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Transitions In American Education

Author : Donald Parkerson
ISBN : 9781135718060
Genre : Education
File Size : 29.38 MB
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This book is a concise social history of teaching from the colonial period to the present. By revealing the words of teachers themselves, it brings their stories to life. Synthesizing decades of research on teaching, it places important topics such as discipline in the classroom, technology, and cultural diversity within historical perspective.
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Heart Beats

Author : Catherine Robson
ISBN : 9781400845156
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 62.4 MB
Format : PDF
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Many people in Great Britain and the United States can recall elderly relatives who remembered long stretches of verse learned at school decades earlier, yet most of us were never required to recite in class. Heart Beats is the first book to examine how poetry recitation came to assume a central place in past curricular programs, and to investigate when and why the once-mandatory exercise declined. Telling the story of a lost pedagogical practice and its wide-ranging effects on two sides of the Atlantic, Catherine Robson explores how recitation altered the ordinary people who committed poems to heart, and changed the worlds in which they lived. Heart Beats begins by investigating recitation's progress within British and American public educational systems over the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and weighs the factors that influenced which poems were most frequently assigned. Robson then scrutinizes the recitational fortunes of three short works that were once classroom classics: Felicia Hemans's "Casabianca," Thomas Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard," and Charles Wolfe's "Burial of Sir John Moore after Corunna." To conclude, the book considers W. E. Henley's "Invictus" and Rudyard Kipling's "If--," asking why the idea of the memorized poem arouses such different responses in the United States and Great Britain today. Focusing on vital connections between poems, individuals, and their communities, Heart Beats is an important study of the history and power of memorized poetry.
Category: Literary Criticism

Register Of Educational Research In The United Kingdom 1992 1995

Author : National Foundation for Educational Research
ISBN : 9780415132435
Genre : Education
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This latest volume of the Register of Educational Research in the United Kingdom lists all the major research projects being undertaken in Britain during the latter months of 1992, the whole of 1993 and 1994 and the early months of 1995. Each entry provides names and addresses of the researchers, a detailed abstract, the source and amount of the grant(where applicable), the length of the project and details of published material about the research.
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Market Education

Author : Andrew J. Coulson
ISBN : 1412828082
Genre : Education
File Size : 34.57 MB
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In Market Education: The Unknown History, Andrew J. Coulson explores the educational problems facing parents and shows how these problems can best be addressed. He begins with a discussion of what people want from their school systems, tracing their views of the kinds of knowledge, skills, and values education should impart, and their concerns about discipline, drugs, and violence in schools. Using this survey of goals and attitudes as a guide, Coulson sets out to compare the school systems of civilizations both ancient and modern, seeking to determine which systems achieved the aims of parents and the public at large and which did not. Drawing on the historical evidence of how these various systems operated, Coulson concludes that free educational markets have consistently done a better job of serving the public's needs than state-run school systems have.
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The Routledgefalmer Reader In History Of Education

Author : Gary McCulloch
ISBN : 0415345693
Genre : Education
File Size : 84.14 MB
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Provides the reader with an impressive selection of articles on the history of education from a broad base, including a new introduction from the editor.
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The Origins Of Public High Schools

Author : Maris Vinovskis
ISBN : 0299104001
Genre : Education
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There has been considerable debate about the process of and the underlying motivation for the expansion of public education in nineteenth-century America. Interpretations which focused on the role of reformer like Horace Mann, or on the demands by workers for more public education, have been criticized by revisionists who see education being imposed upon an uninterested and unwilling populace by capitalists seeking to maintain a docile labor force during industrialization. Here, Maris. A. Vinovskis challenges that revisionist view, employing sophisticated social science methodology in a work sure to be welcomed by all historians of American education. The revisionist view of the nature of educational changes rests heavily upon the now classical study by Michael Katz of the abolition of the public high school in Beverly, Massachusetts, in the mid-nineteenth century. An especially detailed analysis of education in Beverly is made possible by the unique availability of a list of the voters who supported or opposed the public high school in 1860. Katz used this information to demonstrate that the workers strongly opposed the public high school which he claimed has been established by a small group of the leading capitalists not only to provided educational opportunities for their own children, but also to help restore community harmony which was being eroded by the economic transformation of the town. Vinovskis's study of the origins of the Massachusetts antebellum public high school reanalyzes the establishment of the Beverly Public High School within the broader perspective of the other educational developments occurring in that community as well as in the Commonwealth as a whole. The results raise serious questions about Katz's depiction of the timing of and the reasons for the creation of that institution in Beverly. This reanalysis of the vote to abolish the high school also suggests a very different interpretation of events in Beverly than the one presented by Katz. By expanding the number of factors used in this study as well as employing recently developed techniques of statistical analysis, the importance of the opposition of the workers to the public high school is minimized, while the differences in the needs and resources among the school districts in that community become more important factors. Vinovskis's reexamination does not find that the struggle over the Beverly Public High School is primarily a class conflict as suggested by Katz and other revisionists; instead it reveals the complex process by which towns expanded their public school offerings and allocated scarce educational funds to elementary and high schools. His work offers an important contribution to our understanding of the development of American public school education in the nineteenth century.
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Education In Eastern Europe And Eurasia

Author : Nadiya Ivanenko
ISBN : 9781623561291
Genre : Education
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Education in Eastern Europe and Eurasia provides an essential reference resource to education development and key education issues in the region. Academics and researchers working closely in the field cover education and educational development in Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Israel. Each chapter provides an overview of the development of education in the particular country, focusing on contemporary education policies and some of the problems these countries face in implementing educational reform. The book also covers the social and political issues which impact on the education system and schooling and governments' responses to recent local, regional and global events.
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From Dependence To Autonomy

Author : P.G. Altbach
ISBN : 9789400925632
Genre : Education
File Size : 57.29 MB
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This book is an example of an international editorial enterprise. The two editors, located in the United States and Singapore, coordinated a team of authors in ten countries. Linked by common concerns, the lengthy process of preparing such a complex volume proved to be a pleasantly cooperative task - proof that there is a kind of invisible college of colleagues working on similar topics in different countries. This book is also an indication that scholars from the Third World and the industrialized nations can work together in a spirit of equality and understanding. This project has an interesting origin. It was first discussed at a conference on ASEAN - American higher education held in Malaysia in 1985, sponsored by the Regional Institute for Higher Education and Development, then headed by V. Selvaratnam and funded by the Asia Foundation and the Lee Foundation. At the time, geographical coverage was to be limited to the ASEAN nations. We also sought external funding, without success, to assist us in developing the project. Due to lack of funding, the project languished for a year. When one of our original participants, Andrew Gonzales of the Philippines, produced an essay, we decided to proceed without funding. We also decided to add several additional key Asian nations that we felt would provide additional analytic scope to the book. The result of this somewhat unusual collaborative effort is this volume.
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Perspectives On Transitions In Schooling And Instructional Practice

Author : Susan E. Elliott-Johns
ISBN : 9781442667112
Genre : Education
File Size : 87.61 MB
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Perspectives on Transitions in Schooling and Instructional Practice examines student transitions between major levels of schooling, teacher transitions in instructional practice, and the intersection of these two significant themes in education research. Twenty-six leading international experts offer meaningful insights on current pedagogical practices, obstacles to effective transitions, and proven strategies for stakeholders involved in supporting students in transition. The book is divided into four sections, representing the four main transitions in formal schooling: Early Years (Home, Pre-school, and Kindergarten) to Early Elementary (Grades 1–3); Early Elementary to Late Elementary (Grades 4–8); Late Elementary to Secondary (Grades 9–12); and Secondary to Post-Secondary (College and University). A coda draws together over-arching themes from throughout the text to provide recommendations and a visual model that captures their interactions. Combining theoretical approaches with practical examples of school-based initiatives, this book will appeal to those involved in supporting either the student experience (both academically and emotionally) or teacher professional learning and growth.
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