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The Transformation Of British Life 1950 2000

Author : Andrew Rosen
ISBN : 0719066115
Genre : History
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This book should be of use to undergraduates reading modern British history, as well as students of modern British culture and society.
Category: History

The Transformation Of British Life 1950 2000

Author : Andrew Rosen
ISBN : 0719066123
Genre : History
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During the second half of the twentieth century life in Britain was transformed by radical changes in standards of living, affecting housing, food and transport, as well as by major shifts in social, cultural and moral values. This book examines the remarkable extent to which a marked decline of popular support for orthodox institutions such as the monarchy, religion, marriage and trade unions resulted in a far more flexible and diverse society--a society in which women, the young, and members of ethnic minorities played increasingly important roles. It also stresses the extent to which British society has been influenced by foreign developments. Separate chapters on the impact of American culture and European institutions, as well as modern architecture and planning, all explore the ways in which British life has been profoundly affected by factors which are not normally considered by social historians.
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Britain Since 1945

Author : Jonathan Hollowell
ISBN : 0631209689
Genre : History
File Size : 35.46 MB
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This book offers a comprehensive overview of Britain's development since the end of the Second World War. It comprises 23 contributions from leading authorities and newer scholars, set in context with a foreword by Raymond Seitz. A comprehensive and fascinating introduction to Britain from the end of the Second World War Draws together the themes that have dominated discussion amongst scholars and media commentators The chapters are set in context with a foreword by Raymond Seitz Covers topics such as foreigh policy, political parties, the media, race relations, women and social change, science and IT, culture, industrial relations, the welfare state, and political and economic issues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland
Category: History

America In The British Imagination

Author : J. Lyons
ISBN : 9781137376800
Genre : History
File Size : 20.94 MB
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How was American culture disseminated into Britain? Why did many British citizens embrace American customs? And what picture did they form of American society and politics? This engaging and wide-ranging history explores these and other questions about the U.S.'s cultural and political influence on British society in the post-World War II period.
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Science Fiction Cinema And 1950s Britain

Author : Matthew Jones
ISBN : 9781501322549
Genre : Performing Arts
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This book is open access and available on It is funded by Knowledge Unlatched. For the last sixty years discussion of 1950s science fiction cinema has been dominated by claims that the genre reflected US paranoia about Soviet brainwashing and the nuclear bomb. However, classic films, such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) and It Came from Outer Space (1953), and less familiar productions, such as It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958), were regularly exported to countries across the world. The histories of their encounters with foreign audiences have not yet been told. Science Fiction Cinema and 1950s Britain begins this task by recounting the story of 1950s British cinema-goers and the aliens and monsters they watched on the silver screen. Drawing on extensive archival research, Matthew Jones makes an exciting and important intervention by locating American science fiction films alongside their domestic counterparts in their British contexts of release and reception. He offers a radical reassessment of the genre, demonstrating for the first time that in Britain, which was a significant market for and producer of science fiction, these films gave voice to different fears than they did in America. While Americans experienced an economic boom, low immigration and the conferring of statehood on Alaska and Hawaii, Britons worried about economic uncertainty, mass immigration and the dissolution of the Empire. Science Fiction Cinema and 1950s Britain uses these and other differences between the British and American experiences of the 1950s to tell a new history of the decade's science fiction cinema, exploring for the first time the ways in which the genre came to mean something unique to Britons.
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The Histories Of Raphael Samuel

Author : Sophie Scott-Brown
ISBN : 9781760460372
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 55.86 MB
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In the first integrated biographical study of his work, this book situates British historian Raphael Samuel (1934–1996) in relation to his distinctive form of activist politics as they developed from youthful Cold War communism to the first British New Left, 1960s radicalism to the 1980s history wars. As the catalyst behind the History Workshop movement, Samuel championed the democratisation of history-making and practised an eclectic form of people’s history in his own work. His unique approach was controversial, drawing impassioned responses from across the ideological spectrum, the most sustained critique often coming from his left-wing contemporaries. It is argued here that this compelling figure has been unjustly neglected and that he continues to offer important insights into the politics of history-making in a post-Marxist world.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Class And Contemporary British Culture

Author : A. Biressi
ISBN : 9781137314130
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 88.5 MB
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How does culture articulate, frame, organise and produce stories about social class and class difference? What do these stories tell us about contemporary models of success, failure, struggle and aspiration? How have class-based labels been revived or newly-minted to categorise the insiders and outsiders of the new 'age of austerity'? Drawing on examples from the 1980s to the present day this book investigates the changing landscape of class and reveals how it has become populated by a host of classed figures including Essex Man and Essex Girl, the 'squeezed middle', the 'sharp-elbowed middle class', the 'feral underclass', the 'white working class', the 'undeserving poor', 'selfish baby boomers' and others. Overall, the book argues that social class, although complicated and highly contested, remains a valid and fruitful route into understanding how contemporary British culture articulates social distinction and social difference and the significant costs and investments at stake for all involved.
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The World Life And Travel 1950 2000

Author : Jan Morris
ISBN : 9780393247305
Genre : Travel
File Size : 58.55 MB
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"The travel book of the season."—Craig Seligman, New York Times Book Review The first book to distill Jan Morris's entire body of work into one volume, The World is a magnum opus by the most-celebrated travel writer in the world. To read it is to take an epic armchair journey through the last half of twentieth-century history. A breathtakingly vivid guide to our greatest cosmopolitan cities and cultures from Manhattan to Venice and from Baghdad to Barbados, this book assembles fifty years of Morris's finest travel writing. With eyewitness accounts of such seminal moments as the first successful ascent of Everest, the Eichmann trial, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the handover of Hong Kong, The World promises to create an entirely new generation of Jan Morris readers. A San Francisco Chronicle Best Book of 2003.
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