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Uk Mammals

Author : Jessamy Battersby
ISBN : CORNELL:31924097807519
Genre : Mammals
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Focusing on UK mammals, this report summarises results from the Tracking Mammals Partnership, a collaborative initiative, involving 24 organisations with a variety of interests in mammals. It aims to improve the quality, quantity, and dissemination of information on the status of species in the UK.
Category: Mammals

Britain S Sea Mammals

Author : Jon Dunn
ISBN : 9781400844968
Genre : Nature
File Size : 49.27 MB
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Britain's Sea Mammals is the essential field guide to all the sea mammals--whales, dolphins, porpoises, and seals--found in coastal Britain. The book features more than 100 stunning photographs and close to 40 detailed and beautiful illustrations of 34 species of sea mammals, paying special attention to the 14 species most readily seen and most likely to be encountered. Factoring in behavior and locations, introductory chapters look at sea mammal biology and ecology, and how, when, and where these creatures can be spotted. Species accounts highlight key identification characteristics and include information on status, habitat requirements, and distribution. Handy and informative, Britain's Sea Mammals is the ideal guide to sea mammal watching in the United Kingdom. The only guide that focuses on the 34 species of sea mammal recorded in Britain, particularly the 14 most readily seen species More than 100 photos and almost 40 illustrations highlight species, their behavior, and locations Introductory chapters explore how, when, and where to look for sea mammals Species accounts highlight key identification features, including information on status, habitat requirements, and distribution
Category: Nature

Britain S Mammals

Author : Dominic Couzens
ISBN : 9781400866038
Genre : Nature
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Britain's Mammals is a comprehensive and beautifully designed photographic field guide to all the mammals recorded in the wild in Britain and Ireland in recent times—including marine mammals, bats and introduced species that have bred. The book features hundreds of stunning photographs and incorporates invaluable tips and suggestions to help you track down and identify even the most difficult species. This easy-to-use book provides an introduction to the different types of mammal. Concise species accounts focus on identification and include up-to-date information on sounds, habitat, food, habits, breeding behaviour and population and status, as well as descriptions of key field signs—including tracks, droppings and nests—that give away the presence of mammals even when they are out of sight. In addition, guidance is provided on ways of studying and observing mammals—including small-mammal trapping, bat detecting and whale watching—as well as mammal conservation, legislation and further sources of useful information. Handy and informative, this guide is the ideal companion for anyone interested in watching mammals in Britain and Ireland. Comprehensive coverage of every mammal recorded in Britain and Ireland 500 superb colour photographs carefully selected to show key identification features Up-to-date distribution maps Detailed illustrations of tracks, dentition and other identification features Helpful tips for identifying tracks and other signs you may find in the field Latest information on status, population, distribution and conservation designations Advice on finding and watching mammals
Category: Nature

Mammals In Your Garden

Author : Mammal Society
ISBN : OCLC:1050538476
Genre : Gardening to attract wildlife
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Category: Gardening to attract wildlife

Threatened Mammals Of India

Author : Goutam Kumar Saha
ISBN : 817035546X
Genre : Nature
File Size : 73.10 MB
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Threatened Mammals of India: Ecology and Management is an attempt to compile various aspects of morphology, ecology and behaviour of several threatened mammals found in India and are considered to be important from conservation point of view. This book also depicts their distribution, threats and present conservation status along with colour photographs and illustrations for their better management in the wild as well as creating mass awareness regarding our rich wildlife heritage, the plight of these threatened species and most importantly indicating the role of common people for their successful conservation. This guide is ment to serve as an important resource for students, academicians, naturalists, wildlife activists as well as any person having interest in the field of wildlife conservation. A distinctly separate chapter on Wildlife Conservation: Indian intiative has been incorporated which summarizes the available information and Indian efforts towards wildlife conservation. Contents Critically Endangered; Chapter 1: Pygmy Hog Sus salvanius (Hodgson); Chapter 2: Asiatic Lion Panthera leo persica (Meyer); Chapter 3: Malabar Large-spotted Civet Viverra civettina (Blyth); Endangered; Chapter 4: Lion -Tailed Macaque Macaca silenus (Linnaeus); Chapter 5: Golden Langur Trachypithecus geei (Khajuria); Chapter 6: Capped Langur Trachypithecus pileatus (Blyth); Chapter 7: Hoolock Gibbon Bunopithecus hoolock (Harlan); Chapter 8: Tibetan Antelope or Chiru Pantholops hodgsomii (Abel); Chapter 9: Nilgiri Tahr Hemitragus hylocrius (Ogilby); Chapter 10: Markhor Capra falconeri (Wagner); Chapter 11: Asiatic Wild Buffalo Bubalus bubalis (Linnaeus); Chapter 12: Greater One-horned Rhinoceros Rhinoceros unicornis (Linnaeus); Chapter 13: Asian Elephant Elephas maximus Linnaeus; Chapter 14: Slender Loris Loris tardigradus (Linnaeus); Chapter 15: Red Panda Ailurus fulgens (Cuvier); Chapter 16: Asiatic Wild Dog or Dhole Cuon alpinus (Pallas); Chapter 17: Tiger Panthera tigris tigris (Linnaeus); Chapter 18: Snow Leopard Uncia uncia (Schreber); Chapter 19: Hispid Hare Caprolagus hispidus (Person); Chapter 20: Gangetic Dolphin Platunista gangetica (Roxburgh); Vulnerable; Chapter 21: Brow-antlered Deer or Sangai Cervus eldii eldii (M Clelland); Chapter 22: Swamp Deer or Barasingha Cervus duvaucelii (G Cuvier); Chapter 23: Urial or Shapu Ovis orientalis (Gmelin); Chapter 24: Indian Bison or Gaur Bos gaurus (H Smith); Chapter 25: Wild Yak Bos mutus (Przewalski); Chapter 26: Asiatic Wild Ass Equus onager khur (Lesson); Chapter 27: Sloth Bear Melursus ursinus (Shaw); Chapter 28: Clouded Leopard Neofelis nebulosa (Griffith); Chapter 29: Golden Cat Catopuma temminckii (Vigors and Horsfield); Chapter 30: Fishing Cat Prionailurus viverrinus (Bennett); Chapter 31: Indian Giant Squirrel Ratufa indica (Erxleben); Near Threatened and Lower Rick; Chapter 32: Indian Antilope or Blackbuck Antelope Cervicapra (Linnaeus); Chapter 33: Blue Sheep or Bharal Pseudois nayaur (Hodgson); Chapter 34: Himalayan Musk Deer Moschus chrysogaster (Hodgson); Chapter 35: Himalayan Brown Bear Ursus arctos (Horsfield); Chapter 36: Leopard Panthera pardus (Linnaeus)
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Author :
ISBN : UCSD:31822009755687
Genre : Sewage
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Walker S Mammals Of The World

Author : Ronald M. Nowak
ISBN : 9781421424675
Genre : Nature
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Updated accounts of 19 orders of mammals from Walker's mammals of the world.
Category: Nature