Troubled Hearts Troubled Minds

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Troubled Hearts Troubled Minds

Author : Peter Nelmes
ISBN : 9781785834400
Genre : Education
File Size : 61.26 MB
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Offers a detailed insight into how children's emotions affect their learning and delivers key lessons on how we can better connect with both the head and the heart during the teaching and learning process. How are we to think of the disruptive or destructive child? Drawing on over 25 years of working with children with challenging behaviour, Peter Nelmes argues that such children are members of a community who are possibly the least recognised, understood and accepted in society whose problems are often met with condemnation rather than understanding and support. Drawing on a diverse range of case studies, he sets out to answer the question as to why emotional difficulties grief, trauma and abuse very often diminish a child's capacity for learning. By explaining this phenomenon he gives anyone who works with such children a framework for understanding how emotions play out in the classroom and a way of thinking about how the heart and the brain relate to each other in practice. If you have ever struggled to teach or even just connect with a troubled child, then this book is for you.
Category: Education

Troubled Minds

Author : Gary Taylor
ISBN : 1907568433
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 85.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Tells the story of a boy with an extraordinary gift which was caused by a freak accident at birth. This title explores various cases, finally resulting in his unique gift taking a dramatic turn - which eventually leads to him exploring a world beyond our own with his last patient and soul mate.
Category: Fiction

Troubled Minds

Author : Amy Simpson
ISBN : 9780830843046
Genre : Religion
File Size : 76.25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Reflecting on the confusion, shame and grief brought on by her mother's schizophrenia, Amy Simpson provides a bracing look at the social and physical realities of mental illness and explores new possibilities for ministry to this stigmatized group. A Her.meneutics book.
Category: Religion

Soothing The Troubled Mind

Author : Baiceng Lou
ISBN : 0912111607
Genre : Medical
File Size : 71.15 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This informative text provides an introduction to schizophrenia and a review of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments being used in treating both schizophrenia and other mental diseases. Rather than focusing on how to carry out acupuncture and TCM, it examines the best way to apply treatments. Covering both the Western biomedical diagnosis and the essentials of Chinese differential diagnosis, treatment protocols are provided for each condition. A controversial text whose basic message is that TCM has much to offer for the future of psychiatric medicine.
Category: Medical

Thoughts Of A Troubled Mind

Author : Barrett Davis
ISBN : 9781450095037
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 20.83 MB
Format : PDF
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Do you feel like you?re abandoned? Feel like you are alone without comfort? Feel like you are always in a state of internal conflict? Learn of how alone you truly are not. Discover a twisted soul as equal as you. Acknowledge the turmoil of inner conflict. Realize the pain of others around you. Come to terms with your inner darkness. Abandon your senseless thoughts of lame. Throw away your hate of indifferent and strange. Erase the image you created for fame. Destroy the mentality of your lies. Discard your choice idea of class. Open your eyes to the world. View the people as they really are. Glimpse at the afterlife that haunts you. Stare into the eyes of your fear. Glance at the aspect of yourself.
Category: Poetry

Hope For The Troubled Heart

Author : Dennis Kizziar
ISBN : 9781449715199
Genre : Religion
File Size : 45.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Are you becoming a better actor instead of a better Christian? Increasing numbers of believers are not experiencing the joy and life-change offered by Jesus Christ. Instead, they are frustrated and disillusioned. Their marriages are deteriorating. Their relationships with their kids are filled with conflict. They're acquiring self-destructive behaviors. Some are ready to give up on their faith altogether. And they're covering up their problems with a happy face. They are living with troubled hearts. You may be one of them. Yet Jesus said, "Do not let your heart be troubled." Is that even possible in today's world? In Hope for the Troubled Heart, Dennis Kizziar answers with an emphatic "Yes!" Inspired by a gradual awakening to his own troubled heart, Dennis explains the heart from a biblical perspective, identifies the three common obstacles to a life of freedom, and shows step by step how to rediscover God's joy and peace. The pathway to the life you were meant to live begins at the core your heart. Want to live with a heart that has been changed, freed, healed, and renewed? It's time to get to the heart of the matter!
Category: Religion

Hope For The Troubled Heart

Author : Billy Graham
ISBN : 9781418515706
Genre : Religion
File Size : 82.11 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What hopeless situation troubles your heart? The death of a loved one? The memories of childhood abuse? The diagnosis of terminal illness? The strain of financial failure? A stormy marriage? A body wracked by pain? A lonely sense of emptiness? Into your hopeless situation comes beloved evangelist Billy Graham bearing God's gift of hope, one of the strongest "medicines" known to humanity, an amazing resource that "can cure nearly everything." Filled with unforgettable stories of real-life people and irrefutable lessons of biblical wisdom, Hope for the Troubled Heart inspires and encourages you with God's healing and strengthening truths. It shows you how to cope when your heart is breaking, how to pray through your pain, how to avoid the dark pit of resentment and bitterness, and how to be a comforter to others who hurt. You'll be reminded that "before we can grasp any meaning from suffering we must rest in God's unfailing love." And you'll find the "joy to be discovered in the midst of suffering." Here you'll learn how hope helps troubled hearts find peace.
Category: Religion

A Cure For Troubled Hearts

Author : Herbert Lockyer
ISBN : 9781603745116
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.76 MB
Format : PDF
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Jesus Christ loves us as no one else ever has. But do we love Him as we should? We hear sermons about Him; we sing about Him; we read about Him; we even try to speak to Him. And yet, for far too many, Jesus is not real. Is it any wonder that our hearts are troubled by the worries, pressures, and sorrows of this world? Best-selling author Dr. Herbert Lockyer reminds us that Jesus’ willingness to receive us is the cure for our troubled hearts. But His reception of us depends on our reception of Him. Dr. Lockyer challenges us to enjoy Christ’s fullness and to give Him the place of preeminence in every part of our life and being!
Category: Religion

Delusions And Conclusions Of A Troubled Mind

Author : David A. Lee
ISBN : 9781445749822
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 31.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Delusions & Conclusions of a troubled mind"I am told that to really know a person you need to lookwithin, and see the emotional pain that has grown there.Inside you'll find a wide selection of poetry based on lifeevents, and my views and opinions of the world I havecome to know.It cuts deep within the soul and brings out alot of emotionaldistress that some people may find disturbing anduncomfortable.These are merely writings of my lifes journey.....
Category: Poetry

Cries Of A Troubled Heart

Author : Jeremy Holtzel
ISBN : 9780595361601
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 63.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Sometimes the conventional use of words is not enough to capture life and all its complexities. Sometimes pain cannot be expressed in screams or cries of sorrow. Poetry is the only hope of a broken soul to express the torment of life and the pain each day brings. Jeremy used the gift of poetry to express his inner most feelings and fears. This compilation of lyrical verses became his way of dealing with the world in which he found himself. The mistakes he made and the problems of his past are all brought to the surface in an effort to rebuild his life and reshape a future he once thought lost. Through his words he has found solace and hope. Cries of a Troubled Heart is a poetic look at a life gripped by the destruction of physical abuse, mental abuse and drug abuse. Each poem is an inside look at the crippling affects life can have when it spirals out of control, never hitting rock bottom, just driving further and further into the abyss.
Category: Poetry

William Tyndale

Author : David Daniell
ISBN : 9780300183887
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 37.97 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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William Tyndale (1494-1536) was the first person to translate the Bible into English from its original Greek and Hebrew and the first to print the Bible in English, which he did in exile. Giving the laity access to the word of God outraged the clerical establishment in England: he was condemned, hunted, and eventually murdered. However, his masterly translation formed the basis of all English bibles--including the "King James Bible," many of whose finest passages were taken unchanged, though unacknowledged, from Tyndale's work. This important book, published in the quincentenary year of his birth, is the first major biography of Tyndale in sixty years. It sets the story of his life in the intellectual and literary contexts of his immense achievement and explores his influence on the theology, literature, and humanism of Renaissance and Reformation Europe. David Daniell, editor of Tyndale's New Testament and Tyndale's Old Testament, eloquently describes the dramatic turns in Tyndale's life. Born in England and educated at Oxford, Tyndale was ordained as a priest. When he decided to translate the Bible into English, he realized that it was impossible to do that work in England and moved to Germany, living in exile there and in the Low Countries while he translated and printed first the New Testament and then half of the Old Testament. These were widely circulated—and denounced—in England. Yet Tyndale continued to write from abroad, publishing polemics in defense of the principles of the English reformation. He was seized in Antwerp, imprisoned in Vilvoorde Castle near Brussels, and burnt at the stake for heresy in 1536. Daniell discusses Tyndale's achievement as biblical translator and expositor, analyzes his writing, examines his stylistic influence on writers from Shakespeare to those of the twentieth century, and explores the reasons why he has not been more highly regarded. His book brings to life one of the great geniuses of the age.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

T H White S Troubled Heart

Author : Kurth Sprague
ISBN : 1843841630
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 82.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An analysis of women in The Once and Future King.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Troubled Heart

Author : Jean Z. Owen
ISBN : OSU:32435062088471
Genre :
File Size : 33.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A Reed In The Wind

Author : Thomas Griffith
ISBN : 9781469103921
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 45.97 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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There is no available information at this time.
Category: Poetry

The Troubled Mind

Author : Charles Sidney Bluemel
ISBN : UCAL:B2505431
Genre : Insanity
File Size : 57.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Category: Insanity