Unsolicited Advice 2019

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Unsolicited Advice 2021 Weekly Planner

Author : Adam J. Kurtz
ISBN : 0996907270
Genre :
File Size : 77.33 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Unsolicited Advice is an annual planner, calendar, and journal from artist and author Adam J. Kurtz.

Territorial Army Officers Exams Ebook 2019 3000 Questions Included

Author : SSBCrack
Genre : Education
File Size : 86.88 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Paper 1: Reasoning and Elementary Mathematics Paper 2: General Knowledge and English Opportunity in the Territorial Army Territorial Army Notification 2019 for Men and Women Exam Pattern and Syllabus of Territorial Army TA Exams 2016 & 2017 solved papers with detailed explanations Detailed syllabus for Territorial Army Officer Recruitment Exam 2019 More than 3000+ examples, Practice Questions with Explanations and Exercises with Answer Key
Category: Education

Unsolicited Advice On Learning Teaching And Leadership

Author : Gary Stager
ISBN : 192565432X
Genre :
File Size : 26.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"The author argues that we need to view teachers and children as dramatically more competent, creative and capable than the accepted conventional wisdom suggests. He outlines first principles for the future of schools, drawing on students’, teachers’ and parents’ capacity for learning through experience. He explores the role of teacher as researcher, and of technology as bestowing agency rather than modernity. He concludes that we have the knowledge and materials to amplify the potential of each learner, but what is required is a sense of urgency, recognition that things need not be as they seem, and a willingness to teach better than we were taught." -- Taken from about the paper.

Rules Of Golf A Handy Fast Guide To Golf Rules 2019 2020

Author : Team Golfwell
ISBN : 9780473514242
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 60.88 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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If you want to easily learn the rules of golf, then this book is for you. The perfect gift for a golfer! The most major changes in 30 years to the Rules of Golf went into effect on January 1, 2019. This Guide is 6" x 9" edition to the Rules of Golf gives you a clear and quick overview of the Rules of Golf and the recent changes which most commonly come into play when you need a fast answer. See our 4" x 6" pocket-sized edition on Amazon ISBN 13: 978-1092682534 which fits easily into your bag. This book covers stroke and match play and is divided into 7 sections: Before Starting Play, Tee Area, General Area (Fairway & Rough, etc.), Relief in the General Area, Penalty Areas, Bunkers, and Greens. Some rules are repeated in several of the 7 sections for easy reference. The next several pages, “QUICK RULES SUMMARY” will answer most rule questions in seconds with more information shown in the page reference. You don’t have to remember all the rules if you keep this guide handy or on your phone for fast answers to rule questions. Happy golfing! Current for 2020. Sincerely, Team Golfwell Available in 4" x 6" pocket-sized edition - search Amazon Books (ASIN 1092682538) Available in 4” x 6” Spanish edition - search Amazon Books (ASIN 1080420568 & B07V9LR5PJ). Available in 4” x 6” German edition – search Amazon Books (ASIN 1701594307 & B07ZG6C2C5). Tags: sports, sports book, sports gift, golf accessories, golf, golf club book, golf book, golf books for men, golf books for women, golf gifts for men, golf gifts for women, new golf rules, golf rules 2019, golf, rules of golf, golf rules, golf rulebooks, golf rule books, golf rule book, golf coaching, coaching golf, PGA tour, golf books, top golfers, rules of golf 2019
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Feng Shui For 2019

Author : Joey Yap
Genre :
File Size : 64.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Your Personal Guide to Feng Shui in 2019 This guide contains all the essential Feng Shui information you'll need for 2019. Discover the Annual Afflictions for 2019 and obtain an all-encompassing view of the Flying Stars that impact your personal abode and workplace. With an analysis for all the 8 basic types of Houses in 2019, this year-long reference also comes with an insightful commentary to personalize your outlook on the Feng Shui of your property for the entire year, making this one of the most comprehensive Feng Shui guide out there.

Astrology Zone The Year Ahead 2019

Author : Susan Miller
ISBN : 9781547848928
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 39.15 MB
Format : PDF
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In the world of astrology, there is only one person you should trust to read your 2019 horoscope: Susan Miller, the internationally respected founder of Astrology Zone®. Susan's monthly reports and readings, published on her website and via her app, "Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller," are celebrated world-wide equally for their warmth and sincerity as their accuracy and comprehensive nature. And now, she has prepared a wonderful new set of predictions for astrological sign in her newest publication, THE YEAR AHEAD 2019. Stuffed full of important information and featuring a layman's guide to the basics of astrology, Susan's comforting interpretations will keep you up-to-date on upcoming major eclipses, moons, and the movements of the planets-and what their transits mean for you. Learn what the heavenly bodies have to tell you about what's next in your love life, career, home, and finances-and much, much more. Including: A full 2019 astrological reading for every horoscope sign, and why you should also read for your Ascendant Sign Every date you need to know: Eclipses, new and full moons, and when planets will enter key houses What's up with Mercury Retrograde: a what's when guide to avoiding communication and technology errors
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Best Parenting Advice I Got From Non Parents

Author : Christine Justino Streisfeld
ISBN : 197721343X
Genre :
File Size : 68.93 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This book is simply a fun gift to give anyone who's about to become a parent or for someone who's already a parent. We are always hearing advice from people on how to raise their children whether it's been asked for or not. While everyone has different ideas on how children should be raised, I find it amusing when I get parenting advice from those without children. They seem to be the ones who have all the answers, all the solutions, all the right things to say all the time. If only we took their advice, our children would eat what's put in front of them without complaining, they would go to bed every night at the same time without fighting for "just 5 more minutes", they would do as they are told. We would have it so much easier if we just listened to them. "This is what I would do" is something we hear on a regular basis. "If I were you..." is another one. I have the luxury of having 3 siblings who, while none are parents, always have the best advice. If you want a good laugh or a fun gift to give a friend who just loves getting unsolicited advice on their parenting skills, this book will certainly be appreciated.

Unsolicited Life Advice For Women Who Love Wine

Author : WomenWhoLoveWine
ISBN : 1791615562
Genre :
File Size : 90.88 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Women Who Love Wine was founded in 2014 and has since become the most popular wine-themed account on social media. Because honestly, who hasn't blacked out after bottomless mimosas?Enjoy 40+ pieces of advice, in the form of a little black book. Add to your coffee table or wine bar as a conversation starter, or gift to your favorite wine-loving friend.Make sure you follow WWLW on Instagram at @womenwholovewine

Weekly And Monthly Chart 2020 2021

Author : Mildred Ball
ISBN : 167489175X
Genre :
File Size : 50.25 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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24-month calendar - Jan 2020 through December 2021 - perfect for school and academic planning. The rest up to you to fill with your own plans, thoughts, Unsolicited Advice and feelings, Even if you're miss a couple days you can come back and write short recaps of what did happen Product Details: Printed on high quality 134 white paper Perfectly sized at 8 x 10 so it is both portable and practical Designed and Printed in the USA Monthly Planner Weekly Planner

Did I Ask You For Your Opinion

Author : Rakhi Kapoor
ISBN : 9781645879503
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
File Size : 56.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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How many ridiculous things have you heard in your life in the name of an opinion? Random people walking up to you to give unsolicited advice. You get opinions from strangers and people who don’t really know you. Many a time, it’s a comment made in the passing. How many times has it pained you when a relative, friend or acquaintance judged you? How many times have you fumbled with words, trying to explain yourself when you needed a shoulder to lean on? How do these ridiculous things that people say influence your mind and thought process? It sits somewhere in your subconscious mind, causing micro-level damage to your self-worth and belief. It is we who let these oppressive remarks suppress us. This book is about starting a revolution within ourselves. Enough of shackling our self-worth according to fancy norms of the society. It’s a dictatorship that we need to bring down. This revolution first starts from within. We are going to fight our own selves. We can’t control running mouths, meaningless opinions or sarcastic remarks of people. What is in our hands is to undo the damage of such judgements and never let it get to us. Say “No” to the naysayers. Don’t let them get to you.
Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

A Terrible Dater

Author : Sabrina Must
ISBN : 1794059490
Genre :
File Size : 42.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Take every bad date you've gone on, every ridiculous conversation you've had, every heartbreak you've endured, every love affair you've obsessed over, and all the (unsolicited) advice you've received, and mix them together for a whirlwind of fun, laughter, hysteria, and utter shamelessness. A Terrible Dater invites you to cozy up with Sabrina, then 30 years old, who divulges all of it, particularly her lack of education and guidance when it comes to sex and dating. We all crave the same love story. In the era of dating apps and impersonal communication, we want to connect and know we're not the only ones getting stood up.

Mostly I Just Miss My Nipples Hardcover

Author : Marnie Aulabaugh
ISBN : 1714259749
Genre :
File Size : 87.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 562
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"Why me?" begins this brave, witty, and different memoir about a big fat bummer of a year spent with breast cancer.Two weeks after randomly placing her finger on a lump attached to her right ribs, Marnie Aulabaugh found herself at her daughter's third birthday party with an ice-filled diaper strapped to her out-of-commission back desperately trying to schedule a mammogram, her first, at age 36. Spoiler alert: it's stage 2/3 breast cancer.Filled with warmth, outrage, dark days, unanswerable questions, and unsolicited advice, Mostly, I Just Miss My Nipples reads like a comfortable, vulnerable chat with a girlfriend over tea. Marnie openly shares emails that she sent to family and friends during treatment (MESG, Marnie's Email Support Group), listicles of all things cancer (Seriously, why me? Surgery options! Supplements! Side effects!), journal entries that she forgot she wrote (yes, chemo brain is real), and pictures of her roboboobs and mastectomy vest of doom. She admits that she loved being bald, confronts her physical deformity, worries over never having normal sex again, rails against chemically-induced menopause, and relives telling her three-year-old daughter that something is wrong with Mommy without cluing her in to the fact that Mommy thinks she might die.In the end, after detailing exactly how she thinks she has stayed alive for the last 10 years (and counting!) and what you should and should not do when someone you love has cancer, Marnie wraps it all up with an excellent cookie recipe and the confession that she just wants her nipples back. Written with heart and humor, through tears and laughter, this memoir will strike a chord with anyone battling, surviving, or touched by cancer.

On My Way To Bed

Author : Sarah Maizes
ISBN : 9780802735881
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 77.7 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 946
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Kids everywhere dread the nightly call to go to bed. But not Livi! Her imagination takes her on a journey full of daring obstacles and exciting adventures on her way to bed. She pilots a spaceship, walks a tightrope, and climbs a mountain, all while her Mom waits with her covers turned down and bed ready. With stalling techniques as creative as this, it's a wonder she ever makes it to bed! Author Sarah Maizes and illustrative veteran, Michael Paraskevas, once again create a funny, fresh book that will be a must for every parent who wants to foster creativity while fulfilling the every day necessities.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Single D I V A S Guide To The Science Of Attracting Love

Author : Shay Levister
ISBN : 0982308493
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 41.37 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 314
Read : 692

Ever the bridesmaid but NEVER the bride?Do you have limited beliefs that keep you stuck in fear of being hurt once again if you enter a committed relationship? Do you have a great career, possessions, a great life- but still feel that something is MISSING? Does the thought of online dating TERRIFY you or turn you off? Are you STILL waiting on that marriage proposal? Do you have that SINKING feeling that you'll never get married or find love? Do you fall for the same "type" of person EVERY time?Did he break your heart AGAIN but you can't seem to let him go? Is your PAST pain stopping you from a better future?Sick of the dating games and don't understand ALL the rules?Tired of showing up to events with NO +1? Are you like most singles in which the fun of being single has worn off and the dull ache of having no one to come home to has started to set in? You are probably tired of reading all of the relationship advice books and discouraged with the unsolicited advice from your single or married friends. You are probably also fed up with taking crap from the people that you date or frustrated with going on dates constantly and it never turning into anything serious. This book will help you transform all of this! I have been shot in the chest, had a heart attack at 30, almost died during childbirth twice, unknowingly married a bigamist and almost died 5 times. Even with all of that, my most challenging life lesson was learning how to heal childhood trauma and debilitating beliefs so that I could attract a healthy, whole, loving relationship and do it as a single, divorced mother of two! As a pre-med Biology graduate, I did an experiment of going on over 100 dates and interviewing over 3,700 men, women, and couples so that I could learn the secrets of attracting a man. My life transformed when I went on a spiritual, self-healing journey while applying the advice in this book so that I could attract the right man God selected for me. Ultimately, I married my soulmate, who happened to be my high school sweetheart and life-long friend, two years later.In this book, I share my journey and the lessons learned while providing practical advice mixed with old school rules, the science of human behavior, and the Law of Attraction to help empower singles seeking true love to attract their soul mate without taking forever to do so. This book is a drastic change from many other dating advice books and is sure to produce positive results in your love life!
Category: Family & Relationships

Dear Michael Love Dad

Author : Iain Maitland
ISBN : 9781473638181
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 47.8 MB
Format : PDF
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'A moving read - honest, funny and sad' Woman and Home 'wonderful, moving, humorous ... extremely poignant' Charlie Mortimer, Dear Lupin 'Iain's love for his son shines through every sentence of this affecting account, as does his guilt. He blames himself for being unable to demonstrate or verbalise his affection ... This is a wonderfully entertaining and moving book, with lessons for every parent.' Daily Mail 'Raising the issue of men's mental health is important ... loving and well meant mix of letters and commentary.' Express Dear Michael, Moving your whatnots et al into the flat has put paid to any improvements in my back. Still, at least it's done now. Your mother is already worrying how you'll cope and is at work on reams of notes on all sorts of matters from how to tel if meat has gone off to washing whites. Smell it and wear black is my advice. When Iain Maitland's eldest son left home for university he wrote regularly to him: funny, curmudgeonly letters chronicling their family life and giving Michael unsolicited advice on everything from car maintenance to women. He never expected a reply. What Iain didn't realise was that away from home his beloved boy was suffering from depression and anorexia. Only much later did it become apparent to Iain and his wife just how oblivious they had been, and for how long. Told through Iain's letters and the unfolding truth of Michael's situation, Dear Michael, Love Dad is a frank and moving account of how we may unwittingly fail our loved ones, despite our best intentions. Above all it offers the hope of reparation and expresses the unbreakable bond between a father and son.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Labor With Hope

Author : Gloria Furman
ISBN : 9781433563102
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86.96 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 672
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The world is filled with messages for women about pregnancy. Popular books and well-meaning family and friends offer unsolicited advice about what to expect and how to stay healthy—sometimes resulting in joy and excitement but other times leading to discouragement and fear. The Bible, too, has a lot to say about childbirth—offering real hope that nothing in this world can match. In Labor with Hope, Gloria Furman helps women see topics such as pregnancy, infertility, miscarriage, birth pain, and new life in the framework of the larger biblical narrative, infusing cosmic meaning into their personal experience by exploring how they point to eternal realities. Women will see that only Christ can provide the strength they desperately need in order to labor with hope.
Category: Religion

Pin Pan Pun

Author : Denise Miqueli
ISBN : 1733221409
Genre :
File Size : 43.54 MB
Format : PDF
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As kids of Cuban parents, we grow up with unsolicited advice, cultural sayings and emotional slang. As adults we find ourselves pulling from those memories, reacting as our parents did... Coño! In this book we break down some of the most popular Cubanisms - with a local Miami twist.

Maryland Tort Law Handbook

Author : Richard J. Gilbert
ISBN : 9780327168911
Genre : Law
File Size : 86.29 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 111
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The quick and accurate reference to Maryland tort law will help you determine the merits of a potential case and then lead you to the sources of authority necessary to win it. Organized according to specific torts, areas of torts, and damages, the Maryland Tort Law Handbook provides an easy reference source for active practitioners and includes the latest developments in Maryland tort law.
Category: Law

Writing Better Books The Agile Way

Author : Clemens Lode
ISBN : 3945586836
Genre :
File Size : 83.9 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 926
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The craft of writing and marketing a book has changed significantly over the past 10 years. It is no longer enough to just write a good book; you have to write for a specific audience and connect to your readers long before the book hits the shelves. Releasing part of your work early allows you to make adjustments to your book-or even discard your project to invest your time instead into a better book idea.Using modern project management methods, you can organize your work into individual steps ("user stories"), and re-use them to market your book. Organizing the book properly into logical sections helps you to create preview materials for blog posts or newsletters. In addition, this will ensure that you make steady progress with your book, avoid getting lost in the details, and achieve high quality consistently throughout your book.Do you recognize yourself in one of these people? This book is for "Peter." First-time author. Has a "complete" script, "had a friend look at it," and now wants to publish it. Might need (unsolicited) advice to properly edit it instead of just going through a "self-edit." Needs to be reminded about the difficulties of selling a book. Has no idea about marketing. Has not worked with an editor. Creates his own book covers. Would benefit from a "pep talk." This book is for "Mary." Writes novels in Word but now wants to write a non-fiction book. Undecided about what tools to use. Works with an editor, but she and her editor have no real work structure. Does not know how to market, find market niches, etc. Her past successes were random and she never knew if her latest novel would sell or not. This book is for "John." Professional editor seeking to expand his services from merely editing Word files to helping release books online. Also is looking for better project management techniques to better guide an author along the way. Often works in the scientific field and thus has to manage a lot of bibliographical references. Spends lots of time indexing books. Is OK with a LaTeX template but seeks to get a head start by making adjustments to it. This book is for "George." LaTeX expert who wants to publish his work as an e-book. Needs basic direction and then figures out the rest on his own. Plans to do a series with a glossary and often needs to re-use text blocks. Needs some help in terms of book design, polishing, and graphics. Loves to share work and collaborate with others This book is for "Tina." Professional self-publisher who is looking for additional ideas to improve her existing publishing process. Looks for ways to establish herself as a brand and create a network of readers. This book is for "Clara." Wants to write a book about her profession but has no idea where to start. Table of Contents: Making and Investing Money Incorporate Books into Your Professional Career Starting a New Book What to Keep and What to Remove Selecting Personas How to Organize Your Ideas How to Organize Your Ideas (Fiction Books) The Rules of Your Book How to Optimize the Work Process How to Get Early Feedback from Readers How We Can Help with Project Management