Uavs And Force

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Drones And Support For The Use Of Force

Author : James Igoe Walsh
ISBN : 9780472131013
Genre : Political Science
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Combat drones are transforming attitudes about the use of military force. Military casualties and the costs of conflict sap public support for war and for political and military leaders. Combat drones offer an unprecedented ability to reduce these costs by increasing accuracy, reducing the risks to civilians, and protecting military personnel from harm. These advantages should make drone strikes more popular than operations involving ground troops. Yet many critics believe drone warfare will make political leaders too willing to authorize wars, weakening constraints on the use of force. Because combat drones are relatively new, these arguments have been based on anecdotes, a handful of public opinion polls, or theoretical speculation. Drones and Support for the Use of Force uses experimental research to analyze the effects of combat drones on Americans’ support for the use of force. The authors’ findings—that drones have had important but nuanced effects on support for the use of force—have implications for democratic control of military action and civil-military relations and provide insight into how the proliferation of military technologies influences foreign policy.
Category: Political Science

Air Force Uavs

Author : Thomas P. Ehrhard
ISBN : OCLC:647790581
Genre : Drone aircraft
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"This Mitchell paper draws to a close at the turn of the 21st century. It is an appropriate stopping point, because the decades of clandestine operations were giving way to full integration of UAVs into joint operations. Light broke the horizon in the mid-1990s, when the Air Force began operating Predators over Bosnia and Kosovo. By 1999, Predators were handing realtime targeting information to the air operations center to be passed on to strike aircraft during NATO's Operation Allied Force. The terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, were just around the corner, and it was in the resulting wars-Afghanistan, Iraq-that the unmanned systems burst into full view and became matters of wide public discussion. Within a decade, UAVs had revolutionized the conduct of ISR and certain types of attack, and all in the full glare of media coverage."--P. 3.
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Defense Issues

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105133459508
Genre : United States
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Special Operations Forces And Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Author : Stephen P. Howard
ISBN : SRLF:D0007777741
Genre : Drone aircraft
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This study analyzes whether special operations forces (SOF) should use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to support intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, communications, and resupply capability deficiencies. The author's objective is to review the missions and requirements of the United States Special Operations Command, examine current and future unmanned aerial vehicle technologies, and analyze whether unmanned aircraft technologies are mature enough to meet the demanding special operations mission. The result of the analysis is that unmanned aerial vehicles have tremendous potential. But, due to the technological limitations and a lack of systems maturity, unmanned aerial vehicles lack the range, reliability, datalink capability, and size to meet SOF needs at this time. However, in the future, UAVs should be able to fulfill several SOF capability deficiencies.
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Auvsi 97 Proceedings

Author : Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International
ISBN : UVA:X004264579
Genre : Automated guided vehicle systems
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Category: Automated guided vehicle systems

Rusi Defence Systems

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X030294448
Genre : Defense industries
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Historical Dictionary Of The U S Air Force

Author : Charles D. Bright
ISBN : STANFORD:36105000139951
Genre : History
File Size : 81.42 MB
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This historical dictionary is the first of its kind on the U.S. Air Force and antecedent organizations. The reference is based on lengthy research by Charles Bright and 57 military historians, air force officers, and aviation specialists. Over 1050 entries survey the major commands, air forces, staff services, bases, and significant battles. This landmark reference covers all the significant subjects of USAF history from 1907 to 1992. Entries are arranged alphabetically with bibliographical citations. Cross-references throughout the book give the reader easy access to all the entries that are related or that appear under a different entry title. A full index is provided also.
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Air Force Magazine

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ISBN : STANFORD:36105034418488
Genre : Aeronautics
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Category: Aeronautics

A Low Visibility Force Multiplier

Author : Dennis M. Gormley
ISBN : UCSD:31822038927786
Genre : Political Science
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China's military modernization is focused on building modern ground, naval, air, and missile forces capable of fighting and winning local wars under informationized conditions. The principal planning scenario has been a military campaign against Taiwan, which would require the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to deter or defeat U.S. intervention. The PLA has sought to acquire asymmetric "assassin's mace" technologies and systems to overcome a superior adversary and couple them to the command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems necessary for swift and precise execution of short-duration, high-intensity wars. A key element of the PLA's investment in antiaccess/area-denial (A2/AD) capabilities is the development and deployment of large numbers of highly accurate antiship cruise missiles (ASCMs) and land-attack cruise missiles (LACMs) on a range of ground, air, and naval platforms. China's growing arsenal of cruise missiles and the delivery platforms and C4ISR systems necessary to employ them pose new defense and nonproliferation challenges for the United States and its regional partners. This study surveys People's Republic of China (PRC) ASCM and LACM programs and their implications for broader PLA capabilities, especially in a Taiwan scenario.
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Strategic Digest

Author :
ISBN : UCLA:L0103154027
Genre : India
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Author : Elizabeth Bone
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114316313
Genre : History
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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been referred to in many ways: RPV (remotely piloted vehicle), drone, robot plane, and pilotless aircraft are a few such names. Most often called UAVs, they are defined by the Department of Defense (DOD) as powered, aerial vehicle lift, can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely, can be expendable or recoverable, and can carry a lethal or non-lethal payload. The war an terrorism has put a high premium on the primary mission of UAVs, intelligence gathering. Furthermore, the military effectiveness of UAVs in recent conflicts such as Iraq (2003), Afghanistan (2001), and Kosovo (1999) has opened the eyes of many to both the advantages and disadvantages provided by unmanned aircraft. Long relegated to the sidelines in military operations, UAVs are now making national headlines as they are used in ways normally reserved for manned aircraft. Conventional wisdom states that UAVs offer two main advantages over manned aircraft: they are considered most cost-effective, and they minimise the risk to a pilot's life. However, the current UAV accident rate (the rate at which the aircraft are lost or damaged) is 100 times that of manned aircraft.
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Government Executive

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000092807548
Genre : United States
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An Enduring Framework For Assessing The Contributions Of Force Structure To A Coercive Strategy

Author : Eric A. Beene
ISBN : OSU:32435069573848
Genre : Air power
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The US Department of Defense is still struggling to define itself in the post Cold War age, over a decade after the new period has begun With a strategy and force structure review occurring on average every two years, the military has still not been able to generate a consistent basis on which to justify its force structure or its strategy. This paper uses a decision analysis framework as a foundation for creating such a basis, Instead of depending on leadership for guidance, which changes with destabilizing regularity, this paper relies on the theories of coercion that began in the Cold War era. These theories have particular value today, especially in light of the many innovations the nation has undertaken in the past decade. Modified and translated for modern conventional warfare, these theories form the basis for a framework of enduring requirements for any military force that undertakes a coercive strategy. This paper develops this framework to the operational level of analysis, and it is applied to two developmental air platforms, the Global Hawk Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and the Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle. The unique contributions of these two platforms become apparent using this framework, and the value of the framework is depicted as it points to areas for future improvement in these systems. Finally, the paper makes a comparison between this framework and traditional analyses and strategy review processes, and it shows the unique and enduring value of this analytical framework for assessing the contributions of air power platforms.
Category: Air power

Rapid Force Projection Technologies

Author : Randall Steeb
ISBN : UOM:39015040741475
Genre : Airmobile operations (Military science)
File Size : 74.73 MB
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Exploring new technology concepts for light airborne forces.
Category: Airmobile operations (Military science)