Understanding Paranoia

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Understanding Paranoia

Author : Martin Kantor
ISBN : 0275981525
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 85.82 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Directed to professionals as well as families of sufferers and the sufferers themselves, offers a look into the minds of paranoid individuals, exploring the possible delusions of persecution they could be experiencing and such characteristics of the paranoid personality as suspiciousness, extreme vigilance, hypersensitivity, and simmering anger.
Category: Psychology

Paranoia Within Reason

Author : George E. Marcus
ISBN : 0226504573
Genre : History
File Size : 22.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This text examines conspiracy theories and tackles paranoia as a style of debate within science, psychotherapy, and popular entertainment. A conspiracy theory emerges as a way to address the inadequacies of rational expertise and organization in the face of the changes that undermine them.
Category: History

Back To Life Back To Normality

Author : Douglas Turkington
ISBN : 9780521699563
Genre : Medical
File Size : 43.43 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Self-help guide for understanding and applying the basic concepts of cognitive therapy to psychosis.
Category: Medical

The Oxford Handbook Of Philosophy And Psychoanalysis

Author : Richard Gipps
ISBN : 9780192506870
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 89.49 MB
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Psychoanalysis is often equated with Sigmund Freud, but this comparison ignores the wide range of clinical practices, observational methods, general theories, and cross-pollinations with other disciplines that characterise contemporary psychoanalytic work. Central psychoanalytic concepts to do with unconscious motivation, primitive forms of thought, defence mechanisms, and transference form a mainstay of today's richly textured contemporary clinical psychological practice. In this landmark collection on philosophy and psychoanalysis, leading researchers provide an evaluative overview of current thinking. Written at the interface between these two disciplines, The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychoanalysis contains original contributions that will shape the future of debate. With 34 chapters divided into eight sections covering history, clinical theory, phenomenology, science, aesthetics, religion, ethics, and political and social theory, this Oxford Handbook displays the enduring depth, breadth, and promise of integrating philosophical and psychoanalytic thought. Anyone interested in the philosophical implications of psychoanalysis, as well as philosophical challenges to and re-statements of psychoanalysis, will want to consult this book. It will be a vital resource for academic researchers, psychoanalysts and other mental health professionals, graduates, and trainees.
Category: Psychology

Artificial Paranoia

Author : Kenneth Mark Colby
ISBN : 9781483153261
Genre : Health & Fitness
File Size : 44.2 MB
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Artificial Paranoia: A Computer Simulation of Paranoid Processes is a seven-chapter book that begins by explaining the concept, characteristics, and theories of paranoia. Subsequent chapters focus on the explanations, models, and symbol-processing theory of the paranoid mode. Another chapter explores language-recognition processes for understanding dialogues in teletyped psychiatric interviews. The last three chapters explore the central processes of the model, validation, and evaluation.
Category: Health & Fitness

The Disordered Mind

Author : George Graham
ISBN : 9781135088842
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 82.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Disordered Mind: An Introduction to Philosophy of Mind and Mental Illness, second edition examines and explains, from a philosophical standpoint, what mental disorder is: its reality, causes, consequences, and more. It is also an outstanding introduction to philosophy of mind from the perspective of mental disorder. Revised and updated throughout, this second edition includes new discussions of grief and psychopathy, the problems of the psychophysical basis of disorder, the nature of selfhood, and clarification of the relation between rationality and mental disorder. Each chapter explores a central question or problem about mental disorder, including: what is mental disorder and can it be distinguished from neurological disorder? what roles should reference to psychological, cultural, and social factors play in the medical/scientific understanding of mental disorder? what makes mental disorders undesirable? Are they diseases? mental disorder and the mind–body problem is mental disorder a breakdown of rationality? What is a rational mind? addiction, responsibility and compulsion ethical dilemmas posed by mental disorder, including questions of dignity and self-respect. Each topic is clearly explained and placed in a clinical and philosophical context. Mental disorders discussed include clinical depression, dissociative identity disorder, anxiety, religious delusions, and paranoia. Several non-mental neurological disorders that possess psychological symptoms are also examined, including Alzheimer’s disease, Down’s syndrome, and Tourette’s syndrome. Containing chapter summaries and suggestions for further reading at the end of each chapter, The Disordered Mind, second edition is a superb introduction to the philosophy of mental disorder for students of philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, and related mental health professions.
Category: Philosophy

Paranoia A Study In Diagnosis

Author : A. Fried
ISBN : 9789401015066
Genre : Science
File Size : 74.60 MB
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There is a curious parallel between the philosophy of science and psychiatric theory. The so-called demarcation question, which has exercised philosophers of science over the last decades, posed the problem of distinguishing science proper from non-science - in par ticular, from metaphysics, from pseudo-science, from the non rational or irrational, or from the untestable or the empirically meaningless. In psychiatric theory, the demarcation question appears as a problem of distinguishing the sane from the insane, the well from the mentally ill. The parallelism is interesting when the criteria for what fails to be scientific are seen to be congruent with the criteria which define those psychoses which are marked by cognitive failure. In this book Dr Yehuda Fried and Professor Joseph Agassi - a practicing psychiatrist and a philosopher of science, respectivel- focus on an extreme case of psychosis - paranoia - as an essentially intellectual disorder: that is, as one in which there is a systematic and chronic delusion which is sustained by logical means. They write: "Paranoia is an extreme case by the very fact that paranoia is by definition a quirk of the intellectual apparatus, a logical delusion. " (p. 2.
Category: Science

Freud S Schreber Between Psychiatry And Psychoanalysis

Author : Thomas Dalzell
ISBN : 9780429914072
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 44.25 MB
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This book investigates what was distinctive about the predisposition to psychosis Freud posited in Daniel Paul Schreber, a presiding judge in Saxony's highest court. It argues that Freud's 1911 Schreber text reversed the order of priority in late nineteenth-century conceptions of the disposing causes of psychosis - the objective-biological and subjective-biographical - to privilege subjective disposition to psychosis, but without returning to the paradigms of early nineteenth-century Romantic psychiatry and without obviating the legitimate claims of biological psychiatry in relation to hereditary disposition. While Schreber is the book's reference point, this is not a general treatment of Schreber, or of Freud's reading of the Schreber case. It focuses rather on what was new in Freud's thinking on the disposition to psychosis, what he learned from his psychiatrist contemporaries and what he did not, and whether or not psychoanalysts have fully received his aetiology.
Category: Psychology

On Paranoia

Author : James Hillman
ISBN : STANFORD:36105038538257
Genre : Medical
File Size : 45.47 MB
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Category: Medical


Author : John M. Oldham
ISBN : UOM:39015032428388
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 73.82 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Paranoid symptoms and paranoid character traits are common yet serious therapeutic challenges. However, the understanding and treatment of paranoid phenomena and paranoid psychodynamics have received relatively scant attention in the psychoanalytic literature, considering the extent and difficulty of the problem. Reassessment, both theoretical and clinical, is timely because there are new findings in our understanding of personality organization, motivations for behavior, and self-esteem regulation. There are new therapeutic approaches to difficult clinical problems that integrate psychodynamic and socio-cultural frameworks, and our theories about paranoia as a mechanism of adaptation to changing environments need reappraisal. The focus of Paranoia: New Psychoanalytic Perspectives is on the nature of the paranoid mechanism in psychological adaptation, with particular attention to an examination of paranoid character pathology. In today's clinical work there are important opportunities to correlate psychoanalytic theory with child development, family therapy, and other areas of study such as systems theory and organizational and group psychology. This volume includes the application of current psychoanalytic thinking to these multiple arenas of psychopathology, social, and organizational functioning and clinical work.
Category: Psychology

Partly Colored

Author : Leslie Bow
ISBN : 0814791328
Genre : History
File Size : 39.27 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Talking at Trena's is an ethnography conducted in a bar in an African American, middle-class neighborhood on Chicago's southside. May's work focuses on how the mostly black, working- and middle-class patrons of Trena's talk about race, work, class, women, relationships, the media, and life in general. May recognizes tavern talk as a form of social play and symbolic performace within the tavern, as well as an indication of the social problems African Americans confront on a daily basis. Following a long tradition of research on informal gathering places, May's work reveals, though close description and analysis of ethnographic data, how African Americans come to understand the racial dynamics of American society which impact their jobs, entertainment--particularly television programs--and their social interactions with peers, employers, and others. Talking at Trena's provides a window into the laughs, complaints, experiences, and strategies which Trena's regulars share for managing daily life outside the safety and comfort of the tavern.
Category: History

Personality And Psychopathology

Author : Craig Piers
ISBN : 144196214X
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 43.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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With his penetrating theory of personality and his nuanced understanding of the psychotherapeutic relationship, David Shapiro has influenced clinicians across the theoretical spectrum since the publication of Neurotic Styles in 1965. This influence is on vivid display in Personality and Psychopathology, as noted contemporary theorists critically evaluate his work in a fascinating dialogue with Shapiro himself. Starting with a crucial therapeutic observation—the centrality of the relationship between what the client says in session and how it is said—contributors revisit his core concepts regarding personality development, the prevolitional aspects of psychopathology, the limits to self-understanding, and the defensive uses of self-deception in light of current psychodynamic, evolutionary, and systems theory. Shapiro’s replies, and the contributors’ rejoinders, highlight points of departure and agreement and provide further clarification and extension of his ideas on a wide range of salient topics, including: The experience of autonomy in schizophrenia. Defensive thinking to prevent dreaded states of mind. The linguistics of self-deceptive speech. Self-deception as a reproductive strategy. Intentionality and craving in addiction. The subjective experience of hypomania. Personality and Psychopathology affords psychotherapists and research psychologists not only a unique opportunity to gain insight into Shapiro’s contributions, but also new lenses for re-examining their own work.
Category: Psychology

Paranoid Modernism

Author : David Trotter
ISBN : 0198187556
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 54.77 MB
Format : PDF
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The early twentieth century notoriously saw an unprecedented wave of experiment in the arts. So intense was this activity that one can without exaggeration speak of a will to experiment (to 'make it new'). Where did that will to experiment come from? Why did it so insistently take the forms ittook? Looking specifically at Modernism in England, David Trotter seeks answers in the careers of three novelists writing in the first decades of the century: Ford Madox Ford, D. H. Lawrence, and Wyndham Lewis. The context he proposes for their work is that of contemporary understandings of thefunction and value of expertise, and of the dilemmas peculiar to those possessing it. There is a certain madness about the expert's pursuit of expertise, and about his or her disappointment if expertise fails to yield adequate social recognition. The early psychiatric literature identified thismadness as paranoia, and the textbooks and case-histories find an uncanny echo in Modernist fiction. In the obstinacy of their will to experiment, Ford, Lawrence, and Lewis wrote about, and lived, paranoia. To understand that obstinacy in its professional and psychiatric contexts is to approach froma new and unexpected angle the preoccupations with gender and with the politics of culture which currently characterize the study of Modernism. The energies it shook loose in their writing are energies which, evading absorption into the 'postmodern', continue to shape Western society and culture tothis day.
Category: Literary Criticism


Author : Daniel Freeman
ISBN : 184169522X
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 85.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Scholarly, comprehensive, illustrated by clinical examples throughout and written by leading researchers in this field, this study defines the phenomenon of paranoia in detail and analyzes the content of persecutory delusions.
Category: Psychology

Global Health

Author : Michael H. Merson
ISBN : 9781449659097
Genre : Medical
File Size : 70.75 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Third Edition (formerly titled International Public Health) brings together contributions from the world's leading authorities into a single comprehensive text. It thoroughly examines the wide range of global health challenges facing low and middle income countries today and the various approaches nations adopt to deal with them. These challenges include measurement of health status, infectious and chronic diseases, injuries, nutrition, reproductive health, global environmental health and complex emergencies. This thorough revision also explores emerging health systems, their financing, and management, and the roles of nation states, international agencies, the private sector and nongovernmental organizations in promoting health. Your students will come away with a clear understanding of how globalization is impacting on global health, and of the relationship between health and economic development.
Category: Medical

Projecting Paranoia

Author : Ray Pratt
ISBN : UOM:39015053767292
Genre : History
File Size : 66.30 MB
Format : PDF
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A wide-ranging and idiosyncratic look at sixty years of politics and film that uncovers how American movies have mirrored and even challenged anxieties and paranoid perceptions embedded in American society since the start of the Cold War. The first book to take a sweeping look at 60 years of film and analyze them thematically.
Category: History

Between Emotion And Cognition

Author : Joseph Newirth
ISBN : 1590510402
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 89.19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Modern individuals often enter analysis because of a feeling of hollowness--a deadened absence of aliveness, meaninglessness, and a sense of being alone in a world that seems otherwise exciting, engaging, and alive. Joseph Newirth believes that these feelings reflect a disease of modern man that can be traced to a failure in the development of subjectivity. Through a careful reading of theory and well-reasoned presentations of case material, Newirth vivdly evokes the contemporary dilemma of the individual's lack of subjectivity. The author positions this lack of subjectivity as a failure in the development of the unconscious, an understanding that provides the foundation for the development of a two-person theory of the unconscious. Newirth proposes a neo-Kleinian model of the unconscious, the "generative unconscious" in contrast to the "repressed unconscious" of classical theory or the "relational unconsciousness" of interpersonal and relational theory. He defines the "generative unconscious" as a source of creativity, of apprehending and generating experience in terms of emotional meanings through the development of metaphors, transitional experiences, and poetic images. "Brilliantly illustrated with case material." –Choice "Scholarly, thoughtful, and astute. . . . An excellent example of a seasoned clinician describing his own mature thinking about the clinical psychoanalytic enterprise, and making suggestions regarding newer, helpful ways for others to think about their patients." –Psychologist-Psychoanalyst "Newirth's conceptualization of the generative unconscious will help a new generation of clinicians struggling to treat the psychopathology of psychological deadness and meaninglessness." –Lewis Aron, Ph.D., New York University
Category: Psychology

Imagining Otherwise

Author : Andrew Cutrofello
ISBN : UOM:39015041100861
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 59.49 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Andrew Cutrofello's book performs a psychoanalytic inversion of transcendental philosophy, taking Kant's synthetic a prior judgments and reading them in terms of a foreclosed Kantian category--that of the analytic a posteriori. Working primarily out of Freudian and Lacanian problematics, Cutrofello not only subjects Kantian thought to psychoanalytic questioning, but also develops a systematic critique of metapsychology itself, disclosing and assessing its own paralogisms, antinomies, ideal, and ethics. This is a provocative reflection on the tensions between the Enlightenment project of critique and psychoanalytic theory.
Category: Philosophy

Idisorder Understanding Our Obsession With Technology And Overcoming Its Hold On Us

Author : Larry D. Rosen, Ph.D.
ISBN : 9781137000361
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 61.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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iDisorder: changes to your brain's ability to process information and your ability to relate to the world due to your daily use of media and technology resulting in signs and symptoms of psychological disorders - such as stress, sleeplessness, and a compulsive need to check in with all of your technology. Based on decades of research and expertise in the "psychology of technology," Dr. Larry Rosen offers clear, down-to-earth explanations for why many of us are suffering from an "iDisorder." Rosen offers solid, proven strategies to help us overcome the iDisorder we all feel in our lives while still making use of all that technology offers. Our world is not going to change, and technology will continue to penetrate society even deeper leaving us little chance to react to the seemingly daily additions to our lives. Rosen teaches us how to stay human in an increasingly technological world.
Category: Psychology