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Until It Hurts

Author : Mark Hyman
ISBN : 9780807097564
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 87.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Near the end of a long season, fourteen-year-old baseball pitcher Ben Hyman approached his father with disappointing, if not surprising, news: his pitching shoulder was tired. With each throw to home plate, he felt a twinge in his still maturing arm. Any doctor would have advised the young boy to take off the rest of the season. Author Mark Hyman sent his son out to pitch the next game. After all, it was play-off time. Stories like these are not uncommon. Over the last seventy-five years, adults have staged a hostile takeover of kids' sports. In 2003 alone, more than 3.5 million children under age fifteen required medical treatment for sports injuries, nearly half of which were the result of simple overuse. The quest to turn children into tomorrow's superstar athletes has often led adults to push them beyond physical and emotional limits. In Until It Hurts, journalist, coach, and sports dad Mark Hyman explores how youth sports reached this problematic state. His investigation takes him from the Little League World Series in Pennsylvania to a prestigious Chicago soccer club, from adolescent golf and tennis superstars in Atlanta to California volleyball players. He interviews dozens of children, parents, coaches, psychologists, surgeons, sports medicine specialists, and former professional athletes. He speaks at length with Whitney Phelps, Michael's older sister; retraces the story of A Very Young Gymnast, and its subject, Torrance York; and tells the saga of the Castle High School girls' basketball team of Evansville, Indiana, which in 2005 lost three-fifths of its lineup to ACL injuries. Along the way, Hyman hears numerous stories: about a mother who left her fifteen-year-old daughter at an interstate exit after a heated exchange over her performance during a soccer game, about a coach who ordered preteens to swim laps in three-hour shifts for twenty-four hours. Hyman's exploration leads him to examine the history of youth sports in our country and how it's evolved, particularly with the increasing involvement of girls and much more proactive participation of parents. With its unique multiple perspective-of history, of reporting, and of personal experience-this book delves deep into the complicated issue of sports for children, and opens up a much-needed discussion about the perils of youth sports culture today. Hyman focuses not only on the unfortunate cases of overzealous parents and overly ambitious kids, but also on how positive change can be made, and concludes by shining a spotlight on some inspirational parents and model sports programs, giving hope that the current destructive cycle can be broken. From the Hardcover edition.
Category: Social Science

To Love Until It Hurts

Author : Viveca Venegas Vilaró
ISBN : 9781438995403
Genre : Art
File Size : 36.64 MB
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This book will help you to halt in your tracks and rethink the way in which you're living your life. Viveca has had impressive life experiences that we should all seek to embrace and adopt as our own.
Category: Art

Until It Hurts To Stop

Author : Jennifer Hubbard
ISBN : 9781101602539
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 29.30 MB
Format : PDF
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Bullying doesn't stop just because the bullies grow up. In seventh grade, Maggie Camden was the class outcast. Every day, the other girls tripped her, pinched her, trapped her in the bathroom, told her she would be better off dead. Four years have passed since then, and Maggie’s tormentors seem to have moved on. The ringleader of them all, Raleigh Barringer, even moved out of town. But Maggie has never stopped watching for attacks, and every laugh still sounds like it’s at her expense. The only time Maggie feels at peace is when she’s hiking up in the mountains with her best friend, Nick. Lately, though, there’s a new sort of tension between the two of them—a tension both dangerous and delicious. But how can Maggie expect anything more out of Nick when all she’s ever been told is that she’s ugly, she’s pathetic, she’s unworthy of love? And how can she ever feel safe, now that Raleigh Barringer is suddenly—terrifyingly—back in town? From the Hardcover edition.
Category: Young Adult Fiction

Give Until It Hurts

Author : Haylee Wolf
ISBN : 9781524267742
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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His pack systemically murdered mine, until I’m the last Omega left. Mine returned the favor until he’s the last Alpha of his line. I can’t want him, but I do. Each time he touches me, I crave a thousand more. He’s poison, lethal and dangerous, but he might just be the cure I need. They say when you pursue the path of vengeance, you dig two graves, but we’re tired of digging. Chains forged in blood and violence bound us, shaped us, but I won’t let hate define us.
Category: Fiction

Love Until It Hurts

Author : Carmen DeSousa
ISBN : 9781945143328
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 38.9 MB
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The night Charity meets Brock Ryan she sees not only a chance to spend a night with a hot divorcé, but also an opportunity to make her ex jealous. Some things aren't for sale, though, especially not Brock Ryan. When one night of innocent flirting causes a chain reaction that will forever change her life, Charity will have to make difficult decisions that will affect her future and the ones she loves -- and maybe even cost her the love of a lifetime.
Category: Fiction

Love Until It Hurts

Author : Niki Embers
ISBN : 9781945143120
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 31.17 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Young Adult Fiction

I Can Handle Pain Until It Hurts

Author : Getthread Journals
ISBN : 179509348X
Genre :
File Size : 74.22 MB
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MINIMALIST AND STYLISH JOURNAL Whether for your desk at home, your work or in your bag on the go this professionally designed 6x9 notebook provides the perfect platform for you to record your thoughts. This Journals pre-lined pages are ready and waiting to be filled. DETAILS: 120 Blank Lined White Pages Simple Stylish Typographic Cover Art DIMENSIONS: 6x9 inches PERFECT FOR: Everyday Dairy Personal Journal Wedding Planning Work Lists Creative Doodles College Planning

The Way It Hurts

Author : Patty Blount
ISBN : 9781492632795
Genre : Young Adult Fiction
File Size : 29.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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There may be two sides to every story, but sometimes there's only one way to set things right... Music is Elijah's life. His band plays loud and hard, and he'll do anything to get them a big break. He needs that success to help take care of his sister, who has special needs. So he'd rather be practicing when his friends drag him to a musical in the next town...until the lead starts to sing. Kristen dreams of a career on stage like her grandmother's. She knows she needs an edge to get into a competitive theater program—and being the star in her high school musical isn't going to cut it. The applause and the attention only encourage her to work harder. Elijah can't take his eyes off of Kristen's performance, and his swooning face is captured on camera and posted with an out-of-context comment. It goes viral. Suddenly, Elijah and Kristen are in a new spotlight as the online backlash spins out of control. And the consequences are bigger than they both could have ever imagined because these threats don't stay online...they follow them into real life.
Category: Young Adult Fiction

Laughing Until It Hurts Children Mothers And Concerns About Comedic Television In Contemporary Japan

Author : William John Feeney
ISBN : 0438371003
Genre :
File Size : 38.81 MB
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Ultimately, the dissertation argues that such mundane public discussions about comic television serve as a potent regulatory nexus that entangles anxieties over comic programming with broader social concerns surrounding children in ways that invigorate established maternal norms and render them powerfully salient in the everyday lives of mothers. Individual chapters examine the interdiscursive contours and consequential entailments of a set of discussions that coalesce around the double-edged semiotic potentials afforded by mediatized comic forms. In each case, the analysis traces the ways that these ideologically laden discussions project normative expectations for mothers who are tasked with safeguarding the hearts, minds, and productive futures of their children.