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Trapped In The Mirror

Author : Elan Golomb, PhD
ISBN : 9780062227027
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 33.82 MB
Format : PDF
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In this compelling book, Elan Golomb identifies the crux of the emotional and psychological problems of millions of adults. Simply put, the children of narcissist—offspring of parents whose interest always towered above the most basic needs of their sons and daughters—share a common belief: They believe they do not have the right to exist. The difficulties experienced by adult children of narcissists can manifest themselves in many ways: for examples, physical self-loathing that takes form of overeating, anorexia, or bulimia; a self-destructive streak that causes poor job performance and rocky personal relationships; or a struggle with the self that is perpetuated in the adult's interaction with his or her own children. These dilemmas are both common and correctable, Dr. Golomb tells us. With an empathic blend of scholarship and case studies, along with her own personal narrative of her fight for self, Dr. Golomb plumbs the depths of this problem, revealing its mysterious hold on the affairs of otherwise bright, aware, motivated, and worthy people. Trapped in the Mirror explores. the nature of the paralysis and lack of motivation so many adults feel stress and its role in exacerbating childhood wrongs why do many of our relationships seem to be "reruns" of the past how one's body image can be formed by faulty parenting how anger must be acknowledge to be overcome and, most important, how even the most traumatized self can be healed. Rooted in a profoundly humanist traditional approach, and suffused with the benefit of the latest knowledge about intrafamily relationships, Trapped in the Mirror offers more than the average self-help book; it is truly the first self-heal book for millions.
Category: Family & Relationships

The Mirror Of Lost Souls

Author : Drac Von Stoller
ISBN : 9781476106953
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39.61 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Susie Jackson loved playing dress up in her deceased Aunt Sarah's attic in front of the antique mirror. Susie's father inherited his sister Sarah's Victorian home after her disappearance. Susie always thought her Aunt Sarah was a school teacher. Sarah had no idea that her Aunt practiced Black Magic in the attic. Legend has it that the Sarah bought an antique mirror from a Witch. The Witch told Sarah the mirror has powers of evil. This excited Sarah because she too was a practicing Witch and was only interested in the evil side of Witchcraft. Sarah bought the mirror from the Witch and took it home with her to put in her attic. It is said that on a stormy Halloween night Sarah crossed the line with conjuring up the dead. But the dead didn’t care about Sarah's plans with the dead.
Category: Fiction

Dynamics Of Magnetically Trapped Particles

Author : Juan G. Roederer
ISBN : 9783642415302
Genre : Science
File Size : 63.35 MB
Format : PDF
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This book is a new edition of Roederer’s classic Dynamics of Geomagnetically Trapped Radiation, updated and considerably expanded. The main objective is to describe the dynamic properties of magnetically trapped particles in planetary radiation belts and plasmas and explain the physical processes involved from the theoretical point of view. The approach is to examine in detail the orbital and adiabatic motion of individual particles in typical configurations of magnetic and electric fields in the magnetosphere and, from there, derive basic features of the particles’ collective “macroscopic” behavior in general planetary environments. Emphasis is not on the “what” but on the “why” of particle phenomena in near-earth space, providing a solid and clear understanding of the principal basic physical mechanisms and dynamic processes involved. The book will also serve as an introduction to general space plasma physics, with abundant basic examples to illustrate and explain the physical origin of different types of plasma current systems and their self-organizing character via the magnetic field. The ultimate aim is to help both graduate students and interested scientists to successfully face the theoretical and experimental challenges lying ahead in space physics in view of recent and upcoming satellite missions and an expected wealth of data on radiation belts and plasmas.
Category: Science

Trapped In Space

Author : Jack Williamson
ISBN : 9780575111936
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 49.4 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Astronaut Ben is lost - a million miles from Earth! His last message: "Strange life forms here...we're under attack...!" Jeff sets off to rescue him, but soon his own crippled starship is caught in the same eerie web of a monstrous creature from outer space!
Category: Fiction

Radiation Trapped In The Earth S Magnetic Field

Author : Billy McCormac
ISBN : 9789401035538
Genre : Science
File Size : 64.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book contains the lectures presented at the Advanced Study Institute, 'Radiation Trapped in the Earth's Magnetic Field' which was held at the Bergen Tekniske Skole, Bergen, Norway, during the period August 16 through September 3, 1965. Approximately one-third of the time was devoted to discussion. The various Session Chairmen have summarized the essential points brought out in these discussion periods which were generally quite spirited. The authors and the publisher have made a special effort to rapidly publish an up-to-date status concerning the various aspects of trapped radiation. Almost all authors turned in their manuscripts prior to the end of the Institute and all prior to September 30, 1965. It was clearly recognized that rapid publication was essential in this rapidly changing research area. Special thanks are due to the Host, Dr. Odd Dahl, Chr. Michelsen Institute, for making all of the arrangements in Bergen, including excellent living and working facilities. Direct financial support was provided the Institute by: North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Advanced Research Projects Agency, Air Force Cam bridge Research Laboratories, Army Research Office, Defence Atomic Support Agency, and the Office of Naval Research.
Category: Science

Trapped Particles And Fundamental Physics

Author : S.N. Atutov
ISBN : 9789401004404
Genre : Science
File Size : 44.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Fundamental physics with trapped particles (ions, atoms or molecules) rep resents one of the most challenging and promising fields of investigation, with impressive results during this last decade. The use of both particle trapping and laser cooling techniques, together with traditional techniques of atomic physics, represents a powerlul tool of investigation for a wide range of fields. Experiments spanning very high resolution spectroscopy to Bose-Einstein condensation, tests of the Standard Model ofelectroweak interactions to precise mass measurements, detailed analysis of ~ decay to QED tests have been presented by leading scientists who reported the most recent results and discussed the perspectives in the different fields. During the ten working days of the School, 39 lecturers, 6 seminars and two poster sessions have been organized by offering to the attendants a.complete pic ture of the present research status about the new frontiers of atomic physics. L. Caneschi gave a general overview of the Standard Model of electroweak interac tions. He pointed out the achievements and the limits of validity of the model.
Category: Science

Detection Of Trapped Antihydrogen

Author : Richard Hydomako
ISBN : 9783642344848
Genre : Science
File Size : 32.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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In 2010, the ALPHA collaboration achieved a first for mankind: the stable, long-term storage of atomic antimatter, a project carried out a the Antiproton Decelerator facility at CERN. A crucial element of this observation was a dedicated silicon vertexing detector used to identify and analyze antihydrogen annihilations. This thesis reports the methods used to reconstruct the annihilation location. Specifically, the methods used to identify and extrapolate charged particle tracks and estimate the originating annihilation location are outlined. Finally, the experimental results demonstrating the first-ever magnetic confinement of antihydrogen atoms are presented. These results rely heavily on the silicon detector, and as such, the role of the annihilation vertex reconstruction is emphasized.
Category: Science

The Haunted Mirror

Author : Drac Von Stoller
ISBN : 9781476220321
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Emilu Redding was the ugliest girl you ever laid eyes upon. She had matted hair and wore the same dress to school every day. She didn't have any friends and her classmates would pull clumps of hair from her head and sometimes stuff it in her mouth. Sometimes here classmates would spit on her and say things like, "I bet your momma is a dog."Your daddy took one look at you when you were born and said, "Kill it before the little monster gets loose." Poor Emilu endured so much pain and suffering throughout her young adult life that she would often close her eyes at night as she was lying on her bed and pray she wouldn't wake up in the morning. After many years of abuse from her classmates her luck was about to change but at a heavy cost. Just a mile from her house was a practicing Witch named Helga, but she was far from having any special powers. Helga did have one item in her possession that any Witch would want. A hand held mirror that possesses evil powers. One day Emilu's classmates dared her to go to the Witches house to see if she could rid her of her ugliness. They all laughed and said, "Come on Emilu, What's the matter are you afraid of a Witch. You shouldn't be you both have something in common, you’re both ugly. The students just laughed hysterically. Emilu shouted back at them saying, "I'm not afraid of any Witch! "Then what are you waiting for?" said one of the classmates. Emilu took their dare and went to see the Witch Helga, but was never seen or heard from again by anyone. The Haunted Mirror short story written by Drac Von Stoller has been transformed into a short film that is available on Amazon Video.
Category: Fiction