Turner In His Time

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Author : Andrew Wilton
ISBN : 0500238308
Genre : Art
File Size : 45.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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More than two hundred illustrations, an illustrated chronology, and critical artistic analysis trace the life of the nineteenth-century British landscape painter, describes the influences on his remarkable work, and attempts to portray his complex and mysterious personality.
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Malthus And His Time

Author : Michael Turner
ISBN : 9781349182183
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 28.25 MB
Format : PDF
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Rediscovering America

Author : Frederick W. Turner
ISBN : UOM:39015011059048
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 84.72 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A biography of John Muir examines his accomplishments as an inventor, botanist, conservationist, and traveler, and attempts to depict his complex personality
Category: Business & Economics

J M W Turner

Author : Eric Shanes
ISBN : 1783105755
Genre : Art
File Size : 74.62 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Renowned landscapist and precursor to the Impressionist movement, Joseph Mallord William Turner shook up the art world of his time. Hailed as the absolute master of light, he was one of the first to go beyond the limits of figurative art to offer a new perception of painting which became the ultimate model for his contemporaries.
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Is God Finished With Israel

Author : Alan Turner
ISBN : 9781606478349
Genre : Religion
File Size : 56.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Alan Turner is a man for all seasons. As English as Sir Thomas More was, he was born in 1947 and schooled in his home town of Bournemouth, England. Raised in a middle class home as a baby boomer his career yearning toward either professional soccer or theater took a 180degree turn at 19 years of age. He and others recognized that God had bestowed an Anointed preaching gift upon him. In preparation for this new career, his time spent at the London Bible College he refers to as arguably the three best years of my life! The Christian life has not come easy to Alan, by whose admission he declares he was not cognizant for many years of his deep need of healing from the sin and pain of emotional rejection and religious legalism! His parallel history with the rejection and restoration of Israel, and subsequent 1982 Call of God to Bible- teach as a Christian Zionist, qualifies him to address this vital subject for our day: Replacement Theology. He is father to three married children, Rachel, Anna and Joel].. as well as grandfather to seven! He resides in Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. ALL invitations to Alan for speaking engagements can be channeled via the MENORAH WEBSITE ]].www.members.shaw.ca/menorah and the Email address: [email protected]
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The Time Turner James Turner Series

Genre : Fiction
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All hope lies, in the boy who allies. All is despair, at the fall of the last true heir. There has been a partition among the Turners: Infiniters, and Barrenisers are now the two faces. Another society exists in the secrecy of twilight; fierce women known as the Universals. Three secret societies are warring over a time-traveling teenage boy. Someone sinister is afoot. From the very moment James’ parents and grandfather died in a ghastly car crash, his life in Miami has been like a Euler’s disk, barely stable. The advent of a secretive family, a sicko doctor, a mysterious birth-twin, an obscure will, a rather defectively conceived lens, and an uncontrollable and confused conscience are all massing to fell down the fort of James’ wildly chaotic life. And all this starts way before James discovers THE TIME-TURNER; one of the only things his father left him. The Overlord remains in silence, lurking in the shadows, taking his time to carve out the perfect blow.
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Nat Turner

Author : Kenneth S. Greenberg
ISBN : 0195177568
Genre : History
File Size : 69.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Nat Turner's name rings through American history with a force all its own. Leader of the most important slave rebellion on these shores, variously viewed as a murderer of unarmed women and children, an inspired religious leader, a fanatic—this puzzling figure represents all the terrible complexities of American slavery. And yet we do not know what he looked like, where he is buried, or even whether Nat Turner was his real name. In Nat Turner: A Slave Rebellion in History and Memory, Kenneth S. Greenberg gathers twelve distinguished scholars to offer provocative new insight into the man, his rebellion, and his time, and his place in history. The historians here explore Turner's slave community, discussing the support for his uprising as well as the religious and literary context of his movement. They examine the place of women in his insurrection, and its far-reaching consequences (including an extraordinary 1832 Virginia debate about ridding the state of slavery). Here are discussions of Turner's religious visions—the instructions he received from God to kill all of his white oppressors. Louis Masur places him against the backdrop of the nation's sectional crisis, and Douglas Egerton puts his revolt in the context of rebellions across the Americas. We trace Turner's passage through American memory through fascinating interviews with William Styron on his landmark novel, The Confessions of Nat Turner, and with Dr. Alvin Poussaint, one of the "ten black writers" of the 1960s who bitterly attacked Styron's vision of Turner. Finally, we follow Nat Turner into the world of Hollywood. Nat Turner has always been controversial, an emblem of the searing wound of slavery in American life. This book offers a clear-eyed look at one of the best known and least understood figures in our history.
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Author : Michael Bockemühl
ISBN : 3822863254
Genre : Art
File Size : 77.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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William Turner (1775-1851) was simultaneously a romantic and a realist--and yet he transcended both styles. This book opens up Turner's paintings, demonstrating that he was not simply illustrating nature, but that his pictures speak directly to the eye as nature does itself.
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Rereading Frederick Jackson Turner

Author : Frederick Jackson Turner
ISBN : 0300075936
Genre : History
File Size : 85.36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In 1893 a young Frederick Jackson Turner stood before the American Historical Association and delivered his famous frontier thesis. To a less than enthusiastic audience, he argued that "the existence of an area of free land, its continuous recession, and the advance of American settlement westward explain American development"; that this frontier accounted for American democracy and character; and that the frontier had closed forever with uncertain consequences for the American future. Despite the indifference of Turner's first audience, his essay would soon prove to be the single most influential piece of writing on American history, with extraordinary impact both in intellectual circles and in popular literature. Within a few years his views had become the dominant interpretation of the American past. A collection of his essays won the Pulitzer Prize, and for almost half a century, Turner's thesis was the most familiar model taught in schools, extolled by politicians, and screened in fictional form at local movie theaters each Saturday afternoon. Now, a hundred years after Turner's famous address, award-winning biographer John Mack Faragher collects and introduces the pioneer historian's ten most significant essays. Remarkable for their truly modern sense that a debate about the past is simultaneously a debate about the present, these essays remain stimulating reading, both as a road map to the early-twentieth-century American mind and as a model of committed scholarship. Faragher introduces us to Turner's work with a look at his role as a public intellectual and his effect on Americans' understanding of their national character. In the afterword, Faragher turns to the recent heated debate over Turner's legacy. Western history has reemerged in the news as historians argue over Turner's place in our current mind-set. In a world of dizzying intellectual change, it may come as something of a surprise that historians have taken so long to overturn the interpretation of a century-old conference paper. But while some claim that Turner's vision of the American West as a great egalitarian land of opportunity was long ago dismissed, others, in the words of historian Donald Worster, maintain that Turner still "presides over western history like a Holy Ghost.". Against this backdrop, Faragher looks at what the concept of the West means to us today and provides a reader's guide to the provocative new literature of the American frontier. Rereading these essays in the fresh light of Faragher's analysis brings new appreciation for the richness of Turner's work and an understanding of contemporary historians' admiration for Turner's commitment to the study of what it has meant to be American.
Category: History

The Antebellum Era

Author : David A. Copeland
ISBN : 0313320799
Genre : History
File Size : 39.38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Pro and con primary documents provide a vivid historical account of a young America struggling to deal with expansion and slavery.
Category: History

Nat Turner And The Rising In Southampton County

Author : David F. AllmendingerJr.
ISBN : 9781421414805
Genre : History
File Size : 87.60 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In August 1831, in Southampton County, Virginia, Nat Turner led a bloody uprising that took the lives of some fifty-five white people—men, women, and children—shocking the South. Nearly as many black people, all told, perished in the rebellion and its aftermath. Nat Turner and the Rising in Southampton County presents important new evidence about the violence and the community in which it took place, shedding light on the insurgents and victims and reinterpreting the most important account of that event, The Confessions of Nat Turner. Drawing upon largely untapped sources, David F. Allmendinger Jr. reconstructs the lives of key individuals who were drawn into the uprising and shows how the history of certain white families and their slaves—reaching back into the eighteenth century—shaped the course of the rebellion. Never before has anyone so patiently examined the extensive private and public sources relating to Southampton as does Allmendinger in this remarkable work. He argues that the plan of rebellion originated in the mind of a single individual, Nat Turner, who concluded between 1822 and 1826 that his own masters intended to continue holding slaves into the next generation. Turner specifically chose to attack households to which he and his followers had connections. The book also offers a close analysis of his Confessions and the influence of Thomas R. Gray, who wrote down the original text in November 1831. The author draws new conclusions about Turner and Gray, their different motives, the authenticity of the confession, and the introduction of terror as a tactic, both in the rebellion and in its most revealing document. Students of slavery, the Old South, and African American history will find in Nat Turner and the Rising in Southampton County an outstanding example of painstaking research and imaginative family and community history.
Category: History

The Page Turner

Author : David Leavitt
ISBN : 9780544087767
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 80.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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At eighteen, Paul Porterfield's dream is to play the piano at the world's great concert halls, yet so far the closest he has come has been turning pages for his idol, Richard Kennington, a former piano prodigy on the cusp of middle age. Then, on vacation in Rome with his mother, Pamela, Paul encounters Kennington a second time. A love affair begins between the two - one that is complicated when Pamela misconstrues Kennington's attention toward her son as a sign of interest in her. Alarmed by the situation, Kennington flees Rome for New York, where Joseph Mansourian, his manager (and lover) of twenty-five years, awaits him; Paul, too, goes to New York to study at Juilliard. They do not see each other. Yet the brief affair will affect their lives in ways that neither could have predicted. "Why can't people have what they want?" It is around this question that David Leavitt's new novel so movingly pivots. By turns comic and heartbreaking, shrewd and intimate, The Page Turner testifies not only to the tenacity of the human spirit but to the resiliency of the human heart.
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Author : Richard Turner
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 53.5 MB
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J M W Turner Masterpieces Of Art

Author : Rosalind Ormiston
ISBN : 1783612061
Genre :
File Size : 47.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The English Romantic painter Joseph Mallord William Turner (23 April 1775 19 December 1851) was a brilliant landscape artist, a watercolourist and printmaker. This wonderful new book brings to life his greatest achievements in glorious colour."

Hard Hit

Author : Ann Warren Turner
ISBN : 0786287454
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 63.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A rising high school baseball star faces his most difficult challenge when his father is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

With Honor In Hand

Author : Terron Sims
ISBN : 9781450223126
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 76.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With Honor in Hand is the tale of two friends battling with a serious moral dilemma- a fight between the code of their profession vs. their code of honor. Mercenaries, the two friends, Douglas "Big Mac" Pollard and Amos Man Killer Stewart, are the truest of professionals and the best at what they do. They have never reneged on a contract, but now find themselves in a position where they wish they could exercise that option. As With Honor in Hand progresses, the coldhearted COL Drasneb unfolds his vengeful plan which strains Mac and Killer's moral fiber: destroying the West Point Corps of Cadets. Through the course of the explosive action, a newly tested hero emerges from amongst the chaos to save his brothers and sisters of the Corps.
Category: Fiction

Elegy Landscapes Constable And Turner And The Intimate Sublime

Author : Stanley Plumly
ISBN : 9780393651522
Genre : Art
File Size : 63.38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A sweeping look at the lives and work of two important English Romantic painters, from a Los Angeles Times Book Prize–winning author. Renowned poet Stanley Plumly, who has been praised for his “obsessive, intricate, intimate and brilliant” (Washington Post) nonfiction, explores immortality in art through the work of two impressive landscape artists: John Constable and J.M.W. Turner. How is it that this disparate pair will come to be regarded as Britain’s supreme landscape painters, precursors to Impressionism and Modernism? How did each painter’s life influence his work? Almost exact contemporaries, both legendary artists experience a life-changing tragedy—for Constable it is the long illness and death of his wife; for Turner, the death of his singular parent and supporter, his father. Their work will take on new power thereafter: Constable, his Hampstead cloud studies; Turner, his Venetian watercolors and oils. Seeking the transcendent aesthetic awe of the sublime and reeling from their personal anguish, these talented painters portrayed the terrible beauty of the natural world from an intimate, close-up perspective. Plumly studies the paintings against the pull of the artists’ lives, probing how each finds the sublime in different, though inherently connected, worlds. At once a meditation on the difficulties in achieving truly immortal works of art and an exploration of the relationship between artist and artwork, Elegy Landscapes takes a wide-angle look at the philosophy of the sublime.
Category: Art