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The Unquiet Dead

Author : Ausma Zehanat Khan
ISBN : 9781466858312
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 78.42 MB
Format : PDF
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“Khan is a refreshing original, and The Unquiet Dead blazes what one hopes will be a new path guided by the author's keen understanding of the intersection of faith and core Muslim values, complex human nature and evil done by seemingly ordinary people. It is these qualities that make this a debut to remember and one that even those who eschew the [mystery] genre will devour in one breathtaking sitting.” —The LA Times Despite their many differences, Detective Rachel Getty trusts her boss, Esa Khattak, implicitly. But she's still uneasy at Khattak's tight-lipped secrecy when he asks her to look into Christopher Drayton's death. Drayton's apparently accidental fall from a cliff doesn't seem to warrant a police investigation, particularly not from Rachel and Khattak's team, which handles minority-sensitive cases. But when she learns that Drayton may have been living under an assumed name, Rachel begins to understand why Khattak is tip-toeing around this case. It soon comes to light that Drayton may have been a war criminal with ties to the Srebrenica massacre of 1995. If that's true, any number of people might have had reason to help Drayton to his death, and a murder investigation could have far-reaching ripples throughout the community. But as Rachel and Khattak dig deeper into the life and death of Christopher Drayton, every question seems to lead only to more questions, with no easy answers. Had the specters of Srebrenica returned to haunt Drayton at the end, or had he been keeping secrets of an entirely different nature? Or, after all, did a man just fall to his death from the Bluffs? In her spellbinding debut, Ausma Zehanat Khan has written a complex and provocative story of loss, redemption, and the cost of justice that will linger with readers long after turning the final page.
Category: Fiction

The Unquiet Dead

Author : Edith Fiore
ISBN : 9780345460875
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 89.64 MB
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Noted psychologist Dr. Edith Fiore explains how to detect spirit possession in yourself and others, how to protect yourself from entities, how to release your home from displaced spirits, and how to perform a depossession. Filled with shocking case histories.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

The Unquiet Dead

Author : Margaret Bingley
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 50.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The place is Lower Ditton. So peaceful. So silent. But don't let the silence deceive you. It's the silence of the grave. The silence of a village too terrified to scream. The silence of an army of vengeful spirits who've possessed the bodies of young children. And in their lifeless, demonically red eyes, no one is too innocent to die… (previously published as DEADTIME STORY in the U. S.)
Category: Fiction

Van Helsing S Guide To The Unquiet Dead

Author : Kristopher M. Hoffman
ISBN : 1541104250
Genre :
File Size : 70.65 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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THIS IS A FULL COLOR VERSION OF THE VAN HELSING'S GUIDE The Unquiet Dead They rise from the dead and prey on the living. The Necromancer can, however, control them with careful study and control of the negative energy permeating the planes. Nothing terrifies the living more than a corpse shambling towards them in a dark hallway moaning softly. That is, unless, the person in question is a necromancer and the shambling dead is under his control. Van Helsing's Guide to the Unquiet Dead is a supplement for fifth edition that unlocks the mysteries of Necromancy and the Undead. This book was written for players and GMs alike, with new spells, character options, magic items and a beastiary of the undead. This book contains: * 1 new playable race * 4 new backgrounds * 3 new character archetypes * 11 feats geared towards Necomancy * more than 45 new spells for the Necromancer on the go * 53 undead horrors to control, summon and terrify players with * New magic items and trinkets

Death In The Early Twenty First Century

Author : Sébastien Penmellen Boret
ISBN : 9783319523651
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 34.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Focusing on tradition, technology, and authority, this volume challenges classical understandings that mortuary rites are inherently conservative. The contributors examine innovative and enduring ideas and practices of death, which reflect and constitute changing patterns of social relationships, memorialisation, and the afterlife. This cross-cultural study examines the lived experiences of men and women from societies across the globe with diverse religious heritages and secular value systems. The book demonstrates that mortuary practices are not fixed forms, but rather dynamic processes negotiated by the dying, the bereaved, funeral experts, and public institutions. In addition to offering a new theoretical perspective on the anthropology of death, this work provides a rich resource for readers interested in human responses to mortality: the one certainty of human existence.
Category: Social Science

The Unquiet Dead

Author : Gay Longworth
ISBN : 9780007349555
Genre : Policewomen
File Size : 78.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The decaying Marshall Street Baths in the heart of Soho are a den of drug users and the homeless - the perfect hang-out for a teenage runaway. But when D.I. Jessie Driver goes there in search of a missing girl, she finds something quite different.
Category: Policewomen

Unquiet Dead

Author : Chris Pavesic
ISBN : 1976884802
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 41.85 MB
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In Chiaroscuro it's important to keep the faith.When the Temples north of Chiaroscuro are burned and followers of the Sun Goddess are murdered, Catherine, a bard of the Ealdoth Temple, sets out to find those responsible and to bring them to justice. With only the help of a traveling group of minstrels and a retired fae investigator, Catherine must solve the mystery before more people are killed.So saddle up your clockwork mount, buckle on your electro-dagger, and join Catherine as she finds herself pitted against members of her own Temple, rogue members of the Seelie Court, and a seemingly unstoppable army of undead.
Category: Fiction

Ukrainian Minstrels

Author : Natalie O. Kononenko
ISBN : 0765601443
Genre : Music
File Size : 64.85 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Among the many intriguing characteristics of the Ukrainian folk tradition is the fact that Ukrainian epics were sung by a special type of minstrel -- the blind mendicant. These minstrels were organized into professional guilds that set standards for training and performance and provided the singers with protection and support throughout their careers. The separateness of Ukrainian culture became politically salient, and epic singers became the target of repression during the Stalin era (in 1939 there was a massacre of Ukrainian minstrels). For this reason -- and due also to tire secrecy that always surrounded the guilds' rites of membership and their association with mendicancy -- Ukrainian ministrelsy has been little studied. Natalie Kononenko's work is thus a revelation of a distinctive folk tradition and a little-known social order. It will be of interest to anyone with an interest in folklore, Ukrainian culture, or rural social history.
Category: Music

The Unquiet

Author : John Connolly
ISBN : 9781416531388
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 52.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In the aftermath of a once-respected psychiatrist's disappearance and the discovery of harm he had inflicted on his child patients, private detective Charlie Parker finds himself torn between those who would reveal and protect the doctor's secrets, a case that is complicated by the machinations of a vengeful killer. Reprint.
Category: Fiction

The Oxford Handbook Of The Archaeology Of Death And Burial

Author : Sarah Tarlow
ISBN : 9780191650390
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 37.60 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Oxford Handbook of the Archaeology of Death and Burial reviews the current state of mortuary archaeology and its practice, highlighting its often contentious place in the modern socio-politics of archaeology. It contains forty-four chapters which focus on the history of the discipline and its current scientific techniques and methods. Written by leading, international scholars in the field, it derives its examples and case studies from a wide range of time periods, such as the middle palaeolithic to the twentieth century, and geographical areas which include Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia. Combining up-to-date knowledge of relevant archaeological research with critical assessments of the theme and an evaluation of future research trajectories, it draws attention to the social, symbolic, and theoretical aspects of interpreting mortuary archaeology. The volume is well-illustrated with maps, plans, photographs, and illustrations and is ideally suited for students and researchers.
Category: Social Science