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U S Marines In Vietnam Fighting The North Vietnamese 1967

Author : Maj. Gary L. Telfer
ISBN : 9781787200845
Genre : History
File Size : 61.54 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is the fourth volume in an operational and chronological series covering the U.S. Marine Corps’ participation in the Vietnam War. This volume details the change in focus of the III Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF), which fought in South Vietnam’s northernmost corps area, I Corps. This volume, like its predecessors, concentrates on the ground war in I Corps and III MAF’s perspective of the Vietnam War as an entity. It also covers the Marine Corps participation in the advisory effort, the operations of the two Special Landing Forces of the U.S. Navy’s Seventh Fleet, and the services of Marines with the staff of the U.S. Military Assistance Command, Vietnam. There are additional chapters on supporting arms and logistics, and a discussion of the Marine role in Vietnam in relation to the overall American effort.
Category: History

U S Marines In Vietnam

Author : Gary L. Telfer
ISBN : UIUC:30112013280174
Genre : Vietnam War, 1961-1975
File Size : 44.78 MB
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Beretning om det amerikanske marinekorps aktiviteter i Sydvietnam i 1967, med vægten lagt på III Marine Amphibious Force (III MAF) operationer mod de nordvietnamesiske hærenheder, der krydsede grænsen til Sydvietnam.
Category: Vietnam War, 1961-1975

General Lewis Walt Operational Art In Vietnam 1965 1967

Author : Major Jeremy G. Swenddal
ISBN : 9781786251923
Genre : History
File Size : 78.10 MB
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This study investigates the significant effect of mobility, counter-mobility, survivability, and topographic engineering on the American Civil War Campaign of Chancellorsville. The operations occurred near Fredericksburg, Virginia, in April and May of 1863. In the battle, the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia decisively defeated the Union Army of the Potomac. Engineer-related considerations contributed immensely to the Confederate victory. Engineer battlefield functions influenced the operations of both armies. The Union Engineer Brigade constructed numerous pontoon bridges to overcome the river obstacles prior to and following the battle. This capability allowed the Union Army to initially surprise and envelop the Confederate Army. The natural obstacles of the rivers and forests and manmade obstacles of abatis hindered maneuver. Survivability was a significant factor during the fighting. At Chancellorsville, the Confederates used entrenchments for the first time in open operations. This strengthened their economy of force in front of the Union Army and gave “Stonewall” Jackson mass during his successful enveloping attack. Finally, topographic engineering was important through map production and reconnaissance by engineers. This study concludes that the Confederate Army integrated the engineer battlefield functions more effectively than the Union Army. In part, this explains the decisive Confederate victory.
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The Us Marine Corps In The Vietnam War

Author : Ed Gilbert
ISBN : 9781472800800
Genre : History
File Size : 89.14 MB
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III Marine Amphibious Force was conceived as a division command for a small Marine Corps commitment to Vietnam. Within four years it had grown to a reinforced corps of two divisions, an air wing, and the division-sized Force Logistics Command. This organization was unique in Marine Corps history in that it merged combat and major logistical functions under a single field command. This book examines the origins and constantly changing organizational structure of III MAF, and demonstrates how it conducted its savage struggle against Viet Cong guerrillas and North Vietnamese Army regular forces in the northern provinces of Vietnam.
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Dak To And The Border Battles Of Vietnam 1967 1968

Author : Michael A. Eggleston
ISBN : 9781476664170
Genre : History
File Size : 40.78 MB
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In 1967, the North Vietnamese launched a series of offensives in the Central Highlands along the border with South Vietnam--a strategic move intended to draw U.S. and South Vietnamese forces away from major cities before the Tet Offensive. A series of bloody engagements known as "the border battles" followed, with the principle action taking place at Dak To. Drawing on the writings of key figures, veterans' memoirs and the author's records from two tours in Vietnam, this book merges official history with the recollections of those who were there, revealing previously unpublished details of these decisive battles.
Category: History

Kill Anything That Moves

Author : Nick Turse
ISBN : 9780805095470
Genre : History
File Size : 89.47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Based on classified documents and first-person interviews, a startling history of the American war on Vietnamese civilians Americans have long been taught that events such as the notorious My Lai massacre were isolated incidents in the Vietnam War, carried out by "a few bad apples." But as award-winning journalist and historian Nick Turse demonstrates in this groundbreaking investigation, violence against Vietnamese noncombatants was not at all exceptional during the conflict. Rather, it was pervasive and systematic, the predictable consequence of orders to "kill anything that moves." Drawing on more than a decade of research in secret Pentagon files and extensive interviews with American veterans and Vietnamese survivors, Turse reveals for the first time how official policies resulted in millions of innocent civilians killed and wounded. In shocking detail, he lays out the workings of a military machine that made crimes in almost every major American combat unit all but inevitable. Kill Anything That Moves takes us from archives filled with Washington's long-suppressed war crime investigations to the rural Vietnamese hamlets that bore the brunt of the war; from boot camps where young American soldiers learned to hate all Vietnamese to bloodthirsty campaigns like Operation Speedy Express, in which a general obsessed with body counts led soldiers to commit what one participant called "a My Lai a month." Thousands of Vietnam books later, Kill Anything That Moves, devastating and definitive, finally brings us face-to-face with the truth of a war that haunts Americans to this day.
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Hill Of Angels

Author : Joseph C. Long
ISBN : 016093463X
Genre : Vietnam War, 1961-1975
File Size : 52.55 MB
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This monograph examines U.S. Marine and North Vietnamese Army (NVA) actions throughout much of the northern half of a region that became known as "Leatherneck Square," an area bounded by Con Thien and Gio Linh to the north--just below the demilitarized zone (DMZ)--and Cam Lo and Dong Ha to the south. The Battle of Con Thien also included activities within the DMZ north and west of Con Thien as far as the Ben Hai River. More than a dozen Marine operations were involved in varying degrees with the Battle of Con Thien. This account deals with the battle's most significant and costly operations: Operation Hickory (18-28 May 1967), Operation Buffalo (2-14 July 1967), Operation Kingfisher (16 July-31 October 1967), and Operation Kentucky (1 November 1967-28 February 1968). This text is appropriate for military historians, scholarly professionals, and military science students as well as veterans. Related products: Other products produced by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) can be found here: https://bookstore.gpo.gov/agency/922
Category: Vietnam War, 1961-1975

Engineers At War Hardcover

Author : Adrian G Traas
ISBN : 0160841860
Genre : History
File Size : 65.52 MB
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Engineers at War describes the role of military engineers, especially the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, in the Vietnam War. It is a story of the engineers' battle against an elusive and determined enemy in one of the harshest underdeveloped regions of the world. Despite these challenges, engineer soldiers successfully carried out their combat and construction missions. The building effort in South Vietnam allowed the United States to deploy and operate a modern 500,000-man force in a far-off region. Although the engineers faced huge construction tasks, they were always ready to support the combat troops. They built ports and depots, carved airfields and airstrips out of jungle and mountain plateaus, repaired roads and bridges, and constructed bases. Because of these efforts, ground combat troops with their supporting engineers were able to fight the enemy from well-established bases. Although most of the construction was temporary, more durable facilities, such as airfields, port and depot complexes, headquarters buildings, communications facilities, and an improved highway system, were intended to serve as economic assets for South Vietnam. This volume covers how the engineers grew from a few advisory detachments to a force of more than 10 percent of the Army troops serving in South Vietnam. The 35th Engineer Group began arriving in large numbers in June 1965 to begin transforming Cam Ranh Bay into a major port, airfield, and depot complex. Within a few years, the Army engineers had expanded to a command, two brigades, six groups, twenty-eight construction and combat battalions, and many smaller units.
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Con Thien

Author : James P. Coan
ISBN : 9780817314149
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 37.63 MB
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In an insightful memoir, the author's personal experiences, information from archives, and interviews with battle participants are combined to portray a powerful story of daily life and combat two miles from the demilitarized zone in Vietnam.
Category: Biography & Autobiography