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Quest For Ultimate Reality And Meaning

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The theme of unity and diversity is developed in four parts. The first part is an examination of the relationship between unity and diversity in terms of the concepts of scale and resolution, using an imaginary journey in a shrinking spaceship from the cosmos to quarks in order to present the concepts in concrete terms. The second part is an examination of the roles of different fields of scholarship - aesthetics and the humanities, ethics, religion, and science - in coping with diversity and in gleaning the unity hidden in diversity. The third part is an examination of a philosophical problem, closely related to unity and diversity, that can be expected to play a central role in later stages of the URAM program: the question of what we mean by the word true. The fourth part is a discussion of the concept of reality from the epistemological viewpoint of the sciences, and how unity and diversity enter into this concept.

Science Consciousness And Ultimate Reality

Author : David Lorimer
ISBN : 0907845797
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This interdisciplinary volume arises out of a series of university events arranged by the Scientific and Medical Network between November 2001 and July 2003. The Science, Consciousness and Ultimate Reality project was set up with the support of the John Templeton Foundation in order to examine critical issues at the interface between science, religion and the relatively new field of consciousness studies . The results give a variety of fascinating perspectives on this emerging area. David Lorimer has brought together an impressive list of contributors representing the diverse fields of physics, neuroscience, psychology, theology and moral philosophy: Denis Alexander, Bernard Carr, Chris Clarke, Guy Claxton, Peter Fenwick, David Fontana, John Habgood, Mary Midgley, Ravi Ravindra, Alan Torrance and Keith Ward."
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Biblical Religion And The Search For Ultimate Reality

Author : Paul Tillich
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Dr. Tillich shows here that in spite of the contrast between philosophical and biblical language, it is neither necessary nor possible to separate them from each other. On the contrary, all the symbols used in biblical religion drive inescapably toward the philosophical quest for being. An important statement of a great theologian's position, this book presents an eloquent plea for the essential function of philosophy in religious thought.
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Mindfulness Now And Zen The Sceptics Guide To Ultimate Reality

Author : Wally Barr
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This book explores how each of us knows what we know. It considers claims that we see only illusions and that behind it all there is an indescribably beautiful reality - both a God and a Nirvana. The book goes on to explain in simple terms how these two ideas, so different on the surface, may not be so different at all. Ranging across the centuries the book draws on the teachings of a wide variety of thinkers from vastly different cultural, philosophical and religious backgrounds. The message they each bring is distilled into one consistent story in which our everyday sense of reality can be thought of as a deceptive and rather pale reflection of what's really going on. And although our thinking processes are seriously limited, the book describes how we can all transcend these limitations and experience Ultimate Reality through the simple practice of mindfulness - for mindfulness meditation offers freedom from thinking.
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Introduction To Religious Studies

Author : Harvey J. Sindima
ISBN : 9780761847625
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In Introduction to Religious Studies, Harvey J. Sindima provides an unconventional approach to the study of world religions. Often, books and courses on religious studies focus on the major world religions. This approach, however, frequently ignores other religious experiences, such as those of various African groups as well as the indigenous people of the Americas and Australia. These less widespread religions are commonly described in pejorative terms such as 'primitive religions' or 'non-literate religions.' Focusing solely on well-known religions is an approach that impoverishes religious studies and deprives students of the enormous wealth of religious knowledge of the world. Introduction to Religious Studies pulls together the diverse religious experience of Africans, Native Americans, and the indigenous peoples of Australia in order to provide a comprehensive introduction to the study of religion and broaden the horizons of religious studies students. Under each theme or topic, examples are drawn from religions of salvation as well as African and Native American religious traditions. This book provides students with a deep, wide, and very rich introduction to religious studies.
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The Ultimate Reality

Author : Joseph H. Cater
ISBN : 0787313408
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This book is Mr. Cater's follow up work to The Awesome Life Force. It contains countless gems of thought provoking ideas. In this two volume set you will discover an explanation for seemingly unexplainable phenomena. Levitation, missle weight loss in space, pyramid power and a closer look at the properties of light. Joseph Cater points out the fundamental weakness in conventional mathematics. The role of the soft electrons is expanded upon. Magnetic fields and astronomical error in determining planetary sizes and distances are fully explained. Volume 2 carries us into the mystery of the Crystal Skull. Have you ever wondered how from certain rock formations water can be produced? Everything in the process of creation proceeds from the simple to the more complex. If there is a test for the validity of a theory or concept in its ability to be explained Joseph Cater accomplishes it in this set of books. You do not have to be a genius to understand, there is something here for everyone!

The Search For Ultimate Reality

Author : Dan Lioy
ISBN : 0820481211
Genre : Religion
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In analyzing the intertextuality between the Genesis and Johannine Prologues, Dr. Lioy maintains that both passages utilize polemical theology to refute distorted views of ultimate reality. Furthermore, he theorizes that the author of the Johannine Prologue deliberately reflected the structure and themes found in the Genesis Prologue to emphasize that the God-man, Jesus Christ, created all things and is a new (spiritual) beginning for all who believe in Him. Ultimate reality is found through faith in the Son.
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