Understanding Folk Religion

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Understanding Folk Religion

Author : Paul G. Hiebert
ISBN : 9781585584529
Genre : Religion
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Provides a model for examining the beliefs folk religions around the world and suggests biblical principles missionaries can use to deal with them.
Category: Religion

Jewish Magic And Superstition

Author : Joshua Trachtenberg
ISBN : 9780812208337
Genre : Religion
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Alongside the formal development of Judaism from the eleventh through the sixteenth centuries, a robust Jewish folk religion flourished—ideas and practices that never met with wholehearted approval by religious leaders yet enjoyed such wide popularity that they could not be altogether excluded from the religion. According to Joshua Trachtenberg, it is not possible truly to understand the experience and history of the Jewish people without attempting to recover their folklife and beliefs from centuries past. Jewish Magic and Superstition is a masterful and utterly fascinating exploration of religious forms that have all but disappeared yet persist in the imagination. The volume begins with legends of Jewish sorcery and proceeds to discuss beliefs about the evil eye, spirits of the dead, powers of good, the famous legend of the golem, procedures for casting spells, the use of gems and amulets, how to battle spirits, the ritual of circumcision, herbal folk remedies, fortune telling, astrology, and the interpretation of dreams. First published more than sixty years ago, Trachtenberg's study remains the foundational scholarship on magical practices in the Jewish world and offers an understanding of folk beliefs that expressed most eloquently the everyday religion of the Jewish people.
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Asian Folk Religion And Cultural Interaction

Author : Yoshihiro Nikaido
ISBN : 9783847004851
Genre : Fiction
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This book uses a cultural interaction approach to discuss numerous temples and shrines of Sinitic origin that house Daoist, Buddhist, and folk gods. Such deities were transmitted outside the Chinese continent, or were introduced from other regions and syncretized. Examples include temple guardian gods that arrived in Japan from China and later became deified as part of the Five Mountain system, and a Daoist deity that transformed into a god in Japan after syncretizing with Myoken Bosatsu. The profoundly different images of Ksitigarbha in China and Japan are discussed, as well as Mt. Jiuhua, the center of Ksitigarbha in modern China. Lastly, the process by which Sinitic gods were transmitted to regions outside of the Chinese continent, such as Taiwan, Singapore, and Okinawa, is explored.
Category: Fiction

Understanding Theologiocracy

Author : P.K. Sasidharan
ISBN : 9781646780068
Genre : Religion
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Understanding Theologiocracy is a collection of nine essays plus an introductory chapter. The essays are independent studies on different conceptual issues involved in the ways of understanding religious and spiritual practices in general. The term theologiocracy has been coined by the author to characterise the working of religion and spirituality in the modern,secularised world. Theologiocracy, thus, signifies a rule of theology as something different from the rule of theo, i.e., theocracy. Unlike the case of theocracy (where political rule is controlled directly by particular religion), in the secular socio-political scenario, religiosity/spirituality takes a formal backseat for an indirect control of the secular world through the promotion of theological interests. It tries to argue that theologiocractic ways are found even in the case of secularism, as it is operating in the modern liberal democracy. Theologiocracy is a situation where different theologies are seen operating simultaneously for controlling the socio-political power in favour of different theological (religious) communities. In a typical theocracy, there will be a single religion to control political power, whereas in a secular democracy, many religious and related forces/interests take control of power directly and indirectly. It is to characterise such an indirect or disguised operation of different theological and religious-community interests that the term theologiocracy has been framed. Secularism, seen as a disguised theocracy (crypto-theocracy) , has been proved to be logically inconceivable and historically unavailable. A race for supremacy or superiority of theological ideals and promises seems to be the basic level from which every theologiocratic religion operates. Since the urge for power and supremacy is so peculiar to every theologiocratic religiosity, no domain of human imagination is free from the imprints of theologiocracy, especially the domain of so-called secular socio-political processes. A theoretical analysis of the political nature of religious and spiritual practices is a running theme for the different essays of this book.
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Greek Folk Religion

Author : Martin Persson Nilsson
ISBN : 0812210344
Genre : History
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"In the extensive literature relating to ancient Greece, there is no work that serves the purposes of this volume. A Swedish proverb speaks of placing the church in the middle of the village, and that is precisely what Nilsson has here done. Homer and Hesiod formed the basis of the traditional education of the Greeks in general, and the great gods and goddesses as they appear in art show at all times the formative influence of the epic tradition. Nevertheless, the hard core of Greek religion is to be found in its observances: these took their shape among men whose focus was first the hearth and then the city-state, men moreover whose life and livelihood were tied to crops and herds and the annual cycle of nature."—Arthur Darby Nock, from the Foreword Martin Nilsson writes about the popular religious observances of the Greeks, as practiced both earlier in the twentieth century and in classical times, the agricultural festivals and customs, the rituals of family and society. The folk religions of Greece that underlay and continually erupted into the more "elevated" Olympian mythology of Homer and Hesiod are explained in detail by a scholar with unparalleled understanding of the rites and customs of rural life.
Category: History

Global Dictionary Of Theology

Author : William A. Dyrness
ISBN : 0830878114
Genre : Religion
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Theological dictionaries are foundational to any theological library. But until now there has been no Global Dictionary of Theology, a theological dictionary that presumes the contribution of the Western tradition but moves beyond it to embrace and explore a full range of global expressions of theology. The Global Dictionary of Theology is inspired by the shift of the center of Christianity from the West to the Global South. But it also reflects the increase in two-way traffic between these two sectors as well as the global awareness that has permeated popular culture to an unprecedented degree. The editorial perspective of the Global Dictionary of Theology is an ecumenical evangelicalism that is receptive to discovering new facets of truth through listening and conversation on a global scale. Thus a distinctive feature of the Global Dictionary of Theology is its conversational approach. Contributors have been called on to write in the spirit of engaging in a larger theological conversation in which alternative views are expected and invited. William A. Dyrness, Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, Juan F. Martinez and Simon Chan edit approximately 250 articles written by over 100 contributors representing the global spectrum of theological perspectives. Pastors, theological teachers, theological students and lay Christian leaders will all find the Global Dictionary of Theology to be a resource that unfolds new dimensions and reveals new panoramas of theological perspective and inquiry. Here is a new launching point for doing theology in today's global context.
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Did God Have A Wife

Author : William G. Dever
ISBN : 0802828523
Genre : Religion
File Size : 61.75 MB
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This richly illustrated, non-technical reconstruction of "folk religion" in ancient Israel is based largely on recent archaeological evidence, but also incorporates biblical texts where possible.
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On Understanding Japanese Religion

Author : Joseph Mitsuo Kitagawa
ISBN : 0691102295
Genre : Religion
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Joseph Kitagawa, one of the founders of the field of history of religions and an eminent scholar of the religions of Japan, published his classic book Religion in Japanese History in 1966. Since then, he has written a number of extremely influential essays that illustrate approaches to the study of Japanese religious phenomena. To date, these essays have remained scattered in various scholarly journals. This book makes available nineteen of these articles, important contributions to our understanding of Japan's intricate combination of indigenous Shinto, Confucianism, Taoism, the Yin-Yang School, Buddhism, and folk religion. In sections on prehistory, the historic development of Japanese religion, the Shinto tradition, the Buddhist tradition, and the modem phase of the Japanese religious tradition, the author develops a number of valuable methodological approaches. The volume also includes an appendix on Buddhism in America. Asserting that the study of Japanese religion is more than an umbrella term covering investigations of separate traditions, Professor Kitagawa approaches the subject from an interdisciplinary standpoint. Skillfully combining political, cultural, and social history, he depicts a Japan that seems a microcosm of the religious experience of humankind.
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Ethnology Of Religion

Author : Gábor Barna
ISBN : IND:30000096457993
Genre : Religion
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The subject of the research carried out in different countries under various names (religiose Volkskunde, Volksfrommingkeitsforschung, ethnology of religion, anthropology of religion, etc.) is essentially the same: so-called folk religiosity or popular religion supplementing the practice of dogmatic religions, the everyday practice of religion and, in general, an ethnological/anthropological approach to the study of religious life. What is the epistemological basis of the research? How is the subject of the research defined? What methods are considered suitable for the study of the religious phenomenon? Who are the most important researchers and what are their main publications? Has research on religion become an independent field of research? The answers to these and many other questions are to be found in the studies in this book which present the history of scholarship and research in ethnology of religion as a discipline in fourteen countries of Europe (Belgium/Flanders, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden). They cover a spectrum ranging from classical 19th century ethnographical writings to today's studies of an anthropological nature. The extensive bibliographies make the volume a valuable aid in research and university education.
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Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105112938647
Genre : Christianity
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Contains abstracts of missiological contributions, book reviews, and articles.
Category: Christianity

Elements Of African Traditional Religion

Author : Elia Shabani Mligo
ISBN : 9781625640703
Genre : Religion
File Size : 42.11 MB
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African Traditional religion (ATR) is one of the world religions with a great people and a great past. It is embraced by Africans within and outside the continent despite the various ethnic religious practices and beliefs. This book highlights and discusses the common elements which introduce African Traditional Religion as one unified religion and not a collection of religions. The major focus of the book is discussing the need for studying ATR in twenty-first-century Africa whereby globalization and multi-culture are prominent phenomena. Why should we study the religion of the African natives in this age? In response to this question, the book argues that since ATR is part of the African people's culture, there is a need to understand this cultural background in order to contextualize Christian theology. Using some illustrations from Nyumbanitu worship shrine located at Njombe in Tanzania, the book purports that there is a need to understand African people's worldview, their understanding of God, their religious values, symbols and rituals in order to enhance meaningful dialogue between Christianity and African people's current worldview. In this case, the book is important for students of comparative religion in universities and colleges who strive to understand the various religions and their practices.
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A Christian Folk Religion In India

Author : P. Solomon Raj
ISBN : UOM:39015078372227
Genre : Andhra Pradesh (India)
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This work is an attempt to critically assess the life and the theology of the small churches in India especially in the Teluguspeaking land of Andhra Pradesh in the South. For a close examination the author chose the Bible Mission which started as a break-away group from his own Church, the Andrha Evangelical Lutheran Church. The relationship of these small groups to the mission churches and their appeal to the non-Christians has been a much discussed subject in India in recent times.
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