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Toxic Coworkers

Author : Alan A. Cavaiola
ISBN : 1572242191
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 25.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Two psychologists offer a thoughtful guide designed to help readers identify and cope effectively with difficult and dysfunctional coworkers on the job, examining an array of personality traits and disorders and presenting helpful strategies for dealing with them. Original.
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The Arsonist In The Office

Author : Pete Havel
ISBN : 1948484668
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Arsonist in the Office is the survival guide to the toxic workplace. Experiencing the most toxic company imaginable, Havel shares the lessons he learned that will fireproof company cultures.
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Workplace Anxiety

Author : David Leads
ISBN : 1500612154
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 33.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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We spend over a third of our weekday lives at work. We see our coworkers more than we see our family. Given all this time we spend working, it's crucial we're happy at work to be happy with life. So what do you do if just thinking about work makes you feel upset, anxious, worried, or just puts you in a bad mood? It's necessary to take charge of your life at work. But how do you do this? By actively managing the relationships you have with the people you work with - your boss and your coworkers. What This Book Can Do For You You can become stronger, more productive, and more fulfilled at work. This book teaches you how. Starting with an explanation of workplace anxiety, this book will help you identify where you're having problems at work. Next, this book provides you with simple tips and tactics you can use to immediately make your work life better. What do you do about a difficult or toxic boss? Learn to teach your boss how to work for you, around your best working style. What about competitive and combative coworkers? Minimize stress and increase your productivity at work with a few easy ways to improve your relationships with your coworkers, all while maintaining your job security. Last, this book discusses anxiety related to the fear of losing your job. Learn how to position yourself to either save your job or quickly find a new one by empowering yourself and making it clear just how much value you provide. This book will help you create better relationships at work and be happier at work but this book is not a substitute for professional help. If you are having severe workplace anxiety that prevents normal daily functioning, then please go seek professional help too. The happier and more fulfilled you are at work, the happier and more fulfilled you will be in your life.
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Surviving The Toxic Workplace Protect Yourself Against Coworkers Bosses And Work Environments That Poison Your Day

Author : Linnda Durre
ISBN : 9780071667869
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 58.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Proven techniques for dealing with workplace issues successfully Do you dread going to work? Dealing with pestering coworkers, unmanageable managers, angry clients can take its toll on your job performance. And in these difficult economic times, no one can afford to lose their jobs. In Surviving the Toxic Workplace, syndicated author and psychotherapist Linnda Durre teaches you how to pinpoint and treat these office maladies with effective communication and conflict negotiation techniques that are sure to bring you peace of mind and peace at work. Surviving the Toxic Workplace shows you: Why these office conflicts erupt How to identify and treat the 12 most common types of toxic co-workers, situations, and environments The seven components of effective communication techniques you can use in various situations How to deal with different conflict styles Don't let office conflicts drain you of energy or interfere with your job performance. Treat the malady before it gets out of hand with Surviving the Toxic Workplace.
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Don T You Know Who I Am

Author : Ramani S. Durvasula Ph.D
ISBN : 9781682617533
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 73.51 MB
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“Don’t You Know Who I Am?” has become the mantra of the famous and infamous, the entitled and the insecure. It’s the tagline of the modern narcissist. Health and wellness campaigns preach avoidance of unhealthy foods, sedentary lifestyles, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol, but rarely preach avoidance of unhealthy, difficult or toxic people. Yet the health benefits of removing toxic people from your life may have far greater benefits to both physical and psychological health. We need to learn to be better gatekeepers for our minds, bodies, and souls. Narcissism, entitlement, and incivility have become the new world order, and we are all in trouble. They are not only normalized but also increasingly incentivized. They are manifestations of pathological insecurity—insecurities that are experienced at both the individual and societal level. The paradox is that we value these patterns. We venerate them through social media, mainstream media, and consumerism, and they are endemic in political, corporate, academic, and media leaders. There are few lives untouched by narcissists. These relationships infect those who are in them with self-doubt, despair, confusion, anxiety, depression, and the chronic feeling of being “not enough,” all of which make it so difficult to step away and set boundaries. The illusion of hope and the fantasy of redemption can result in years of second chances, and despondency when change never comes. It’s time for a wake-up call. It’s time to stem the tide of narcissism, entitlement, and antagonism, and take our lives back.
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Impossible To Please

Author : Neil Lavender
ISBN : 9781608823505
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 46.63 MB
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Everyone knows someone who is impossible to please, critical, judgmental, picky, and stubbornly closed-minded. These are symptoms of a disorder called obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD), but it’s common for people to have subclinical levels of some or all of these qualities. Most of the time, it’s best to avoid the difficult to please person, but what happens when he or she is a close family member, coworker, or even a spouse? It’s still possible to maintain a positive relationship with the right tools. Impossible to Please, written by the authors of Toxic Coworkers, is a manual for dealing with these difficult people without sitting through stressful arguments, vicious insults and attacks, and passive-aggressive behavior. It empowers readers to take charge of the relationship and regain their dignity and confidence in interactions with these individuals. This book features specific strategies that are immediately effective when conversing with critical people and explains how readers can respond to unfair blame without becoming angry or overly defensive. By setting boundaries, improving communication, and asserting themselves, readers learn to deal with the impossible to please in romantic relationships, friendships, family, and work relationships.
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Author : George E. Reed
ISBN : 9781612348032
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 25.88 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Bad or toxic leadership, abusive supervision, and petty tyranny in organizations are perennial issues. But to date, there has been little effort to examine the scope and nature of bad leadership in the military. Tarnished rectifies that lack of attention by defining the problems and suggesting possible solutions appropriate to the military’s unique structure and situation. Leadership is central to the identity of the U.S. military. Service academies and precommissioning processes have traditionally stressed the development of conscientious leaders of character. The services regularly publish doctrinal works and professional journal articles focusing on various aspects of leadership. Unsurprisingly, in most of those publications leadership is presented as a universally positive notion, a solution to problems, and something to be developed through an extensive and costly system of professional military education. Leadership expert George E. Reed, however, focuses on individual experiences of toxic leadership at the organizational level, arguing that because toxic leadership has such a detrimental impact on the military organizational culture, additional remediation measures are needed. Reed also demonstrates how system dynamics and military culture themselves contribute to the problem. Most significant, the book provides cogent advice and insights to those suffering from toxic leaders, educators developing tomorrow’s military leaders, and military administrators working to repair the current system.
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Stop Effing Yourself

Author : Dr. Sean Kenniff
ISBN : 9780757314698
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 42.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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*eff (ef') n. An act of self-sabotage.--v. To sabotage one's own efforts. *eff•ed. *eff•ing (ef'ing) v.i. To be in the act of self-sabotage.-adj. Of or pertaining to an act of self-sabotage. *eff•er (ef'r) n. A person who repeatedly engages in self- sabotage. To *eff is human. In fact, we all get in our own way from time to time, but for many people, these perpetual acts of self-sabotage prevent them from living to their fullest potential and leave them unhappy at work and in love, unable to save enough, or unable to make changes that lead to a healthier lifestyle. As neurologist Sean Kenniff explains, self-sabotagers perpetually fall victim to their internal enemy. Kenniff knows about outsmarting enemies: As one of the original cast members on the first season of the hit show, Survivor, he outwitted eleven castaways before being voted off during the finale. As he explains, on the show and in life, sometimes the biggest enemy is truly within. Drawing on cutting-edge research and contemporary examples, Kenniff shows anyone how to outsmart their subversive subconscious; the internal enemy that resists change, and fools us into making big blunders. Discovering the psychological underpinnings of self-sabotage and how it appears in everyday life, Kenniff explains, is key to breaking the cycle of self-defeat. By revealing the top *effing mistakes people make in health, love, money and career, and providing solutions, Kenniff gives readers the tools to get out of their own way. Overcoming self-sabotage is not a passive process. Positive actions are the most effective way to rewrite the self-sabotage script and Kenniff will show anyone how to begin. They'll discover: Self-evaluations and quizzes that define types of self-sabotage Real-world strategies to change behavior in every area of their lives Sidebars that illustrate sabotage patterns and real-life stories that put them into context Helpful websites and additional resources to turn to for further information
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The One Way Relationship Workbook

Author : Alan Cavaiola
ISBN : 9781459624245
Genre :
File Size : 30.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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When you interact with a friend, family member, intimate partner, or coworker who is a narcissist, there's no give and take. The relationship only goes one way-their way-and you constantly have to adjust your own expectations and behavior to meet their standards. That's because people with narcissistic personality disorder, or NPD, are preoccupied with seeking admiration and power and find it difficult to empathize with others' feelings. And, as if maintaining a good relationship with a narcissist weren't hard enough, most narcissists do not realize or believe that they have a disorder at all. That's why The One-Way Relationship Workbook was created to help you effectively improve and ultimately transform your relationship with the self-absorbed, self-centered, or narcissistic individuals in your life.

Better Co Workers By Monday Reducing The Toxic Workplace

Author : Laura Wing
ISBN : 179823369X
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 60.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Nobody should have to work with people they don't get along with, but every day that's exactly what millions of people do. Some people work in frustrating, or even toxic, work environments. They go home at the end of the day drained and even angry. Poor communication and toxicity in the work place is becoming more and more common, and the average worker is experiencing burnout as a result of it.While some people seem to thrive in a particular work environment, many others struggle to be happy with their coworkers. The secret to getting along in harmony with your coworkers is simple! All one needs to do in order to have better coworkers is understand their own communication shape and the shape of their coworkers. The wonderful news is that you don't have to like your coworkers, or even get a new job, in order to take a toxic and frustrating work environment and turn it around into a positive, productive, satisfying, and healthy environment!In Better Co-Workers by Monday, Laura will walk you through the entire simple, obvious, and painless process of how to have better coworkers quickly! This is a fun and comprehensive book, full of "Aha! moments."
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