materials to the world's oceans? Sunken Nuclear Submarines asks and attempts to answer these and other important questions. Relying on the limited information made available by the superpowers, the author reviews information from some of the 200 known accidents involving nuclear submarines and assesses the environmental consequences. The author concludes that only increased candor and openness on the part of the superpowers will permit a true understanding of the risks of using nuclear-powered submarines as a part of the strategic balance. This book will be of interest to politicians, political journalists, environmentalists, and general readers.
Category: Political Science

The Cold War

Author : David Miller
ISBN : 9781448137930
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 57.99 MB
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From 1949 to 1991 the world was overshadowed by the Cold War. Repeatedly it seemed that in days, even hours, global nuclear conflict would sweep away much of the United States, the Soviet Union and Europe. They would be obliterated in what President Carter described as 'one long, final and very bleak afternoon'. When the Cold War ended, the Warsaw Pact was wound up and the vast military forces which had flourished for over forty years were disbanded. As with all wars, however, it was only then that the realities of what had been involved began to emerge; indeed, much has remained hidden until now.In The Cold War, David Miller discloses not only the vast scope of the military resources involved, but also how nearly threat came to terrible reality. Most chillingly of all, he reveals that while the menace of nuclear war predominated, it was actually little understood even by the experts. The book examines each military area in turn, covering the formation of the two great alliances, and the strategies and major weapons in the rival navies, armies and air forces. That the Cold War ended without a conflict was due to professionalism on both sides. The result, Miller suggests, would have impressed the Chinese military strategist, Sun Tsu, who, writing in the fifth century BC, said that 'to subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill'.
Category: Technology & Engineering

The Nuclear Lion

Author : John Jagger
ISBN : 9781489927842
Genre : Science
File Size : 89.22 MB
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. . . human kind cannot bear very much reality. T. S. ELIOT, Four Quartets When I was a little child, I lived in an old and somewhat rickety house by the sea. When the winter wind blew, the house would shake and tremble, and cold drafts would whistle through cracks in the walls. You might have thought that lying in bed in a dark room on such cold, windy nights would have frightened me. But it had just the opposite effect: having known this en vironment since birth, I actually found the shaking of the house, the whistling of the wind, and the crashing of the sea to be comforting, and I was lulled to sleep by these familiar sounds. They signaled to me that all was right with the world and that the forces of nature were operating in the normal way. But I did have a problem. On the dimly lit landing of the staircase leading up to my bedroom, there was a large and dark picture of a male lion, sitting as such lions do with his massive paws in front of him and his head erect, turned slightly to the right, and staring straight out at you with yellow blazing eyes. I had great difficulty getting past that lion. Someone would have to hold my hand and take me up to bed, past the dreaded picture.
Category: Science

Daily Report

Author :
ISBN : UIUC:30112083415726
Genre : East Asia
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