Uranium Processing And Properties

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Uranium Processing And Properties

Author : Jonathan S. Morrell
ISBN : 9781461475910
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Format : PDF
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Uranium Processing and Properties describes developments in uranium science, engineering and processing and covers a broad spectrum of topics and applications in which these technologies are harnessed. This book offers the most up-to-date knowledge on emerging nuclear technologies and applications while also covering new and established practices for working with uranium supplies. The book also aims to provide insights into current research and processing technology developments in order to stimulate and motivate innovation among readers. Topics covered include casting technology, plate and sheet rolling, machining of uranium and uranium alloys, forming and fabrication techniques, corrosion kinetics, nondestructive evaluation and thermal modeling.
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Processing And Properties Of High Purity Fine Grain Size Depleted Uranium Deep Drawn Shapes

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:1066381356
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Unalloyed uranium is a candidate material for shaped charge liners used in conventional ordinance applications. For test purposes, it was decided that a high-grade uranium material with good toughness should be used. This report describes a process for producing a high-purity (less than 500 ppM total impurities) wrought material consisting of a recrystallized, equiaxed grain structure with a 10 micron (ASTM-8) average grain size. The fabrication process is discussed in detail. In all, six material conditions having a wide range of mechanical and structural properties were investigated. The tensile, hardness, and microstructural properties of these six material conditions are reported in detail.

Uranium Production Technology

Author : Charles D. Harrington
ISBN : UOM:39015003997650
Genre : Nuclear fuels
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Concise Encyclopedia Of Advanced Ceramic Materials

Author : R.J. Brook
ISBN : 9780080983707
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Advanced ceramics cover a wide range of materials which are ceramic by nature but have been developed in response to specific requirements. This encyclopedia collects together 137 articles in order to provide an up-to-date account of the advanced ceramic field. Some articles are drawn from the acclaimed Encyclopedia of Materials Science and Engineering, often revised, and others have been newly commissioned. The Concise Encyclopedia of Advanced Ceramic Materials aims to provide a comprehensive selection of accessible articles which act as an authoritative guide to the subject. The format is designed to help the readers form opinions on a particular subject. Arranged alphabetically, with a broad subject range, the articles are diverse in character and style, thereby stimulating further discussion. Topics covered include survey articles on glass, hot pressing, insulators, powders, and many are concerned with specific chemical systems and their origins, processing and applications. The Concise Encyclopedia of Advanced Ceramic Materials will be invaluable to materials scientists, researchers, educators and industrialists working in technical ceramics.
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Handbook On Rare Earth Metals And Alloys Properties Extraction Preparation And Applications

Author : NPCS Board of Consultants & Engineers
ISBN : 9788178331201
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Rare earths are essential constituents of more than 100 mineral species and present in many more through substitution. They have a marked geochemical affinity for calcium, titanium, niobium, zirconium, fluoride, phosphate and carbonate ions. Industrially important minerals, which are utilized at present for rare earths production, are essentially three, namely monazite, bastnasite and xenotime. In modern time techniques for exploration of rare earths and yttrium minerals include geologic identification of environments of deposition and surface as well as airborne reconnaissance with magnetometric and radiometric equipment. There are numerous applications of rare earths such as in glass making industry, cracking catalysts, electronic and optoelectronic devices, medical technology, nuclear technology, agriculture, plastic industry etc. Lot of metals and alloys called rare earth are lying in the earth which required to be processed. Some of the important elements extracted from rare earths are uranium, lithium, beryllium, selenium, platinum metals, tantalum, silicon, molybdenum, manganese, chromium, cadmium, titanium, tungsten, zirconium etc. There are different methods involved in production of metals and non metals from rare earths for example; separation, primary crushing, secondary crushing, wet grinding, dry grinding etc. The rare earths are silver, silverymwhite, or gray metals; they have a high luster, but tarnish readily in air, have high electrical conductivity. The rare earths share many common properties this makes them difficult to separate or even distinguish from each other. There are very small differences in solubility and complex formation between the rare earths. The rare earth metals naturally occur together in minerals. Rare earths are found with non metals, usually in the 3+ oxidation state. At present all the rare earth resources in India are in the form of placer monazite deposits, which also carry other industrially important minerals like ilmenite, rutile, zircon, sillimanite and garnet. Some of the fundamentals of the book are commercially important rare earth minerals, exploration for rare earth resources, rare earth resources of the world, some rare earth minerals and their approximate compositions, rare earths in cracking catalysts, rare earth based phosphors, interdependence of applications and production of rare earths, uranium alloys, conversion of ores to lithium chemicals, characterization and analysis of very pure silicon, derivation of molybdenum metal, electoplating and chromizing, electrolytic production of titanium, heat treatment of titanium alloys, tensile properties of alloys etc. The book covers occurrence of rare earth, resources of the world, production of lithium metals, compounds derived from the metals, chemical properties of beryllium, uses of selenium, derivation of molybdenum metals, ore concentration and treatment and many more. This is a unique book of its kind, which will be a great asset for scientists, researchers, technocrats and entrepreneurs.

Uranium Resource Processing

Author : Chiranjib Gupta
ISBN : 3540679669
Genre : Science
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The book emphasizes various aspects of processing secondary sources for recovery of uranium. The field of secondary resource processing is gaining ground over the last few years as it is eco-friendly, economical and in tune with the philosophy of sustainable development. The book is the first one of its type in the area and includes a succint and comprehensive description of related areas of ore mineralogy, resource classification, processing principles involved in uranium solubilisation followed by separation and safety aspects. The clear organisation and the carefully selected figures and tables makes the treatment invaluable for practising engineers, research workers and academic institutions.
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Processing Of High Temperature Superconductors

Author : Amit Goyal
ISBN : 9781118405956
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Included in this volume are papers on biaxial and triaxial crystallographic texturing, epitaxial growth on biaxially textured substrates, melt-processing of YBCO, and basic information about HTS materials concerning phase diagrams, measurement of physical properties, characterization, and effects of various defects including grain boundaries on supercurrent transmission. Proceedings of the symposium held at the 104th Annual Meeting of The American Ceramic Society, April 28-May1, 2002 in Missouri; Ceramic Transactions, Volume 140.
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Analytical Chemistry Of Uranium

Author : Zeev Karpas
ISBN : 9781482220605
Genre : Science
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Accurate uranium analysis, and particularly for isotope measurements, is essential in many fields, including environmental studies, geology, hydrogeology, the nuclear industry, health physics, and homeland security. Nevertheless, only a few scientific books are dedicated to uranium in general and analytical chemistry aspects in particular. Analytical Chemistry of Uranium: Environmental, Forensic, Nuclear, and Toxicological Applications covers the fascinating advances in the field of analytical chemistry of uranium. Exploring a broad range of topics, the book focuses on the analytical aspects of industrial processes that involve uranium, its presence in the environment, health and biological implications of exposure to uranium compounds, and nuclear forensics. Topics include: Examples of procedures used to characterize uranium in environmental samples of soil, sediments, vegetation, water, and air Analytical methods used to examine the rigorous specifications of uranium and its compounds deployed in the nuclear fuel cycle Health aspects of exposure to uranium and the bioassays used for exposure assessment Up-to-date analytical techniques used in nuclear forensics for safeguards in support of non-proliferation, including single particle characterization Each chapter includes an overview of the topic and several examples to demonstrate the analytical procedures. This is followed by sample preparation, separation and purification techniques where necessary. The book supplies readers with a solid understanding of the analytical chemistry approach used today for characterizing the different facets of uranium, providing a good starting point for further investigation into this important element.
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The Metallurgy Of Nuclear Fuel

Author : V. S. Yemel'Yanov
ISBN : 9781483186023
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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The Metallurgy of Nuclear Fuel: Properties and Principles of the Technology of Uranium, Thorium and Plutonium is a systematic analysis of the metallurgy of nuclear fuel, with emphasis on the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties as well as the technology of uranium, thorium, and plutonium, together with their alloys and compounds. The minerals and raw material sources of nuclear fuel are discussed, along with the principles of the technology of the raw material processing and the production of the principal compounds, and of the pure metals and alloys. Comprised of three parts, this volume begins with an introduction to the history of the discovery of uranium and its position in the periodic system; its use as a nuclear fuel; radioactivity and isotopic composition; alloys and compounds; and physical, mechanical, and chemical properties. The effect of mechanical and thermal treatment, thermal cycling and irradiation on the physicochemical properties of uranium is also examined. The next two sections are devoted to thorium and plutonium and includes chapters dealing with their uses, alloys and compounds, and methods of recovery and purification. This book is written for university students, but should also prove useful to young production engineers and scientific workers who are concerned with problems in the metallurgy of nuclear fuel.
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