Trauma Drug Misuse And Transforming Identities

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Trauma Drug Misuse And Transforming Identities

Author : Kim Etherington
ISBN : 9781843104933
Genre : Psychology
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Format : PDF
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Looking at the life stories of ex-drug misusers in their own words, this book offers insights into the nature of addiction and how it can be tackled. Etherington highlights the therapeutic value of listening to drug misusers' life stories and the importance of understanding how social environments and wider cultural influences shape people's lives.
Category: Psychology

Reconstructing Meaning After Trauma

Author : Elizabeth M Altmaier
ISBN : 9780128030363
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 73.86 MB
Format : PDF
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Reconstructing Meaning After Trauma: Theory, Research, and Practice informs actual therapeutic work with clients who present with traumas or other life disruptions by providing clinicians with information on the construction of meaning. It includes material on diverse mechanisms of clinical change and positive-promoting processes. The book covers identifiable treatments and specific lines of research in assisting clients in developing new meaning, such as posttraumatic growth (after sexual assault, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, destructive natural phenomena, such as hurricanes, and refugee experiences), and finding benefit (in the context of loss—loss of health, or loss of a loved one). Addresses a specific treatment or line of research Includes extended case vignettes at the beginning of each chapter Describes the associated theoretical background for each method Summarizes the research supporting each mechanism Concludes with a discussion of future directions for treatment, research, and theory
Category: Psychology

Responding To Drugs Misuse

Author : Senior Lecturer in Political Sociology Susanne MacGregor
ISBN : 9781135211707
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 71.17 MB
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Responding to Drug Misuse provides a unique insight into the current shape of the drugs treatment system in England. Reporting findings from research linked to the government's ten year drugs strategy Tackling Drugs to Build a Better Britain, the book places these in the context of policy, practice, and service development. It goes on to discuss the implications of these findings for the government’s new strategy Drugs: Protecting Families and Communities. Throughout the book contributors reflect on current debates on drug strategies and social policy and consider the relevance of the findings for policy and practice. Topics discussed include: recent trends in drug policy and how these link to crime responses of dedicated drug treatment services service users' perceptions and suggestions for improvement the impact of drug misuse on children, families and communities. This timely addition to the literature on drug misuse will be essential for substance use practitioners, including social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses. It will also supply helpful guidance for health and social care commissioners and policy providers.
Category: Psychology

Addiction And Spiritual Transformation

Author : Srđan Sremac
ISBN : 9783643904515
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.12 MB
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This study explores the relationship between addiction and spiritual transformation. More specifically, it examines how recovering drug addicts employ testimonies of conversion and addiction to develop and sustain a sense of personal unity and create meaning from varied experiences in life. Drawing on 31 original autobiographies, the book analyzes conversion and addiction testimonies in two European contexts: Serbia and The Netherlands. (Series: Religion and Biography / Religion und Biographie - Vol. 22)
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The Psychologist

Author :
ISBN : STANFORD:36105133506779
Genre : Psychology
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Category: Psychology

Transforming The Legacy

Author : Kathryn Karusaitis Basham
ISBN : 9780231509237
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 51.66 MB
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To serve the increasing numbers of individuals who have survived interpersonal and domestic violence, or as refugees, have sought asylum from political violence, armed conflict, or torture, Transforming the Legacy presents an innovative relationship-based and culturally informed couple therapy practice model that is grounded in a synthesis of psychological and social theories. This unique couple therapy model encompasses three phases of clinical practice: Phase I entails a process of establishing safety, stabilization, and a context for changing legacies of emotional, sexual, and/or physical abuse. Phase II guides reflection on the trauma narrative. The goal of phase III is to consolidate new perspectives, attitudes, and behaviors. Within these phases, the model—illustrated with rich case studies—focuses on specific issues, including: intersubjectivity between the client and clinician (such as transference and countertransference, vicarious traumatization, and racial identity development); intrapersonal, interactional, and institutional factors; the role of the "victim-victimizer-bystander" dynamic in the couple and therapeutic relationships; preserving a locus of control with clients; flexibility in decisionmaking regarding clinical processes; and specific practice themes, such as the composition of a couple, the role of violence, parenting, sexuality, affairs, dual diagnoses, and dissociation. A dramatic departure from formulaic therapeutic approaches, this biopsychosocial model emphasizes the crafting of specific treatment plans and specific clinical interventions to show how couple therapy can transform the legacies of childhood traumatic events for a wide range of populations, including military couples and families, gay lesbian/bisexual/transgendered couples and families, and immigrant and refugee couples and families. This thorough attention to issues of cultural diversity distinguish Transforming the Legacy from the current literature and make it an invaluable resource for clinicians in a wide range of professional disciplines.
Category: Social Science

Transforming Identities

Author : Barbara Frankel
ISBN : IND:30000004314310
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 60.29 MB
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Addict rehabilitation is best thought of as a process of transforming identities - that is, of making reprobate street characters that society labels «drunks,» «pill freaks,» «junkies,» and the like into decent members of respectable society. This process, as carried on in a therapeutic community of the early 70's called Eagleville Hospital, is described in this book from the perspective of an anthropological participant-observer who lived for a time with a women's therapy group. What she saw was a world in which both staff and patients reside within a radically restructured social and cultural ambience. In this «brave new world» most contexts of daily life are affected, particularly with respect to their ideological content and relations of power. It is, therefore, these aspects of Eagleville's reality-system that the analysis is focused upon. The goal is to unpack the elements of the identity-transformation process.
Category: Social Science

Drug Addiction And Families

Author : Marina Barnard
ISBN : 1846425654
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 66.55 MB
Format : PDF
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Drug problems have a profound impact on families. Mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters and children are frequently caught in the maelstrom that drug problems almost inevitably create. Within the UK there is a serious lack of information on the experiences of families attempting to live and cope with a family members' drug problem. Drug Addiction and Families is an exploration of the impact of drug use on families, and of the extent to which current practice meets the needs of families as well as problem drug users. Drawing on a substantial research study comprising interviews with problem drug users and their extended family, Marina Barnard examines the effects of drug use not only on drug users themselves, but also the feelings of anger, sadness, anxiety, shame and loss that are commonly experienced by their extended family. She records the effects of drug use on family dynamics and relationships, including possible social and emotional costs. Its impact on the physical and mental health of family members is also discussed. The author highlights the often overlooked role of grandparents in protecting the children of drug users and considers the perspectives of practitioners such as teachers, social workers and health professionals. The conclusions drawn point to the fact that current service provision, in treating the problem drug user in isolation, fails to address the needs of drug-affected families, and misses the opportunity to develop family-oriented support and treatment. This accessible and insightful book is invaluable reading for drug workers, social workers, health professionals and all practitioners working with families affected by drug use.
Category: Psychology

Resolving Childhood Trauma

Author : Catherine Cameron
ISBN : 076192129X
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 66.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Based on a 12-year study with 60 survivors of child sexual abuse, Catherine Cameron sets out to understand their early trauma and its impact over subsequent years and to monitor their progress toward recovery. The difficult but rewarding process of their recovery unfolded over time, along with increasing societal awareness of the problem. In 1998 a final survey provided the epilogue for their story. Cameron grounds their personal stories by citing parallels to the larger field of national and international trauma. The result is a compelling and deeply human story of trauma and triumph.
Category: Family & Relationships

Intimacy And Alienation

Author : Russell Meares
ISBN : 0415220300
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 64.80 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The traumatic event is 'unconscious' both in the sense that it is not represented in an imaginative linguistic form and is recorded in a memory system not that of ordinary consciousness and not immediately accessible to patient or therapist." "It is the task of the therapist to foster the emergence of a form of conversation which shows elements of 'the stream of consciousness' and which will allow the integration of the traumatic memory into the patient's experience of self." "At once invaluable to professionals in the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy, Intimacy and Alienation is a work of wide interest to anyone interested in theories of memory, language and human consciousness."--Jacket.
Category: Psychology

Trauma Transformed

Author : Marian Bussey
ISBN : 9780231510974
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 60.22 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Whether it's physical, psychological, social, historical, or ongoing, trauma is a universal experience, and this book provides professionals with the approaches necessary for successful and empowering interventions across the trauma spectrum. Part one examines the steps individuals take to heal their traumas. Nicolas survives an attack by his own dog; Tay rebuilds her life after years of incest; Claire speaks out about being molested by a program participant at her mental health clinic; and Erma copes with the shattering memories of childhood abuse. Part two focuses on interpersonal dynamics. Frank is held accountable for his violence toward his wife; Erin and her mother confront the reality of bullying and victimization in schools; Beth faces discrimination because of her sexual orientation; and staff members at a transitional housing shelter deal with the death of a client. Part three recounts stories of resilience and healing at the social and community level. Salome and her family process the historical trauma of the massacre of her American Indian ancestors. A group of boys who became fatherless after 9/11 respond to experiential ways of coping with their grief. Jennifer and Kim live daily with the social trauma of poverty. Three Liberian families survive torture, flight, refugee camps, and resettlement. Amory struggles to find meaning and move on from his experience as a combat veteran, and the story of Angelina Batiste epitomizes the loss and resilience of those who lived through Hurricane Katrina. Trauma Transformed provides insight into the psychological and spiritual resources practitioners need to help victims move forward and improve upon their circumstances. Readers will also learn to strengthen their sense of self to prevent secondary trauma.
Category: Social Science

Annual Review Of Addictions And Offender Counseling

Author : Stephen Southern
ISBN : 9781621895930
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 54.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Supported by the International Association of Addictions and Offender Counselors (IAAOC), this annual review addresses innovation, evaluation, and program development efforts in addictions and offender counseling. Experts in the field present peer-reviewed models and recommendations for ensuring best practices in addictions and offender counseling.
Category: Psychology

Transformation And Recovery

Author : Alex G. Brumbaugh
ISBN : UCLA:L0082875626
Genre : Acupuncture
File Size : 80.81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The first book available describing the application of acupuncture to the treatment of substance abuse. Three years in the making, this important new book examines the reasons why acupuncture is so successful as an adjunct in the treatment of substance abuse in a variety of conventional drug treatment & criminal justice settings. Includes: * a step-by-step guide to funding & starting acupuncture-based programs; * an analysis of conventional chemical dependency treatment models, & how acupuncture can interface with each of these settings; * an extensive appendix, including a thorough summary of all acupuncture research relevant to chemical dependency treatment. "A must for administrators & clinicians alike."--Robert T. Olander, Director of Chemical Health, Hennepin County, Minnesota. "Sophisticated, comprehensive, & practical. Sensitive to the whole range of subtlety in the problem of addiction."--Michael Smith, MD., Director of Substance Abuse, Lincoln Hospital, New York, & founder of the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. "In TRANSFORMATION & RECOVERY, Alex Brumbaugh has unified the addiction field, drawing together a disparity of information from chemical dependency & Chinese medicine & rooting it in history."--Belle Muschinske, Ph.D., New Mexico Department of Corrections. $39.00 plus shipping from Stillpoint Press, 133 E. De La Guerra, Ste. 362, Santa Barbara, CA 93101. To order: (800) 500-7577.
Category: Acupuncture

Home Truths About Child Sexual Abuse

Author : Catherine Itzin
ISBN : 0415152623
File Size : 60.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Provides an invaluable resource for professionals, policy makers and researchers and an informed basis on which to take action to prevent the sexual abuse of children.

Becoming A Reflexive Researcher Using Our Selves In Research

Author : Kim Etherington
ISBN : 184642013X
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 28.92 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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'This is an optimistic book which advocates and describes a different research paradigm to be practiced and developed. Read it and research!' - Lapidus 'She has achieved her aim of the book being readable and giving insight into the processes of doing research through the lenses of the personal stories of researchers, whilst still writing a text that could be used as a core research method text for those who are themselves becoming reflective researchers. No matter what your background in the social sciences this original book, grounded in the reflexive practice of an experienced teacher and researcher, is well worth checking out'. - Escalate 'Etherington (U, of Bristol) uses several narratives, including her own research diary and conversations with students and academics to demonstrate the way reflective research works in practice. Illustrating her points with poetry, paintings, metaphors and dreams, she suggests that recognizing the role of self in research can open up opportunities for creative and personal transformations. She also explores the use of reflexivity in counseling and psychotherapy practice and research.' - Book News This book raises important questions about whether or not researchers can ever keep their own lives out of their work. In contrast to traditional impersonal approaches to research, reflexive researchers acknowledge the impact of their own history, experiences, beliefs and culture on the processes and outcomes of inquiry. In this thought-provoking book, Kim Etherington uses a range of narratives, including her own research diary and conversations with students and academics, to show the reader how reflexive research works in practice, linking this with underpinning philosophies, methodologies and related ethical issues. Placing her own journey as a researcher alongside others, she suggests that recognising the role of self in research can open up opportunities for creative and personal transformations, and illustrates this idea with poetry, paintings and the use of metaphors and dreams. She explores ways in which reflexivity is used in counselling and psychotherapy practice and research, enabling people to become agents in their own lives. This book encourages researchers to reflect on how self-awareness can enrich relationships with those who assist them in their research. It will inspire and challenge students and academics across a wide range of disciplines to find creative ways of practising and representing their research.
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Author :
ISBN : UCLA:L0072304967
Genre : Psychiatry
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